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newspaper theme examples
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32 Best Newspaper Theme Examples For Inspiration 2022

With the power of Newspaper WordPress theme, you can start your news website or blog in little to no time. However, this spectacular, versatile, adaptive, and easy to use tool goes way beyond that. Along with a countless collection of blog and magazine demos, Newspaper also has a bunch of multi-purpose concepts ready for you to take to your full advantage.

You can start food, fashion, travel, gadgets, gossip, political, baby sports, cars, or any other blog or news-style web platform you want. The limits, other than your imagination, are none.

The outstanding customization functions it sports are also incredibly amazing about the impressive and always improving Newspaper. In short, you can fine-tune every sample to match your branding regulations and even create custom layouts.

Last but not least, there is no coding and designing knowledge required to launch a website with Newspaper successfully.

Before we continue, let’s take a peek at some more goodies.

  • Each ready-to-use layout rocks the latest trends and regulations to ensure mobile-readiness and cross-browser compatibility.
  • You will discover a whopping collection of fifty demos (and counting!). By the way, expect new ones to drop with future theme updates.
  • To speed up the process, all it requires is to import the demo of choice with one simple click and you are ready to roll.
  • You can modify the default web design with hundreds of predefined components in a small breeze.
  • tagDiv Composer is a page builder that offers everyone to go as creative as they want regardless of their prior experience. If necessary, watch a video first to get the gist of it.
  • The entire Newspaper layout is optimized for search engines and first-class performance.
  • Newspaper has made it very easy with unlimited ad spots when you plan to monetize your website.
  • Loads of available social and content widgets to spice up your blog or online magazine according to your likings.
  • Create a strong first impression with any available header styles or take the extra step and build one easily and quickly.
  • Smart lists, sidebars, fancy footers, elegant top bars, and a news ticker are all in the package.
  • Of course, you can fully localize or globalize your page, too.
  • The theme is compatible with all the popular plugins for seamless integration.
  • A lazy load effect, sticky navigation, live search, login, review system, and many other features will put you on top.

More theme features can be found here.

Here is how Newspaper theme by tagDiv compares with other news WordPress themes.

Here is a vast collection of different websites based on the magnificent Newspaper theme to boost your inspiration.

Best Websites Built Using Newspaper WordPress Theme



It is all in the name. ShareAmerica is an online hub made by USA State Department where they share all sorts of stories, discussions and other articles on democracy, education, entrepreneurship and similar. However, it is not all about America, ShareAmerica covers foreign topics, too. In addition to that, ShareAmerica is also a fantastic example of the versatile and practical Newspaper theme. It rocks a fairly simple magazine style web design with mega menu, newsletter subscription form and more. At the top right corner, you can also choose the language you would like to translate the website to. Indeed, ShareAmerica is 100% translatable and is a great example of what’s possible with Newspaper.

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Rackspace is an excellent look at what is the potential of one powerful and sophisticated WordPress theme like Newspaper. Their official blog section is similar to an online magazine type page that presents content professionally and creatively. It rocks loads of different features that we mentioned previously and then some. From top to bottom, Rackspace’s website delivers an impressive experience for everyone to get the most out of it. And ne, those using smartphones and the others on a desktop computer. They also introdu from top to bottomced a live chat, back to top button, sticky sidebar and news ticker.

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Bitcoin News

bitcoin news

Many large websites are using Newspaper theme and Bitcoin News is no different. This website design can create different styles of websites, but it can also adapt to different niches and industries. You know already that there are tons of demos available for you to use and they are all 100% modifiable. As the name says, Bitcoin News is all about sharing news and other useful information on cryptocurrencies with an emphasis on Bitcoin. You can effortlessly start a similar website, too, without needing to know how to do any programming. For your information, we just started with the Newspaper theme website examples. Keep checking out more amazing looks that the tool can realize for you.

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Uber Engineering

uber engineering

Let’s continue the hype with Uber – yes, that Uber. However, we are talking about Uber Engineering is an extension to the main website where you will find a ton of news and other information about the transportation networking giant. With a company like Uber using Newspaper theme, you know the tool is a serious deal. And, you could not be more right! You can easily build small or insanely large websites with the outstanding newspaper-inspired WordPress theme. Once you settle to use Newspaper for your next project, you are safe and secure that your page will handle even the largest traffic volumes.

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Selfhacked is pretty self-explanatory; it is a website that improves our lifestyles and health. Whether you have a chronic issue or would like to boost your metabolism, that’s when you visit Selfhacked to gain new knowledge. When browsing through content, you will get lots of handy information, experiments, and even critical thinking. Of course, you can also add your two cents and start a discussion. What Selfhacked also is, it is a great example of the Newspaper WordPress theme. The website has a beautiful look that instantly readjusts to mobile devices for a smooth experience at all times.

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Elle Greece

elle greece

We are all familiar with Elle’s fashion magazine, aren’t we? You do not need to do with fashion and whatnot and I am sure you know what Elle is all about. Anyhow, Elle Greece decided to create their online space based around the almighty Newspaper theme and, of course, they did an excellent job. Video in the header, sticky banners, social media buttons and overall beautiful and minimal appearance, Elle Greece knows what means a first-rate magazine theme. If you are in the fashion and apparel space, now you know that even industry giants rely on ready-to-use layouts.

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Absolutely London

absolutely london

Absolutely London is an online magazine that shares all about London, UK with the world. From food, travel, lifestyle, fashion and then some, you will find it all on Absolutely London. If you are not from London and you are about to travel there for the first time (or third!), head over to Absolutely London and see what’s on. You might discover some hidden places that barely anyone knows about, like small coffee shops with the best cups of joe in town. Kicking off a similar style website with Newspaper becomes child’s play. With the amazing tool, you now know what is possible, so use your imagination and realize your dream page.

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If Absolutely London was all about London specifically, Nomadbiba is an online travel magazine with outstanding travel destinations and beautiful imagery. Bianca wants you to take you on an epic adventure through her trips and journeys to different locations she already visited and still plans to go to. And believe me, this lady has already seen a lot! To find the locations you are interested in, you can choose between Europe, North and Central America from a drop-down menu and South America and see what’s up. There is a lot Bianca has to share with you and save you time (and money) on your next excursion.

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Seen In The City

seen in the city

Seen In The City is another gorgeous lifestyle and travels magazine website that primarily focuses on the UK but shares a lot from abroad. The site covers all from travel ideas, latest trends, restaurants, fitness centers, interior design and fashion. They cover many interesting content you will have a blast reading through. If you would like to learn a thing or two more about London and UK in general, Seen In The City is the place to visit. Especially if you plan a trip there, Seen In The City shares plenty of must-see and must-try spots that traditional travel guides do not. Now you know.

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Ally Leeliah

ally leeliah

I am not Italian, but Google Translate helped me figure out a little more about Ally Leeliah and her personal online project. She is originally from Trieste, Italy but now lives in London, UK. She is passionate about all sorts of things, like photography and playing video games. Of course, her website is in Italian, but if you are down for some beautiful pictures and to get to know Italy (especially Trieste) better, you now know where to go. Although her content is stunning, we are initially here to experience the different websites with the help from Newspaper theme. Keep on feeding your inspiration.

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Kuwait Times

kuwait times

There is no real need to go in-depth, describing what Kuwait Times is all about. It is all about news, political and non-political, about Kuwait. It is a newspaper/online magazine style website powered by the tool we are already very aware of – Newspaper theme. Kuwait Times shows that the layout easily handles “The first daily in the Arabian Gulf” regardless of the volumes of traffic it receives. The website is also a fantastic example of a simple web design that delivers a terrific experience when reading the latest content and getting educated on different topics. Do not forget to check it on your handheld device to see how Kuwait Times appears on mobile.

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The Car Expert

the car expert

The industry is not really important when you use Newspaper theme for your online project. All these website examples show you that building niche and general blogs, magazines and review sites is child’s play. Indeed, even in the auto industry, Newspaper handles it with ease. Just take The Car Expert as a great example. The page covers the latest news, car reviews, special offers and other whatnots. Besides, The Car Expert also includes a forum section that shows how compatible Newspaper is. You can also see how they monetize their website with different ad placements in great detail.

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Carson Daly

carson daly

Even young guns from New Zealand, like Carson Daly, rock the online world with the convenient Newspaper. By the way, he is only eight! Carson has been a kart racer for about two years and is killing it. He decided to step up his game and share his experiences, contents and wins with the world by starting his personal website. Picking up Newspaper WordPress theme was a wise decision to make. Carson simplified the theme and make it look more like a blog with a boxed layout and an image background. You can also see how an Instagram feed appears and back to top button and ad spots that he uses for his sponsors (and he has many).

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Beauty 4 All

beauty 4 all

As the name suggests, Beauty 4 All is a Brazillian website about beauty for men and women. If you are interested in what is hot and popular now, this is the website you should visit. Again, I utilized the power of Google Translate to at least figure out a little more about Beauty 4 All. However, there is no real mystery about the website since it is all in the name. What is most important to us is yet another clean, modern and sophisticated Newspaper theme example. From sticky sidebar and social media integration to mega menu, full-width Instagram feed and a basic contact page, all this and more is what you will find on Beauty 4 All.

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From personal, lifestyle, travel, fashion, cars and beauty to university and education topics, the versatility of Newspaper theme goes over and above. SingularityHub is a great look at how Singularity University approaches sharing news and articles worldwide. Of course, with the help from a WordPress theme. No need to start building a website from scratch anymore when you have so many tools available to speed up the process. Even for someone who has never built a website before. SingularityHub also shows that Newspaper is great for science, engineering, technology and other related topics.

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We are not here to review the website’s content; instead we bring you a collection of different Newspaper theme examples. And MrBuzz is another web space that shows how powerful the tool is. This one might not be in your language, but you will immediately know it is all about movies and entertainment. There are all sorts of perks which give you a better understanding that you truly can go as creative as you want when working and establishing a website with Newspaper WordPress theme. The options are endless and you can also introduce your signature style to make the online presence genuinely unique and one-of-a-kind.

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Bir Dilim Lezzet

bir dilim lezzet

If sweet and sour Turkis treats are your tea, Bir Dilim Lezzet is the food blog you should not miss. Even if it is just for the images, you will adore it. Note: your mouth will very likely to water in an instant. On the other hand, websites pushing food and recipes are also easily realizable with Newspaper theme. For the most part, you can choose the demo you prefer and start sharing your passion for everything, just like Bir Dilim Lezzet. You can also utilize any plugin to level up your online space since the theme is compatible with any extensions. Still, you can freely use the demo out of the box and start stuffing it with your custom content right away.

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No Somos Nonos

no somos nonos

If you speak Spanish that’s great but if you do not you are good to go. No Somos Nonos is a website all about video games, anime, Netflix, movies and other entertainment related topics. It has loads of excellent details that will keep you engaged forever. Just take the back to top button as an example; yes, click on it and you will see and hear what I am speaking about (and make sure your sound is on). Although all about entertainment, No Somos Nonos is tastefully executed, offering all its visitors a pleasant experience. Inside each post, you will also see Facebook comments and emoji reactions, which you can add to your online magazine, too.

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TechSavvy is – hence the name – everything about technology, gadgets and other trends and hypes. The website’s web design is modern, clean and elegant, not hitting you with many ads and stuff. In short, TechSavvy is built in a tasty and smart way, giving the reader exactly what he or she wants: content. It is almost like Danish design – minimalistic and sophisticated. Oh wait, TechSavvy is a project from a group of people that hail from Copenhagen. And that tells you more than enough when it comes to the look of their website. But it is Newspaper that helped them realize it all.

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Black Girl Nerds

black girl nerds

What do you get when you visit Black Girl Nerds? An online platform covers various topics, like games, movies, television series and other geeky stuff. In short, it is a place for nerdy women of color, but men, of course, a welcome, too! Their goal is to show the world that black girl nerds do exist and there are many out there. To spread the message out, they decided to employ the practicality of Newspaper theme. The outcome is a fantastic and trendy looking online magazine that instantly captures your attention.

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Mamis Y Bebes

mamis y bebes

Mamis Y Bebes roughly translates into “mother and babies” and indeed that’s what Sara Palacios, mother of two, treats you to. But she keeps things fun and engaging, perfect for new moms and soon-to-be mommies. In fact, any parent will find something useful and interesting on her website. Bear in mind, Sara’s website is in Spanish. It just shows you that again Newspaper theme is fully translatable and ready for you to localize it. Neat, stylish and to the point, that’s what’s up when you land on Mamis Y Bebes. Of course, there is loads more going on, bringing you a ton of content related to parents, babies and children.

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Enkelteknik is another contemporary online electronics and technology magazine website based in Sweden. As expected, yes, Enkelteknik is in Swedish, but our objective is web design, so language is unimportant. It is the possibilities that Newspaper theme unlocks for you that are important and those are very many. From simplistic layouts to those with more animations and special effects, the choice is yours, what this tool can do for you goes beyond belief. In the case of Enkelteknik, the appearance is to some extent super basic, however, its the clean approach makes the website outstandingly phenomenal.

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Starting an online car magazine becomes child’s play once you utilize all that Newspaper theme has in store for you. And if you need proof how amazing the outcome can be, just take CarDiagram as an example. It is a general Ukrainian blog/online magazine about the auto industry. From cars, reviews, latest announcements and all the other related to cars, you can find it on CarDiagram. The website has an impressive header, mega menu, back to top button, sticky navigation and neat post pages. Establishing a similar layout is very possible with the Newspaper theme. You do not need to have any prior experience in coding and designing.

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Zzdravije is an online magazine about health and nutrition. It shows another great concept, another fantastic Newspaper theme example you can get inspiration from. There are no limits and no boundaries you have with this website building tool. Whether niche or general, you can realize all sorts of different blogs and news pages in a snap. You will also be impressed by the amazing performance, responsiveness, and translatability that can benefit you and your online project. If a page about health, wellness, nutrition and fitness are topics you are enthusiastic about, you can have a page just like Zzdravije up and running in little to no time.

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Enfnware is nothing else than a beautiful and neat digital news website about everything tech, gadgets, apps, games and a ton more. You can find news, latest product launch, reviews, best of listicles and everything else that benefits the reader. As for the web design point of view, Enfnware is a nifty Newspaper theme example with a solid attention to detail. From sticky and transparent navbar, newsletter widget and social media buttons to top and bottom bars, hover effects and social sharing, Enfnware sports it all. No matter how out of the reach the web design may look, with beginner-friendly equipment, anyone can launch an online blog. With zero background in web development, of course!

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Get A Headphone

get a headphone

No doubt, if you were considering getting yourself a pair of headphones, once you visit Get A Headphone, you will leave with a fresh order. The website covers headphones, from articles related to top 10 headphones for DJs and in-depth product reviews. In addition to that, Get A Headphone is an Amazon affiliate. The owner earns a commission every time someone purchases something through their link. Moreover, Get A Headphone is just another proof that Newspaper is a theme that handles more or less everything you desire. If you would like to become an affiliate, you indeed can with the theme.

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While you can create super advanced online magazine website with Newspaper, you can also hammer out simple blog-style pages without hassle. If you look for simple and minimal characteristics in a page, you will enjoy browsing Mimub. The page covers all sorts of topics, like interior design, bedding and more. If these Newspaper theme examples already gave you loads of inspiration, there is no real need to waste any more time. Take action now and launch your website today – yes, it’s that easy. You can also tweak it and customize it per your needs and wants. That said, enter streets of the online world with a bang.

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Bmobiled is short for Best Mobile Destination, an online hub that dedicates its heart and soul to smartphones. Reviews, announcements and other news related to the industry, it is all there, on one striking website. Although all the websites you find on this list are Newspaper theme examples, you probably noticed how different some are. That’s right, owning one WordPress theme does not really mean you can only create one style of websites with it. The web design opportunity is nearly endless in Newspaper; the only barrier you may have is your imagination. Start experimenting and see the difference.

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Braindegeek is a French online magazine discussing the latest technology and other nerdy stuff. The name is pretty self-explanatory anyway. Moreover, Braindegeek is also another excellent Newspaper theme example. Use it for inspiration when bringing into your own alternative and shine online. When deciding which theme to choose for your blog or news website Newspaper is a no brainer. You can now launch a page that follows the style of Braindegeek in a small breeze. Of course, you can effortlessly do your thing, too, and enrich any of the included and ready-to-use demos to your likings.

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Everything Audrey

everything audrey

With Newspaper theme, you can also create outstanding fan pages and Everything Audrey just happens to be one of them. This particular individual created an entire website dedicated to the one and only, the Brussels, Belgium born actress, Audrey Hepburn. You can create something similar for your favorite celebrity and spread the love. Everything Audrey is a stunning, light and elegant blog website with a minimal look that will please your eyes. From beautiful header to the widget-rich footer and everything in between, Everything Audrey is perfect for all of you who are into simplicity with a touch of creativity.

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Bahrain This Week

bahrain this week

As the name says, Bahrain This Week is the Middle East’s first English augmented weekly paper quickly approaching its 300th issue. And when they decided to expand their reach and bring the paper to the online space, they put into play the outstanding Newspaper theme. It has an online magazine style web design with a pleasant selection of fonts and colors. You can get things moving forward similarly, too. And you do not need to be a skilled programmer or designer to make it happen. After you import the Newspaper demo that you fancy the most, all the rest becomes easy as pie.

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Fantasy GP

fantasy gp

Like other eSports websites, there is one for Grand Prix, simply called Fantasy GP. If you want to get involved in F1, you can use the amazing platform that Fantasy GP brings to the table. You can now create your best team and play against other fans from the other corner of the planet. And you can do it from the comfort of your home. After you win a competition, you can also score different prizes that will surely make you hungry for more. That said, Fantasy GP is another verification that Newspaper theme is no joke.

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We have listed just a few news websites using Newspaper WordPress theme. Furthermore, you might want to check these amazing news website design examples based on WordPress.

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