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Top 16 Tools For Creating And Sharing Presentations Online

Top 16 Tools for Creating and Sharing Presentations Online

Of all the available methods to share content, presentations have definitely risen above many. While presentations themselves have been a big part of business success, only recently have we seen an increase in the number of bloggers and startup owners who are actively using presentations to share insightful data and research. This, in turn, attracts readers and like-minded people. Presentations help narrow down ideas and proposals to step-by-step basis, without having to indulge in lengthy content.

According to several public on-line analytics sources, SlideShare is amongst the top 150 most popular websites in the world. This clearly indicates that there’s a huge demand for content that’s concise and presented in a simple and easy-to-read format. Anyone with PowerPoint or a popular Documents application can easily create their own slides, making it an accessible and flexible content format.

Thanks to expanding web technology, many platforms, Cloud solutions and other web softwares are now able to provide its users with tools and features that allow anyone to quickly and effectively create presentations that will surely stand out from the crowd. It’s nice to use softwares like PowerPoint; but the kind of presentation tools we are going to take a look at in this roundup have been built specifically with concise presentation needs in mind, meaning that you will be able to naturally create sophisticated and creative presentations without the need to learn a new software, since all features are natively built to support ideas and concepts.


Free Video Presentation Software Animated Video Maker and PowerPoint alternative Focusky

Focusky is a standalone Windows and Mac computer desktop application. It allows you to create presentations in both video and raw presentation format. Take a look at a number of pre-built templates and themes that only requires you to insert your data to output beautiful charts, slides, and other information related elements. The capability to insert rich media (YouTube, Vimeo, Flash, and more) means that Focusky is a great platform to use for webinars, and general video presentation needs. The best part is that everything is customizable. You can also adjust colors and the look of elements to your own specific needs.


Presentation software Slidebean Online presentation tools

Slidebean has built a presentation creating platform that takes away hours of work from the usual process. It also gives its users a carefully tailored content editor that allows you to fully modify each slide to be the way you want it to be. The icing on the cake is that Slidebean offers an integrated Creative Commons image feature. It will let you browse thousands of images at no charge whatsoever. That means you can really create the kind of content that will be unique and stand out from everything else.


Office Sway Create and share amazing stories presentations and more

Sway was built with four different areas in mind: reports, presentations, newsletters and personal stories. If you’re looking to create content within any of these four areas, Sway is the answer to your prayers. Sway is an interactive presentation platform that lets you create presentations. You can then access them from within the browser, on any device imaginable. It’s part of the official Microsoft Office Suite, meaning that you are getting years of experience and customer insight on how to make great presentations and online documents.


in3Dgallery cloud based 3D presentation tool presentations reinvented

In3Dgallery is an easy-to-use Cloud-based tool to create interactive 3D presentations. It allows the user to share his ideas, contextualizing them inside a 3D virtual canvas in a brand new fashion. In3Dgallery is the first of its kind because it allows the user to present images, videos and 3D models inside the same storytelling tool. Its competitive advantage is the highly intuitive 3D user interface and the ready-made engaging virtual templates, together with the autofill feature which makes the process even smoother. Users can create a 3D presentation right on in3Dgallery’s website and playback it on the mobile player (iOS and Android) or through the desktop app (Mac or Windows). The presentations created can be also embedded on the customer website and shared on Facebook.


emaze Online Presentation Software – Create Amazing Presentations

Emaze focuses around creative and inspirational presentation templates and formats that will leave its users in awe. You can use the public presentation directory to find the kind of presentations you are looking to create yourself. Then, you can use them as either inspiration or demo templates that you can then extend with your own ideas. Don’t forget to browse the Articles section to learn more about the possibilities of Emaze and how you can better create presentations that capture attention and interest.

Google Slides

emaze Online Presentation Software – Create Amazing Presentations

Google Slides makes your ideas shine with a variety of presentation themes, hundreds of fonts, embedded video, animations, and more. Like many other platforms on this list today, Google offers a wide variety of templates to choose from before you even begin to create your slides. This is one of the biggest advantages that web technology has over normal software. It’s as easy as selecting a previously built presentation and use it as a template. Whereas, desktop software might not always offer this option. Google Slides are dynamic, interactive and certainly appealing to the consumer. This is all thanks to the vast experience that Google has in the field of documents.


Presentation Software Online Presentation Tools Prezi

Prezi is for those who want to build large presentations, while keeping the user in mind. The Cloud-based platform has managed to stand out with features like interactive zooming and content adjustments that allow its users to create the kind of presentations that represent the larger scale of the idea being conveyed, whilst maintaining easy of readability and accessibility. Prezi’s platform is for those who are serious about telling stories through their presentations, for those who understand that sometimes it takes more than just content to express an idea.


Free Online Presentation Software by Canva

Canva’s presentation platform is an easy-to-use web application that lets you build custom and original presentation slides that consist of your own choice of fonts, headings, images, messages, colors and more. You don’t have to invest countless hours in learning how to create a slide that’s perfectly aligned; simply use Canva and the platform will do it all for you.


Slides – Create and share presentations online

The Slides presentation platform is a new and modern approach towards creating presentations in the browser. The modern slides editor lets you create slides that express personality and character; oftentimes, these are overlooked traits of good and reputable presentations. It’s one thing to slam some pictures and text on top of a slide template. It’s something else to create your own content that fully resembles the idea you are talking about. Slides is built with the help of many great open source frameworks and projects including Iconic, Font Awesome, Entypo, IcoMoon, Broccolidry, WebHostingHub Glyphs, Material Design Icons, jQuery, Ace, Modernizr, Moment.js, Spectrum and KaTeX.


Create Presentations on SlideShare

SlideShare as discussed briefly in the introduction of the post, is the world’s most popular presentation / slideshow sharing and creating platform. It is home to millions of slideshows, and several more millions of users who browse the site on daily basis. If you need a reliable platform for creating and sharing your presentations, then SlideShare is the place to do it. Recently acquired by LinkedIn, this platform offers a way to build a community, acquire leads, and connect with people who share the same ideas as you. Above all, to learn and explore about things that perhaps would have never have crossed your path.


Knovio Online Video Presentations for Instant Multimedia

We haven’t been looking at many video presentation platforms, so here is another from Knovio. You can use this interactive platform to create your slides live and narrate them with live commentary as you go, whether in the form of video or audio. This makes for a completely new presentation experience that works straight out of the box as you’re building content. The easy to use platforms uses basic functionality and features that take only minutes to learn, needless to say that you can easily export all of your video presentations to sites like YouTube and Vimeo with just a couple of clicks.


Zoho Docs Create and edit presentations online

Zoho is also one of the oldest web companies that are still innovating and serving its customers with the latest web technology tools, one of which is Zoho Docs. This is pretty much PowerPoint in the browser;Zoho will happily accept PowerPoint file types within their own system. It also gives you a chance to edit your slides from within the browser if you ever happen to be in a situation where the desktop software is not available. Play around with the stunning animation feature that will bring life to your presentations. Or, use the embed feature to integrate dynamic web content.


Presentation Software Online Presentation Tools Web Presentations SlideRocket

SlideRocket is a revolutionary new approach to business communications. It was designed from the start to help you make great presentations that engage your audience and deliver tangible results. Create the kind of presentations that will help you land the investors and financial supporters when you have to attend your next board meeting, or the kind that will naturally integrate within a business environment. The SlideRocket platform also offers a deep set of features that let you create professional slides.



Swipe is a revolutionary slide sharing platform that wants you to involve your readers into the process of making the slides become more informative and reliable for others. Share the link of your Swipe’s presentation with anyone and they will automatically be able to interact with the content in the form of suggestions, comments, polling and more. You can also use Markdown to create stunning slides, and embed external and dynamic web content to make sure that your sides truly compliment your ideas and concepts.

Haiku Deck

Presentation Software Online Presentation Tools Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck has been dubbed as the “Instagram for pitching!” The easy-to-use presentation platform allows you to create stunning Haiku style presentations on the web, your mobile and tablet devices, for categories like lessons, courses, ideas, stories, or even to start something completely new and exciting.

Speaker Deck

Speaker Deck Share Presentations without the Mess

The last presentation tool on our list is going to be Speaker Deck. While this particular platform does not offer the ability to create slides, it does connect its users with an audience of several hundred thousand who browse the site to learn about content in technology, web design, web development, business, startups and more. Speaker Deck also lets you upload your PDF format presentation and submits it for review for the sites public directory. Overall, it’s one of the most beautiful and simple presentation platforms on the market. It’s free and well worth looking into.

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