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Top 20 Professional Business Website Templates To Grow Your Business (HTML5, CSS3 & WordPress) 2017

Top 20 Professional Business Website Templates To Grow Your Business (HTML5, CSS3 & WordPress) 2017

What does the future hold? We all wonder, but truth is, reality is so fickle and unpredictable. Dozens of scholarly fields devote themselves to unsuccessfully predicting what is coming next.

This particular effect is more notorious each passing day. As the world grows more and more globalized and technologically reliant. The rate and speed at which the world evolves is such that it is hardly possible to keep up anymore. And, a coin flip is as decisive as the most intensive studies. The Internet, the real game changer bringing about this veritable revolution, is the most fickle tool of all: constantly and almost arbitrarily evolving in unexpected, unforeseen directions.

The interconnectedness the Internet affords mankind is unparalleled a tool in terms of effectiveness for business. And if you want to make it on the Internet, you must speak the language. This, for the coming decade, happens to be HTML5 frameworks and CSS3 stylesheets, for efficient coding, smooth animations and native responsiveness. The collection of website templates is constructed as a compilation of the most powerful HTML5/CSS3 Business Website Templates available. Whatever you are looking for, you will find it here.


Stash is a fresh and minimalistic WordPress theme. For all people to adapt to purposes with incredible customizations. A user friendly and built to make visual impact. It comes with malleable Visual Composer and +260 blocks that will mean no need of coding. Just drag, drop, customize and play! Also, it provides an awesome admin panel options, SEO optimization and beautiful dropdown menus. It also gives you access to Slider Revolution and Essential Grid plugins without cost! Are you looking to build a business or a personal site to showcase? It doesn’t matter because you will have +48 demo options of one-click install right at your disposal!

Make amazing scenes and display information with Google fonts and Font Awesome icons. Made for any scenario and crows if necessary! Furthermore,  it’s compatible with WPML and WooCommerce so you can add shops and translate texts. Go beyond your your everyday clients/readers and reach higher! You will find lots of documentation and an easy initial setting. Try any demo with a one-click install process! Take a peek and dare to go for something bold and edgy! Use Stash!

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Jevelin is a high quality multi-purpose WordPress theme. It’s consider because every kind of business or personal site can relate to it. With tons of demos and it responsive especially with mobiles. The two main reasons to choose it: On one hand it can be customizable on every aspect. Set widgets, fonts, colors, portfolio layouts and blogs. On the other, if you are lazy, you get incredible pre-built choices for most elements. Try settings headers, footers and sidebars!

A perfect way to get all visual appeal without losing freedom. It comes integrated with Slider Revolution to made amazing photo or videos slides! 40+ shortcodes and tons of custom widgets are also available. You will get a secure and easy payment system with WooCommerce. With attention to support on all ends. It offers on your end Contact Form 7 for you to reach to customers and social media sharing buttons. More visibility in searches of potential clients is provided by SEO. With one-click installation tool and quickly get set! Just use it and see! Use Jevelin!

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ZAP is a dynamic and interactive responsive HTML5/CSS3 responsive multipurpose website template. A spectacularly constructed website template. Packed with sufficiently powerful and flexible tools to seamlessly and effortlessly meet the requirements. With its huge amount of template pages, refined product page templates, functional. Pliable contact pages coming soon pages and much more! ZAP is a natural fit for a business website of any nature and type.

With its brazen visual style, its elegant and cutting edge Parallax animations, and smooth CSS3 transitions; ZAP can churn out professional, businesslike websites that are bound to capture new business and increase your current business by bedazzling your audience with the most amazing web technologies available right now. Furthermore, it’s also deeply intuitive. Meaning webmasters of any skill level can quickly produce the most impressive business websites. With full-fledged contact form functionality, subscription letters, stunning and sparkling sliders. not only that, it has a comprehensive menus that will guide your users as they explore your services and products. Upgrade your business game with ZAP, today!

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Pofo is a versatile HTML5 and CSS3 template practical for business owners. Anyone who needs a website of their company/brand will surely like it! Options for markets niche extend to 25 demos with their own homepage.

Pofo has a particular keen on visual effects and impact. It offers Parallax, video or image backgrounds and customizable headers/footers. If you are looking to give a special touch to your posts, Google Fonts and Themify will give you that. Pofo is great for creative areas and artistic people. All artists in need of a canvas to showcase and make a profit out of their work will appreciate it. This is a powerful and responsive tool with amazing third-party compatibilities. What’s more, this awesome tool lets you make awesome portfolio layouts, use 210+ pages, and play with 150+ elements! A large number of footers and headers are also available. Amazing blogs and sliders can also be added. Get pixel perfect quality for a smooth, lightweight and fast-loading performance.

Free updates and custom support are given, aside from the extensive documentation that is guaranteed to help during the entire installation process. User experience and comfort are at its best! Have a quick look! It’s all it takes to see its real worth! Look at Pofo!

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Porto is an efficiently coded HTML5/CSS3 website template. Profoundly successful and wildly popular HTML5. A full website template, powered by both a Bootstrap foundation. Furthermore, an extensive CSS3 styling, to be a malleable and all-inclusive website solution that is sturdy enough to easily meet the demands. But, a theme that is uniquely well outfitted for handling the needs of all sorts of professional business websites.

Regardless of your industry or field, if you are in the market for a brilliantly developed HTML5 template. Which is also capable of handling endlessly different: layouts, grids, header configurations, footer styles, handsome premium plugins. A plugins which includes the attractive Own Carousel and Nivo Slider plugins. Also, a responsive pricing guide tables, shop template pages and many more nifty features for business websites. A theme you are looking for! Twitter and Flickr feeds will spice up your website and keep your audience engaged across social media. While utter responsiveness will ensure maximum exposure of your business across all platforms. Porto is the full package!

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Foundry is a profoundly modern responsive HTML CSS3 multipurpose high performance website template. Uniquely constructed HTML5 full website template that has been created with the exclusive purpose of providing a full-scale all-inclusive website solution of the utmost quality and attention to detail. Furthermore, for deployment on websites that cater to a high quality, high performance audience.

That is why Foundry is ideal for use on professional business websites that deal in high-end products and services. With a high end clientele that is both demanding and also discerning, where anything but the best simply falls short of what is required. Foundry is built with the strict design ethic required for such applications, making it a uniquely specialized business template that is extremely customizable and easy to use as well as profoundly pliable and functional to no end. The simplified HTML5 Image Sliders will make crafting your own unique sophisticated visual elements for your website an easy, effortless matter, while inherent responsiveness ensures every potential customer on every device can easily access your website and enjoy it in its full visual glory. Ready to start cracking?

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Canvas is an easy to use and very intuitive at both webmaster and user levels. With convenient HTML5/CSS3 multipurpose corporate and commercial website template. With unique and mind boggling theme that packs a whopping 500 individual. Furthermore, different HTML5 template pages that cover every need you can imagine. And lastly, every need you can’t across a range of websites that is as vast as it is specific.

Notoriously divided in a series of (currently) 75 demo websites and counting. With growing numbers of niche demo websites that include fields like Magazine, Travel, Construction, Medical, Restaurant, Media Agency, Wedding Planning, and so many more! You are bound to find what you are looking for, regardless of the nature of your business. Even if there is no specific demo for your business interest, the general business demo websites will surely offer every function and feature a business can require to operate successfully online. With a wealth of business template pages that are handy and quickly customizable to match your business or corporate image. Ready to go somewhere new?

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Pivot is a modern and mobile friendly HTML5/CSS3 multipurpose website template. A truly outstanding website template that integrates the powerful HTML Page Builder. Deploying it to great effect as a block-based HTML5 page generator that simplifies the website building experience into essentially a drag and drop series of tasks as you pile up your website as you see fit.

A theme that’s easily fine-tuning layouts with just a couple of clicks. And also creating whole pages from templates and customizing them to your precise specifications in a matter of minutes. This theme accomplishes all this through its over 70 custom content blocks. Also incorporate functionalities as diverse as MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Instagram and Twitter API integration. As well as hardware-based advanced Parallax effects, sophisticated preconfigured color schemes, modern and polished video background capabilities and gorgeous Lightbox gallery effects. Built on Bootstrap, pivot is inherently responsive, and your content blocks will rearrange to fit any screen, device or platform and remain legible and beautiful. Turn around and see what you like, with pivot!

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LeadGen is a crafty HTML marketing multipurpose website template. A creative solution for webmasters in a ton of industries and fields. With LeadGen, you can put together innovative websites in a matter of minutes. Export and import from 32 diverse demo websites you can effortlessly deploy. With an awesome content layout builder, LeadGen lets you take charge. Your visual environment customization and branding is intuitive and effortless. Accessible option through advanced admin panel settings.

That’s why personal and professional webmasters love LeadGen. Its flexible design adapts well to any purpose and project. Optimized for marketing, LeadGen lets you speak to a massive online audience. Powerful SEO technology keeps your website well-ranked across the board. Integrated social media sharing platforms allow for custom social media presence. LeadGen is the ultimate tool to widen your net and increase your traffic overnight. Specialized for increased conversions, LeadGen turns traffic into revenue without breaking a sweat. Let LeadGen’s sleek coding lighten the load on your servers and expand your audience. With LeadGen at your side, only the sky will be the limit!

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Pillar is a technologically accomplished and navigational intuitive website template. A powerful website template that, is especially powerful when deployed as a template. While designed with the vast malleability required to craft an ample range of different websites. This is for the development and maintenance of professional, commercial or business websites of all kinds and sizes.

Equipped with a kit of tools, features and functions that are unparalleled in terms of convenience and time-saving capacity for webmasters of business websites. Useful template pages a business can benefit from is simply staggering. Also, customizing them to match your corporate identity or personal taste is a simple matter. Which requires hardly any coding skills whatsoever. Pillar’s Bootstrap coding foundation affords it the twofold power of legible at the code level. And thus, incredibly easy to modify to suit your intentions. As well as being inherently and utterly responsive. No customers will be out of the rain in terms of browser, device or platform compatibility. Pillar; for those who want things done intensely.

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Carna is a profoundly responsive HTML5/CSS3 multipurpose website template, a well developed and fast loading website template that is packed to the brim with an assorted, all-inclusive set of features, plugins, functions and tools that have been put together to provide the ultimate website building solution for webmasters of any skill level.

The best template out there for webmasters that want to easily create websites that are as gorgeous as they are clever and functionally sophisticated, and with the inclusion and integration of cutting edge elements such as the Slider Revolution plugin, the Master Slider plugin, the Cube Portfolio to show off your products and works and the amazingly useful Quform contact forms to reach out to your customers and vice versa, Carna is a truly spectacular hi-tech business template, capable of covering just about every need a modern business website may encounter, and of doing so while dressed in a smoothly  Parallax animated, customized style. The template for those who are dead serious about their online business. Are you?

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YAMEN is a bold and eloquent, sophisticatedly designed and carefully developed, visually refined and highly engaging, modern and interactive, technologically accomplished, extremely professional, serious and businesslike responsive HTML5/CSS3 professional business package website template, a highly specialized, polished and put together HTML template-based all-around business website solution that is uniquely well suited for handling all manners of professional, commercial or business websites of any nature, industry or inclination.

Built on a powerful HTML5 framework. A framework that empowers it to handle all sorts of content, media, dynamic events and hi-tech functionalities. YAMEN has been deliberately built to satisfy business needs, which is why It integrates such useful elements as MailChimp API integration, Twitter API integration and even Flickr and Instagram stream integration, with the Revolution Slider for gorgeous slider functionality and a ton of ready-made demos for all sorts of business applications so you can hit the ground running from day 1 upon installing YAMEN. YAMEN’s deep running convenience goes as far as offering assorted, well designed ready-to-use color styles, light & dark versions and wide & boxed layouts at the flick of a switch, with a convenient Bootstrap foundation that renders YAMEN websites inherently cross compatible with all sorts of devices, screen sizes and platforms. YAMEN, man!

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ABT is an unimaginably malleable, inherently beautiful and aesthetically conscious, professionally graphically designed and visually astonishing, superbly modern and creatively unparalleled HTML5/CSS3 creative multipurpose website template. Design with beauty as a central thematic design philosophy, and the results permeate every incarnation and iteration of ABT’s many custom demos, template pages and custom built shortcodes that can offer up just about any form of functionality you can think of, in the most aesthetically pleasant presentation possible.

As such, ABT is fully equipped for and prepared to deal with the demands of any kind and scale of business website in existence, and it can do so without losing a touch of glamour in the process. Businesses that are style conscious and visually centered can surely benefit from this powerful, flexible theme, decked out with over 215 diverse template pages that cover a myriad needs in a myriad styles, so you will always find one that is perfect for you, while still being incredibly easy and intuitive to customize, so that hardly any coding skills are necessary to produce interactive, smoothly animated, Parallax powered, Bootstrap responsive modern business websites. Doll up your online business presence with ABT, and watch your business grow in style!

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Tempo is a magnificently vast, incredibly expansive, deeply ambitious and hugely successful, enormously versatile, modern and agile, highly customizable and intuitive responsive HTML5 and CSS3 single page and multipage multipurpose website template. It is an outstanding template, inasmuch as it contains over 160 completely unique, preconfigured and customizable HTML5 template pages for the most diverse uses imaginable, with a wealth of different, functional and fleshed out demo websites decked out with full sets of useful, stylish pages including Contact, About, Coming Soon, Shop, Product, Portfolio, Blog and all the perks required to run a successful and thorough online business website, a faculty at which Tempo happens to excel.

It really is no wonder, given Tempo’s incredible proficiency in the technological department, with gorgeous multilevel Mega Menus, unique multilocation Contact Page, mobile friendly off-canvas main menu, beautiful infinitely scrolling effects, AJAX filters for your business or corporate blog, SEO optimization for your business to quickly climb the ranks, and so many more features they will make your head spin. Tempo is even equipped with functional eCommerce capacities, including full shop demo websites that you can simply set up and then fill out with your actual catalog, and watch your customers roll in. Tempo really is the ultimate business template.

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Ova is a deeply handsome, highly unique and personable, bold yet understated, attractive and visually soft-spoken, aesthetically minimalist and functionally resourceful, tech-savvy, modern and incredibly easy to use HTML5 and CSS3 responsive multipurpose website template, a highly intuitive and endlessly stylish template that is essentially a toolkit for the design and maintenance of fully functional, professional and businesslike websites with a polished, finished, cohesive visual identity that permeates every Ova website.

Ideal as a business website template. Strongly identifiable visual themes will surely heighten the impact of your brand upon your audience, your overall brand recognition, and the general level of returning traffic, which you can always convert into recurring business. An alluring designed template that makes full and expert use of powerful HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap technologies in order to offer a field of over 170 different.

Furthermore, with useful HTML5 template pages, including an excess of 20 different homepages, 20 different full demo versions, 35 different custom page examples, shop layouts, the beautiful Revolution Slider plugin, and extensive application of Bootstrap’s responsive code structure to create truly universally cross compatible websites that can attract business from users on all devices, platforms and screen sizes without complication or additional coding. How can you not love Ova?

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Do is an vibrantly clean and fresh-faced, visually well designed and aesthetically minimalist, highly secure and reliable, well-developed and carefully coded, thoughtfully and thoroughly composed, easy to use and highly intuitive, profoundly customizable and very resourceful HTML5 and CSS3 responsive business and corporate multipurpose website template, an extremely flexible and vastly powerful website template that has been built with the extensive and demanding needs of corporate interests in mind, but that is equally well suited for deployment across a range of assorted business website applications.

An extremely full package, out of the box approach, with four different homepage varieties that each include every single iteration of all the necessary pages required to run and operate a successful business or corporate website of any scale, size and industry imaginable. A very easy to customize to suit your business’ own corporate colors, visual identity, brands and logos, and is conveniently equipped with Dynamic Contact Forms and thorough documentation on top of a well annotated code, lending itself well for customization. Built on the latest and most advanced HTML5 framework, making use of the latest Bootstrap elements for utmost responsiveness and rich CSS3 dynamic markups for sophisticated, modern stylesheets. Just Do it!

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Hasta is a visually stunning, clean and fresh-faced, brilliant and dynamic, easily customizable and extremely malleable, tech-savvy and very well developed, highly reliable and engaging responsive HTML5 and CSS3 multipurpose website template. It is a unique and outstanding template that can easily be adjusted for just about any use, owing to its feature-rich nature that has been decked out with a wide set of custom-built widgets, tools, plugins and features that enable webmasters of any skill level to quickly and effortlessly churn out unique, impressive, creative and professional looking websites that are brimming with functionality.

That is why Hasta is a great fit as a business website template. Not only does it include ample technological capacities including HTML5-powered YouTube players, Flickr feeds, jQuery gMaps, the Master Slider and Owl Carousel plugins, it has over 30 different, unique layout styles for you to quickly build all sorts of webpages, the amazing Cube Portfolio plugin to show off your products and services in modern and impressive style, and a solid and reliable HTML5 framework that powers the entire template and every element, weaved together with sophisticated CSS3 styling, but also, its Bootstrap foundation makes the code both natively responsive across a host of devices as well as intuitively modifiable and easily legible to developers. What else could you want?

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Paqarriz is a dynamic and fresh-faced, clean and youthful, vibrant and deeply functional, cleverly coded and very well built, technologically sophisticated and extremely reliable, pliable and flexible, fast loading and efficient, modern and appealing responsive HTML5 and CSS3 multipurpose business website template, a unique and powerful website template that, while vastly strong and ductile enough to operate any range of assorted, diverse website archetypes, is ideally well suited for deploying on all kinds and sizes of business and commercial websites imaginable, from freelance professional businesses to firms and agencies.

If you need to draw in a massive, online audience and inform them of your products, services, pricing or location, or outright offer them your trade, Paqarriz is the template for you, packed with all the tools and template pages required to set up such a website out of the box, with no hassle or complications and with very intuitive yet profound customization options. Paqarriz is also fully equipped for high-resolution imagery out of the box, and its demos are all Retina ready, as well as the hundreds of custom Font Icons and assorted graphics conveniently packaged with Paqarriz. Take a leap with Paqarriz today, and soar to new, unknown heights!

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Awesome Ideas


Awesome Ideas is a brilliantly expressive, visually explosive, bold and brazen, charming and graphically high-impact, aesthetically sophisticated and technologically proficient, attractive and appealing, engaging and cutting edge responsive HTML5 and CSS3 multipurpose creative website template, a vastly adaptable and shapeshifting template that is essentially a wide-spanning toolkit for the modern webmaster to make bold, powerful statements through avant-garde, potently functional and flexible websites. That makes Awesome Ideas a fantastic fit for new, up and coming businesses and products looking for a website template that can truly make them stand out from the pack, generate a captive audience and draw out attention towards themselves and their products or services through the sheer effectiveness of visual and graphic website design.

Awesome Ideas has been developed using and HTML5 framework and advanced SASS CSS3 dynamic stylesheets, in combination with Gulp, NPM, and Yeoman Technologies integrated for a semi full stack website solution that is developer friendly and extremely customizable to a sophisticated degree. With that in mind, Awesome Ideas has been cleanly coded and extensively documented, furthering the capabilities for development. It is simply a clean, fast and reliable theme that lets your business be heard over the ruckus, with an indelible, unforgettable statement that will reflect in your sales in no time. Awesome!

More info / Download Demo



Haswell is a deeply minimalist, profoundly stylish, sophisticated and elegant, technologically proficient and highly image conscious, easily and intuitively customizable, extremely reliable and very well developed, thorough and expansive, timeless and powerful responsive HTML5 CSS3 multipurpose single and multipage website template. It is a wonderfully flexible template that was built with the explicit design commandment of producing a functional and potent website template capable of handling just about every need imaginable across a range of website archetypes, and capable of doing so while conserving an innate and refined sense of style that permeates every page of every Haswell website in a unique yet recognizable manner.

A theme great fit for business websites, particularly businesses that dabble in high end, high quality, high performance markets, segments and audiences. Constructed with the careful attention to detail required to provide the smooth sailing navigational experience expected of a top of the line, professionally designed high end website, with a seductive approach to visual composition that is memorable to users and helps in constructing a brand identity. With over 118 preconfigured template pages, so setting up your website will take only a few minutes, as you select your ideal templates, customize them to your liking and fill them out with your own business information. Can it get easier than Haswell?

More info / Download Demo



Jango is a highly unique, incredibly well coded, technologically proficient and thought out, visually stunning and sophisticated, highly pliable and easily malleable, easy to customize and very polished, adaptable and reliable responsive HTML5 and CSS3 multipurpose website template, a wonderfully useful and impressively vast toolkit of convenient plugins, features, template pages and functions that has been deliberately constructed to be an all-encompassing one-stop shop website solution for all manners of imaginable websites out there, but that is particularly powerful when deployed as a commercial or business website.

That is because Jango has been optimized for the seamless and speedy production of extremely professional, serious, put together and businesslike webpages through its hundreds of included preconfigured templates and layouts, all of which are readily modifiable with extreme ease, as Jango has been coded by developers, for developers, rendering it very editing friendly and adding to its pliability by seamlessly integrating with additional development for whatever needs or purposes your business may require. Jango is boundlessly expansible in that regard, and its Bootstrap foundation makes its coding both inherently responsive across all extant devices and platforms as well as modular, legible and even easier to develop upon. Take it to the next level, with Jango!

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Frontend web developer and web designer specialized in free and premium WordPress theme development. Started to learn to code 2 years ago and now I am familiar with CSS/HTML/JavaScript (jQuery) and PHP. Obsessed with application performance, user experience and simplicity.

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