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14 Best Free Resources for Learning JavaScript Online 2023

JavaScript is quickly becoming the native programming language of the web, and for good reasons. It has evolved so much in the last couple of years. The future is clear and JavaScript will be the language for building apps, websites and server-side software. JavaScript is already native to the web, so the next step will be to become native to the server and mobile operating systems.

Web and server frameworks such as Node.js, Angular.js, Meteor.js, React.js, and Ember.js have all defined the possibilities of JavaScript as an individual language and a platform that can help build highly scalable applications and software without having to invest in learning new technology.

Besides being the leading web technology, JavaScript is fairly easy to learn. And a lot of modern startups today are looking for reliable and experienced front-end developers; a position that could set up your career for many years to come. While learning JavaScript with a mentor is preferred, the first few steps should be crucial to take on your own to get a full taste of what this programming language offers and how you feel about writing JS code. At this point, you can start seeking out more insightful guidance to help you with creating your own projects.

1. Codecademy

codecademy learn javascript online

Learning to program with interactive platforms has become somewhat of a thing in the recent couple of years, and sites like Codecademy are setting the bar for how such a platform should be built. If you want a solid introduction to the JavaScript language, Codecademy is a great place to start. Because it offers a variety of challenges and tasks that will really test the limits of your knowledge about JavaScript, especially as you progress through the first couple of introductory stages. Dozens of millions of people have used Codecademy to learn how to code in more than one languages, and many have found their dream jobs just because they took the initiative to practice and learn.

2. MDN

mdn learn javascript online

The Mozilla Developer community is big about JavaScript, and their Mozilla Developer Network resource for all things JavaScript is one of the most comprehensive ones you can find on the web. This particular (free!) resource lists learning materials for all levels; beginner, intermediate and advanced, so nobody gets left behind. Also, on the same page you will find a list of tools and resources recommended and used by the leading JavaScript developers today.

3. Learn JavaScript – Interactive Tutorial

learn js interactive tutorial

A fantastic interactive tutorial on how to learn JavaScript that allows you to start entirely free of charge. Keep in mind, you will not learn only the basics, there are also some advanced tutorials available for you to look into. As for the basics, Learn JavaScript – Interactive Tutorial covers variables, types, arrays, operators, conditions, loops, pop-up boxes and callbacks, to name a few.

Once you land on the website, you must click on the chapter you would like to investigate further and take action. The tutorial will guide you through the process, helping you get the gist of it and start taking JavaScript a whole lot more seriously.

Note: If you are already an expert in JavaScript, you can also contribute your tutorial, and share your knowledge with the world.

4. Learn JavaScript (Step-By-Step)

learn javascript step by step

In this day and age, learning about new topics, industries, whatever, is a whole lot simpler than it once was. After all, you have all the necessary on the internet – just Google it. Even when it comes to JavaScript, we have all these practical guides and tutorials here that will do you well.

With the step-by-step process, this free online JavaScript resource gets you moving in the right direction right away. First, you do all the necessary studying and getting familiar with the JavaScript world. And second, you can perform multiple practical tasks that will slowly move you from an utter newbie to a beginner and then pro.

The first 42 lessons, challenges and projects come entirely free of charge. Keep in mind, you can also learn JavaScript on the go with the platform’s total mobile-friendliness.


freecodecamp learn javascript online for free
As massive as is, it is almost impossible for someone eager to learn to code at home to never heard of it. Oh well, that’s when we come into play. If you are interested in gaining new knowledge about JavaScript free of charge, hence the name, visit With thousands of tutorials available on the platform, it is a guarantee that you will find all the necessary and then some. What’s more, you also earn certifications, which will help you raise your potential through the roof.

From basic JavaScript to intermediate, rocks it all and then some for your convenience. ES6, regular expressions, debugging, data structures, functional programming, you name it, misses nothing. You only need to create a free account, and you can already start accessing the tutorials, which are available to everyone.

6. Eloquent JavaScript

eloquent javascript

This is one of the most talked about JavaScript books on the web, and not because it’s free or reliable, but because it provides deep insight into JavaScript and how to see JS as a true and native programming language. There are three different parts of the book, first part focuses on the language itself, the second part looks at how JavaScript interacts with the browser, and the last part dives deep into Node.js and what it entails.

7. Try JavaScript

try javascript

Want a brief introduction to basic JavaScript syntax? The Try JavaScript website is an interactive learning platform that introduces basic concepts and insights into JavaScript, further recommending you to begin exploring the language on your own terms. Beautiful design too!

8. JavaScript Enlightenment

javascript enlightenment learning resource

The name for this book speaks for itself. This particular JavaScript book is not about working with design and objects. It has not been written to be a guide into JavaScript for beginner class developers. Neither is it a reference guide, a style guide or a book to come back to when you run into common code problems. This book goes in-depth about the structure of the language. It’s also a great helping guide for anyone who has up until know worked only with JavaScript libraries. This book will give you all the necessary guidance to transform from you. You can be someone who uses JavaScript libraries to build things, turning into fully enlightened JavaScript developer.

9. Understanding ECMAScript 6

understanding ecmascript 6

The year 2015 has been a huge year for JavaScript developers everywhere. The new JS standard ECMAScript 6 was finalized and is now an official JS standard. The next couple of resources will focus solely on ES6. It’s now a big part of the JavaScript ecosphere anyway. In this book we have a known JavaScript developer, Nicholas C. Zakas, go in-depth about ES6 — the new concepts and syntax it uses, as well as a total list of the new changes we can expect since the previous version. Free to read online.

10. JavaScript Fundamentals for ES6

javascript fundamentals for es6

Sometimes, a financial investment is necessary for you. In this way, you learn a bit more about the things that are driving the evolution of the particular industry. JavaScript certainly falls under this scenario. Pluralsight offers an almost 5hour long introductory course for ECMAScript 6. It also shows you how you can use it in your new web and application projects. Classes, modules and objects are some of the things that will get explored in-depth.

11. ES6 Katas

es6 katas learn javascript online

Katas are a set of challenges, and this resource has quite a few. You can read a book about ES6 and try to come up with solutions for this specifically tailored challenges. This way, you won’t be terrorized by typical blog articles and tutorials with lousy challenges.

12. Tuts+

tuts+ learn javascript online

Tuts+ contains more than 20,000+ free tutorials, and over 600+ professional development and design courses. Also, it has established itself as one of the leading resources for helping beginners and advanced-level learners. They can all learn more about their favorite topics by using Tuts+. The JavaScript database at Tuts+ consists of more than 140+ pages of tutorials, courses, ebooks and guides that will give you enough material to work with for many years ahead of you.

13. Khan Academy

khan academy learn javascript online

Interactive programming is always fun to learn, and Khan Academy has a reputation for their interactive drawing platform that uses JavaScript syntax to help you learn programming and correct language usage. Explore quizzes and challenges, or dive deep into the code that others have built and learn from their ideas and inspiration. Direct programming lessons will include learning about several separate functions individually.

14. Udemy

udemy learn javascript online

Udemy is an online courses site that focuses on allowing website creators to share their skills in video course format. Just by searching JavaScript we can come across hundreds of courses all of which can be separated into free (22) and paid (206) — each course has a concise description of what you are going to learn, how many members have enrolled in the course, as well as the number of reviews it has.

Lastly, there is one thing that you need to remember about Udemy courses. The moment you enroll in a specific course, you’re granted access to a special community page for that particular course. With this, you can connect with everyone else who has enrolled in the course. Also, this allows you to learn material faster and gain help whenever you need it.

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