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Top 15 Job Boards for Developers and Designers And Others Looking To Join Tech Startups

The current world job markets are dived. Entrepreneurship continues to gain momentum with each passing moment. More people are getting attracted to the idea of obtaining a computer science degree to begin their journey  of building their own products, or becoming part of startups, both low-level and high-level. Computer science and web design are two career choices that provide a very large pool of job opportunities. As well as ways to earn a steady flow of income through freelance and remote work. Digital nomad is another rapidly increasing coin term that displays how one can combine their skills in programming and design with constant movement in life.

The latest developer survey from Stack Overflow shows just how much many computer scientists have chosen the role of front-end and back-end developers for some of the most reputable companies in the current startup market. Furthermore, developers and designers are responding to such jobs, and the kind of difficulties it can bring into one’s life when beginning to work for a world-class startup. Even if the largest technology media outlets are reporting that startups are in somewhat of a trouble.

Now, you are either a developer or a designer looking to find a job with your existing skillset. We are here to help you out. Job boards for technology startups, programming, and engineer roles are in the plenty, but finding the right ones sometimes comes down to the ability to determine your own desires. With some careful selecting, we came up with 20 unique job boards that list jobs in startups for the roles of programmers, engineers, graphic and web designers, and plenty of other roles of the same nature that might compliment your existing skills.


upwork tech startup job board
Upwork is a giant platform for freelancers and employers, regardless of the niche and industry. Even if you are in the tech space, web developer, whatever really, there is a place for you on Upwork. Even though Upwork is alive only since 2015, it became one of the leaders in connection professionals of any skill with employers, companies and others seeking talent.

Of course, Upwork is free to use, offering you to create an account immediately. From then on, it is your creative approach to building a profile that will be catchy, yet professional, so you gain more traction. Keep in mind, even if you are an agency, Upwork allows you to create an account to offer your services to those in need. Upwork easily connects you with the whole world, helping you grow your business over and beyond safely and securely.


We Work Remotely

we work remotely tech startup job board
As the name suggests, up on We Work Remotely, there is a massive community of millions of monthly visitors seeking remote work. We can easily call it a tech startup job board, as you will find tons of jobs in multiple categories. Needless to say, you can also type your specific keyword in the search bar and hit enter.

Keep in mind, if you currently do not find what you are looking for, you can also subscribe to We Work Remotely’s newsletter, marking only the specific type of jobs you are interested in. Additionally, you can also view who the top one hundred remote companies are, the trends of remote work and heaps more. With our list of the best job boards, the chances are super high that you will score a new gig sooner rather than later.



dribbble tech startup job board
While Dribbble is one of the leading platforms for showcasing design and creative work, their jobs section is pretty big, too. For the most part, their massive list of published jobs is primarily in the web design field. If that is something that interests you, do yourself a favor and head over to Dribbble right now.

While you can simply start scrolling and see what’s hot, you can also employ the advanced search feature in the right sidebar. You can specify the specific field you are interested in, as well as mark full-time, remote and freelance options. Of course, you can always just enter your keyword and go from there. Along with the job board, there is also a freelance project category where people from all around the globe post more straightforward tasks that are short-term based.



behance tech startup job board
Similarly to Dribbble, Behance is another website behemoth for creative work. Everyone can join and share their outstanding masterpieces with the world. However, this is not what Behance is all about. There is a whole bunch to it, too, like an entire job board. In the Behance fashion, you can expect the majority of jobs aim toward the creative world and you could not be more right. For the best user experience, we would highly advise you to create an account on Behance, so you get access to all the hundreds of jobs that are available.

Moreover, Behance also works in collaboration with Upwork, sharing their recent and popular freelance jobs that might be of your interest. Whether you are looking for your first client or your 10th, Behance is a great way to start.



startupers tech startup job board
While Startupers might not really be the largest of tech startup job boards out there, it is one of the places where you can find work that is not available elsewhere. I mean, it does not hurt you to pay the website a visit, as there might be something just right for you.

It is not the easiest to use Startupers, as you can only search by scrolling and hitting the desired keyword in the search bar. There are no advanced search features available, but that is something they might be releasing some time in the future. Still, the live search results will help you to find companies that appeal to you much quicker. What’s also cool about Startupers, the “secret job posting board for startups,” is that it accepts job listings entirely free of charge.


AngelList Jobs Board

angellist jobs board

Some startups wouldn’t be where they are today if it wasn’t for AngelList. A highly sophisticated fundraising platform for startup owners with zero experience. “Angel Investors’ on AngelList are in no shortage, and what they want to see is the next best invention to invest their money in. Apart from helping startups raise funds, AngelList is also helpful for recruiting needs.

As startups owner, you can turn to AngelList to put together your best team. But as a job seeker, you can apply to more than 40,000+ jobs within a single application form. Though, we highly recommend to use the job category function to search for startups that actually speak to your heart, choose one that emphasize the kind of knowledge that you possess and wish to work with in the future. Jobs are by no means limited to job categories, or countries within which you can find a job. What it will come down to is your resume. As well as your determination to become a part of an already existing startup team.


Authentic Jobs

authentic jobs

Authentic Jobs has done a great job at building a job board platform that really caters to developers, designers, and hackers with just the right the skills and talent. It does not limit its directory to just full-time or physical location jobs either. You can find remote jobs, freelance jobs, part-time jobs, and also internships to help you perfect your skills.

Other options for sorting through available jobs include a search function, jobs in specific fields, jobs in specific locations, ability to seek through job roles, and also the appropriate salary that you’d expect from your existing experience. The last feature that makers Authentic Jobs stands out is the Authentic Pros platform. A platform where professional computer scientist can enlist their profile with their personal resume.



cybercoders tech startup job board

CyberCoders is a job seeking solution that truly made a statement to the community. Dozens of startup and businesses enlist their job offers everyday across a vast ocean of job categories: Android developers, iOS developers, data scientists, software engineers, are amongst the most favorite jobs, but certainly not limited to those. Use the sites search function to weed through more than 13,000+ available jobs. Or you can get on board with one of the platforms recruiters (more than 300 of them) that can help to connect you with the right startup for your future career plans.


Landing Jobs

landing jobs

Landing Jobs has an agenda, and its damn good one! It is to connect with people on a deeper level. A connection where a conversation can be established to really help each other. A connection to help everyone find their next potential opportunities. The opportunity that will help you grow, learn, and create like you have always wanted to.

The process is similar to others, you fill in your profile and talk about yourself. At which point, Landing Jobs begins to connect you with potential opportunities that would best suit your needs at given time. Please keep in mind that Landing Jobs is currently offering this service only to those living in Europe. A slow, but surely evolving, startup market.



hired tech startup job board

Thousands of big names such as GitHub, Mixpanel, Forbes, Vimeo and others have use Hired for their hiring process to find the absolutely best talent that could help propel these startups even further. It starts by subscribing to hired at which point you will start to receive a questionnaire forms that will help Hired to understand more about you. Looking at only reviews of Hired, we are seeing a repeating pattern. It is a huge wall breaker for helping developers, designers and engineers to find jobs in big-tech companies.



toptal tech startup job board

The reason Toptal is so successful is because of its own personalized on boarding process. A process that really helps the platform to learn about you on a deep level. To test your skills and your experience, and only then help you to reach out to companies and businesses that are looking to hire a top talent like yourself. Whether you are a freelance designer or a freelance developer, Toptal has something to offer toy everyone. Because the job categories are limitless, and all that is asked from you is a little bit of patience, and some honesty about your true set of skills.


Smashing Jobs

smashing jobs

Smashing Jobs is helping startup businesses and corporations to find the right talent through exposing their job listing to hundreds of thousands of designers that are loyal Smashing Magazine readers themselves; one of the oldest and most reputable design blogs on the web. It lists both full-time and freelance job offers where anyone can quickly assess through the offers and reach out to the potential employer with more questions, which can then lead to an interview. People advertising jobs on Smashing Jobs know the kind of audience they are reaching, so that they allow some space between negotiation on salary, equity, and job conditions.


Stack Overflow Careers

stack overflow careers

Stack Overflow is a transparent company that cares about programmers in a way that not many other companies can match. It is amongst the most professional and most intellectual programming communities there are. It is also positioned within the top lists of job boards for finding truly dedicated, and truly professional talent in the most successful job markets today. Stack Overflow not limited to any country, so jobs can be looked for worldwide between specific job openings, and with specific requirements, such as full-time, part-time or freelance, or remote work. IT recruiters know that Stack Overflow is the place to go when seeking world-class talent in computer science.



remotive tech startup job board

Are you a passionate remote worker looking to expand your horizon? Then we couldn’t recommend Remotive to you enough. A weekly newsletter for remote workers that consists of remote job openings, remote work tips, and anything else that is happening within the remote jobs sphere. Remotive also recommends some great business tools, and run a blog (although infrequently updated) with a dozen of great blog posts about remote work, and remote entrepreneurship that you may find appealing.


Working Not Working

working not working tech startup job board

Working Not Working would not be for everyone, but those who manage to get accepted (only 10% do) will be able to experience a list of job options that you would not find anywhere else on the web. It is the main reason this platform exists in the first place. Working Not Working is very thorough in accepting creativity to their platform. Requiring of them to have an established web presence with plenty of portfolio items to back-up their claims.

It is an invite-only platform for new generation of designers, people with visionary abilities who will in turn get rewards for their dedication to the jobs they apply for. As a creator, you can look to find single-time jobs (well paying) or full-time jobs, and each time you participate in a new job, the employer can leave a “vouch” for you, further helping you to expose yourself to new and exciting opportunities.



gigster tech startup job board

Gigster works in similar fashion, it asks of you to have a ready to go idea that you would wish to bring to life through the use of a developer and designer team assigned to you by Gigster. It guarantees absolute success. Helping you bring about a project that really speaks for what you want to build. You may even end up keeping some of the developers to help you in the future.


In case you want to launch your job board for startups or any other niche you might want to start with either WordPress job board themes that you can find here or with HTML based job board website templates that can be found here.

Disclosure: This page contains external affiliate links that may result in us receiving a commission if you choose to purchase mentioned product. The opinions on this page are our own and we don't receive additional bonus for positive reviews.

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Alex is a freelance writer with more than 10 years of experience in design, development, and small business. His work has been featured in publications like Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, TheNextWeb, and others. You can find his personal writing at The Divine Indigo.

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