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Top 20 Free Stock Video Footage Sites 2022

Video editors, content creators, designers, and other creative artists can frequently find themselves in a pit where time is of the essence. Spending hundreds, even thousands, of dollars on a few seconds of good footage is not an option. But thanks to an ever-growing community of videographers, so much so that more than a dozen sites are frequently updating their directory of free stock video footage to serve their visitors and communities.

Whether it’s a small YouTube reel we want to make or a clip we want to insert in one of our movies, perhaps we want to experiment with creating movies from scratch. If we plan to use our created footage and publish it, we should always look into free footage options. Otherwise, we risk running into problems with copyright infringement and while that doesn’t always mean going to court. It will often mean that our video will be quickly removed from online sources, leaving us feeling like we wasted our time.

And on top of that, even if we do operate our camera and have good enough equipment to shoot videos, we may be restricted in terms of resources to process the videos ourselves, or there is the limitation of being able to shoot the kind of scenery and setting that we need for our project, which is what makes stock footage sites so reliable, and awesome of course!

Best Free Stock Video Sites


Pexels Videos offers completely free videos. All videos are licensed under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. You can edit or change the videos and use them free for personal and commercial projects. All without asking for permission or setting a link to the source. So that attribution is not required. The videos you can find on Pexels will ensure that you are all set up for footage for promotions, website introductions, project demos, or simple and relaxing footage for your latest YouTube videos. The most popular categories are nature, technology, People, and cities.



Videvo has really evolved as a stock footage platform in recent years. With thousands of stock videos uploaded to Videvo thanks to its generous community members, freelancers, videographers, and generally nice people. Apart from free video footage, Videvo also offers free motion graphics resources; in fact, hundreds of them.

You can choose between the Videvo License and Creative Commons 3.0. The former will let you use the video in any way you like. While CC 3.0 requires you to credit the author that you have taken the video from, which is also why so many authors and creatives find it reliable to share their stock footage on Videvo — it gives them free exposure! Without giving any credit to the author, you will not be able to upload or share the video online.



Videezy is part of the Eezy Inc. family. If you are looking for free and modern stock videos, some of which are shot in 4K resolution, then Videezy is worth taking a second look at. You will not regret it. Video categories like nature, urban, ocean, sky, and city are favorite attractions for those who need category-specific footage. On the other hand, you can also use the search bar and discover keyword-targeted footage. A lot of the content on the site is more than one minute long, giving you the freedom to further edit the video footage to better suit your project needs.



Pond5 is one of the largest creative media sites on the planet. With more than seventy employees, this royalty-free footage resource focuses on providing exceptional content for those in need. Anyone with creative aspirations can become a paid member of the site and share their work in exchange for a 50/50 split of the earnings made. You provide content, Pond5 provides the buyers – as simple as that! All footage comes in several formats. These are standard SD, flexible HD option, and 4k option. And there are so many categories to choose from, like animals, medical, nature, New York City, sunset, vintage and waterfall.


Motion Array

motion array free stock video site

Motion Array is the ultimate filmmaker and video editor’s platform. They offer a huge library of stock video footage, Premiere Pro and After Effects Templates, as well as royalty-free music. Paying members get unlimited access to their whole library. They also offer a free membership that gives you access to thousands of free video clips, music tracks, and video templates.



pikwizard free stock video site

The collection of free stock videos on Pikwizard seems to be endless. You will find everything on the platform, from animal and art videos to building, food, education and healthcare footage, amongst many more. You can hunt content by popular categories or enter any keyword you want in the search bar. Sure, you can browse the content, from page to page, but there are 180 of them, so you know that it will take you a long time to end. Each video also comes with information on use and attribution.



bigstock free stock video site

As the name suggests, Bigstock is a massive platform of stock content for just about any intention and project. With that in mind, indeed, Bigstock also contains every possible video your heart desires. Use the filtering functions to simplify your search, or just type in your keyword and hit enter. Spice up your project with fresh content and grab everyone’s attention with an engaging video. If you are exclusively looking for free videos, only 35 are available during the 7-day free trial. Still, that might be more than enough to kick-start your project in style for some.



Dissolve provides high-quality footage for use in any videos. In other words, regardless of your project, you will find something valuable on Dissolve. Editors, filmmakers, and producers can use Dissolve stock footage to augment and enhance their custom work. With more than 1.3M stock videos to choose from, you are bound to create something great! Just enter a simple keyword and watch tens of thousands of videos unfold before you. All complement each other with a concise description explaining the scenery and place where the video was shot. Find the right material quickly on Dissolve and create new content for your website or blog without breaking a single drop of sweat.



videoblocks free stock video site

VideoBlocks has got one of the most appealing stock footage offers on the market. VideoBlocks is home to more than one hundred thousand stock videos. Many of which are now in full HD and 4K resolution. The signup price for a whole year is $99. This gives you the ability to have unlimited download potential. Moreover, all new content that is being added to the site will automatically be available for instant download. Besides, if you are interested in sharing your content with the whole world, you can become a VideoBlocks contributor today – sign up and start earning.



vidsplay free stock video site

VidsPlay focuses on providing its users with easy to download, easy to navigate, and most importantly – easy to view stock videos. In fact, for some, the most important factor is that all the content you find on VidsPlay is free of charge. The database is updated weekly, and more than one hundred great videos are available for download. With our broad collection of free stock video sites to visit, you can now discover loads of popular and not-so-popular footage to add to your page and use on your social media accounts. To download and use VidsPlay material, you will never need to pay royalties – use them without opening your wallet.




Pixabay is an outstandingly massive resource for visual content. A global community of creative and talented individuals regularly contribute to Pixabay their amazing works. Indeed, Pixabay is also a free stock video site with footage of all kinds. There are four main categories, one of which is videos. From then on, type in the search function hit enter, and enjoy the amazingness instantly delivered to your screens. Also, you can quickly check popular searches or learn more about advanced searching on Pixabay first and go from there. If you are putting something special together or you would like to spice things up with a short video clip, you will indeed find the right one on Pixabay.


wave video is another powerful platform with an endless collection of free stock videos. For your information, in the first place, is an online video maker. However, since the package of stock videos is so vast, deserves inclusion in this list of the best free stock video sites. In short, is an all-in-one website where you can get as creative as possible and craft nifty videos to engage your visitors and users. Moreover, you can also upload your media and instantly differentiate yourself from the masses. Create videos with meaning and shine online thanks to




If you hunt for the best free stock video sites, we have quite a bunch here. MotionElements is a breathtaking resource for footage and stock video, which you can put into play for your online intentions. Instead of taking clips yourself, you can now find all sorts of different masterpieces online, which you can employ free of charge. Sure, many different rules apply to each, but you can still freely use the video you find on MotionElements to entertain your followers. Remember that MotionElements’ content is royalty-free, meaning you can use it repeatedly for different projects you have going on on your end.



coverr free stock video site

Coverr is a dope free stock video site with beautiful content for your website. You can choose between different categories, like food, nature, tech, people, urban, animal and aerial. Besides, you can also try the search function and see what you get for your targeted keyword. What’s cool about Coverr is that it delivers seven new videos each Monday. And if you would never want to miss new content, make sure you become a subscriber and join the Coverr community. If you decide to use Coverr videos, make sure you first check out the simple three-step process to add the video of choice to your page.


Life of Vids

life of vids free stock video site

Life of Vids gives away loads of free video content to use on your pages and blogs. All the videos genuinely are free of charge. However, the only limitation is using up to ten videos on your page. In other words, don’t just download the entire collection that Life of Vids has in store for you and add it to your webspace. But you can always buy peeps a cup of joe or a beer or even mention them and help them grow the community, and they might allow you to use even more footage. If you head over to the collections section on Life of Vids, you can search by categories and save yourself time.




While SplitShire focuses predominantly on pictures, the platform also has loads of free stock videos. There are many beautiful and enticing footage that you can get your hands on without spending a dime. Especially if you are looking for content to add to your social accounts, videos work well. And you can now test it out almost instantly by downloading the content from SplitShire and uploading it to Facebook, Instagram, or any other platform you are active on. Fun fact, although SplitShire is a pretty serious deal, only one human is behind the project.



openfootage free stock video site

If you need versatility, Openfootage is one of the finer free stock video sites for you. From footage and panoramas to time-lapse and fire clips, you can find them all and then some on Openfootage. You can browse by the main categories on the left or use the search bar when looking for something more specific. Each piece of content also comes with additional information about the location and tags, which you can also use for searching other videos and visual works of art. There are four folks behind the Openfootage project, creating outstanding footage for the entire world to use and take to their advantage.




On Mixkit, you will find only high-definition videos. To increase the hype, Mixkit releases a collection of ten new and free videos each week. They come in various categories to cover as many projects and tastes as possible. For instance, on Mixkit, you will find coffee, transport, outdoors, music, city, and lifestyle videos, to name a few. Eleven main categories consist of tons of free videos for everyone to benefit from. Also, Mixkit continues to grow its community of contributors, meaning you can become one. Never miss the next free video package and sign up for Mixkit’s newsletter.




Dareful is a one-person show from the creative Joel Holland. When writing this, Dareful’s free stock video collection might not be that huge, but you sure will find some excellent and interest-sparking material produced by Joel. Knowing that all the free footage is in 4K, you know that you get only the best of the best on Dareful. There are even some mind-blowing aerial clips that will take your breath away. You can expect new clips to drop weekly. Stay tuned and never miss new content from Joel himself that he will deliver straight to your inbox.



123rf free stock video site

123RF is a free stock content site behemoth. There, you will find something for everyone. 123RF is also very heavy on free stock videos, with more than twenty different video categories. There is video content about animals, babies, business, fashion, people, romance, travel, weddings, and many other topics. The comprehensive collection of creative works on 123RF is over one hundred million. I know, right? That sounds almost too immense. It is almost guaranteed that you will find the right footage for your needs without really needing to dig too deep.


Footage Crate

footage crate free stock video site

Footage Crate is perhaps the only site on our list today that heavily focuses on providing stock videos in the FX category. Anyone creating movies and short clips and needs some special effects added to them will greatly benefit from the kind of content that Footage Crate brings to the table. All the available FX effects are full HD! On Footage Crate, you will find different content categories, like explosions, fire, anime, creatures, horror, muzzle flashes and a ton more. If you need something different, you better check out Footage Crate right now and start creating eye-catchy masterpieces.



mazwai free stock video site

Mazwai is a straightforward stock footage site that provides more than two hundred clips that you can browse and view directly from the homepage. Just roll over any of the clips, and they will begin to play. Moreover, to explore more clips, start scrolling down and see all the other content that Mazwai has available for you. Mazwai delivers some astonishing footage, and a lot of it is about two to three minutes long. To cut a long story short, Mazwai gives you a ton of content to work with, helping you spice up your webspace.

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