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WordPress IFrame Plugins

5 Best Free WordPress iFrame Plugins

An iFrame is an essential HTML document you can find on another website. Its use includes the inserting of advertisements into a page. It embeds any other external web page on your posts, widgets, and pages. To make it possible, you need to cut out some page’s section to replace with the frames with external content. In this article, you will find the top WordPress iFrame Plugins with high-ratings and functioning that are compatible with the latest WordPress versions. Most of the items we’re going to show you are free and downloadable.

The truth is that WordPress removes and disable iFrame HTML to prevent hackers from entering on your page. If you need to embed files from Twitter, Facebook, or other websites, the following items can be the most ideal substitute for your website. You don’t have to search further. We will do the searching and curating for you to save you from the hassle.


Responsive WordPress iFrame Plugins

With this plugin, you can embed the content from other websites, such as Vimeo, Google Maps, Youtube, and other pages. If you want to insert a direct link, you can use the iframe shortcodes YOUTUBELINK. The thing is you cannot convert or embed the HTTPS into HTTP pages or the other way around. That’s why you need to match the parent and embedded page. This iframe has several parameters – src, width, height, scrolling, frameborder, marginheight, marginwidth, allowtransparency, id, class, style, same_height_as, any_other_param, and any_other_empty_param.

The installation process is super easy. You just need to install it directly from your WordPress setting menu page or dashboard. After activating, you can add the shortcode [iframe src=”YOUTUBELINK” width=”100%” height=”500″] to your post content. If you have any problem with the installation, you can always contact the customer’s support. You can always edit the iframe parameters on the edit page on your dashboard.

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Advanced iFrame

Lght-themed WordPress iFrame Plugins

This Advance iFrame enables you to customize the iFrame’s elements and parameters. You have the option to show a part of an iframe or embed the content directly on your page. It is possible to include several external web pages on your article or blog section using this plugin. For that to happen, just enter the ‘[advanced_iframe]’ shortcode. This WordPress iFrame Plugin is well-packed with features and functionalities. One of its crucial factors is the security code which only allows you to include shortcodes if it has permission from the administration. You can also give more space to the iframe by hiding the layout areas. Furthermore, if the iFrame is on the same domain, you can display particular areas on the page.

It is also possible to modify or edit the width of the content area. What’s more, in the parent page, it allows you to add CSS and js file. These features are available in the free version. In case you want to get the most out of its functionality, you can upgrade this plugin into Premium. It comes with expert configuration mode, integrated jQuery help, shortcode generator, browser-dependent iframes, accordion admin menu, and more.

With the parent page and page, you want to add on the same domain, you can check possible features that you can use on your iFrame. For example, you can convert the link targets you can find in the iFrame. It also supports the auto-resizing of hidden iFrames. With the 6.0 version, auto-zoom is available. On the other hand, the new 6.4, you can add the latest URL and go back to the parent page. You can customize, edit, and forward parameters to the iFrame. However, take note that it is essential to modify inside the iFrame if you use the workaround the same with the setting’s description or when you are on the same domain.

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Simple iframe

Simple WordPress iFrame Plugins

One of the perks of this iframe is its simplicity. You can put the iframes in the block editor quickly. At the Embeds category, you can insert the iframe block. Moreover, it allows you to include external or internal URL inside the Simple iframe block by merely using the drag-and-drop button. You can embed URL from different websites, such as Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud, Spotify, and more. Installing this iFrame is truly simple. You can search it up directly on the setting menu in WordPress.

After you find this plugin, you can install it and activate to use it instantly. At the dashboard page, you can search for a block you’re going to put on your iframe. If not, you can drag-and-drop URL on the block provided.  When you finish putting the URL, you can edit the block’s width and height. This plugin is ideal if you are searching for a simple iFrame that you can add on your page or article section. However, if you are looking for more advanced features, this might not be the one for you.

Still, I love the fact that you can find these types of the iFrame plugin if you don’t want to go through some hassle of customizing or managing the blocks you’re going to use. It merely does what it says on the description. The only thing is that it doesn’t support the Gutenberg block. Nevertheless, it is functioning in other sections. So, you have nothing to worry about.

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iframe popup

User-Friendly WordPress iFrame Plugins

If you are looking for an iframe plugin that would display on your popup window, this one will do the job for you. You can do it by using a website URL. To make it possible, it uses jQuery fancy box extension that allows you to display the popup on your iframe window. What’s more, it is easier to manage and customize the settings in the administration section.

Its major features are responsive performance, configuration option for each session, popup timeout, and lightweight jQuery. Setting this up is simple compared to other advanced iFrame plugins. To enable the popup iframe on a particular post or page, you can use the shortcode 1 [iframe-popup id=”1″] and shortcode 2 [iframe-popup category=”Category1″]. Once you put one of the shortcodes mentioned, this plugin automatically displays random URL in the popup section. On the other hand, if you want to show the popup in the whole website pages, just go directly to the widget page and put the iFrame popup on your sidebar by using the drag and drop button. Alternately, you can use the PHP code <?php iframepopup( $id = “”, $category = “” ); ?> in the footer.php file.

If, in case, you only want to show the popup on the home page section, just use the PHP code <?php if (is_home()) { iframepopup( $id = “”, $category = “” ); } ?> into the theme footer.php file. To enable the popup on the entire website except to the home page, you can sue the PHP code <?php if (!is_home()) { iframepopup( $id = “”, $category = “” ); } ?>. If you need more information, just contact their customer’s support, and the team is willing to address your concerns.

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iframely – Rich Media Embeds for 2000+ Publishers

Easy-To-Use WordPress iFrame Plugins

This iframe is more advanced than other plugins. Its ultimate feature is that it has a WordPress default extension that allows 2000 more providers and card. Having this plugin is much easier. For example, if you put URLs of certain websites, this plugin automatically detects each one of them and converts them into their responsive embed codes. The website’s URL they support comes from MLB, QZZR, Tidal, Apester, Tableau, Spotify, DailyMotion, Youtube, and many more.

You can test the URL you are going to use in this page – That would save you a lot of time and immediately use it on your iframely plugin. Moreover, it also generates URL summary cards the same as general article’s URL previews.

Despite the overwhelming number of integration and widgets, the performance is still the same and definitely bug-free. Of course, it would be only possible if you sign up with the service subscription. The plan starts from $29 to $399. So, if you need an advanced and fully-responsive WordPress iFrame Plugins for your online business, this one would be the most ideal for you.

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The Final Takeaways

An iFrame is an essential factor of your website, especially if you need to insert external content from Google Maps, Youtube, and other popular sites that would bring impact to the page’s overall performance.

Back then, iFrames gain bad reputations of harming your site’s security system. Truth be told, some of them were used by some hackers and other malicious websites that infect your website with the virus, and eventually, infect other computers without the users seeing them. However, that would only happen if you are not keen enough on the content you are linking to your page. That’s why it is essential to trust your instincts. When you see that there are some suspicious activities on the web, never use the link on your iFrame section.

It is also crucial to be reasonable enough when installing iframe plugins on your website. Rest assured, all the WordPress iFrame plugins above are trustworthy and credible. It’s up to you to choose one that would work best on your page.

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