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shopify parallax theme
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11 Best Shopify Parallax Theme Designs 2021

To add a unique browsing experience to your online store, you better use any of the Shopify parallax theme designs that we have here for you. These create a striking and catchy atmosphere that will surely capture everyone’s attention.

Even though there are countless theme options on the market, not all offer the user to spice up their eCommerce website with parallax scrolling. To avoid an endless loop of checking every theme for this unique web design technique, we did all the hard work for you.

What is the parallax scrolling effect?

It slows the movement of the background compared to the foreground when scrolling. This is pretty much the whole mystery behind this cool effect that you can now use with your online store.

Even though keeping things clean, minimal and appealing to the eye is the way to go, you can also level things up with stuff like parallax effect. Experience a boost in user experience that will help you set your business apart from the competition.

Along with this special and unique scrolling method, every Shopify parallax theme also includes plenty of other features and functions.

With all the available material, it takes you little to no time to establish a first-class eCommerce website that will move mountains in your industry.


woodstock shopify parallax theme

Woodstock is an all-around Shopify theme that ensures outstanding performance across all modern devices and platforms. With a collection of twelve beautiful demos, you can start your thing in the snap of a finger. Woodstock also comes with the superb parallax effect that only spices up the overall experience.

Whether you would like to sell apparel, watches, gadgets, accessories, toys, whatever, with Woodstock, you can bring into fruition an eCommerce website that fits your business precisely. The layout of the theme is also fluid, adjusting to smartphones, tablets and desktops flawlessly. Needless to say, it is optimized for fast loading and SEO, too.

Moreover, you can also translate your online store to any language you want, tailoring it to your local or global audience. A few other specialties contain banner creator, mega menu, instant search, newsletter pop-up, cross-selling and infinite scrolling.

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veggie shopify parallax theme

While we have some Shopify parallax themes here that are multi-purpose, all the others focus on a particular industry exclusively. Veggie, as the name suggests, is a spectacular alternative that works ideally for online food stores. Whether you are offering juices, supplements, fresh produce, you name it, with Veggie, you can make an online store that suits your liking precisely. There are even five different demos to choose from and you can also expect more to drop with upcoming theme updates.

In the package, you will also discover all the necessary elements and layouts of a successfully operating web store. Product filtering, brand carousel, checkout page, cart, mega menu, sticky menu, RTL support, well, you get the gist of it, Veggie misses nothing. Even if you offer additional services and whatnot besides selling products, push them on the web with Veggie, too.

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phono shopify parallax theme

If you are planning on starting an online mobile store, selling smartphones and other gadgets, do the right thing and pick Phono. Instead of doing all the hard work from scratch, heck, hiring a professional to do it for you, use Phono instead. Even if you happen to be no coder yourself, this Shopify parallax theme will turn you into a pro right away. How’s that? Thankfully, no coding and no experience is necessary to work with Phono and create an eCommerce website successfully.

Phono practices all the latest trends and regulations of the modern web. It ensures stability and smooth performance for years to come. It also comes with quite a portion of features and functions for you to take to your total advantage. Mega menu, deal counters, newsletter, sliders, animations, it is all there, at the tip of your fingers. Order tracking, wishlist, currency switcher and grid and list views are just some of the extras that Phono brings to the table.

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beaux shopify parallax theme

Beaux is a highly versatile and super adaptive Shopify parallax theme for anything beauty- and cosmetics-related. Selling makeup, skincare, lip balm, neck creams, perfumes, body lotions, anything and everything is possible with Beaux. You can even use this sophisticated tool for building an online fashion store – the options and possibilities are endless with Beaux. The amazingly beautiful and enticing design works with numerous projects out of the box. However, you can also step things up by performing additional customization tweaks and fine-tune Beaux accordingly.

The list of features is vast and I am sure you are well aware of that already. In the Beaux kit, you will find nothing missing when putting together the desired eCommerce website for your beauty business. There is all sorts of stuff, like countdown timer, drag and drop elements, Ajax navigation, product swatches, Slick slider, multi-currency switcher and tons more in between.

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trisha shopify parallax theme

Trisha is a Sophify parallax theme alternative for anything hair, grooming, cosmetic and beauty related. It is a niche tool that still takes care of quite many different businesses. Also, you do not need to focus on one type of product with Trisha. It can easily cover all sorts of goods, like shampoos, wigs, hair extensions, beard oil, hair salon products and so forth. Thanks to drag and drop sections, you can also perform additional tweaks and enhancements to the default Trisha look.

Starting to push your own brand online or creating an online store as a reseller, with Trisha, all is possible with ease. Tons of page layouts await you in the bundle for you to mix and match and use how you want. Also, do not shy away from starting a blog, publishing compelling content and even implementing a content marketing strategy.

Other amenities contain flexible header and footer, mega menu, deal counters, cart summary, animated masks and grid and list product listing page views. You are in good hands when using Trisha, efficiently managing and maintaining your online store for years to come.

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responsive parallax shopify theme

One thing is for sure, you cannot really go more parallax than the Parallax Shopify theme. This tool is outstanding, modern, professional and easy to use. Get ready to present your brand and your products on the internet in the best possible light. With three ready-made styles, you can quickly pick the one that resonates with you best and go from there. If it needs any additional tweaks, by all means, edit Parallax to your taste. On the other hand, feel free to utilize it as is, stuff it with your content and products and you are ready to rock and roll.

Parallax also includes multi-level menu, sticky and transparent navigation, slideshow, social media icons, newsletter subscription form and scrolling animations. Promotional banner, slide-out cart and excellent storytelling through images, that’s all part of Parallax.

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pipeline shopify parallax theme

Whether it’s selling shoes, apparel, glasses, watches, just about anything you can think of, you can now make it a reality with Pipeline. This stunning Shopify theme with parallax scrolling is ready and set to turn it into a functional online store with a twist. If you are looking for something different, Pipeline is a great solution that will get you going with a strong and impactful online presence. What’s best, you need to undergo very little work to make it happen.

Pipeline is powerful enough to handle as many products as you want. This makes it perfect both for large and small catalogs. Modular home page, handy filtering, multi-column menu, video support, blog section and a functional contact form are all the different treats of Pipeline. This nifty web design easily acclimatizes to all modern devices and platforms, too, to guarantee top-notch performance.

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broadcast shopify parallax theme

Starting with a fresh eCommerce website need not be complicated in this day and age. After all, you only need a solid platform and a theme and that’s it. With Broadcast and Shopify, you can now start a new online project without the need to have any experience with building online stores. For your information, Broadcast will never ask you for any coding and design knowledge. Regardless of your skill, the outcome will be nothing short of spectacular.

If you are ready to start a community of loyal fans, not just another online store, selling goods, you better consider Broadcast. The theme brings to the table all sorts of specialties, like parallax effect, color swatches, testimonials, Google Maps, on scroll content loading, pinned products, floating navigation and video support. If you are looking for a skin that does things differently, you are in for a treat.

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story shopify parallax theme

In this day and age, it is not all about the product anymore. Instead, you should go way beyond delivering a high-quality item, whether it’s niche or you plan to sell it on a mass scale. Incorporate a brand and product story in your marketing campaign, and you can see even more rewarding results that will translate into tons of sales.

Hence the name, Story is an excellent Shopify parallax theme that will help with the creation of an impactful and memorable online presence that will win over more customers.

In the kit, you will find three different styles that you can choose from, all modern, minimal and very trendy. From then on, you can enjoy customizing content sections on the home page. Also, you can tailor the entire theme to your branding directions.

Moreover, Story is also in harmony with mobile and desktop devices, retina screens, web browsers, search engines and promises fast loading speed.

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impulse shopify parallax theme

Fashion boutiques, handcrafted brands and sports stores, Impulse is a versatile Shopify parallax theme that suits all three and then some. Just by tweaking the content, you can go entirely against the norm with Impulse. Moreover, you can also style it so that it matches your regulations to a T. Impulse is simple to use, offering everyone to get the most out of it. Even if you are setting up the very first online store, Impulse is the way to go.

Sales, discounts, collection sub-listing, video support, great navigability, slideshow, call-to-actions and product zoom (mobile-friendly) are all the various treats that Impulse grants all its users with. Still, this is just a small percentage of all the features. There are tons more, which would take way too much space to list them all here. Take charge, utilize Impulse and impact the industry with a dope new eCommerce website.

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loft shopify parallax theme

If you came all the way this far, you see that there is a Shopify parallax theme for everyone in this collection. Not just that, but each individual theme comes with several more samples, including Loft. There are three different designs at your disposal, making sure you end up picking the ideal look for your online store quickly and comfortably. Of course, you can employ the sample as is, but there is indeed an option to alter it, too. Loft and all the other themes give you a chance to brand them. Nope, you do not need to stick to the default look as is.

Loft is excellent for bringing into being a top-class online promotion of your brand. It will let everyone know who you are and what your products are all about. And if you operate a brick and mortar, show the exact location with the integrated Google Maps. What’s more, Loft is excellent for pushing as many products as you want, fitting large stores comfortably.

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