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14 Code-Free Yoga And Meditation WordPress Themes

As you can see, in 2020, everything around website building becomes extra comfortable. No wonder, modern customers got used to it. Therefore, there is no matter what your business is about, it should definitely be prospect-oriented. In fact, these days, customers are kind of spoiled. They will prefer comfy services to popular ones. Seeing that, are you sure that you did your best? Maybe, it is time to improve your Yoga Website?

So, what should you start with, though? Without a doubt, it is all about being online! Nowadays, there is no chance to avoid this process. Any company, as well as any startup, requires a well-done and attractive website. That’s how people find out about your services in 2020. Gently speaking, you won’t survive on the market without it. That’s why I decided to make this post. Today, I’m about to show you how to run a stylish and lucrative website in a code-free way. As the name of the post promises, here are 15 WordPress themes to look for. They are perfect for retreats, meditation, and yoga websites. Are you ready to double your audience? In this case, let’s get started!

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Shanti Yoga

Shanti Yoga

When it comes to website building, any part of your project requires special attention. Don’t you think that it matters which business your website covers? It does not. In 2020, any company, as well as any startup, can’t stay on the market without a properly styled online project. So what should you start with?

All in all, all successful companies start with comfort. It means that your website should be as visitor friendly as possible. These days, prospects are even more spoiled than you may think. Even such small things as wrong web fonts can make them leave your page. So, here are a few features you will get in the pack of this yoga studio WordPress theme:

  • Shanti is a fully responsive product. Therefore, by choosing this WP theme, you get a modern website. It will be available to enter via any device no matter which screen size it comes with. All the elements of your website will be rendered mechanically to fit a visitor’s screen size.
  • Shanti is a cross-browser compatible theme. As a result, it works fast and looks awesome in any browser. Now, you can finally forget about this boring testing process.
  • To say more, this WordPress theme comes with customer-oriented navigation. People will immediately find whatever they are looking for.

And these are just to name a few! Don’t miss this groundbreaking Yoga WordPress theme!



Namaste - Yoga Studio Ready-to-use Minimal Elementor WordPress Theme

As you can see, Namaste is another premium Yoga WordPress theme. It comes with an inimitable, soft design. Same to all the worthy products, this sports theme is extremely user friendly. No coding skills needed! Just download the product and start designing your website right now. You won’t need special knowledge or anything like that. Namaste is a ready-to-use product which already contains all the must-haves. To say more, this calm WordPress theme is also easy to install. It has regular updates that will be installed automatically. Among the features of Namaste, you will find:

  • 4 unique layouts for your blog,
  • amazing drag-and-drop functionality that provides code-free website building,
  • WP Live Customizer so that you can see all performed changes in a real-time mode,
  • premium Cherry plugins, and much more.



Monstroid2 - Multipurpose Modular Elementor WordPress Theme

As you may know, Monstroid2 is a trendy leading WordPress theme. It comes for any business type and covers so many topics. This theme is 100% creator friendly and very easy in use. With it, you can design the desired online project in a matter of hours. When it comes to editing, simply use the built-in Elementor Page Builder. This is a modern and handy tool that allows styling a groundbreaking website with drag and drop feature. To put it briefly, Elementor provides a user with:

  • live/ real-time preview,
  • simple interface,
  • thoroughly designed element categories, etc.,
  • awesome speed,
  • modern premade customizable blocks, (templates)
  • lots of new UI elements,
  • pre-packed library to save your fav layouts,
  • and many Elementor-oriented plugins.

Without a doubt, by choosing Monstroid2, you can do your best in website building. All in all, it has so many cool features and eye-catching design elements!



TripSpot - Travel Elementor WordPress Theme

To make a long story short, TripSpot is a perfect theme designed for travel agencies. It will also be an excellent idea for running a travel blog or a tour operator website. I mean, when working with TripSpot, you can set up any website related to traveling. This theme comes with everything and anything you may need for such reasons. Thanks to it, you can enrich the website with many stylish elements and different informative blocks. Among the features of this responsive WordPress theme, you can see a marvelous Jet Wizard plugin. The addon will help you to install all the needed plugins. You will do it quickly and without trouble.

What else can you do? Lots of things, actually! For example, TripSpot lets you customize the website menus. Change the design according to your business needs or personal vision without any coding skills. You can change tabs layouts from vertical to horizontal, choose from a vast library of ready-to-use content blocks, and more!



Yoga WordPress Template

Although Bhakti comes with an eye-pleasing light design, this yoga WordPress theme was built with power. Same to the previous products, Bhakti allows its owner to create a unique website with drag and drop page builder. You can build new pages easily. There’s no need to touch a single line of code! You will have various ready-made modules and a library full of presets. Besides, this stunning yoga theme provides you with such must-have plugins as Cherry:

  • Team Members,
  • Testimonials,
  • Search,
  • Sidebars,
  • Popups,
  • Services,
  • Projects,
  • Posts,
  • TM Style Switcher.

By the way, you will also get all the high-quality images you can see in the theme’s demo. They are free for you! What else can you do with Bhakti? This theme also comes with multiple layouts options. You can choose from a large set of settings and experiment with the structure of the pages. Also, don’t forget that you can further the working process. To do it, just save your favorite layouts as new templates to the library. You can use them later as soon as you need another page.



Journeo - Travel Agency Elementor WordPress Theme

Journeo is another strikingly colored WordPress theme that was created for travel related online projects. This is an easy-to-use product that provides you with such ready-to-use pages as Homepage, Contact Us, Services, Blog, About Us, etc.

In addition, there are separate pages for your tours calles Tours and Single Tour. On the first hand, you can fill them with your content and manage the website immediately. On the other hand, you can create your own designs effortlessly.

Among the features of this WP theme, you can see the mobile-first design. This is another trendy feature to look for. How does it work? In a word, mobile-first design is a smart website building technology. It starts building your website with its smaller version. As a result, you will have your mobile website even before the desktop version is ready. Here is how you can attract the first prospects!



Oceanica - Hotel Booking WordPress Theme

To begin with, Oceanica is a brand-new WordPress theme, can be a good fit for your Retreat Website. This product has a wonderful responsive design and helpful room booking system. Basically, Oceanica was crafted to run websites related to hotel business, apartments, villa, vacation rental, etc.

Shortly, you can use this simple but powerful theme for any type of rental property related business. Oceanica comes with a cool Hotel Booking plugin that is a must-have for your deal. People can use it to book a room directly on the website. Needless to say, this function will automatically speed up your working process. To say more, it will also make your website more visitor friendly. So, when working with Oceanica theme, you can:

  • design a charming gallery of your accommodations,
  • turn on online reservation option,
  • and manage the booking.

You will quickly do it without technical help. As expected, it is also easy to control or change the reservations. They have very flexible settings so you can perform such actions as:

  • add rates,
  • change seasonal prices,
  • block rooms,
  • accept online and offline payments,
  • sell extra packages, and much more.



Greeny's - Healthy Fashion Elementor WordPress Theme

Greeny’s is an ideal WordPress theme for those users who want to get a good healthy fashion website. As always, there is no need to work with code. You will get everything ready made and pre-designed. Furthermore, Greeny’s is an absolutely SEO-ready theme that follows all recent requirements. In other words, it will help Google and other search engines to see your website. The engines will notice it among other online projects, thanks to the SEO-oriented design. With it, you will have better search results which will bring more people to your business website.

Among the other options of Greeny’s, there are:

  • ready-made pages for all occasions,
  • Elementor Page Builder,
  • mobile-first design,
  • JetElements plugin,
  • JetBlog plugin, and more!



Hiking Trips & Camping WordPress Theme

Would you like to manage a professional Yoga website related to outdoors activities? Therefore, don’t miss Pathter as the theme is just what the doctor ordered! It was designed for online projects related to hiking, trips, tours, camping, mountain biking, tourism, etc.

When it comes to the theme’s design, it is fully customizable. Moreover, Pathter comes with a large set of options for WP Customizer. It means that you can perform any changes to the website design with a familiar WP interface. Among the other theme’s features, there are:

  • responsive design,
  • Cherry plugins,
  • appointment booking,
  • visual editor,
  • and WPML-ready design.



Travellino - Travel Company Elementor WordPress Theme

Are you the one who can’t wait to run their trips related blog? In this case, Travellino is 100% worthy of your time and attention. Honestly speaking, this is one of the most powerful and feature-rich WP themes made for your topic. Needless to say, Travellino also has all the elements needed for a travel agency related website. Here are a few options you get when choosing Travellino for your future website:

  • Search Engines Optimization,
  • premium WordPress plugins,
  • eye-friendly web typography,
  • adaptive design,
  • extra widgets, etc.



Namaskar - Yoga WordPress Theme

As the name of the product says, Namaskar is an ace Yoga WordPress theme. It contains a trendy JetElements addon that provides endless functionality. Actually, it might be the most useful WordPress addon. It provides a user with so many voguish features! Here are only a few of them:

  • Advanced Carousel,
  • Brands,
  • Circle Progress,
  • Pricing Tables,
  • Post Carousel and Post Slider,
  • Countdown Timer,
  • Banners,
  • Animated Boxes,
  • Recent Products,
  • Contact Form,
  • Featured Products,
  • Sale Products and Best Sellers,
  • Top-Rated Products,
  • Progress Bars,
  • Parallax scrolling,
  • Testimonials, and more!

To say more, JetElements also comes with regular updates. It means that you will get even more widgets for free. These updates will be installed automatically.


On The Road

On The Road - Travel Blog WordPress Theme

Here is On The Road, a lightning-fast WordPress theme for travel websites. Would you like to start your own on the road blog? Looks like even Jack Kerouac would love this theme. What will you find in the pack of On The Road? Here is a short list:

  1. There is a must-have Cherry Socialize plugin. It will integrate your website with all popular social media platforms. Without a doubt, in 2019, SM matters a lot! It already became a huge part of your prospects’ lives. Besides, thanks to the feature, you will get more social traffic.
  2. On The Road is a WPML-ready theme. It allows you to translate blog content in different languages. Thanks to the feature, you can quickly double your audience. All in all, there are so many potential visitors of your website abroad. On the other hand, the translation-ready design is important. There are some engines that work with the native-language-speaking websites only, like in Korea and France.
  3. The theme is Ecwid-ready. It allows you to add shop functionality to the website design. You can do it for free and without any special skills.



Journez - Travel Elementor WordPress Theme

Shortly, Journez is a magnificent Meditation WordPress theme that already has all the named must-haves. And it comes with lots of unusual features and UI components, too! One of them is JetBlocks plugin. This addon was made to help you with website customization. Here is a short list of what you get with the JetBlocks pack:

  • website logo,
  • login form, auth links, and registration form,
  • hamburger panel, nav menu,
  • shopping cart, etc.



Goroad - Travel Agency Multipurpose Modern Elementor WordPress Theme

To finish with, let’s take a closer look at this attention-grabbing WordPress theme for your Yoga website. Same to the previous product, Goroad also comes with lots of popular plugins in its pack. And one of them is JetTabs. This is a well-known WP addon that lets you create tabs and accordions in Elementor Page Builder. With it, you will always have various beautiful visual elements within reach. Here is what you can do with JetTabs:

  • organize website content with top-notch tans,
  • create an amazing website design,
  • work with numerous ready-to-use widgets,
  • style your unique accordions, and much more!


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