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20+ Free News Website Templates To Share News As They Happen 2018

20+ Free News Website Templates To Share News As They Happen 2018

Growth in the online world not only influenced businesses, but it also changed the news and media industry. The way the contents are consumed is changed drastically. Important news are shared almost instantly as they happen.

Having a website for your news channel is not an option anymore, it is a must-have feature. Developing an app for your news channel may be a bit costlier than making a news website. But the latest website development helps the sites to load almost like an app with a mobile-friendly user interface. If you are on a tight budget, you can use these free news website templates to make an incredible news website.

HTML Free News Website Templates

The latest HTML free news website templates are easy to customize and to use. The templates mentioned in this list follows HTML5 framework. The HTML5 templates are designed to meet the latest website needs. It can effectively manage the website speed and also display the website elegantly in small screen mobile devices also. Following are the best free news website templates you can use for your website and can also use it as magazine website templates.


Webmag Free Template
If you are trying to create and establish a new news or online magazine type website, we have a set of tools here that will be of tremendous help. One of many free news website templates is WebMag. A fantastic web design that suits pretty much any niche and every industry. Not only that, but it also does not have any issues with covering multiple topics due to its clean and simple navigation. In the same simplistic way is also structured WebMag’s entire web design.

WebMag makes sure all your engaging content is placed right in front of your audience. They will have a blast skimming through, enjoying whatever you have to say. Just like the home page, single blog pages are also equipped with ad spots which you can utilize to place advertisements on your page and start monetizing your blog.

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newsbit free template
While the majority of free news website templates you find in this collection are more generic, we also have more niche related site canvases. However, before we continue, nearly any template can also be altered and used for something entirely different due to its flexibility and extendability. Indeed, Newsbit is no different. Out of the box, Newsbit is a cryptocurrency website template, ideal for all and everything about the coin market.

Newsbit has a professional and minimal boxed layout which works fluently with all devices. Since it is based on Bootstrap Framework, Newsbit is responsive and mobile ready, as well as cross-browser compatible and enriched with loads of features and assets. Download Newsbit now and with some work on your end, you can have a crypto news website up and running by the end of the day.

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megazine free template
For a more distinct approach to web design and the construction of your fresh website, here is Megazine. It is a free news website template which brings to the table originality and creativity. You sure do need both mixed with your talent and compelling content and you have a much higher chance of succeeding online. As far as your web presence goes, let Megazine do its magic and take care of it almost in full.

You can use Megazine as is or you can also add your personal touch to its by customizing different sections. Bear in mind, all our templates are insanely simple to use and edit for every user to get the most out of them. What’s more, Megazine and others are all mobile-ready and optimized for the highest performance imaginable. All your readers are amused in the same fashion thanks to Megazine and all its spectacular traits.

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force free template
Start your journey on the web strong with a free news website template that is reliable and user-friendly. While you already saw a bunch of such items, Force is another remarkable tool that will do you and your online project well. Regardless of what you are passionate about, Force will instantly alter to it and have your online presence up and ready to go live quickly. The sample content is all there, you just need to fill it with your details and start producing enviable articles that everyone will enjoy returning to.

Force comes with a banner that features text slider, basic navbar, widget-rich sidebar and footer and social media icons. It also has integrated newsletter subscription and contact forms for building your mailing lists and growing your brand. And once you scale your news website to a certain volume, you can also start to monetize it with the predefined ad placements, Force features.

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newspaper free template
You might be running a physical newspaper already, but you discovered it finally came the time to go online, too. Or you might want to start something new and rely solely on the world wide web. In both cases, Newspaper is the free news website template which you can profit from immensely. For the most part, the entire web design for your forthcoming page is predesigned for you. You will need to invest little time and energy to get things moving in the right direction for you.

Newspaper is a versatile and pliable template, powered by the well-liked Bootstrap. The technology gives Newspaper responsiveness what helps your website to adapt to all devices smoothly. Your readers can enjoy your page from their smartphones, on the go, or behind their desks on a laptop. In short, with Newspaper, it is a guarantee that your page’s performance will be unbeatable.

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viral free template
Everyone wants their content to go viral and see the success they always wanted to see. However, without hard work and dedication, nothing magical will ever happen. Do not rely on luck rather start creating something remarkable in the web space with the impressive Viral. This free news website template provides the amazing set of material and components you can employ for your web spaces and shine.

Viral is a very modern and sophisticated page template with a broad assortment of features that will help you stand out a mile. The tool comes furnished with both multi-level drop-down and mega menus for enhanced site navigability. Moreover, Viral supports all types of posts, features a newsletter subscription widget and even has ad spaces preset for you. There is also a cool addition of the quiz article which can help you engage and encourage your readers to participate.

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Predominantly, you see news pages run a boxed layout but it is not always the case. If you are in search of a wider layout with a full-width banner and slider, Quitelight is very likely the option you are after. Give yourself a chance to get familiar with Quitelight by heading over to its live preview page and see how much you can accomplish with it. This free news website template equips you with the needed to set yourself up a page regardless of the niche you operate in. Of course, if you would like to create a more generic news page, you can do that, too, with Quitelight.

Travel, beauty, music, food, fashion, lifestyle, you name it, all works with Quitelight seamlessly. Due to its straightforward and contemporary design, altering it to your project idea is a breeze. Quitelight also practices all the latest and greatest tech and web regulations for your convenience.

More info / Download Demo


techmag free template
Technology magazines or review pages or even a combination of both, that’s what’s up when it comes to TechMag. If gadgets, electronic devices, new product releases and all that comes along drives you forward, turn it into a business with TechMag. In a relatively short period, you can have your very own space on the web, attracting news-hungry readers. If that is something you are thinking about starting, this is the free news website template you will find of great use.

TechMag is a bundle full of goodies and impressive characteristics. It is also based on the powerful Twitter grid system and utilizes all other up-to-the-minute technologies. No doubt, your final creation will be a remarkable tech-based website with a fluid layout and full cross-browser compatibility. Not to mention, every page founded on TechMag will stand the test of time.

More info / Download Demo


Avision Free Template
It is a full-screen slider that welcomes every user if you use Avision free news website template. Push your most read articles or even use the slideshow for your latest pieces, just make sure it is enticing enough to grab their interest and spark the curiosity. With a well-thought-out execution, you can turn random visitors into loyal readers and slowly and steadily grow your website to entirely new traffic volumes which you can later monetize.

Avision is such a tool that works with numerous niches and even allows you to create a general news page. It has a sticky and transparent navigation and captures their emails with the integrated subscription widget. Mixed into the web design are also a working contact form, social media buttons, comments and feature-rich sidebar. If it resonates with you, think no more and use Avision now.

More info / Download Demo


Wordl Free Template
Although it is very clean and straightforward, World still has a ton of innovative touches to it. One thing is for sure, World creates an experience that does not overwhelm the reader with too much fancy stuff going on. Bear in mind, distracted visitors may leave your page early and that is certainly not something you want. World does things in a tasty way for everyone to be fond of your blooming news page.

Sliders, on scroll content loading, social media icons, back to top button, full-width slider, you name it, World gives you access to all of it. Navigation is done with a simple drop-down menu that sticks to the top once you start scrolling. If you would like to run a website that is a mixture of simplicity and modernity, World is the one you should look into.

More info / Download Demo


Magazine Free Template

Magazine is a professional looking news website template. The template follows modern design layout. It is a multi-page website template with all the necessary pages you need in a professional news website template.

Below the navigation bar itself, you get the flash news element. In this template, the flash news element is named as the latest news. The text moving speed is optimal and can be read easily. You also get a scroll-like effect on the latest post segment.

The design layout of the Magazine is designed intuitively. The content block effectively handles any type of news. This template also uses HTMl5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework.

More info / Download Demo


Magnews free template

Magnews is a flat style HTML free news website template. It is a flat style bootstrap compatible website template. This template follows the typical design aesthetics you required in a news website.

It is a multi-page website template. This template provides you a slider to show the hot trending news. Apart from the slider section you also get latest news and gallery section on the homepage.

In the sidebar, you have options like popular news and newsletter signup. You also have options to add advertising banners. The News Reporter template uses latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework.

More info / Download Demo


TheGazette free template

TheGazette is a modern looking news website template. It utilizes the full screen of the device with its full width design. The texts are neat and bold, so that it is easy to read news on the website.

The visual effects of this website template are neat and eye-catching. Below the news category section, flash news style element is placed; you can add breaking news here.

It is a multi-page website template. You have the option to embed your twitter account in a footer widget. The layout design is intuitive so that it can accommodate more content blocks easily. The hover effects are clean, and the carousel transition effects are smooth. It is mobile responsive and follows HTML5 framework.

More info / Download Demo

Sports News Portal

Sports News is a modern style news website template. It uses bright yellow color as the primary color of the website template. The color of the template easily demands one attention. It is a multi-page website template with all the necessary pages pre-designed for you.

This template uses subtle visual effects for hover effects and other transition effects. Sports News uses trendy layout style design. You get two carousels in the header section to make the template interactive. On the clean white background, the texts and post images are clearly visible and easy to read.

This template follows the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework. It is a lightweight theme that loads faster. It is also mobile responsive and can be viewed clearly on any device.

More info / Download Demo


TechNews is a simple looking news website template. The template follows simple three section layout style. You get a big carousel header to display the trending topics. The hover effects and other transition effects are minimalistic.

You get search option and page navigation bar. In the sidebars, you can place popular posts, categories, and tags. The footer section gives you the option to add Flickr feeds to the website and subscription form. This template is designed based on the tech news style, but it can also be used for other style news website.

More info / Download Demo


GoCrepe is a colorful multipurpose website template. It has the website layout style and web elements you need to create a news website. The boxed contents blocks can ahndle both the trexts and the images well. The hover effects, parallax scrolling and trendy icons makes this template a modern looking website template.

More info / Download Demo

Free News Website Template For WordPress

WordPress website templates are flexible and user-friendly than the HTML website template. In WordPress even if you have chosen a simple news website template, you can customize it. If you can’t customize the theme, you can change the existing theme easily.

Free news website templates for WordPress gives you plenty of option than in the HTML website template. In premium WordPress news website template, you get advanced options and more elegant themes. Following are the best free news website templates for WordPress.


newspaperx free news website template

NewspaperX is a premium feel free news website template. It is an ad optimized WordPress website template so that you can insert ads in your site easily. The top bar of the website shows the latest news; it is a clickable link so that users will be taken to the news article directly.

Each news article is neatly labeled in a dark blue badge for easy identification of its category. Each image content block is given ample space so that the website looks clean and easy to read.

The website template uses HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework. It is also mobile optimized, speed optimized and cross-browser compatible.

More info / Download Demo


palmas free news website template

Palmas is a full width news website template. It is a clean looking elegant website template. The use of clean white background, warm colors and dark colored text makes this theme a perfect fit multipurpose WordPress website template.

Since Palmas is a full-width website template, you have ample space for all contents and web elements. The header section contains big hero image, in the tabbed interface users can easily switch between tabs. Along with the image, post heading, date, and its category are also shown in the header image.

In the sidebar, you get the about widget, search options, and tags. Pagination at the end of each page helps the user to navigate through the pages easily.

More info / Download Demo

News Mag Lite

news mag lite free news website template

News Mag Lite is a free version of premium WordPress news website templates. There are benefits for using a lite version. You can use it easily because the developers made it well coded and the design is pixel perfect. You can get a premium feel website template in the free version itself.

In the free version, the customization options are limited. If you are using a freemium website template, always choose the theme that best fits your need in its default look. News Mag Lite is an ad optimized website template so that you can generate more income easily.

News Mag Lite is a clean looking website template with bright red color as the primary color. In the homepage, you can add the sections to your news site, so that the users can get an overview of the today’s news easily.

More info / Download Demo


intuition free news website template

Intuition is a clean news website template. With big carousel images and bold texts, the contents of the images are easy to read. It is a multi-page website template with all the necessary pages you might generally need in a website.

The hover effects and other transition effects are subtle and easy on the user’s eyes. On the footer section, you can add Flickr image widget and recent news. The developers designed this template basically as a personal website template. But the layout design and website elements fit the news website requirements.

This template uses HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework. It is a flexible website template; and users can easily customize it.

More info / Download Demo

Editorial Mag

editorial mag free news website template

Editorial mag is a premium feel free news website template. It is a professional looking WordPress theme with all the necessary news website element you need to make a professional looking website template.

This website template provides four types of homepage design layout options. Editorial mag is a colorful website template, for each tag one color is followed. The hover effects and other transition effects are clean.

At the top, you have carousel style hot news section. In the right sidebar recent post, tags and latest comment options. The sidebar also acts as a sticky bar up to certain point. This template follows HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework.

More info / Download

PT Magazine

pt magazine free news website template

PT Magazine is an up to date modern style news website template. This website template provides the trending news section in the header section itself. The transition effects are simple but manage to get people’s attention.

The creators designed the content blocks so well, and it can manage much news in different categories easily. The header section image is a slider image, and the user can move around the carousels easily to find the latest news.

The right sidebar gives you plenty of useful features. You can have a recent post, popular post, gallery and social follow icons in the sidebar. The texts are bold enough to read on any devices.

More info / Download


newslite free news website template

Newslite is a clean looking minimalistic WordPress news website template. It is a free version of a premium version. In the free version, you have only limited customization option and limited support from the theme author.

This theme follows a box type design layout. Within the given space the website manages to display the news neatly on the site. The transition effects and the hover effects are neat. It is a multi-page website template with drop down menu for easy navigation.

On the clean white background, the texts and the images are easy to read. In the sidebar, you get the option to add trending news, categories and advertising banners.

More info / Download

MagazineX Lite

magazinex lite free news website template

MagazineX Lite is also a freemium type WordPress news website template. In the lite version, you have limited customization and support options. For advanced features, you have to upgrade to the pro version.

This theme provides you two types of demo options and four different page layout options. You also get custom post type for the gallery, audio, and video posts. With big header image and bold text, you can easily mark your brand on the website.

With clean white background, the image and the texts look clean and easy to read. The theme provides you ample content box option to display any number of news easily on the website. This template follows HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework. The theme is easy to customize and to update.

More info / Download

What’s Your Choice

These are some of the best free news website templates you can make use of for your site. You can use HTML website template or WordPress template; the choice is yours. Since you have to manage more contents for news websites, it is wise to use WordPress template.

To get a better idea of the type of template you want to use for your template, feel free to check our other WordPress theme collection. What’s your favorite free news website template? Let us know in the comment section below.

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