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Wagazine Review
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Wagazine Review: A Flexible and Responsive Magazine & Reviews WordPress Theme

Wagazine is a WordPress theme that has been created to help you build a news and reviews type website. These sites tend to different from regular blogs and websites due to the different types of content they publish – such as news, reviews, videos, and more – and also the volume of articles and posts that go live each day.

If you are planning to build a busy website, Wagazine aims to help you to manage and present your content in the best possible way, while also highlighting the authors behind that content. In turn, this should then ensure that your visitors are able to find what they are looking for on your site, while also being encouraged to extend their visit and consume more of your content.

In this review of the Wagazine theme, we will first look at some of its most important features in detail, before putting it through its paces to find out just how easy it is to install and use in order to build a news and reviews website.

Wagazine Review Homepage v1

Wagazine Magazine WordPress Theme Features

The Wagazine WordPress theme has many useful features that will help you build and manage a website that features a steady stream of content. From a selection of homepage layouts and configuration options, through to the ability to publish reviews and profile your authors in detail, there is a lot you can do with this magazine theme.

Therefore, to help you decide if this is the right theme for your next project, here is a look at some of those features in more depth.

Wagazine Review Homepage v2

Create a Busy News Website

Wagazine has been built to help you create a busy new and reviews website. The magazine format of this theme gives you the option of displaying a range of different types of content on the homepage of your site.

Wagazine Review Layout

These settings are all managed through the theme options control panel, and some of the choices available include a slider that displays some of your latest posts, a video content feed, a list of your latest reviews, and even your author profiles. However, you want to greet your visitors, you have a good set of options for the front page of your site with Wagazine.

Author Profile Page

As mentioned, the Wagazine theme has been built specifically for creating a busy news site. Typically, news websites tend to feature multiple authors, with some readers checking in just to see if their favorite author has published a new article.

Wagazine Review Authors

The Wagazine theme gives you the option of highlighting the different authors on your site. Through the authors page, your visitors can click through to the individual author profiles to find out more about that user, and view the latest articles they’ve posted.

These different authors are managed through the default WordPress Users feature. Their user profile information, including their bio and photo, is then used to populate their author profiles on the front end of your site.

Ideal for Publishing Reviews

Wagazine Review Criteria

Whether you are creating a reviews website or simply including the occasional review amongst the content you publish on your site, the ability to add custom criteria to your review posts will certainly be appreciated.

Wagazine Review Post Review

By marking a post as a review, you can then add your own custom criteria for how the item has been evaluated, complete with a review conclusion. This content not only makes your reviews more informative to your readers, but also helps them stand out on your site.

Wagazine Review Listings

By making use of the review feature, your visitors can quickly see which posts contain review content and which don’t, helping them to find the type of articles they are looking for on your website.

Unlimited Appearance Customization Options

Although your website will be ready to go after you’ve installed and activated the theme, if you want to modify its appearance to better suit your branding, or the tastes of your audience, that isn’t a problem with Wagazine.

Wagazine Review Fonts and Colors

Through the theme options control panel, you can easily customize the fonts and colors used on your website. As the theme integrates with the Google Fonts service, you get over 600 free fonts to choose from when personalizing the typography on your website.

The control panel makes it easy to specify the font properties for each of the individual styles in use by the theme. This includes the different header options, as well as the regular paragraph style. The options cover not just the typeface, but also the alignment, weight, size, and line height. This level of control means that no matter what font you choose, you will be able to ensure the typography on your website looks great.

A news and magazine style website should pay particular attention to content formatting. Therefore, it’s nice to see these detailed typography settings on offer, all without the need to edit any CSS directly.

Fully Mobile Responsive and Retina Ready

Making a standard WordPress blog theme that is responsive, so that it looks great on a mobile device is one thing. However, creating a magazine theme for a content rich website so that it will respond and reorganize itself, depending on the screen size it is being viewed on is quite another.

Magazine themes like Wagazine are typically used on websites that publish large volumes of content, and therefore, tend to have busy pages with lots going on. This extra content might include plenty of sidebar features and elements, such as local weather and news feeds; recommended articles; sponsored content and adverts; plus lots more as you can see on the homepage of the demo site.

Getting all that information, as well as the main article that is being read, to fit and display nicely on a 5” smartphone screen is quite a challenge. However, it’s another area where this theme succeeds. So while a responsive design is nothing to brag about on a modern blogging or business theme, on a theme like Wagazine, it is definitely worth highlighting and taking for a test drive in order to see for yourself how it all works.

Straightforward Ad Management

Like most news and reviews websites, with Wagazine you have the option of monetizing your site with adverts. While this is possible with any WordPress theme, this one gives you an easy way to manage your adverts, all through the theme options control panel.

Wagazine Review Ad Banner

There are a number of ad locations available to choose from, including the header area and a few sidebar options.

Wagazine Review Ad Manager

Other Notable Features of the Wagazine Theme

When choosing this theme to build your news or magazine website, you get the option of displaying a location-sensitive weather widget to your visitors. This not only provides useful information to your readers, but also helps your site to include some of the features found on larger and more established news websites.

Adding your social media profile links to the site is also very easy with this theme. The theme options control panels lets you add your profile URLs for the top networks. The relevant icons are then displayed on the frontend of your site – in the header area and through an optional sidebar widget – so that your readers can quickly click through and decide whether to follow you for updates or not.

The Wagazine theme also includes a selection of demo content and settings, which allow you to get your website up and running as quickly as possible.

Online Documentation and Support

As this theme is available for purchase through the Theme Forest marketplace, it comes with six months of support from its creator. This support is delivered via the Themes-Dojo forum and an additional six months of support can be purchased for $14.70.

The theme package also includes a set of user documentation, which can be viewed offline, through a browser. This guide covers everything you need to know in order to get your website up and running.

About the Author

Wagazine has been created by Themes-Dojo, a prolific theme author over at Theme Forest. Other themes created by Themes-Dojo cover such uses as portfolio, real estate, and marketing, as well as a few we’ve already reviewed here, including Event Builder and Listing Builder.

Themes-Dojo has a long history of creating successful products for WordPress users. This seems to be one theme developer that will be around for a long time, ensuring you will be able to receive support and updates for your purchases now and in the future.

Using the Wagazine WordPress Theme

After you’ve uploaded and activated the Wagazine theme, you have the option of importing the demo content. This process isn’t perhaps as straightforward as it is with some other themes, which offer a one-click demo import feature. However, it’s not a difficult process and after installing the WordPress Import plugin, you can then upload the demo content file to your site and then import that content.

If you do decide to import the demo content, you can choose to import the main content, the theme framework settings, and the widget settings and content. If you do import all the options, you will then have a website that should closely resemble the demo version which is used to promote the theme, giving you a good foundation for your own project.

Whether you do decide to import the demo content or not, the next step is to work your way through the theme options control panel. This gives you an easy way to change the logo of your site, configure the homepage, customize the fonts and colors, and add your own social media links.

Wagazine Review Change Logo

The Wagazine WordPress theme includes a number of custom widgets and sidebar locations. These features allow you to display a range of different types of content alongside your posts, pages, and reviews.

Wagazine Review Custom Widgets

When it comes to setting up the homepage of your WordPress website, Wagazine gives you a good few options covering how it should look. Through the control options panel, you can easily enable each of the different options for what will be displayed on the homepage of your website.

Wagazine Review Homepage Options

As well as the pictured options, you can also choose to display a video news block, a list of review posts, gallery content, and a list of your authors.

Once you’ve configured the settings of the theme, it’s time to start adding your own content to the website. This all takes place through the standard WordPress post and page editors.  If you do want to publish any reviews on your website, you can do so from the post editor screen, by interacting with the reviews meta box.

Wagazine doesn’t feature much support for the WordPress Customizer tool, apart from the default functionality, which covers widget, menu, and basic front-page configurations. Overall, you are better off using the theme options control panel to customize the appearance and setting of your website than this frontend option.

Wagazine WordPress Theme Review Conclusion

The Wagazine theme has a great look and feel that is well suited to building a news and reviews website. If you plan to create a website that features lots of content, in a range of formats, then this could be the theme for you.

Thanks to the easy to use theme options control panel and clear instructions, setting up Wagazine shouldn’t pose a problem, even to new WordPress users. If you do run into any difficulties, then the six months of support included with your purchase should help you overcome them with assistance from the user support team.

Overall, Wagazine does what it sets out to and offers everything you should need to get your magazine-style website online with WordPress.

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  1. Hi Joe. Thanks for the in depth review of Wagazine. Do you know if it allows for user generated reviews? I’m trying to start a review website that would rely on my readers sharing their reviews of certain businesses. Like how Yelp does it. Your help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

    1. Carri Bugbee says:

      Jason, did you ever find out the answer to this question or go with a different theme? I’m looking for the same thing: a theme that enables both editor and user reviews. Thx.

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