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18 Top Car & Automotive Website Templates 2018

18 Top Car & Automotive Website Templates 2018

For cars and everything related to the industry, these modern and convenient automotive website templates are the ideal option for you to go with. They range from car repair, car dealers, car rentals, auto classifieds and similar. On top of that, each template is entirely customizable to give you more freedom with the final design of your website. Make it follow your branding easily and reach even more of that loyal clients with a solid web presence.

All automotive website templates put an extra shine on your car services and vehicles. Your business will start growing and expanding beyond the expectation with very little work involved. By using a pre-made design, you do not have to be a coder or designer to bring about the much-needed website. It is all pretty much there, you only put it to work and turn the template into a functional website.

Setting up a website, even for a car industry, is way simpler than you may think. You do not have to complicate and spend enormous amounts of money on hiring someone or a team to do it for you. With the right set of predefined material, you only need to do some light editing and that might just be it. Building sites for your car businesses just became easy as pie. Don’t waste your time, choose from the list of the top automotive website templates and you are halfway there.

Car Dealer

Car Dealer is a resourceful, modern and responsive automotive HTML5 website template. Car Dealer takes the guesswork out of your automotive website design. With 10 awesome homepages, Car Dealer offers ample choice. Car Dealer’s code is fully customizable, for you to make it your own without breaking a sweat. Car Dealer includes beautiful Revolution Sliders to showcase your finest rides. Draw your audience’s attention exactly where you want it to go. Functional CSS3 MegaMenus structure your website and ease navigation.

Six different PHP forms let visitors get in touch with you. Provide quotes, receive feedback and organize automotive events. Over 50 HTML5 template pages furnish you with all sorts of handy pages. Not to mention a handful of blog templates, so you can build a following and talk to them. Get your car dealership or workshop off the ground, with Car Dealer!

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autos website template
Autos is a car dealer automotive website template that comes perfect for any website within the industry. It has a modern and smooth design with a full-width slider and lots of useful features. However, let’s begin with the home page. Autos has six predefined front page variations to speed up your page building process. Pick the one you dig the most (check live preview!) and start updating it accordingly. There is loads you can do with the template so do not feel limited.

Since Autos is a Bootstrap website template, your websites will be flexible and 100% mobile-friendly. The template is also retina ready and compatible with all the modern web browsers. Moreover, Autos comes with front-end submission forms and a total of nineteen HTML pages. Go ahead and start modifying the template to suit your needs precisely. For any assistance, free support is always ready and set to help you out.

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Auto Car

auto car website template
Are you in the car dealership business? Is car industry something what you are passionate about? Create a page for your business or update your existing one with Auto Car automotive website template. The design is clean and minimal what helps with your website’s overall user experience. The vehicles will beautifully appear on your website which visitors will enjoy browsing no matter the device they are on. Mobile, tablet and desktop users, all will enjoy your website through the roof.

Auto Car template is equipped with three home pages and 29 individual pages to cover every section of your website. Different car listings, services page, blog and two contact pages with a functional contact form. Google Maps is also integrated into the template so buyers can find you quicker. AOS animations, widgets, Font Awesome icons and a carousel slider, you get it all with Auto Car template.

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Autocare Press

autocare press website template
Auto mechanics and car repair service providers who need to construct a website, Autocare Press is more than an ideal template for you. Right off the bat, you get several ready-to-use first pages that you can freely use out of the box. For your information, there are well over twenty demos available. Of course, you will not have any issues editing the layout of choice with your logo, information and other whatnots. Customizing Autocare Press is easy and effortless.

To offer you even more amazing features, Autocare Press comes with Revolution Slider and Menuzord (responsive mega menu) at no extra cost. You just saved yourself more than $20. With Autocare Press, you can also build a personal page and start an online auto magazine. Smooth animations, parallax effect and over sixty shortcodes make Autocare Press an enticing template. Are you ready to put into the next gear?

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Car Zone

car zone website template
You will notice that all the automotive website templates we have in store for your are neat and elegant. Just like all the rest, Car Zone template follows all the modern web practices to turn your idea into a reality ASAP. The template is responsive and retina ready (isn’t it obvious?), cross-browser compatible and has a working contact form. Car Zone is best for mechanics, car washes, garages, painters and the like.

In the bundle, you get three tasty home pages, three landing pages, two service pages and a few additional components. Speaking of the extras, they cover projects, shop, blog and the necessary contact page. With all this pre-made content, you do not really have to be someone with years of site development skills. Car Zone is perfectly suitable for newbies but powerful enough for experienced coders.

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motorland website template
Motorland is a straightforward template for a wide range of automotive websites. To name a few, Motorland creates pages for car dealerships, car renting businesses and auto accessories shops. All elements and many great features are implemented into the template what calls for a very convenient tool. And that is exactly what Motorland template is, an automotive website template with an immeasurable amount of possibilities. Mix it with your creative mind and you can quickly and effectively adjust the looks however you fancy.

Simplicity gives Motorland template quite a luxurious look what will help you turn many visitors into clients. Everyone is intrigued by a car he or she digs displayed in an elegant way on a professional website. Reach Motorland’s full potential and you are on the right path to see new successes. It will not be hard achieving the goals you set for your business and reach them way quicker with a tempting website.

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autorx website template
Do you run a business that offers a variety of car services and would like to expand? You are missing a lot of clients if you are not present in the online space yet. Today is the day to make a change. Take the opportunity and freshen up your outdated website or create a new one with Autorx automotive website template. It comes ideal for car repair, maintenance and car wash services. Bear in mind, in the shortest amount of time, you can tailor the template to other businesses including car dealerships and car accessories online shops.

Autorx is a contemporary product that saves you time and money but keeps your professionalism intact. Google Fonts, Font Awesome icons, Google Maps, Owl Carousel and detailed documentation, Autorx delivers the essentials and many extra goodies. It is ready to be put to use and sort out your web presence.

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autowash website template
AutoWash is a car wash automotive website template but really, you can use it for almost any type of car service. The template is easily customizable to fit other business owners’ needs, too. AutoWash uses Bootstrap Framework what makes it responsive and simple to manage and maintain. Constructing a fresh website with AutoWash will be a breeze. There are two index pages ready for you to benefit from along with fourteen other pages.

The pixel perfect and mobile-ready design of AutoWash will look stunningly on any mobile device. Clean coding and SEO optimization help you reach more of the organic traffic. Get those who are in need of your service to find you first in the search engine of choice. AutoWash is also in tune with all the modern web browsers and gets your business up an running without delay.

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autochoice website template
Do you plan on starting a new project in the car industry? Or do you feel your current business is in need of a thorough redesign? Either way, get it sorted out with Autochoice template. It is a modern and powerful item that takes care of your web presence and drives your project to the new levels. Autochoice has a lot of fantastic features that will help you out with bringing about your perfect site. From eight home variations and several other inner HTML pages, quickstart is inevitable.

Autochoice has Slider Revolution to create eye-grabbing slideshows what visitors will see first thing. It is important to have something tempting pop up immediately when your page loads. It will be of interest to your guest what will make them curious to see what follows next. Car search form, testimonials, clean photo gallery and plenty other features decorate Autochoice template.

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autocare website template
Contemporary and to the point automotive website template with three different home pages for three different businesses. AutoCare is a neat tool that you can use for car wash, car dent and general car service businesses. All these three businesses are taken care of with the mentioned three home versions. However, you should notice that using AutoCare for other trades is possible, too. You can start a blog or sell car accessories online with the included shop pages. Plenty you can do with AutoCare.

To offer you more freedom, AutoCare has twelve header and six footer styles plus all the important pages to wrap up your entire website creation. Parallax and other animations, Slider Revolution and appointment and contact forms are all part of the deal. To help you out with the building process, in-depth documentation is what you get with AutoCare as well.

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impel website template
For the most part, all automotive website templates use “car” in their names but Impel is different. However, it is not only the name what distinguishes it from the alternatives. It is the great web design what truly makes it special. And we are here for the usefulness of the templates and not for their names, right? Indeed we are. But still, Impel sounds very opulent, don’t you think?

Impel is a very versatile car website template that caters to many users. Mechanics, car wash, painters and car dealers, you can all bring about a page with Impel. Start by choosing one of two available home page versions. Pre-made are also two headers and two footers along with all the super practical HTML5 pages. Shop and car compare pages, blog, it is all there, ready for you to take it to your advantage.

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Auto Plus

auto plus website template
Do not be old-school and not have an online presence for your car business. We are living in the mobile-first era, meaning, if you are not online, you are missing loads of business opportunities. The same goes for every other industry. It is just a matter of how smart the execution is. With Auto Plus automotive website template, the execution will be not smart but intelligent. Carefully designed websites, starting with five home pages, will take care of your clients on a pleasant journey. Share your services, make your business stand out and let them access you online directly.

So, of five homes, there is a great chance that you will find one that clearly fits your demands. Moreover, mix things up with the other 40+ HTML pages and you approach the site launch soon after. If you follow this method, choosing the ready-to-use material, you can engineer a website with Auto Plus template in a breeze.

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canggang website template
Auto mechanics and car repair service offering workshops, Canggang is the automotive website template you should look into. It covers many niches what makes it ready for almost any type of small business in the car industry. Canggang is optimized with newbies in mind but powerful enough to suit advanced coders, too. Responsive and retina display ready, browser compatible and Bootstrap Framework supported, Canggang follows all the modern web and tech practices.

With the full-width slider, you can push your exclusive services and special offers and offer them to contact you right away. Moreover, get in-depth with what you provide and tell potential clients why they should choose you. Canggang has clean transition effects, on scroll animations and an engaging overall web design. Create separate pages for your experts and start writing a blog, Canggang encourages you to do so.

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carbazar website template
Carbazar is an HTML5 automotive website template for car mechanics and other auto service based businesses. With the latest technologies and many practical and super handy features, the template fills your business with even more professional vibes. Bootstrap Framework and valid HTML5 and CSS3 make sure that the tool is adjustable and easy to customize. Not only that but Carbazar is also very user-friendly, so those who are new to creating sites can use it challenge-free.

Large slider with smooth transitions and call-to-action buttons is the biggest attention grabber of your page. At least when it comes to the first thing they see when they land on your page. In reality, it is your services what will make or break a deal and boost your small business. Having the right combination of cutting-edge website blended with what you offer to clients is key to success.

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Car Repair

car repair website template
With an up-to-date automotive website template like Car Repair is, you do not need to worry about your business page anymore. The template has all the quintessential parts and elements of a professional website for the car industry. From a compelling home page to about us section and several different services pages, these and many more is what you get with Car Repair. In addition, pricing and coupons page, blog and online store are also in this epic bundle. To get in touch with you directly, contact page has an integrated contact form and Google Maps for clients to find your location comfortably.

Car Repair’s source code is optimized for search engines what helps with getting ranked higher in Google, Bing and other popular search engines. At any time you feel support would come very helpful, the professionals behind Car Repair will help you out.

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Car Finder

car finder website template
Car enthusiasts will adore your website to the very last detail if you use Car Finder automotive website template. Make a page with the help of Car Finder and skyrocket your car dealership or reseller business. Before they come to your physical location, everyone enjoys checking out his or her favorite vehicles on the web. It is important to have big and high-quality images along with clearly readable information so everyone can get familiar with what you offer.

Car Finder has two home pages and is 100% mobile-friendly to work smoothly on smartphones and tablets. It readjusts to the screen resolution instantly for great UX. But it is the full-screen slider what will arouse everyone’s interest. Offer users a fantastic trip when searching for their dream car. Different widgets, like financing offer calculator, are ready to make your website even more functional.

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Rental Cars

rental cars website template
If you are renting cars, Rental Cars automotive website template is one that might just be the best option for you. It makes renting cars online quick and efficient. With the modern and elegant design, Rental Cars helps you persuade potential clients and turn them into loyal customers. It is your great services, awesome client interaction and, most importantly, your amazing vehicles and affordable prices what makes it impossible not to pick you over the competition.

Rental Cars is a web template based on Bootstrap Framework with custom HTML pages and an addition of thirteen PSD files. It is SEO optimized, compatible with modern browsers, mobile-ready and retina-friendly. You can also choose between seven color presets or customize the color manually. The template has all the essentials and many more extra goodies to sort out your car rental website in its entirety.

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craigs website template
Craigs (sounds super familiar, right?) is a directory website template for listings of all kinds. Does that mean we can call it an automotive website template as well? Indeed we can. Since it is a generic listing HTML template, you can easily use it with the car industry. Craigs uses the latest Bootstrap Framework what makes the template responsive, loading fast and easy to customize. It sports a super minimalistic look to make browsing through your car directory pain-free. Of course, Craigs is also fully optimized for search engines and delivers a terrific user experience to mobile, tablet and desktop users.

Since it is a directory template, Craigs comes with a working front end submission system. It is all there, you barely need to do anything else other than getting your users to sign up and start submitting their vehicles.

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carspot website template
CarSpot is a multi-purpose automotive website template for car dealers, classifieds and other car service websites. With six predefined demos and three color schemes, you have eighteen variations to choose from. Add all the additional HTML pages and the options are limitless. Not only that but perform different tweaks and you can create a custom-like website look without a hitch. If that is not enough for you, wait until you experience all CarSpot’s features.

Search engine optimization, mobile ready, extreme performance and totally customizable and easy to use, CarSpot template is for every user. Multiple header styles, mega menu for comfortable navigation, on scroll effects and animated statistics, it is all part of the CarSpot package. The layout is neat, the characteristics outstanding and the code of the highest standards, you are looking at a top-notch website for automotive websites. Get the most out of CarSpot by checking out the documentation and use it to its extent.

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