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Top 14 Web Form Makers for Creating Online Forms 2020

Web forms are everywhere. The Google search box is an example of one. The contact page for your favorite eCommerce sites will most definitely be using a web form to serve content such as contact and feedback forms. If you’re a blogger, you will be constantly interacting with web forms within your admin dashboard to publish and organize content. For designer agencies, web forms help collect client data and send out proposals. Meanwhile, eCommerce sites will be using forms to sell and promote products. Popup boxes that offer email subscriptions are also natively web forms. Just built in a way that you don’t ever think about it.

Creating your own web forms from scratch does require a certain level of a programming language; perhaps that is something not all of us have time to spare for. That is why in the recent couple of years, we have seen a huge increase in the number of applications and platforms that offer web form creation services at a fraction of a cost that a professional developer would charge you. Needless to say, many of the following web form makers are home to customers from companies like Yahoo!, Microsoft, and many others.

Building online forms has never been easier thanks to these awesome and easy to use form makers.


JotForm is home to millions of users. Their interactive forms builder has gained a lot of momentum in both beginner and experienced webmaster communities. JotForm lets you create a variety of forms in which you can integrate custom survey tools, payment tools, and widgets such as video content, responsive design, and image sliders. It is a free service with a limitation of 100 monthly submissions for each form that you build, which is enough to test out the waters and make the decision of whether you want to continue using this form builder or not.


EmailMeForm lets you craft custom on-line forms and surveys without having to do any coding work at all. With a lot of custom design functionality, each form that you make can fully integrate with the design choices that you have made before opting to add forms to your site. Create contact forms, registration forms, lead generation forms; amplify the success rate by selecting from a list of pre-built templates that have shown great performance results. Each form can be customized with its own unique font style, logo, and design patterns. You can also input your own custom CSS settings. Embed your EmailMeForm forms into a mobile version of your website and they will adjust automatically. No programming or additional settings necessary!


online form builder Wufoo is a web application that helps anybody build amazing online forms. Like others, Wufoo has perfected its interactive web forms builder and provides outstanding customer service and experience. You will most commonly see Wufoo being used to create traditional web forms, registration forms for events, and forms to conclude customer surveys. Upon completing a form design, all data is saved in the cloud. Thus, you never have to worry about losing track of it.


formstack online form maker

Formstack is the kind of company that’s known to step on its competitors’ toes, outlining why they are better than other form builders, and why you should choose their service over everyone else. And while such sentiments are fine in our books, there are certainly webmasters who dislike such eager competitive spirit over simple matters. The one thing Formstack does stand out in is its state-of-the-art lead generation platform. It helps webmasters better understand their forms and how those forms can be improved for more leads and conversions. Whether it’s order forms, registration forms, or simple email newsletter signup forms, Formstack does a good job at giving an end result that will be both pleasant to look at, and have a good overall conversion ratio.

Google Forms

google forms

Google is also into the web forms market. It offers a simple and lightweight web forms maker that lets you create contact/registration (and many other types of traditional forms) forms, effective survey forms to learn more about your audience, as well as Q&A forms for gathering that invaluable intel about a particular topic and/or question. The resultant reports are neatly and beautifully organized in charts and diagrams that will be both pleasant to look at, and learn from.


aidaform online form maker
You do not have to be a pro to create a cool form. AidaForm is an online form maker that gets you going in no time at all. While you can put AidaForm into practice entirely free of charge, you can also upgrade to any of the available pro plans. As for the free package, it supports one hundred monthly responses, unlimited fields, forms and surveys, Zapier integration and up to two domains. Keep in mind, the one hundred responses apply to your account as a whole, whether you have just one form or fifty. If you are just starting out with your project, that’s more than enough features to start moving in the right direction.


paperform online form maker
Save time and energy with the utilization of PaperForm. This impressive and easy to use online form maker is perfect for everyone. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in the online space, with PaperForm everyone wins. There are three different plans to choose from, starting at $12.5 per month. Some of the features of PaperForm are ready-to-use templates, custom domain support, color picker, gallery, price fields and subscriptions, to name a few. Keep in mind, with PaperForm, you can make all types of forms, like surveys, quizzes, fillables, payments and subscriptions.


Keep building forms and data collection all in one place with the help of 123FormBuilder. The tool helps you automate as much as possible, so you only focus on the parts that need your attention. With this, you know you will save a ton of time, even if creating multiple forms at once. The flexible form builder comes with tons of options and possibilities to tailor it to your needs precisely. Moreover, you can also integrate forms with different extensions, like MailChimp and PayPal, and many more in between. 123FormBuilder is ideal for various industries, like education, human resources, finance, eCommerce and event organizing.

Zoho Forms

zoho online form maker
Data collection need not be complicated once you have the right tools at hand. Actually, you only need one, Zoho Forms. It simplifies the process of building forms and gathering information without the need to know how to code. Even though not tech knowledge is necessary, the outcome will still be professional and sophisticated. In short, you can create the exact form or forms that you need for your project. Whether it’s something simple, like collecting emails, or registrations (with payment option), all this and more is possible with Zoho Forms. This online form builder also sends notifications and offers you to study and optimize data accordingly.


FormSite is a professional drag&drop web forms builder. It can be used to build custom HTML forms, as well as on-line survey forms. With integration of more than 100+ templates to choose from, FormSite makes it easy to create a form that will work flawlessly with your existing design. All forms are natively responsive. That means every device will experience the same type of form. Once your forms go live, you are able to analyze and download performance reports. This helps you learn even more about your audience and their habits.


bootsnipp online form builder

Bootstrap developers will find this web form builder to be a godsend. Flexible drag and drop interface lets you build the type of Bootstrap-based web form that you need, without any extra fuss or unnecessary features. Select from select-boxes, checkboxes, buttons and more.


typeform online form and survey maker

Typeform is taking a creative approach towards web forms, allowing webmasters to build forms that both the users and the webmaster himself can become a part of. It’s also one of the first responsive web form builders out there, earning a lot of attention and respect from the community. Tons of templates are available for free use to build forms in fields such as: registration forms, market research forms, customer satisfaction forms, contact forms, event forms, feedback forms, and so much more. The name Typeform comes from the fact that forms built with Typeform are all about typing interaction, rather than hardcoded forms that require direct input.

Cognito Forms

cognito forms

Cognito Forms does everything you would expect a professional web form builder to do, with the addition that this particular web forms maker has an extensive list of extra features that might just be the selling point for many. Amongst the most popular features, you will find the ability to do conditional form logic; to encrypt your form data; to collect electronic signatures, custom email notifications, multi-page forms, and a lot more. Those who use WordPress will be happy to learn that Cognito Forms also provides a reliable WordPress plugin.


formsmarts online form maker

FormSmarts is a cloud-based on-line form service that lets you create forms, publish them online, and get results. We provide several ways to share your forms with Internet users and receive form responses. Most customers embed forms into their own sites and get form responses by email or aggregated form responses as an Excel report.

Disclosure: This page contains external affiliate links that may result in us receiving a commission if you choose to purchase mentioned product. The opinions on this page are our own and we don't receive additional bonus for positive reviews.

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