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Today I decided to make a list of the best WordPress themes designed for job boards. These themes can be used for general job listing website as well as some niche sites like freelancer job listings and even job board for babysitters. These themes features frontend submission, location aware search, resume creators, visual builders and much more.

I have been involved in recruitment business for the past 5 years working for several international recruitment companies. My main duties were building and maintaining job portals and I know the tiniest aspects of this business. Job portal business is taken away large sites like Monster and LinkedIn but there are loads of niches where relatively sites are making decent living.

The main problem about small players is to keep the website up to date, error free and always add new functionality requested by users. This is incredibly hard if you are using custom built system and you have no idea how to write your own code. This is where WordPress comes into the game. You can use various plugins and themes and setup your job listing with ease and always keep it updated as theme and plugin developers releases updates. This is something you can’t done with custom built systems or it will cost fortune to do so.

Below you can find the best job board themes I was able to find. These theme share the same premium design and functionality and they are highly customizable to suit your needs. Most of these themes are created as dedicated job board themes but some of theme can be used for recruitment agency, business, directory, classified and other functional and creative websites.


jobify  WordPress theme
Jobify is a clean, modern flat design inspired WordPress theme designed for job boards. It features famous 5 minute install to get your site up and running in no time. It is fully customizable theme with unlimited color and font variations and plenty of other options to tweak your website. This is my favorite theme on this list and its incredible popularity shows that thousands of users agrees with me.

More info / Demo


Jobera - Job Portal Theme
Jobera is a powerful, feature-rich theme that lets you customize a wide variety of features from the comfort of your WordPress Dashboard. This theme is great for recruitment companies, job boards and any medium to large size company that usually have multiple open job listings. Jober works great as job board and resume database with frontend submission and editing. This theme integrates WP Job Manager which is among the best solutions to create job board using WordPress. Personally I love this theme and I recently created a job board and resume for recruitment agency and their business took off immediately thanks to clean design, simple interface and social network integration.

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Suburbs - recruitment agency theme
Suburbs is a responsive multi-purpose theme suitable for any business, agency, portfolio and blog websites. It is well suited for recruitment agency or company with several open positions. Suburbs is easy to customize through its amazing visual “Page Builder”: with this drag-and-drop feature you can structure the content on your pages without ever having to touch a line of code. Suburbs is not a dedicated job board theme but it gets the job done if you need theme which is great as business, portfolio and blog as well as job board. This theme has everything you will ever need for your recruitment agency.

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SpotFinder wordpress theme>
SpotFinder is a clean modern versatile directory WordPress theme that can be used for job boards, real estate, restaurants and bars. This theme packs 5 different layouts to setup directly listing website that you prefer. It packs full Google Maps integration, responsive layout, front-end submission, demo content, SEO and translation ready structure. We already mentioned this awesome directory listing theme when when we talked about real estate themes.

This Theme Is No Longer Available

Nine to Five

Nine to Five WordPress theme
Nine to Five is a clean, simple and powerful job listing theme that features over 50 customization options that allows you to create the job board website you have always wanted. The best thing is that you don’t need to learn new platform since it is based on pure WordPress. It is highly customizable theme and can be tweaked to support any currency, any payment options and much more. Additionally this theme has Google Maps integration, advanced sorting options, SEO and translation ready layout. This is the cleanest yet one of the most powerful job board theme.

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JobEngine is a clean, modern and highly customizable WordPress theme that combines powerful tools with a simple user experience. This theme packs s simple job management tools that allow to sort listings based on location, job type, category and other parameters. JobEngine is optimized for dozens of payment options and currencies to bring your listing website globally. The theme has plenty of other cool features that I haven’t seen on other themes and it is worth to see their demo to understand how well crafted it is.

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JobRoller is clean, elegant and sharp job board WordPress theme with feature-rich theme options and simple yet modern design. It is well crafted theme designed for job seekers and recruiters. Developers have done an incredible job to make this theme easy to setup and use thanks to one click installation and detailed documentation. This theme is well crafted for developers looking to expand functionality using WordPress Child Themes. JobRoller is an all around solution for jobs listing websites.

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Pricerr Theme

Pricerr WordPress theme is designed for microjob sites. The idea for this theme is borrowed from the widely popular Fiverr microjob website. It’s bacterially a Fiver clone built on top of WordPress for simplified user experience. Pricerr has everything you can expect from this kind of website like payment gateway, translation and SEO optimized structure and email templates and management. This theme can be tweaked for regular job listing sites but its main place is microjob listings or Fiverr clone

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EmployeePress is minimal and classic WordPress theme designed as job board. It has simple and easy to use interface and powerful theme options to tweak functionality. This theme is regularly updated and offers free updates and support for unlimited period of time.

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Job Board

Job Board
Job Board is a modern, clean and sharp WordPress theme designed and developed by Templatic. It has everything you expect in a fully functional job board like front-end submissions, automated payments, various page and email templates, Google Maps integration and dozens of other useful features. Additionally it has integration coupon system for special promotions and all these previously mentioned features can be changed via simple yet powerful theme options.

More info / Demo

JobPress [FREE]

jobpress - free theme
JobPress is a minimal WordPress job board theme designed for simplicity. There is no fancy theme options, customization options or anything else, however, it does what it says it does, and does it successfully. JobPress is an ideal theme for developers who are looking to start somewhere and this theme is the right choice and it’s free.

Demo Download

JobPress PRO

JobPress PRO
JobPress PRO theme packs dozens of features to make your own custom and professional job listing website. It is fully responsive and looks awesome on any device including tablets and smartphones. This theme has a built in payment gateway for easier transactions and advanced sorting algorithm for easier browsing through listings.

More info / Demo


JobJockey is an elegant, clean and sharp theme designed to create your own professional job board portal in minutes. It provides front-end listing submission, automated payment options and custom built search algorithm. JobJockey comes with a clean and easy to use theme options that allow to control every aspect of this theme.

More info / Demo


JobsHub theme
JobsHub is a clean, modern and responsive theme to turn WordPRess into a professional job listing site. This theme has a front-end resume and job listing submission system to grown your online business. This theme can be configured to use various payment options such as PayPal, Bank Transfer and Credit Card Payments. Every aspect of this theme can be customized via simple yet powerful web admin panel.

More info / Demo


WPJobBoard is a powerful and easy to use job board software designed to be compatible with most WordPress themes. This theme comes with default theme which already look stunning, however, you can modify it or use it with any other theme. It is highly customizable platform with various payment and listing options. WPJobBoard does everything what other themes does and much more.

More info / Demo

Project Theme

Project WordPress Theme
Project Bidding Theme is yet another clone by Sitemile and this time they have done an incredible job to clone Freelancer.com. It is job listing portal designed for freelancers. It can be customized to be used for various different purposes but the main thing is to add job listings, so freelancers can apply. Thanks to massive Freelancer.com popularity this is not the only clone out there but one of the best one I have seen.

More info / Demo


Jobapps is an elegant clean and professional job board built using grid system to make it fully responsive. This theme is suited for HR professionals, recruitment agencies, companies and niches’ hunters. This theme packs several features that we haven’t seen on other this kind of themes like featured slider, advertising modules and various home page layouts. Jobapps is optimized to be used with JobRoller which we mentioned earlier.

More info / Demo


babysitter theme
Babysitter is a clean, modern and fully responsive WordPress theme designed to create professional babysitter portal. It features fully functional and highly customizable job portal. This theme packs loads of features like unlimited color variations, shortcodes, demo content and outstanding support. This theme can be tweaked to be used for general job listing websites thanks to powerful theme options.
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Frontend web developer and web designer specialized in free and premium WordPress theme development. Started to learn to code in early 2013 and now I am familiar with CSS/HTML/JavaScript (jQuery). Obsessed with application performance, user experience and simplicity.

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    1. Aigars

      I haven’t tested all of these themes but my favorite theme on this list is Jobify because its design really stands out among other similar themes. It can be used as front-end submission theme as well as you can use it internally for your company. This theme has become standard in this niche and you can’t go wrong by choosing this theme.

      Themes are based on similar Job board platforms, so they are not that different from one and you won’t regret choosing any of them.

  1. Gary James

    Thanks for the post Aigar – some good choices. I was not even aware wordpress had employment agency themes and I use wordpress almost exclusively. I am doing a project for a staffing agency and they get job searches filtered to their local office from their home website and they want to have their own website for local searches. I like jobify from what I have seen, but I am not sure they would need functionality to add jobs from their website, but from the back end. Do you know if jobs can be posted through the dashboard and is the “Add Job” function something that can be hidden from the front page?

  2. Aigars


    Yes, you can use jobify theme only with backend submission. Just don’t create submission form for users because it is entirely optional to have it and you can live without it. You can always decide to open front end submission if/when your client decided to do so.

    Jobify is a great theme and your client will definitely love it!

  3. Francesco

    Thanks Aigars very well done.
    Please do you know if with any of these themes it is possible to limit the access to the CVs?
    I’m quite sure that in Europe you cannot show a CV on a public portal even with the authorisation; so I’m looking for a theme that permits to have a controlled access to the CVs (user/pswd)
    Thanks, Francesco

    1. Aigars


      Yes, it is possible to create CV database and limit access for public and create different permission levels for different users. In this collection there are two themes that does support this kind of functionality and those are Jobera and Jobify

      Unfortunately, this functionality is not there by default (themes are optmized to work without custom implementations once plugins is activated) and you will need to purchase additional add-on called Resume Manager. Which is add-on for WP Job Manager which is a free plugin and powers most of these themes. It is an amazing plugin and I highly recommend it.

      Let me know if you have any other questions related to WP Job Manager or Job board themes in general.

  4. Dan Walter

    Nice work Aigars. Much appreciated. Do any of these sites have the capability for anonymous reviews such as used on Glassdoor? Company reviews is what I’m most interested in… glassdoor.com

    1. Aigars

      Unfortunately, none of these themes has this functionality by default. The closest one is Pricerr which is more like Fiverr clone than a real job board.

      Personally, I would go with Jobera or Jobify and would hire some freelancer to integrate some review system which would be Schema compatible. Schema means that would see those star rating directly in Google search result pages.

    1. Aigars


      We are not behind this theme, so you should get in touch with its developer directly. Or if they don’t have any additional setup service you might look into freelancer.com or oDesk to find the right person that will do the job for you.

  5. mark

    I have an existing site and want to start a job board..cant decide between
    Jobera or jobify…but would rather integrate wpjobboard if its better…what is the most customizable choice. Jobify is fine but why does it work without the resume plugins?
    Is wpjobboard totally customizable for resume part and job posting part?
    Sorry i just want to pick most flexible and scalable one..pay for it..and get started.

    1. Aigars


      Both, Jobera or Jobify, are almost the same functionality-wise and both depends on WP Job Manager which means that all the functionality around resumes are job listings are there. WP Job Manager is currently the best WordPress based solution for job listings, resumes and everything around them.

      Both themes will get the same job done and it depends which theme design you prefer.

      1. mark

        Thanks Aigars!! I’ve read a lot about Jobroller and am starting to find it appealing, but it seems that WP Job Manager is beginning to be the go to plugin with it’s paid add ons. Plus I’ve been chatting with Mike Jolley, and he’s very responsive, so I”m on the fence as to JOBIFY or JOBROLLER. I’m leaning towards jobify because Mike seems very very supportive.

  6. Abby

    Are there any themes out there that offer a Workroom. I am interested in creating a site that allows users to use the site as a portal where they can exchange emails, files, etc and then get paid for jobs through it. Think Elance. Any WP Elance themes out there?

  7. vg19mold

    There is a new job board theme on Theme Forest called WPJobus. I would really like to know what is your opinion about it in comments section or maybe if you add it to this article.

  8. danhoat

    Hi Aigars,

    Thank for the article.
    I’m WordPress developer, Jobengine is my choice for my client. The design is simple, and support are awesome.
    I have not yet use Jobify so don’t have comment about it but I am impressed with its design.
    Thank again.

  9. Aigars


    JobEngine has this timeless design which never gets old and this is very important when building websites to last. Jobify, on the other hand, has modern flat design with large and clean graphics. This design trend might be here to stay but we can’t be sure about that. Also EngineThemes is specialized in creating directory style WordPress themes and I would trust them more when it comes to well written code. I am not saying that Astoundify is writing a bad code but EngineThemes have proven track records in this field and I would trust them more.

    I can recommend both of these themes to anyone looking to build job board, website for recruitment agency or both.

  10. Sterling

    Hi Aigars – I am trying to replicate Craigslist as best as I can for a local niche industry offering. I am interested in which job board you would recommend that would replicate Craigslist’s functionality the best. I am very much interested in the email relay function. Please help. Thanks!

    1. Aigars


      I would choose JobEngine for this purpose. It is a bit more advanced than Craigslist but not too complex to confuse your visitors either.

      None of the themes has built in email relay functionality and emails are handled by WordPress just like with any other regular template. However, this is not a problem and you can always use mandrillapp.com in combination with https://wordpress.org/plugins/wpmandrill/ which would provide advanced email handling with outstanding delivery rates.

  11. Steve

    Can you address the issue of populating the board from indeed, monster, careerbuilder, etc? I produce niche directories and would like to populate the job boards with specific jobs and allow job listing submissions in the niche site.

    1. Aigars


      Job board themes are not meant to do this automatically. But there are several awesome plugins that could help you with this. My favorite is WP Robot which was originally built to create spammy autoblogs and that’s how most people actually use it. However, it has option to republish content from other websites by taking their RSS feed. Monster, Indeed and Careerbuilder does provide RSS feeds that are well categorized, so you can use them to republish them on your website. Make sure that it is not against their TOS as you are actually stealing their content are redistributing and most website owners are not going to be OK with that.

  12. Aigars


    Unfortunately, there is no such theme that I am aware of and I have seen almost all available themes. However, this could be done by combining several plugin functionality. Some plugin such as “Ultimate WordPress Auction Plugin” could take care of bidding while s2member could take care of user management. This is just an idea and maybe you can come up with something else. It really depends how you want everything to function together.

  13. John R


    I’m looking to create a non-profit college career site that has the following functionality
    – Students create a private profile providing their backgrounds (school, grades, etc) and resume
    – Employers will post jobs but have the potential to screen for certain candidates based on college and GPA

    Which theme is best for creating a members-only site that is flexible in terms of profile development for students and allows employers to do targeted candidate searches based on customized criteria?

    Thank you

    1. Aigars


      Thank you for your comment!

      JobEngine and Jobify are the right themes to create user profiles/resumes and make them searchable for registered users only. You can also leave some basic information about candidates public and make employers to request more details if interested. Or even make this option available only for paid subscribers. These themes are really flexible and should get the job done for you.

  14. eveandadam

    Thank you for this article. I am looking for a theme that will enable me to add a paid membership option for job seekers to be able to view the complete job listing. I like the look of WP Job Board plugin but as far as I can tell the membership options are only for employers to list jobs, not for job seekers to view them.

    Something similar to this website: fruitpickingjobs.com.au (not my site).

    Are you aware if any of these themes will enable me to do this? I need the easiest option available :-)


    1. Aigars

      I have never tried to use this plugin that way but if it is not possible with this plugin you can always combine it with something that allows you to set “restriction” on any post, page or any other item on your website. I am talking about Restrict Content PRO: https://pippinsplugins.com/restrict-content-pro-premium-content-plugin/

      This will work with any of above listed themes even ones that doesn’t use WP Job Board plugin for job listing management.

      1. Sterling

        Hi again Aigars – What about ClassiPress from AppThemes for a solid template that is closest to Craigslist? I’m having issues trying to find a template that best mirrors CL or Indeed. My vision requires a similar look/feel. I’ve tried Templatic and EmployeePress, but they just don’t have this look. Also, do you know of any companies that may have already developed a “Craiglist” product from one of the templates?

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