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Ultimate Checklist on How to Promote Businesses on Social Media

No one would argue that social media plays a crucial role in the effective promotion of businesses in the 21st century. Users spend most of their time hanging out online, checking out the news feed. Social media is not only about fun things. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook are getting more business-oriented. With this in mind, businesses apply more effort to the promotion through social media channels, experimenting with different forms and techniques to keep their audience engaged. 

If you are also interested in the effective promotion of your business in social media, then the following checklist will come in handy. Below, we have listed not only tips and recommendations but also examples of good and bad social media profiles and a list of social media templates that will help you achieve the needed results as soon as possible. 

Social Media Promotion Tips

#1 Analyze

There are many social media platforms that you can choose to run social media campaigns and share your content. However, before you decide what platform will be the most beneficial to your brand, you need to consider what platforms your target audience uses and which ones be the most effective way to connect with potential clients. 

When we are talking about the promotion of a personal brand, a creative project, or a company that delivers services to buyers, it’s better to opt for those social media platforms that provide broader visualization capabilities. This includes Instagram and Facebook. They include advanced targeting capabilities, which grow the chances that the right groups will see your content of people. 

If you are looking for a social media platform suited for business promotion, then LinkedIn will handle this job perfectly well. This is where millions of businesses are presented. This is also the platform to which people refer when they need to research and determine what brand will bring them the maximum value in their area. 

If your online marketing campaign is mainly focused on the promotion through video content, then YouTube will be the right choice for you. 

#2 Fill Out the Bio Section in Your Profile 

The Bio section (on Instagram) or the About tab (on Facebook and other plartforms) should be filled with information about your company. This is a simple tip that many businesses neglect. However, most of the customers who come across your social media page will check the information that you share on the About page. If it’s empty, people may start wondering about the credibility of your company. 

The About section includes space to share a short description, links to your official website and other social media profiles, hashtags, and contact details. The number of details that you can share in the respective section depends on the social media platform that you choose for this purpose. For example, Instagram lets the limit of characters in the bio section to 150. Facebook lets you write more in the About field. 

#3 Add Your Branded Hashtags

One of the biggest advantages of using social media for business promotion is the possibility to coin and share hashtags. You can use hashtags in the descriptions to your posts, in comments, as well as Bio. Hashtags can be branded. You can also create unique hashtags for contests and other events that are held on your page. With the help of hashtags, you can make your content more findable, and your brand – more noticeable.

#4 Create a Calendar of Social Media Publications

If you want to share high-quality content with your audience, then a calendar of publications is right what you need to achieve the maximum efficiency on your page. A lack of organization can lead to low-quality content and mistakes that people will notice for sure. A calendar will help you avoid mistakes and create compelling social media posts that will meet your goals. 

To create a content calendar, you may use a regular schedule for every social media channel. Google Calendar can also be useful for this purpose. You may also use Google Sheets, if you like. Add as many details to the calendar as you can. Attach images, hashtags, text, and other details. 

#5 Write Posts That Convert

 To get your content noticed and make it convert, follow these easy steps that will help you boost your customers’ engagement. 

  • Keep it simple. Replace long words with shorter synonyms that we use every day. You may use apps like Grammarly or Hemingway app to become a better writer immediately. 
  • Write with the user in mind. Remember that you write for people, not machines. 
  • Avoid the jargon. Using the jargon and professional words in your social media posts make it more difficult for the human brain to understand your message. Companies made a big mistake while hiding behind these terms every day. Write in simpler words, and you will be followed. 
  • Don’t write too long posts. Keep your text to the point. 
  • Include effective CTAs. Calls-to-action are part of the flow and should be present in your posts. If there are no CTAs, then what should a customer do after reading your piece?  

#6 Track User Engagement

You do not need to pay for any third-party software to track your social media posts’ performance. All popular social media channels include post performance details for business profiles. For example, here’s what you can check on Facebook. 

#7 Communicate with your audience in comments

Whenever a person comments on your social media post, take a moment to reply to the comment. Communicating with users in comments, you can show how much you really care about your followers. Being active in comments, you can also improve the reliability of your brand. A person may ask you a question and get quick answers about the things that he or she is interested in. On seeing this, fellow customers may feel confident that all issues will be resolved, even if they address to you in comments. 

#8 Engage the audience with contests or promos 

Setting up contests and promos is a quick and simple way to engage with your audience. If you are just starting this way, it’s recommended to run giveaways that have very little to do to enter. So, if you want the maximum number of users to roll in, try a user-generated contest where people need to enter a hashtag that specify your event. Using Sprout Social, you can monitor and respond to entries that appear below your promo post or contest. 

Do’s and Don’t 

With all that said, let’s take a look at the good and bad examples of business social media profiles. 

Nike has a stunning Instagram profile. It offers a perfectly balanced color scheme. The bio section focuses on their branded hashtag and an URL leading to their official web resource. 

Chobani is one more stunning example of the business Instagram profile done right. The brand sells products and uses their Instagram page to feature meals and recipes made with Chobani products. The custom visuals look stunning and create a perfect harmony on the page. 

Burger King Instagram page is fully dedicated to the promotion of special deals that the company releases. There is nothing horrible about, but the page could be more interactive. 

The worst thing that can happen to your business social media account is keeping it private. How can you promote your service or products if people cannot check your Instagram feed?

Social Media Templates for a Quick Start 

Malina Social Media Pack 20 Pattern Bundle

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Key features: 

  • 20 pattern pack
  • Instagram posts
  • Facebook posts
  • Pinterest posts
  • Free hand-drawn patterns

BUNDLE: ANIMATED Instagram Stories & Posts – So Female Social Media

If you want to engage your social media audience with animated content, then the following Animated Bundle is right what you need. This is a pack of animated visuals for Instagram stories and posts. Featuring pastel colors, the visuals look impressive. All files are fully editable in Photoshop CS6+.

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Key features:

  • Animated PSD files program requirements: Photoshop CS6 or higher.
  • A detailed PDF instruction is included 
  • All PSD files can also be used statically with older Photoshop versions.
  • 40 Photoshop files (CS6 or higher is required)

Lucia – Instagram Posts Social Media

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Using Lucia social media pack, you can update your Instagram feed with stunning animated posts. The fully editable visuals can be modified to match your brand ideally. The bundle includes ready-made posts that are suited for Thank You messages, Newsletter Sign-up, Promo notifications, and more. 

Key features:

  • Animated Instagram posts
  • Instagram feed visuals 
  • 20 minimalist items 
  • Fully editable Photoshop elements

Social Media Cover for Corporate Business

The pack features a collection of social media cover templates for Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The visuals come in different dimensions, letting you pick the most relevant dimension for your social media profile. The templates come in PSD files. All of them are high-resolution and fully editable. 

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Key features:

  • Facebook cover
  • Twitter cover
  • YouTube Channel Art Design
  • All files are in the PSD format

Kara Story & Feed Instagram Template Social Media

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The template features a bold and dynamic style, which makes it look different from the rest of the designs on this list. A fully editable layout of the template lets you modify colors, texts, and fonts according to your business or personal requirements. The templates are intended to be modified in Photoshop.

Key features: 

  • 24 PSD Files
  • Instagram Feed 12 (1080×1080)
  • Instagram Story 12 (1920×1080)
  • Adobe Photoshop CS6 – CC 2019
  • High resolution

P.S. launching a website integrated with social media options is essential for your business’s success. If your company still doesn’t have an official web resource, you can launch it code-free with the MotoCMS builder’s help. It’s easy-to-use even for beginners.


Social media is an integral part of any online business promotion strategy. Whatever kind of business you run – it should be present online to engage more customers. When done right, social media can not only bring you the desired boost of followers but also increase conversions and multiply your revenue. Using social media templates, you can set up an effective social media profile in no time, and start implementing the tips listed above.

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