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rack card mockup
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23 Life-Like Rack Card Mockup Templates 2020

When designing marketing material for a brand, a company or a firm, a rack card mockup will come handy. It is a simple promotional card that works with just about any business. Still, what comes first to mind is probably a travel agency, a restaurant, a hotel and pretty much any other tourism-first business. On the other hand, we see rack cards at post offices, at airports, in libraries and similar.

Primarily, rack cards are of vertical format, however, smaller ones, similar to a business card, are in use, too. It is up to you to decide which style to go with; we have a mockup template for you to make a life-like version of it for both. They are typically printed on a harder piece of paper, so they do not tear easily. Moreover, the design can be on both sides or just one – it is the printing cost that varies whether it is a single or a double-print, too.

Finally, when coming up with the beautiful and photo-realistic presentation of a rack card, pick any of the mockups below. With little to no work, you can create a demonstration that will feel almost like a physical product. Some templates even feature models that make the overall exhibition even more realistic. Enjoy the quick realization and inspire your clients.

Mockup of Two Overlapped Rack Cards Against a Minimalist Background

mockup of two overlapped rack cards against a minimalist background
Here is a rack card mockup that features two overlapped cards. Due to two items, you get to upload two different designs of 330 x 700 px. You can use the top one for the front design and the bottom one for the back design of a rack card. Still, take an entirely different approach if you want and style the mockup according to your liking. Moreover, you can change the color of both cards and the background individually. Make the demonstration as colorful as you want, or keep it minimal and sophisticated. Whatever your taste, it is a guarantee that you will make this template to match it.

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Mockup of Rack Cards on Top of Each Other

mockup of rack cards on top of each other
A beautiful and photorealistic rack card mockup featuring two cards, one on top of the other. With some greenery and a catchy surface, the outcome will truly capture everyone’s curiosity. Whether you would like to boost your workflow as a freelancer, presenting the rack card to your client, or as a business owner who would like to publish a new design on social media or website, either way, this template is a spectacular alternative to consider. Once you upload the design, as well as crop and reposition it if necessary, Placeit then automatically adds it to both rack cards. And if you would like to go with a different color than white, you can change it, too.

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Rack Card Mockup Leaning Against a Vase with Purple Flowers

rack card mockup leaning against a vase with purple flowers
This could be a restaurant, a hotel lobby, whatever, a stunning atmosphere that will push your rack card design over and beyond. The template features a rack card standing and leaning against a vase full of purple flowers. What else you need? With the great customization features, you will have no trouble enhancing the presentation so that it will match the branding directions you are after. Attach your design, alter the card color and you can also introduce a text or a graphic – all this on the practical Placeit. For your information, you do not need to make any purchases before completing designing the mockup.

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Mockup of Rack Cards

mockup of rack cards
A bundle of rack cards, lying on a flat surface, fully editable with your nifty design. In fact, you can style and fine-tune the three rack cards in the middle. Meaning, you can upload three individual designs to each and have them appear on the cards in just a click. Additionally, you can also change the color of the cards, as well as the background. That said, you can make it as colorful and vibrant as you want or stick to a more professional and sophisticated vibe, all works fantastically well. Get involved now and make an immediate difference.

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Mockup Featuring Three Rack Cards

mockup featuring three rack cards
Instead of one, this rack card mockup also features three items to edit and improve with your creative work. You can put on display three entirely different design or three slight variations, so you can compare them against each other and pick the winner. And you can also showcase the front and back design. Moreover, feel free to change the color of the paper and the background and make the overall appearance follow your branding regulations to a T. You are about to undergo an effortless task of some clicking and uploading, but the end product will be superb.

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Mockup of Two Rack Cards Lying Next to Each Other

mockup of two rack cards lying next to each other
With an option to display two rack card designs, you can easily play around with all sorts of different variations and possibilities. Compare slight variation of the main design, add two entirely different creatives, or let one present the front and the other the back design. You can separately change the color of the left and the right flyer, as well as the background. With a simple upload function, you quickly slide in your design and have the presentation ready to roll. Keep in mind, you can also enrich the mockup with texts and all sorts of different graphics. Make it exclusive and unique, so it triggers everyone’s attention right away.

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Vertical Card Mockup Lying on a Leather Surface

vertical business card mockup lying on a leather surface
For something classier, you better not miss checking out this single rack card mockup templates. It features a card on a dark leather surface that gives it this distinct touch. First, with the handy color picker, you can change the tint of the paper to any you want. You will also find an upload image button, which allows you to import any creative design you want quickly. Lastly, you can also append a text overlay and share any message you want. What’s best, you do all the editing work online, without the need to use Photoshop or any other photo editing software.

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Mockup Featuring Several Cards Forming a Grid

mockup featuring several business cards forming a grid
If you would like to strike everyone with a, well, striking rack card presentation, you came to the right place. Here is a set of several cards, lying flat and forming a grid. You can introduce two different designs, as well as change the color of the cards. In just a few clicks, you can now come up with the presentation that will do you well. Share the outcome on social media, on your website, well anywhere you want. And if working with a client, send them the life-like demonstration and have them hooked on the design immediately. Loads of options for a work that requires no effort.

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Mockup of Two Floating DL Flyers

mockup of two floating dl flyers
For when you would like to slightly spice things up, use a mockup that features two floating rack cards – as simple as that! Here is the right tool that will get you going in close to no time. With all-inclusive online editing, you can quickly set up the right presentation. First, you can change the color of each card individually, as well as the background. Moreover, you can upload two different designs, one to each card. Use one card for the front and the other one for the back design. However, sticking two completely unalike designs works, too. There is also an option to add graphics and even upload additional custom designs to level up the presentation.

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Flyer Mockup Featuring a Smiling Woman

flyer mockup featuring a smiling woman
While many of the rack card mockup templates, that you find here, focus on the item itself, some of the tools also step things up a few notches. In other words, they feature a model holding the card, putting all the extra shine on it. And this is one of such templates that you can take to your total advantage right away. If features a young lady with glasses, holding the card. You can both change the color of the paper and upload a custom design to the card. To top it all up, you can always enrich the presentation with a text in the form of a call-to-action.

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Flyer Mockup Featuring Two Friends at a Cafe

flyer mockup featuring two friends at a cafe
And that is what rack cards are for, to be shared amongst friends. This exclusive mockup features two friends, at a cafe, chatting about the super special promotion. With the working area of 1650 x 2550 px, you have enough space to insert your custom design to the rack card and see it in effect. You can even alter the tint of the paper! Moreover, you can also add some text to it and all sorts of different graphics. For your information, even if the whole editing process happens online, you still have tons of options to create the demonstration that follows your liking.

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Photorealistic Flyer Mockup

photorealistic flyer mockup
A wonderful, clean and photorealistic rack card/flyer mockup template for you to put into play and make a striking demonstration of your fresh design. Just like any other mockup that you find on Placeit, this one is a small breeze to use, too. Keep in mind, you do all the work in-browser – you only leave the platform after you complete editing the mockup and download the end product. The user-friendliness of the mockup allows everyone to get the most out of it without breaking a sweat. Especially if you have the design ready, you do not need to be an expert designer to be able to use this mockup successfully. In fact, all the templates that we have here for you are beginner-friendly.

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Barbershop Rack Card

barbershop rack card
We even have some business-specific rack card mockup templates here, too. This particular one is for barbershops, but it works great with hair salons, too. In the kit, you get two PSD files for displaying the front and back sides of the rack cards. The size of the card is 4 x 9 inches. For effortless customization, all the elements are on an individual layer what makes it a breeze to style the default look of the card accordingly. Last but not least, the mockup is also fully print-ready, so when you are done, just send it straight to the print shop.

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Cupcake Rack Card

cupcake rack card
For cupcake shop and bakeries, here is a nifty, cool and vibrant rack card mockup to consider. There are two PSD files included in the kit for you to put into play right away. Thanks to the amazingly organized and commented file, you can speedily enrich the appearance with your creativity. The card is of standard 4 x 9 inch dimension and comes with bleed. If, for whatever reason, you need additional assistance with the mockup, you will find a help file part of the deal, too. Make it stand out, play around with all the different variations and spread the word out in style.

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Photographer Rack card

photographer rack card
Let’s continue the hype with a beautiful and enticing photographer rack card template. You can use the tool with Photoshop and create the exact card that you would like to give away and promote your services professionally. The size of the card is of usual dimension with bleed (0.25 inch), so it works great for printing out of the box. If you would like to avoid crafting a rack card from scratch, you can now speed up the process with this spectacularly convenient template. Make it yours, style it accordingly and end the work sooner rather than later.

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Real Estate Rack Card

real estate rack card
If you are in the real estate space, you will want to check out this next rack card template. With a predefined and ready to go template, you can now quickly create the outcome. Just stuff it with your information and details and you can be done doing the work already. How quick was that? For your information, the help file is also included in the bundle for your convenience. Without further ado, enter the world of real estate rack cards with comfort and confidence and end up with an attractive solution in close to no time. Download the file, import it to Photoshop and get as creative as you want.

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Real Estate Rack Card V07

real estate rack card v07
To your luck, here is another real estate rack card template alternative for you to take into consideration. You can use this tool easily for designing the front and back side of the rack card. Style it according to your branding requirements and have a final design all set and ready to impress swiftly. With the ready-made look, you need to invest just a small amount of time and energy to realize the rack card design that you fancy. Once done doing the task, you can already send it over to the print shop since the template comes with bleed.

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Business Rack Card

business rack card
This versatile rack card template comes handy for an assortment of different businesses. You can effortlessly style it according to your needs and requirements and have it ready for print already. You do not even need to be a pro designer to be able to succeed at working with this tool. After all, the majority of work is already done for you. Insert the necessary stuff and create the design for a rack card that will trigger everyone’s curiosity right off the get-go. Spread the word out in style and make a positive impact.

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Free rack card mockup templates

Useful Rack Card PSD Mockup

free rack card psd mockup download
While you already have an assortment of striking solutions in the premium section, here are a few additional free rack card mockup templates for you.
For architecture companies exclusively, this is a modern, professional and sophisticated mockup that will create a presentation to die for. Still, if you would like to go entirely against the norm and use the tool for something else, you can do that, too. You have more than enough space to bring into fruition an eye-catchy design that will help spread your services out and capture the attention of more potential clients. Make it yours now, it is just a click away.

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Free Wedding Invitation Rack Card

free-wedding invitation rack card
Even when it comes to weddings and other marriage-related events, you can use a rack card to invite folks, too. Here is a mockup that you will find very appealing to the eye – everyone will! And when coming up with the design for a wedding invitation rack card, you now do not need to make all the work from scratch. Instead, download this free mockup now and put on display both the front and the back design of a card. Thanks to the fully layered PSD file, making edits to the default settings will be kids’ stuff. After all, you only need to slide in your design via the smart objects and your job is done.

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Free Yoga Event Rack Card PSD Mockup

yoga event rack card psd mockup
To get more eyeballs on the upcoming event, make sure you do the promotion the right way. One of the mediums that will help spread the word out is a rack card. It is a simple solution that can share all about the upcoming event, even the price, and boost your potential through the roof. With a simple to use rack card mockup that costs you nothing, you can now realize a photo-realistic presentation in a breeze. Use the mockup with Photoshop and style it according to your taste to the very last detail.

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Free Rack Card Stand Mockup

free rack card stand mockup
You want to make sure as many folks see your rack card as possible. That said, one of the best ways to put an extra shine on it is by employing a stand that you can use just about anywhere you want. If you would like to see how your card design would actually look in real-life surroundings, this is the free mockup that does the trick. Instead of going straight to realizing your rack card design, first, see its life-like version by employing a mockup. This will give you a better understanding of whether the message is clear enough or the design needs additional tweaking.

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Yoga Business Card Template

yoga business card template
If you are about to open a new yoga studio, you better give away as many rack cards as possible. Spread the word out and get the hype going strong before the opening day. With the design all set and ready to go, do yourself a favor and download this mockup first. Once you upload the layered PSD file to Photoshop, you can attach your design via the smart object layer and see it appear on the card immediately. You can test both the front and the back design and see your card’s photo-realistic version without actually printing it.

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