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17 Astonishing Free Bootstrap 4 Portfolio Website Templates 2018

17 Astonishing Free Bootstrap 4 Portfolio Website Templates 2018

Share your creativity through the web with our fantastic free Bootstrap 4 portfolio website templates. In this day and age – the internet era – you are considered old-school if you do not have a website showcasing your work. That is the honest truth we all need to face with for the best results and to keep growing.

But do not think that putting together a professional site is a big deal or whatever. With a responsive and fully functional template, you can craft a page to promote yourself online in a short space of time. It is just a matter of picking the right product and you are closer than ever to launching a cutting-edge web design.

With our list of free portfolio templates built using Bootstrap 4 Framework, you are served with all the needed for your business. Designers, agencies, artists, developers, photographers and the like can build mind blowing websites with the tools listed below. No need to browse the entire web to find the perfect template.

Do it on your own, and you will spend hours and hours and, chances are, you still will not stumble across the perfect one. Meanwhile, do it our way, and you will find the needed tool quickly. And even if a certain template you find in our collection does not follow your requirements to a T, feel free to make small improvements and personalize it.

All our free Bootstrap 4 portfolio website templates are the best option for hammering out a solid web presence for your online project.

“The nature of a portfolio is that it is always a work in progress.”


For solo-entrepreneurs who want to launch a fun portfolio website, Glint template is the tool to take into consideration. All who plan to bring their works to the online space to attract more potential clients, you can do it easily and efficiently starting right about now. This free one-page Bootstrap portfolio template is perfect for every creative mind out there. Starting something new sounds almost intimidating, however, it is the first step which is the hardest. Once you complete it, all the rest feels easy and simple. In other words, download the template and start putting it to use. Avoid procrastination and have all the fun putting together the lovely page for your online project.

Glint template’s features are flat icons, responsive portfolio grid and hover effects to name a few. Images of your work appear in a beautiful full-screen pop up which allows you to state more information about the actual project with links. It gives you enough space to showcase the work and share the story behind it. The Contact Me form is included in the template so when ready, clients can start getting in touch with you. Are you willing to blast your creative business off into the online stratosphere?

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button open_new_tab=”true” color=”Accent-Color” size=”medium” url=”” text=”More info / Download”] Demo


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Ilene Berg

You should not be afraid to share your creativity with the world and let others aware of you. To get things going, Ilene Berg is a Bootstrap template to have you sorted with all there is you need for a top-notch online presence. For creative individuals, agencies and others who are interested in bringing their work online, start constructing now. No need to begin from the bottom, when there are functional and gorgeous tools ready for you to establish a fantastic page for your project. Even if still only just a hobby, doing the work for fun and educational purposes, start spreading the word early. Let people see how you are evolving and expanding at the same time.

Scrolling animations, original buttons, full-page image header and other cool elements come along with the Ilene Berg template. The best part? It is all free! Your page surely will not be feature deficient. Completely opposite. It will form a solid first impression and all the rest will appear in just the right arrangement. What to say, when done correctly, guests will build trust in you and start rushing contact you for you to cover their next big project.

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If you need a creative and innovative free portfolio website template which is, at the same time, a blog, too, you should further investigate Katt. Yes, you read that correct, a blog. Sure, it might not feel like it is one of those when you scroll up and down. However, after you begin clicking around, you will notice there is something special hiding within Katt. That is surely one original and contemporary free Bootstrap 4 portfolio website template which will impress you just as much as it will impress your visitors.

Creative individuals and professionals, Katt is here to take care of your artistic mind and help you realize your one-of-a-kind website portfolio/blog creation. For artists, designers and musicians, but more or less, bloggers of all niches, Katt is the perfect template. In general, it is for those who are interested in spreading the word about what they are experts of. Whoever is here to make his or her blog something special, your browsing and searching for the ideal template stops here. Go ahead and see the tool in action and you will immediately understand what I mean. And what is the best part of Katt? It does not cost you a dime.

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Photo Portfolio

photo free bootstrap 4 portfolio website template
Highly functional free HTML Bootstrap template with 4 fantastic predefined demos of which one is exclusive for the portfolio needs. It includes various inner pages which come very handy for a quick start of your online journey. You only need a few minutes and you will have the final design with all of your content ready to start driving in new guests. These will soon turn into clients and with them, your business will begin growing rapidly. Seems like a good plan, right? It can all be possible with Photo Portfolio template you find in the features and goodies stacked zip file.

Overall, there are more than 50 blocks available for you to use. Implement them in the exact order that feels right to you and construct an innovative layout. Individualize it and sooner rather than later an original design is ready for the business. Parallax effect, pricing tables, full-screen intro, video background and a ton more is what Photo Portfolio template supports.

Everyone who is not a designer nor a coder, picking up a free Bootstrap 4 portfolio website template from this list is the best option to go with. You save a ton of time and the page you build with the selected template will be flexible and modern.

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agency free bootstrap 4 portfolio website template
One-page website template for agencies and small businesses to bring in front of the online audience their services and expertness. It is Agency Bootstrap template which does its job with the clean and elegant layout which follows the rule of simplicity first, all the rest follows. For those who do not want too much stuff going on on their website, it is a template perfectly suited for your needs. Without the clutter and other fancy stuff, Agency template goes straight to the point. Grab the attention quickly with a full width image and call-to-action above the fold. Depending on the arrangement of different sections, services, portfolio and the about us segments are beautifully displayed in the timeline.

Images of the portfolio open in a clean popup with more details about the project. Whether you are a one-man-army or a group of creatives, you should not be missing a quick introduction of everyone involved. Link each profile with social media accounts for the interested ones to learn even more. Included is also a working PHP contact form with validation. Agency is a free Bootstrap 4 portfolio website template for the fastest page launches you have ever witnessed in your lives.

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Stylish Portfolio

stylish free bootstrap 4 portfolio website template
You know your site will look voguish with Stylish Portfolio free single page Bootstrap template. The name reveals it all. A stunning full page background image takes guests’ breaths away and makes them intrigued. With vertically centered content and a call to action, your website will take each guest on an adventure through your creative mind. By clicking on the “Find Out More” button (or whatever you want to call it), the journey starts with the services section. Here visitors get familiar with what you are offering and how they can benefit from you.

Following is a wide banner which warms everyone up for the tempting portfolio image grid. Surprise them with high-res photos of the fantastic work you completed. Along the way, call to action sections are strategically placed to increase the lead generation potential of your page. Impossible to go by without clicking.

Footer section has an integrated Google Maps section with contact details and social icons. From start to finish, everyone will enjoy smooth page scrolling which uses jQuery. An overall experience will be a pleasant one which will help you grow your business at a fast pace. It should not pass much time between downloading Stylish Portfolio free template and turning it into a nifty website.

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grayscale free bootstrap 4 portfolio website template
Some like to have things white and colorful while the others are all about gray and dark designs. Grayscale is a free Bootstrap 4 portfolio template which we added to the list for all who fall in the latter bucket. It is a multipurpose tool with which you can have a page ready shortly. Not only shortly but the final product you will put together will look professional. Just like it would look if constructed by someone with years of experience in coding and design. Indeed, you do not have to have prior skills in this field and still be able to achieve astonishing results.

Grayscale features LESS files, smooth scrolling animations and a custom outline button amongst many other cool goodies. One worth mentioning is the Google Maps integration with a custom skin. Not only that, the PNG map marker is easily modifiable to make it even more original. It is all in the details especially when it comes to creatives.

The template comes packed with all the needed files which allow you for easy customization. Start putting Grayscale into action and let it bring your online project in front of a wider crowd. With an exquisite site, you will soon get new fans and clients.

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Engage Lite

engage free bootstrap 4 portfolio website template
Engage Lite is the free version of the premium template which is based on Bootstrap 4 and HTML5. The product is well organized what makes it easy to customize and make improvements to it. It is a multi-purpose template which you can use for portfolio websites both for personal and business use. Absolutely perfect for the novice who would like to launch a website and let the business flourish successfully. With little to no work, you have the web design ready for the release. Sure, you need to add all the information, images and other content. However, you do not have to worry about the central part of the technical work. Use it right out of the box.

With Engage Lite free Bootstrap template, your website follows SEO practices and help you gain the organic traffic. All the modern web necessities a site must have for great user experience and better rankings are included. Cross browser compatibility, too. Change colors, add your personal touch to it and forge a unique layout. No need to wait any longer, now is the right time for your online project to see the light. Become an expert page builder without experience. Turn the impossible into possible.

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Page One

page one free bootstrap 4 portfolio website template
Needless to say, Page One is a free one-page Bootstrap 4 portfolio template for every creative mind out there. It is beautiful and it is clean, focusing on your work and services. For a solid online presence, you need no other template if you dig the overall layout. Download the zip file and begin crushing the industry you are in soon after. Shift to the never-ending amount of traffic that you have access to by being present on the internet. Have a trendy website which you can maintain effortlessly. Since you need to spend zero money, we cannot speak about the return on investment. Still, the outcome will be a flexible and high-standards following website which will be a lit attention grabber.

Page One template is separated into different sections which are promoted with beautiful background images. For each chapter, you can choose a different image which can already act as its own portfolio. Speaking of the portfolio, integrated into the design is a multiple category gallery. While Page One template is ideal for photography, it welcomes other niches, too. Showcase your work and leave everyone open-mouthed. It will make them start to contact you using the Contact Us form that the template comes with.

More info / Download Demo


Fluid Gallery

fluid free bootstrap 4 portfolio website template
Responsive layout, built with mobile users in mind, Fluid Gallery is a free full-width Bootstrap photo grid template. It is all about photos and nothing else. Sure, you can add social icons to the footer so folks can get in touch with you. But it is the images what the template brings in front of amazing works hungry people’s eyes. Add your logo and introduce some adjustments, however, other than that, you can use Fluid Gallery as is for a great impact. Craft a unique portfolio website which is very straightforward with its design. Photographies have a cool hover effect with the name of the image and open in a pop-up.

It totally depends on what are your intentions with your web presence. It could be that your project is just a hobby which you want to share with the world. But if you have long-term plans with it, make sure you include your social media links to start taking new gigs and projects. Leverage the uniqueness of Fluid Gallery template and always be prepared for any challenge that you may come across. Read challenge as a new offer to work on a project that you would not receive without the distinctive page you just built.

More info / Download Demo


upper free bootstrap 4 portfolio website template
Upper is a free responsive Bootstrap portfolio template with quite some unique ingredients which you can take to your advantage. A template which uses modern technologies for extensibility and flexibility. The web design instantly adapts to any screen size, from smartphones and tablets to laptops and desktop computers. Big or small, no matter the size, the website you engineer for your project readjusts without fault.

A one-page template with horizontal sliding background pictures using Hero slider. Packed in the template are different styles of photo galleries to pick the one that meets your likings best. You can also do a mix if there is a need and have various sections, each for a different project. Guests get to the desired location from the top menu bard. For a quick info about the image, hover reveals the name and a few extra words about your work. Include as many pictures as you would like and have them all organized with the beauty and functionality of the grid galleries.

The About Us has its own section and so does the Contact. The latter is equipped with both a form and Google Maps. There you go, for a simple and basic page, Upper template is an excellent choice.

More info / Download Demo


flat free bootstrap 4 portfolio website template
To construct a one-of-a-kind portfolio with simple and effective design, Flat free Bootstrap 4 template is the tool you need. It gives the website a distinct look which will have a positive effect and will create a fantastic first impression. The template uses Hero Slider which creates awesome left and right transition effects. Blended with the animations, these transitions appear stunningly and may even have visitors stay on your page longer. It makes it fun jumping from page to page, checking out different sections and the amazing work.

Flat template is mobile friendly and supports custom background images for each page. A special section is ready to play a full-page video which looks spectacular. Photo gallery in combination with video(s) will win over your visitors and turn them into clients. Add extra information about yourself, tell a story, and they will already be contacting you using the ready-to-use contact form. Forging a supreme online portfolio website will be a breeze. But it is the simplicity and just the right amount of effects what takes your project to an entirely different level design-wise. At the end of the day, it is all in the quality of your work.

More info / Download Demo


lumino free bootstrap 4 portfolio website template
Clean, minimal and lightweight free Bootstrap 4 one-page template, Lumino is an item exclusive to online portfolios. For creatives, artists, individuals and agencies in all niches, here is the perfect option to quickly and efficiently create a website. In close to no time, you can have a working page ready to impress visitors and convert them into customers. Easy to use and simple to modify, make sure you play around with it and individualize it and tailor the template to your needs and requirements.

With Lumino template, you get two pages for more options, contact form, and a cool grid photo gallery. Show your work, amaze guests and reach the highest potential. This superb free portfolio template contains one, two and three columns along with tables. In total, there is just the right amount of features for a sophisticated online portfolio creation.

It all comes to your personal preferences, as well as your business needs. Not only that, people have different requirements when it comes to how they want to display their work in the online world. Some like the look as basic and minimal as possible while the other like to add effects and animations to it. Pick your favorite and start building now.

More info / Download Demo


elevate free bootstrap 4 portfolio website template
In an extraordinary turnaround, Elevate template helps you go from an idea to realization of your project. The cleanest and simplest free Bootstrap 4 portfolio website template with which you can still achieve fantastic results. White and lightweight layout for great user experience and fast loading speeds. The latter is especially important for everyone accessing your website from their smartphones. Make sure you do not lose potential customers due to your website not loading properly. That will never happen with Elevate template. Raise your potential with Elevate template and piece together a rudimentary web portfolio with all the quintessential features.

Even if you are still a student or already a freelancer doing big projects, Elevate template is a great option for both. One page with all the necessary elements to introduce yourself, display your work in a gallery and allow everyone to get in touch right away. To not have the whole site static, you can have some moving going on in form of a slider.

Depending on how you operate, “never overlook the power of simplicity.” Let your experience and work speak for you and reward you with new opportunities. It is closer than ever for the big things to happen.

More info / Download Demo


sigma free bootstrap 4 portfolio website template
Sigma is a free Bootstrap 4 portfolio template which has a gorgeous metro-style image gallery for engineering a first-class online presence. It is flexible in the design what makes it instantly adapt to all gadgets visitors use to for browsing. It adjusts fluidly and still ensures killer UX even on smaller screen sizes. Hint: those retina displays will make your images shine. The template is easy to modify with responsive lightbox and multiple content columns. There are many variations you have to make your website stand out. A one-page layout with top navigation which smoothly takes you to the desired sector.

Parallax effect spices things up a little bit for an extra touch of creativity. Pictures in the gallery open in a fabulous popup which will luxuriate your guests. Add image title and more info to get everyone familiar with your work. For freelancers and small businesses, Sigma free portfolio template is jammed with the needed features and elements. In the footer, readers will find a contact form and more information how they can get in touch with you. Moreover, at the very bottom of the template is also the back to top button. No need to scroll all the way to the top anymore.

More info / Download Demo

Basic Lite

basic free bootstrap 4 portfolio website template
Multi-functional free Bootstrap 4 portfolio template for all sorts of businesses which are in need of awesome online presence. Speaking of which, a portfolio is a must-have to promote your work for others to see how you roll. Let those pictures be of the highest quality, detailed-focused. Before they get in touch with you to do business with, it is the images and the descriptions what should be as compelling as possible. With Basic Lite free portfolio template, you can accomplish the mentioned with ease.

Basic Lite is coded and organized in an easily manageable way for everyone to handle it without undergoing any headaches. Even for everyone new to the websites crafting game, the template can also be a wonderful starting point. Create a clean and contemporary page for your project. Attaining desired goals with Basic Lite will be as easy as ABC. The web design is rich in features and comes with the needed documentation for making things happen efficiently. Kick off your online project in style with an ultimate online portfolio website. Animations, smooth scroll, Ajax contact form and a dynamic navigation bar are some of the goodies you are treated with when picking Basic Lite for your page. Take things into your hands and deploy an advanced layout.

More info / Download Demo


bell free bootstrap 4 portfolio website template
Free one-page Bootstrap 4 template for creating cutting-edge portfolios, Bell is here to take care of all of your needs. Above the fold is a large full-page image with text and call to action which pre-sells the guest. A big image of your greatest or latest work can be featured here to showcase your striking work right off the bat. The CTA assist you with moving below the fold and start getting further acquainted with the company. Sticky menu with social media icons is always present for when you do not find yourself scrolling and need to go to the location at once.

Key features of Bell template are animations on scrolling, countdown timers, parallax blocks and it comes with SASS files. You can customize it and add different content to it easily, yet still accomplish putting together a professional website. Your custom online portfolio others will envy. Share your innovative ideas with the world and help businesses with completing extraordinary works. A neat web design blended with features and your craft; you will soon realize that only sky is the limit. Expand your project above and beyond and let all the rest become history.

More info / Download Demo


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