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18 React Components for Web Developers 2020

It’s very rare to see a library take off the way React.js has in just a few years. The library has literally accelerated at the pace of light speed when it comes to new releases, features, and developments; see here for the latest major release. Sure, some will argue that there isn’t a need for “frameworks”, but React is much more than just a framework, or should we say “much less than”. Why? Because React is a library that helps build reactive components. It doesn’t necessarily act as a framework, but it will happily work on top of any existing framework that you are using, be it Meteor or Angular.

The state of affairs with React is looking quite good right now. The community is buzzing over new possibilities, and generally, everyone is busy building, rather than complaining. The library obviously works, and has a lot of tremendous potential. What it needs right now is more experienced engineers and developers that can build something that will surely stand out from the crowd. There’s plenty of developers who love to “rant” about React. But, those who don’t are busy with making some sort of a difference in the world.

More on React

React is heavily based on components, and components can be re-used! That means anyone can create something cool with React, and share it with the rest of the developer community. And that’s exactly what has been happening, especially in the recent years. To celebrate, we felt it was time to put together our own React components resource that is going to consist of usable, versatile, and functional React components that you can integrate into your existing applications, websites, or other software that you are looking to launch in the near future. We also tried to be as unique as possible and included as many variations as possible. But since errors do happen, please join us in helping to create this the best React components roundup out there, and share with us your own favorite components that you can’t imagine yourself living without, thanks!


material ui react components

And just in case you didn’t find the functionality that you seek in the first component, here’s the Material-UI library that fully integrates Google’s Material design into your React components workflows. The owners of the library are being liberal about the use of this framework and components, and encourage that you read up on the material design’s documentation before you jump naked into these muddy waters. The understanding of both React’s and Material design’s roles in the web development area is essential to make it work for you.


Onsen UI for React

onsen ui for react
Onsen UI is a kit of React components that work for bringing into fruition hybrid mobile applications. If that is something you have been dealing with lately, you better consider saving yourself time with Onsen UI. Keep in mind, the tool is compatible both with Android and iOS for your convenience. With more than one hundred components at your disposal, you know you will find the right things to mix and match for your project. They are all based on Material and Flat design. Moreover, everything is done with the user in mind, trying to be as easy to understand as possible.



react bootstrap components
React-Bootstrap is a package of Bootstrap 4 components built with React. While you can use the available material for building a new project from scratch, you can also integrate it into your existing app. Of course, make sure you first investigate the comprehensive documentation that comes with the kit and go from there. There is also an option to go from Bootstrap to Bootstrap 4 using React-Bootstrap, but again, do yourself a favor and read the documentation first, so the execution will be more flawless. For local setup, Yarn is the package manager that will do the trick. Lastly, if you would like to contribute to the project, you can, too.


React Toolbox

react toolbox components
React Toolbox is a kit of Material Design components that promise you to kick-start your project right away. After all, you do not have to go through the entire heavy lifting all by yourself. Instead, pick the ready-to-use tools that React Toolbox has in store for you and make an immediate difference. Speaking of components, React Toolbox features app bar, avatar, auto-complete, drop-down, dialog, menu, progress bar, input and heaps more. This library of React components will do well for the developer, and that is a guarantee. The detailed documentation also comes very handily, as it shows how to use each component correctly.



grommet react components
Enjoy the amazingness of Grommet now, as you march toward a successful launch of your mobile-first project. Even if you work on several apps, this is the React components library that will do the magic, boosting your workflow through the roof. Of course, everything was put together with responsiveness in mind, so the final performance will be first-rate. You can freely mix and match all the predefined elements according to your liking, as well as customize them accordingly. Whether working on a new project or refining the existing one, Grommet is applicable to both approaches. There are tons of blocks for you to take to your total advantage, so make the most out of them now.


Semantic UI React

semantic ui react
As the name implies, Semantic UI React is the official React integration for Semantic UI. If you need to go deep with installation instructions and usage, make sure you first go through all the sections of the official product landing page and get the gist of it. Some of the features of Semantic UI React contain sub-components, auto controlled state, shorthand props, augmentation and declarative API, to name a few. As for the elements, you get many, too. From buttons, flags and header to inputs, labels, loaders and reveals, these are just a handful of all the goodies that you can get your hands on.


React Desktop | React UI Components for OS X El Capitan and Windows 10

react desktop ui components

Want to bring that sweet action of React to desktop? Well now you can! Although the library is labeled as a BETA project, it would be helpful if more developers spent their precious time thinking and adjusting the library to best suit both Windows 10 and Mac OS X platforms. Needless to outline that the most promising feature of them all is that you can use JavaScript to muster up your own projects that desktop computers could benefit from. It will be interesting to watch the development of this space, too. It’s nice to see that technology is evolving beyond the basic software restricted programming languages. Instead, we’re learning to bring the web to your desktop as well.


Griddle – React Grid Component

griddle react grid component

Griddle is the feature of grid-optimized data tables that function on high-performance and seamless interaction between the browser. When we first explored Griddle, it seemed just like any other grid-table project out there. But upon closer inspection and understanding, it seems that Griddle outperforms pretty much any other grid table library out there. It really delivers on the high-quality components that it’s known to bring into the workflow of web developers. Try to play with the demo and see for yourself how smooth the interactions are when browsing data, and adjusting search parameters, great stuff all around.


React Absolute Grid

react absolute grid

Grids can also be often confused with what their functionality is. It is a particular piece of element within the web page that has its own styling and browser values. With the use of external libraries, we can make these components and elements much more flexible. In particular, we can implement libraries like the Absolute Grid and gain full control over our grid of elements that we’re presenting to the user. The component you’re looking at here can easily be configured for the use in a website/platform that’s about sharing content and organizing based on database values. Very very versatile library, an example of true development possibilities.


React Gravatar

react gravatar

If you haven’t heard of Gravatar, you must have come online only in the recent 2 days, hah! Gravatar is the default user avatar platform that’s integrated into the WordPress platform. Now, you can bring all those amazing avatars to your more advanced projects through the use of React Gravatar component library. With this one, the component will render the Gravatar avatar the the user is using based on the input of their email address. Really helps to have these libraries handy in order to push for that globalization aspect of fetching user data for them, instead of having them manually do it.



react spinner

Want to tell your users that the page they’re trying to access is still loading? Perhaps you want to add a spinner to your applications to make the page jumping process more interactive? Save yourself a bit of time from having to code your own spinner; just implement this easy-to-use component. It requires literally no configuration whatsoever.


React Stripe Checkout Component

react stripe checkout component

Stripe continues to impress everyone; customers, designers, developers, and the technology community at large. A startup that has really redefined the way big startups work and how startups can make a difference in the world, even if they don’t have resources the size of Google’s market cap. Stripe’s checkout is being used by millions of platforms, delivering billions of requests on daily basis. If you’ve been planning to use Stripe with your React project, grab the React Stripe Checkout component to load Stripe’s Checkout library directly as a React component. This will be a far more smooth transition for using Stripe in your apps.



react crouton

A messaging component for React.js — React Crouton. Don’t get confused if you think this is an instant messaging component, it’s not. This is more of a messaging component that aims to provide a highlighting option in the form of a navigation highlight menu. With the component, you can create messages that will appear to the user at the top of the page, based on their requested form submission. We can already foresee email marketers going crazy over this smooth and pitch-perfect library.


SVG loader component for ReactJS

svg loader component for reactjs

SVGs are without question rising in popularity, as we transition into an era of web development where performance is being highly rewarded with more focus and attention. The React InlineSVG library will help you load your SVG files directly through React.js. This gives you access to edit and style them without having to transition between the same document.


React tabs component

react tabs component

A React tabs component that you’ll be able to implement in any sort of situation where tabbed content would be required. It will be interesting to watch the way React becomes useful for platforms such as knowledge bases, which are known for notoriously using tabbed content to present data more conveniently. Overall, very reliable library right here that adds the tabbing interaction for your content in just a matter of seconds.


React Draggable

react draggable

If the first few draggable components that we talked about didn’t appeal to you, and you’re looking for something more raw and unique, then give React Draggable a go; this is as native as it can get. Expose your content through draggable functionality and create something that will put the user in charge of how content appears to him. At the moment, the demo doesn’t show fixed dragging capabilities. But with a little bit of React magic, you should reach that functionality rather quickly.


Google reCAPTCHA for React.js

google reCAPTCHA for react js

Spammers think they’re getting smarter, but Google’s reCAPTCHA has really withstood the challenges of modern captcha systems, and bots that try to break this system. reCAPTCHA is a reliable alternative for protecting your submission form data from spammers. Remember that you’ll need to create a reCAPTCHA account and grab the API keys. That way, you can fully utilize the potential of this component.


UI components for Elasticsearch

ui components for elasticsearch

Searchkit is a collection of UI components for the popular Elasticsearch. Now, you can transform your search experience and make it truly modern. If building movie sites is your thing, Searchkit will take care of all the difficult algorithm features that a concise search function would require, and give you the kind of a search platform that will keep users coming back day after day. Sometimes, the most important feature of any project is the Search function; that’s how your users are interacting with your content.

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