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WPJobBoard Plugin Review: Build A Job Board Website With WordPress

WPJobBoard Plugin Review: Build a Job Board Website with WordPress

WPJobBoard is a WordPress plugin that has been created for anyone who wants to build their own online job board website.

Once added to a WordPress website, this plugin gives you the ability to publish jobs and job seekers profiles, as well as letting your visitors add their vacancies and resumes. This then allows you to create a fully functioning job board website, where your users can recruit staff and find work.

In this review of the WordPress Job Board Plugin you will find all the information you need to help you decide if this the right tool for your next project.


WPJobBoard Plugin Features

The WPJobBoard plugin includes all the features you will need to run an online job board website, inside of WordPress. However, the core capabilities of this plugin gives your website the ability to publish job listings which job seekers can then apply to, directly through your website.

WPJobBoard Listing

Furthermore, job seekers can publish their own profiles and resumes, through which they can be contacted by recruiters looking for staff.

With WPJobBoard you also have the option of generating revenue from your website. This can be achieved by charging employers for posting vacancies, as well as accessing the resumes of job seekers that have been posted to your site.

WPJobBoard Premium Listing

Through the pricing options of the plugin, you can charge for single job postings and one-time resume access. Alternatively, you can also create employer membership packages which give you the option of offering multiple access passes, with or without recurring fees.

WPJobBoard Membership Packages

You also have the option of creating promotional discount coupons for offering money off discounts to your users. This can be an easy way to drive more premium users to your website and reward loyal members.

On your job board website, each employer can create their own profile, and then each job they post is then linked to that profile. This makes it easy for job seekers to see all the listings from an employer that they are interested in working for.

WPJobBoard Employee Profile

Job seekers can also create profiles. This allows them to publish key information about themselves, which in turn makes it easier for them to promote their abilities online. As well as information about the job seekers, the candidate profiles can include their resumes. These can then be searched by employers with the right level of access on the website.

WPJobBoard Browse Job Seekers

Through the individual candidate pages, recruiters can contact the job seekers directly. This takes place through the integrated contact form that is included on each resume or profile page.

WPJobBoard Job Seeker Profile

The jobs that are posted to your website can be organized by category, such as web developer or graphic designer. They can also be organized by type, such as freelance, contract, or full-time. These fields and terms can all be customised to meet your needs.

WPJobBoard Job Cateogires

These organizational tools then make it easier for your job seekers to filter the listings on your website and find exactly what they are looking for. This feature also makes it easy for visitors to see at a glance, the type of vacancies your website is listing.

WPJobBoard Filter Job

When it comes to visitors interacting with your website, this plugin makes use of front end submission forms. Each time you and your users post jobs, or submit their resumes, there is never any need to switch to the WordPress back end. This creates a straightforward and consistent user experience throughout the website.

WPJobBoard Add Job Form

While these forms include all the standard fields that are likely to be required by a general job board website, they can each be edited by using the intuitive visual form editor. As your needs are likely to be different to those of the next user, being able to simply drag and drop form fields into place makes it very easy to tailor the forms to meet your requirements.

WPJobBoard Form Editor

Although the forms make use of WordPress custom fields to collect and store their data, thanks to the form editor, there is no need to interact with the less-than user-friendly WordPress default custom field interface.

Instead you can simply drag and drop the available field types onto your form, and then point and click to edit their labels and contents. Now, no matter what field of employment you are working in, you can create forms that allow your recruiters to list the important information relating to their vacant jobs, as well as letting job seekers submit relevant information with their resumes.

The front end forms, combined with the drag and drop custom fields form builder are a key highlight of this WordPress job board plugin. No matter what type of jobs you are publishing, you can easily create the right kind of forms for your content.

The plugin also includes a number of shortcodes. These allow you to quickly insert various elements into your content. This includes application forms, search boxes, and lists of jobs and resumes. A new feature of this plugin adds the ability to insert Google Maps directly into the posts and pages of your website – simply by using the relevant shortcode. This is great for sharing the location of an employment opportunity, through an interactive Google Map.

WPJobBoard Shortcodes

By using these shortcodes, you can choose when and where you list the key elements and content of your job board website. This gives you another option, besides using the pre-built pages that come as part of the plugin, for displaying the job board content on your site. .

Other notable features of WPJobBoard include the ability to create custom email templates that are sent out to the website admin users on certain events. Employers and job seekers can also be sent automated emails on a range of triggers. These event triggers include job posting publications, job listing expiry, the sending of an application to an employer, and much more.

As this is a plugin, it can be used alongside any WordPress theme or framework. However, the developers of WPJobBoard have also created a purpose built theme which is included in the package. This means that if you have yet to choose a WordPress theme, or are looking for a more suitable option for your job board website, the included Jobelon theme can save you both time and money.

Using the WPJobBoard Plugin

Installing and activating the plugin is simply a case of uploading the file to your website and then following the on-screen instructions. Once activated, you are prompted to add the recommended widgets to the sidebar areas of your website.

WPJobBoard Sidebar Widgets

The plugin actually includes a good selection of widgets. These widgest give you the ability to make it very easy for your visitors to find the content that has been published of your job board website.

Before allowing visitors to start posting job listings, creating job seeker profiles, or applying to listings, it’s a good idea to go through the settings. This will allow you to configure your website to work in the way you want.

This step includes reviewing and perhaps modifying the included the user submission forms and the fields they contain. As this all takes place through the intuitive drag and drop form builder, the whole process is very straightforward.

If you want to monetize your job board site, you can configure the payment options at this point. As mentioned earlier, you can charge users for submitting individual job listings, or you can create membership packages for those with a need for ongoing access to your website.

Also, before letting users loose on your website, it’s a good idea to create the job categories, and job types, that are used for organizing your content. This will then make it easier for users to classify their submissions themselves, as they add them to your website.

When it comes to creating the job listings on your website, you can either create them manually yourself, or wait for your visitors to find your site and begin adding their own listings. Admin users can either add the listings through the front end submission forms, or through the WordPress admin area.

Furthermore, you can set up automated and scheduled imports of job listings from the Indeed and Career Builder websites. This can be a great way to quickly populate your job board website with content, right from the outset.

Once you’ve added content to your website in the form of job listings and company profiles, you can begin adding job seeker profiles. This can be done manually by the admin users, or by the job seekers themselves, through the front end submissions forms.

After your website is up and running, all that is left to do is to begin promoting it, in order to drive recruiters and job seekers to your board. Then it’s just a case of monitoring and approving the content as it is submitted to your site, and collecting the payments from your premium users.

WPJobBoard Pricing Options

The WPJobBoard plugin is available on two pricing plans:

  • Personal: $97
  • Business: $199

Both options include one year of access to support and plugin updates, as is the case with most premium WordPress plugins and themes. They also both include the purpose built WordPress job board theme, which usually retails for $79.

The main differences between the two pricing plans is that the business license allows for use on an unlimited number of sites, as opposed to just one. Business license holders also get access to beta releases of the plugin.

You can view the full pricing details of the WPJobBoard plugin on the purchase page.

WPJobBoard Review Conclusion

The WPJobBoard plugin certainly contains all the features and functionality you will need to create a professional job board website with WordPress. When you consider the work required to manually create a website of this type, the value of this plugin becomes abundantly clear.

The fact that the plugin includes a purpose built WordPress theme means you receive everything you need to get started, right out of the box. As there is a demo version of the plugin available, you can not only test how it works from the admin and end-user perspectives, but you also get a model to follow when setting up your website.

The online documentation for the plugin could be a little more extensive. However, most of the key features are covered, and overall, WPJobBoard is very easy to get started with.

Whether you want to create a purpose built job board website, or simply add this functionality to an existing WordPress website, the WPJobBoard plugin is a great choice. Providing you configure the settings of the plugin in the right way, for the type of website you want to build and jobs you want to list, you should have no trouble getting your project online.

With a great set of features and an attractive theme included in the package, WPJobBoard comes highly recommended.

Try the WPJobBoard plugin for WordPress today


Joe Fylan

Joe uses WordPress to create websites of all types and loves sharing his experiences of using this software with other users. If you need a steady stream of great content for your website, or you want the latest WordPress news and review then check out his writing services and WordPress blog.

This Post Has 10 Comments
  1. Good in depth review, also Greg the developer of WPJB is super friendly and helpful guy.

    He has made a strong plugin, with some customization it becomes better and better.

    Top review Joe!!

  2. I want to create a website where job and job seekers can rate each other.
    Moreover the site should also have the ability to mention the amenities available in a job in more highlighted way.
    Does this theme have abilities like these or can I edit the code or put in scripts to make it happen?

    1. Prince,

      Unfortunately, this theme doesn’t have its own rating system. Some other themes that are listed here does have rating system. But if the design is what you are after then you might want to hire a developer to add this functionality. It shouldn’t be too difficult. You can always find skilled developers on Envato Studio.

      Let me know if you have any other questions.

  3. Few Question would like to seek author on the plugin before purchase
    1) Seem the price setting doesn’t have MYR Ringgit Malaysia. Can this be addon to its function?
    2) Can the employee able to submit their own cv to the system? Or a print function for the employee once after they update their cv into the system?
    3) The Plugin Price is needed to renew annually?
    Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you very much

    1. Phoon,

      1) MYR Ringgit Malaysia is not available by default but you can open support ticket and they will take care of it. You can also find detailed guide for this on Google, so it is not a problem at all.
      2) Resumes can be printed just like any website. Not sure if they have any specific print layout created but if not you can always create one using many of free WordPress plugins for that.
      3) With a single purchase you get a permanent access to plugin itself but you have to pay yearly for updates and support. So it depends if you need support and updates after the year or so.

      Let me know if you have any other questions.

  4. Hello,

    I would like to show the search resume, and other employer related functionality only to loggedin /registered employer users,
    Is that possible.

    And similarly only Job Seeker functions to Job seekers who are registered. And for un registered users /guess users I would like to display only search job functions like any job board


    1. Hello Daniel,

      It is possible to allow only registered users to access resumes. You can check this plugin’s admin demo to see how this functions in a real life.

  5. This plugin is useless, i have pay 199 for this piece of shit. Invest hours for set this up and than it doesn’t support taxes and no Support. That’s sucks so much!

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