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24 Best Coming Soon HTML5 Website Templates For Maintenance and Under Construction Pages 2020

Man is a social animal, psychology tells us—and both history and reality mirror this notion at every turn. We live and breathe among our brethren, and not just because people like being around people, but because everyone is exponentially more effective when surrounded by other of like minds. Life itself is easier with others around us, and as societies grew larger, only then did they produce cultures that were more complex. In other words, the reason we have gotten as far as we have is essentially that there are enough of us pushing!

This incredible characteristic of mankind makes it so that success in a venture, besides any factors relevant to actual performance in said venture, often relies more on a social marketability, a word-of-mouth ubiquity rather than any strict advantage or superiority. And in business, like in life, the early bird gets the worm. So the key to a successful venture in these times is to be the first to let everyone know what it is you are doing, even before it Is actually available to the public! You have to hit the ground running to make it in the online world. The following collection of website templates have been selected for their brilliance as HTML5-powered coming soon page templates. Have a look.

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divi coming soon template
If you would like to start the traction going before time, you better build a coming soon page and announce the official launch day of your project. This also comes handy if you are in the process of refreshing your current web presence, making it rich with updates and other whatnot. Let everyone know that something big is coming. And with a coming soon page, you can actually do a lot, not just stuff it with a countdown timer.

Thanks to Divi and the amazing collection of features and functions, you can now hammer out such a page in a small breeze. First, you sure do not need to have any prior experience with crafting pages. And second, Divi has the majority of the work already done for you.

Have in mind, you can also add a newsletter form on your coming soon page and capture new leads for future email campaigns.

More info / Download Demo


jevelin coming soon template
Jevelin is a killer solution for building all kinds of pages, from the more advanced ones and all the way to simple coming soon websites. If the latter is what you are interested in at the moment, you better consider using Jevelin’s predefined demo. It is beautiful, clean and sports a split-screen appearance. On one side, you will find a countdown timer with a background and gradient effect which you can customize accordingly. And on the other side, there is place for additional text, social media icons and a newsletter subscription form. You can also add your logo and additional contact information if necessary.

Moreover, all of Jevelin’s layouts are entirely responsive and compatible with every modern web browsers. The tool also comes with WPBakery drag and drop page builder for quick edits and improvements. Get the hype going strong in advance and presell all your fans and potential users and customers with a banging coming soon site.

More info / Download Demo


imate coming soon website template
iMate is an exclusive web design for everything business-related. It is a striking, modern and sophisticated site canvas which will help you speed up the process of establishing an enticing website. However, if you would like to start on the web in advance, feel free to create a coming soon page in the meantime. For your information, iMate comes with a dedicated sample which you can put into play right away. In fact, you can even use it exactly as is and have it live in a snap of a finger. Whatever you do, the outcome will be excellent.

In the bundle, you will find all the layouts and elements for bringing into being a complete website. iMate is also optimized for fast loading speed and SEO, as well as GDPR compliance. And to simplify the entire process, the method of dragging and dropping replaces the dull programming work.

More info / Download Demo


Marshall is a simple and focused HTML template. It is an exceptional creation made to simplify webpage management. It is entirely documented and well-reviewed! Marshall specializes in high speed performance and adaptation. You will get it with multiple designs that exceed 40 variations. It also uses beautiful typography from well known Google Web Fonts and Font Awesome Icon. Marshall counts with more than 4 posting columns and a highly customizable layout. Thus, it adapts easily to all devices and screens as well as different browsers.

Marshall suits websites that aim for coming soon themes. Its versatile use makes it fit easily any kind of page no matter what topic. On top of that, you will not be alone: support and full documentation is provided. Marshall is extremely responsive to customizations. It is a Pixiefy design that adapts to screens and browsers immediately. Social media connection is done through widgets, especially for Instagram. Marshall is compatible with powerful Bootstrap framework and uses AJAX Contact Form. To get loyal customers you get MailChimp integration. This allows you to easily set a log-in, subscription or newsletter system. Get this great gadget with regular free updates right now. It has even been awarded! Get Marshall!

More info / Download Demo


ramio coming soon website template
Engage prospective clients even before launch by getting Ramio template. This coming soon website template comes with four color schemes and sixteen pre-made home variations. Choose what fits your concept best out of the box and have a web space up and ready to go live in a breeze. Moreover, Ramio features four awesome and animated sections with smooth transition effects to spice up the browsing experience.

Ramio looks appealing to the eye on a variety of devices, from smartphones and tables all the way to desktops. Due to its responsive layout, it instantly adapts to any screen, plus, it is compatible with various browsers as well. In the bundle, you get many valuable features, like AJAX contact forms, countdown timer, MailChimp integration and the rare split-screen layout. Besides, the included documentation will make modifying Ramio a whole lot simpler.

More info / Download Demo


saphir coming soon website template
SAPHIR is a stunning, modern and novel coming soon website template with amazing looks and fantastic performance. It comes in two different styles, text and countdown timer. Moreover, each of the styles additionally features ten different demos for you to choose from. From slideshow and YouTube video to map, constellation and liquid, these are some of the variations you can select to get the hype going strong early.

SAPHIR is based on Bootstrap what gives it the needed flexibility and mobile-readiness. You do not have to worry about whether or not your page will work on mobile, as well as desktop devices simultaneously. It simply will, period. Other stuff SAPHIR treats you to are contact and newsletter forms, free updates, social media icons and awesome transitions to name a few.

More info / Download Demo


pinak coming soon website template
Let your customers feel the anticipation for the next big thing. Make it something special before it even goes live and sparks their enthusiasm to take action beforehand so they do not miss the big day. Get PINAK template for your business and get everyone excited for more. It is a coming soon website template that will awaken your imagination with lots of features, elements and demos. PINAK comes with a full-screen one-page layout which is versatile enough to serve as a multi-purpose template. That said, you can use the tool for all sorts of different niches and industries.

PINAK has multifaceted assets such as active contact form, Google Maps, enticing background slideshows and countdown clock. It also supports both YouTube and HTML videos to be integrated into the web design for an added value. Besides, do not miss on the opportunity and benefit from PINAK’s ability to incorporate your favorite email marketing service with newsletter subscription form.

More info / Download Demo


enva coming soon website template
To express your creativity even before your official launch day, Enva might be the right coming soon website template for you. It is an impressive product which easily adapts to your business needs and helps you get rolling on the web as quickly as possible. Enva brings to the table two different styles of which each comes in a variety of different looks. Meaning, Enva ensures you get enough combinations to find exactly what you are after using the demo content only. Sure, you can do edits and improvements but are not required if the style works with you as is.

Customize countdown boxes as you wish and announce the drop day in style. Moreover, along with the front pages, Enva also has other inner sections for you to tell more about your brand. Not only that, but a contact page with a fully active contact form is also part of the deal so those interested in your products or services can get in touch right away.

More info / Download Demo


loop coming soon website template
Loop is a fun, cool and exciting coming soon website template that meets the needs of a modern web user. It comes in three different styles, default (solid color), image and video variation. On top of that, dark and light layouts are also at your service for enhanced out of the box possibilities. Whichever mixture of sample data you go with, feel free to perform additional adjustments and make Loop get your name out and get things moving beforehand.

With its mobile-first layout, Loop will always work seamlessly, regardless of the device (and platform) they use. Even when it comes to modern web browsers, Loop is in tune with all of them. Loop has special overlay sections for about, as well as contact, to tell the world a little extra about yourself. Of course, newsletter subscription box is there, too. Capture their emails so you can send out emails when the official launch takes place.

More info / Download Demo


fasty coming soon website template
The aesthetic is a decision, that’s what Fasty says. With its assistance, you are certainly guaranteed the right choice. Fasty is a fantastic coming soon website template with a 100% mobile-ready and cross-browser compatible layout that appeals to a wide variety of creatives. With twelve available demos, you can almost instantly decide what your look will be. There is more you can do about it but the main, hard work, that’s what Fasty already took care of.

Fasty features a full-screen background imagery and a touch-sensitive gallery for everyone to get a chance to push their portfolios and spark their curiosity. The tool is based on Bootstrap Framework with a clean and tidy HTML and humanly-structured CSS. That said, you will have no issue editing and enhancing the code and the final look of Fasty even if you are a beginner.

More info / Download Demo


wildon coming soon website template
Take your website to the next level with Wildon. At least when it comes to starting the hype and offering folks a quick pick at what’s coming. It is one of the best coming soon website templates you can find. Also, Wildon works with a fullscreen background, based on its highly adaptive and unique templates and layouts. Get a marvelous collection of demos, as well as slideshows and effects for your website’s enhancement.

Wildon has Bootstrap compatibility which allows you to showcase the content you would like to push on all devices smoothly. Wildon is also in tune with retina screens, web browsers and optimized for excellent performance. What’s more, you can modify all elements and incorporate custom ones into the layout for a more personalized feel. There is also a MailChimp subscription form with validation to start capturing their emails early on. You can easily define a picture into a thousand words with Wildon.

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blex coming soon website template
Blex is totally the ultimate coming soon template out there that will work with your project idea like a dream. While photography is its specialty, you can utilize this template for any purpose. Meaning, feel free to go as creative as you want and let Blex do the trick. Blex also makes sure that your website practices all the latest rules and regulations of the web. In other words, Blex guarantees that the experience will always be an impactful one.

You get the basic amenities like animations, Google Fonts, detailed documentation and countdown timer, but there’s more you gain access to aside from that. Experiment with the available demos and features and construct the right web space to announce the D day in style. Make things your way with Blex and get your coming soon page rolling.

More info / Download Demo


imbue coming soon website template
A professional website look is necessary regardless of the business’ nature. This is where you can depend on Imbue as a coming soon website template. It emanates a modern and sophisticated vibe to any website, perfect for letting your audience know that something hot is coming. Imbue seamlessly fits any device, whether you are using a desktop or your mobile phone. Of course, Imbue makes sure that your page appears with crystal clairty on retina screens as well.

With plentiful customization options to explore, you could absolutely uphold that creativity has no bounds upon using this template. Imbue has two color skins, twenty demos, content sections and animations that will match your needs. In addition, its core features revolve around anticipation so expect your users to feel thrilled before the big launch.

More info / Download Demo


huge coming soon website template
Go Huge or go home. This multi-purpose coming soon website template is completely stacked with great features and traits to suit your needs and requirements with ease. Before you read the next sentence, make sure you are sitting tight. Huge comes with a whopping 120 layouts, all amazing, sophisticated and professional. There are three main styles of Huge, coming soon, 404 error page and domain for sale. From more generic demos to niche-specific, Huge has it all.

Now you know why it is called the way it is.

Huge has a clean and search engine optimized code, contemporary web design, is mobile and retina-ready and improved for first-class performance. It allows you to go as creative as you would like to go since there are no limits. Bring out your artistic mind and use Huge so it best represents your project on the web.

More info / Download Demo


raga coming soon wordpress theme
For a full-blown tool that also includes a coming soon template, Raga is the one. This particular solution is for designers, photographers, filmmakers, agencies, freelancers and pretty much any and every creative individual out there. With twelve engaging home pages, Raga promises a quick start of your project’s online presence creation. For your information, with Raga, you will never need to touch code when doing the work. Even when it comes to customization, you make it happen with the method of dragging and dropping.

The design of Raga is 100% mobile-ready and cross-browser compatible, as well as SEO-friendly and fast loading. In short, the performance will always be top-notch, no matter the device and platform they use. With Raga, you can also start a blog, heck, even sell products online with the additional online shop pages. Make it pop with Raga and stand out a mile.

More info / Download Demo


somo coming soon wordpress theme
If you fancy dark design, you better take a peek at Somo. Once you start investigatign the demo page in great detail, there is no turning back. Get your hands on the tool now and you can start pushing the boundaries immediately after. The entire procedure from starting to finilazing a website for your creative venture will be swift. Without breaking a single drop of sweat, you can start making noise online like a pro – even if you are not! Somo’s integration of WPBakery ensures that you get the most out of it without writing code.

Other specialties of the tool include eleven home page demos, RTL support, fast loading, SEO-friendliness and useful side menu. Slider, scrolling animations, social media icons, sticky navigation and multiple additional inner pages are also at your disposal. With Somo, you boost your potential and get the hype going strong.

More info / Download Demo


kano coming soon wordpress theme
Eleven outstanding samples await you in the Kano bundle. Each demo is creative and original, giving you a chance to present yourself on the internet uniquely. With a predefined design, you can now start on the world wide web like a champ, even if you happen to be building your very first page. Also, if you would not like to rush it, use Kano to create a coming soon page first and go from there. Once you start the process, you will immediately notice how simple it is.

Kano will never ask you for coding knowledge.

There’s more. Kano also sports very many inner page layouts, online store section and a blog, which you can use for content marketing. The tool practices all the latest trends and regulations, too, ensuring flexibility and browser compatibility.

More info / Download Demo


lana coming soon website template
It is always thrilling to see anything that is new and with Lana, you will never be disappointed. Lana is a nifty coming soon website template, a real charmer if you will, for portfolios, as well as businesses and agencies. It is built with a responsive and pliable web design, powered by Bootstrap. With seventeen background styles and forty predesigned home pages, you can come up with almost any type of design combination you would like.

The possibility is there, you only need to see it. Oh wait, with Lana, the majority of work has already been completed for you. While you can easily find the best look for your game out of the box, Lana still allows you to enhance it per your request. Lana also comes with a dedicated support that can address your concerns almost anytime. You can additionally expect new features to arrive with future updates, which will boost and upgrade the value of your page with time.

More info / Download Demo


directly coming soon website template
You just cannot be as more direct as you can be with the impressive Directly coming soon website template. To save you time and effort, Directly includes twenty demos for you to find a matching look quickly. From something more classic and simple to something more advanced and complex, the options are there, in the Directly kit. And yes, all the layouts Directly brings to the table are powered by Bootstrap, responsive and in tune with popular browsers.

Some of the cool and entertaining features of Directly are jquery countdown times, typewriter effect, CSS3 animations and splendid transitions. You can introduce a video, Google Maps, audio, a gallery, in fact, you can do almost anything with the powerful Directly. For the most part, the thing you would like to achieve with it is already polished and ready to use.

More info / Download Demo


waye coming soon website template
For crafting the ideal under construction or coming soon website, you better look into Waye. It is a contemporary, neatly designed and feature-packed website template with numerous (read 37) ready-to-use demos. Waye brings a lot of options and makes establishing the web space convenient and straightforward. Choose your style and start from there. Meaning, you can still do your individual tweaks and personify Waye however you see it fit your branding best.

More features come in form of six animated background effects, five content pages, two different menus and three columns. Is that it? No. Waye features custom logo section, counter, animated content changer, CSS3 animation effects and touch-friendly photo gallery. Introduce your project ahead of time uniquely and originally with the help from Waye. There is no need to wait, get things rolling early.

More info / Download Demo

Coming Soon 16

coming soon 16 website template
The long wait for a quality website design is over. Introducing Coming Soon 16, one of the most versatile template you will find. In other words, it is a coming soon website template with multiple concepts, unique designs and supreme elements. You will find Coming Soon 16 ideal for agencies, businesses, product launches and landing pages, too. Either use it as your maintenance page or your promotional page, it fits in both.

Coming Soon 16 is furnished with a ton of features and assets which will be of great help. What’s more, with thirteen pre-built demos, you can have a better idea what is possible with Coming Soon 16. A lot. Go with the scheme you are into the most and jump in with both feet. Coming Soon 16 also comes with MailChimp integration, active contact form, Google fonts and Font Awesome icons. Get your name out there and start building your brand ahead of time.

More info / Download Demo


light coming soon website template
Light is, expectedly, a lightweight and sophisticated coming soon website template. And it sure is! It is an HTML5 and responsive web design that alters to your needs and demands without breaking a single drop of sweat. You can use Light for both a coming soon page or an under construction page. While you are still present, telling the world that something big is about to happen, you have the time to finish and refine your work before you set it live.

In the kit, Light delivers twelve different styles. Image, solid color and video background are some of the looks that you get. Contact and subscription forms, web browser compatible, friendly support and comprehensive documentation are just a few of the characteristics of Light. Further investigate the item, see the live preview and be impressed before you go full-tilt.

More info / Download Demo


jonny coming soon website template
Jonny is a tool that is truly one-of-a-kind when it comes to landing pages for lead generation. However, the page canvas also specializes in helping you make coming soon pages. With a coming soon website template like Jonny, you get a lot of powerful options that can get you ahead of the competition. It has a professional and nifty web design with a customizable contact form and a countdown timer. You can also choose one from eleven pre-made layouts, all ready to use.

Twelve buttons and twelve colors give you 144 combinations for buttons to suit even the pickiest of tastes. Jonny also has a modal pop-up, a share button and a gallery plugin for images and videos. It is fully mobile-ready and user-friendly so the term “hassle” is out of the dictionary. There are even more features waiting for you to explore.

More info / Download Demo


stomp coming soon website template
Stomp might be a name of a song, but it is also a name of an advanced and up-to-the-minute coming soon website template. What is truly impressive about Stomp is the original typographic intro that will surely spark everyone’s interest and curiosity. It is a feature you do not really see other templates use. And this might just be one of the ways how you can differentiate yourself from the others and stand out from the crowd.

Another super cool features of Stomp is the fact that it allows you to try building your own coming soon page before committing in full.

Other goodies of Stomp are four predefined demos, smooth animations, counter, about section, contact page and newsletter subscription pop-up. There is pretty much everything that you need to craft that solid coming soon/maintenance page that you need.

More info / Download Demo

Colorlib Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode (Free Plugin)

More info / Download

This is our first list on which we have showcased the best HTML5 coming soon website templates. These templates might be tricky to setup and configure. We have a wide selection of coming soon and under construction themes for WordPress that you can find here. WordPress themes comes with Theme Options that are more user friendly than trying to look into HTML source code.

You might also consider WordPress maintenance plugins that you can use in combination with any WordPress theme. Here are some of the most popular WordPress plugins for that.


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