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Awesome And Responsive Content Sharing WordPress Themes With Frontend Submission For Videos, Audio, Images And Links 2016

Awesome and Responsive Content Sharing WordPress Themes With Frontend Submission For Videos, Audio, Images and Links 2016

This is our complete collection of the top and the best WordPress themes. With front-end submission to create and produce fully functional sharing websites, with website such as 9GAG, Reddit and many others.

All below listed themes featured fronted submission to allow accept users share their stuff. As a result, they are able to share images, videos, links, stories and other content. And themes are easy to use and navigate. Yet, other awesome features that I would highlight, which are user favorite lists, voting system, moderation queue and much more.

Hence, It is no big surprise that 9GAG has become the number one time waster on Internet thanks to funny and entertaining images. Consequently, there are loads of similar sites that never become popular and most of them failed because of complexity, performance issues and lack of unique content. So these themes will help you to solve first two common problems with content sharing website. Furthermore, you can concentrate on unique and entertaining content.

In conclusion, these themes can be used for other content sharing websites as well, such as video sharing, food recipes, info graphics, GIFs, quotes and everything else. We found versatile themes used for any kind of website.


socialchef recipe buddyPress community theme

SocialChef is a beautiful and attention-grabbing premium WordPress theme. A custom-made for sharing recipes online. This theme is skillfully designed for creating an interactive content sharing site for your readers to share and swap recipes. So it responds and resizes efficiently to all web enabled devices including Smartphones and tablets, such as ipads. In addition, it gives your readers or followers an optimal viewing experience each time they visit your website. It features a Front-End Recipe Submissions that allows site users to submit their recipes so you don’t have to be the only one adding content in your site.

With this modern front-end submissions functionality, your recipes are formatted to make them easier to follow. It also allows users to add the preparation time, cooking time, skill level, servings, category, ingredients and nutrition facts of the recipe. Moreover, you can add numbers to the cooking steps so readers don’t get lost when following along with the recipe. It also comes with advanced search feature that gives you a polished search results, all you have to do is enter an ingredient, dish or a keyword in the search field. SocialChef is packed with functional features and comprehensive customization options. Moreover, it is available in 12 color schemes, including a built-in callout bar, styled widgets and splendid social integration. In conclusion, SocialChef enables you to set up a forum within your website where your friends and anyone else can get together online to share different recipes that you love.

More info / Download Demo

Basil Recipes

basil - recipe sharing wordpress theme

Basil Recipes is a recipe powered WordPress theme built for easy content sharing. This food & recipes WordPress theme is totally responsive and ensures that your website will function at its best on all web enabled devices including Smartphones and tablets, such as ipads. In which it was to provide your audience a fantastic viewing experience. When you purchase this theme, you also get a free license to use Cooked plugin with it. Also, the Cooked plugin integrated in this theme allows you to create your own recipe website that is complete with ratings, reviews, and awesome responsive cooking guides for your visitors.

Furthermore, it also includes a Drag & Drop Recipe Builder. Which provides; unique recipe slider, boxy page builder, front-end submissions, recipe favorites list, pending recipes manager, user profile ( with submitted recipes, recent reviews and favorites list), custom login/ registration form, nutrition facts, clickable cooking timers, video support and WooCommerce Integration. Lastly, this theme is coded in HTML5 for more advanced multimedia integration and infinite customization capabilities.

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neat - frontend submission theme

Neat is a minimalist and lightweight viral video WordPress theme. Themes that are perfects for creating an interactive content sharing website. This theme uses Bourbon Neat framework that gets your website up and running in minutes. With it’s coded with clean SaaS for functionality and outstanding usability. Furthermore, this viral video content sharing theme is 100% responsive and mobile-friendly. Which means, almost every aspect of this theme is retina ready to make your content look astounding and attractive even on high resolution displays. Neat offers an array of color options, 600+ google web fonts, 400+ FontWwesome icons, multiple parallax sections, cool post type templates and powerful shortcodes and custom widgets.

This theme is very simple to personalize, thanks to its highly developed admin panel powered by Redux Framework. With this theme, it’s fully integrated with Visual Composer drag and drop page builder to help you create the page layout that you want in a jiffy. It also includes Revolution Slider, a premium WordPress plugin that enables you to add unlimited slides with stunning animation via a user-friendly interface. Furthermore it’s compatible with Video Importer plugin so you can import some of your videos from Youtube/Vimeo. This modern and clean theme comes with testimonial carousels, touch enabled slider, Facebook comments support, newsletter subscription, Contact Form 7 and translation ready. Lastly, Neat is compatible with most popular wordpress SEO plugins as well as JetPack wordpress plugin.

More info / Download Demo


aruna - viral theme with frontend submission

Aruna is a content sharing gag and meme theme that you were looking to build the best content sharing website around. With HTML5 & CSS3 Based, Retina Ready & Fully Responsive. As a result, you might say it’s bulletproof! It’s built with simplicity in mind, making the Post Module is clear crisp and amazing. It takes 10 seconds to post, you can easily build slider posts and more! With the functionality is a lot like the famous 9GAG, but it’s not a 9GAG clone, it is much better. Aruna is a completely different theme with loads of useful features for content sharing and socializing. Aruna is a highly customizable WordPress theme with several homepage layouts, unlimited color options, awesome typography and much more. In conclusion, we recently featured this theme among the best video sharing themes as of today.

More info / Download Demo

Ultrahumor – 4 in 1 WordPress Theme

Ultrahumor 9gag clone theme

Ultrahumor is an ideal theme to create your own 9Gag, Imgur, Damn! LOL, or Vine clone. With the theme features front-end submission form and several social network integration to make your website user friendly. The theme has built in a simple captcha, which protection to eliminate spam on your website. Also, this theme is also highly customizable and comes with OptionTree powered Theme Options to customize several aspects of this theme. Which has 6 advertisement ready areas to create the next money making machine full of joy and internet memes. You can choose to buy this theme or get lifetime access to all Hot Clone Theme collection. Furthermore, a second option would be better for serious webmasters and developers looking to create several different websites.

More info / Download Demo


facepress - grid style wordpress theme

FacePress is a clean, modern and responsive WordPress theme with frontend submission that can be used for content sharing websites, blogs and magazine style websites. With the theme features customizable user profile pages to keep the track of the best performing users on your website. So the users can follow specific topics and other users just like you can do it on other content sharing websites. Most noteworthy of all, the FacePress is a fully functional community theme with loads of awesome features for socializing and organic growth.

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I Love It!

i love it - content sharing theme

I Love It! is a clean, elegant and beautiful WordPress theme for content sharing websites. This theme is optimized to work with video, audio, images, attachments and articles. This theme features voting system with advanced algorithm that ranks submitted content and decided what to put on top. Theme has a built in user profile system that gives users ability to follow certain users. I Love It! theme has a built in keyboard navigation for easier and faster browsing through the website for power user. This theme is similar to FacePress and the only difference is its design.

More info / Download Demo

Me Gusta!

me gusta - viral content sharing theme

Me Gusta! is a user-driven content sharing WordPress theme suitable literally for any type of posts such as images, videos, audio, classic blog posts, quotes, GIFs and other. Me Gusta! theme integrates advanced voting system to rate the best user submissions and keep your visitors engaged on website as long as possible. The theme integrated keyboard navigation which would be ideal fit for power users. This theme integrates popular social network sharing tools to rise popularity of your website. Me Gusta! theme is well documented, so you can setup and customize your website with ease.

More info / Download Demo


cube - simple theme with frontend submission

Cube is a powerful WordPress theme which gives you the ability to publish content including all kind of multimedia post types without needing to go to WordPress Admin. This is a highly customizable WordPress theme with unlimited color variations, 5 homepage layouts, custom widgets, 10 shortcodes and much more to make unique and functional content sharing website that everyone will love.

More info / Download Demo

Food & Cook

food and cook recipe sharing theme

Food & Cook is your Multipurpose WordPress Theme. Sharing recipes and cooking tips becomes easier! Beautiful and Clean, a Perfect display for your food catalogue. 6 home layouts and 3 recipe layouts Included to your Satisfaction! Not only the look, we do care about flexibility, Food & Cook allow you to build your own shop, choose custom background, edit layout system even your 404 page, allow your readers to submit their dish and build your recipe database together.

This theme is optimized to work with WooCommerce to sell your own digital or physical products. This theme integrates support for Google Rich Snippets to display star rating directly into search result pages. While this theme is ideal for food recipes it can be customize to be used for any content sharing website that require frontend submission and content rating system. Food & Cook theme has unlimited customization options for fonts, layouts, color variations and listing page to create unique and professional website without touching a code unless you really want to.

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Frontend web developer and web designer specialized in free and premium WordPress theme development. Started to learn to code 2 years ago and now I am familiar with CSS/HTML/JavaScript (jQuery) and PHP. Obsessed with application performance, user experience and simplicity.

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  1. wow nice collection dear. i am thinking of creating a site.. for my new project .. your this post is really inspiring me

    thank you for sharing

    i liked most Aruna”

  2. It is sad that Face Press non-responsive. There just doesn’t seem to be anything quiet like it out yet. I was hoping for a little dazzle and fast and easy content sharing with frontend posting… with timeline and the ability to follow others in the community.

  3. I’m very interested in content sharing setups and found this page. Very impressive. I have just one question.

    Are there any possibilities known in these kind of themes, where users can switch language? This way sharing of media is interesting worldwide in your single setup. Of course you have the option to launch a seperate setup for every language used, but it would be great to have all in one.

    Marc Wijnants

    The Netherlands

    Ps. The I Love It! theme looks especially great 😉

    1. Marc,

      Thank you for your feedback! I really appreciate it.

      None of themes does offer this kind of functionality by default. However, you can always combine it with plugin such as WPML. It is by far the most popular multilingual plugin out there. It is flexible enough that it can be used with any WordPress theme out there.

      Let me know if you have any other question about these themes or WPML multilingual plugin.

    1. Dharne,

      Thank you for your feedback! I highly appreciate it!

      Let me know if you have any questions about these or any other WordPress themes listed on Colorlib and I will be happy to help.

    1. Bastian,

      There is no such thing as fastest theme in case your hosting sucks. You have to invest in a good hosting and you will be able to choose the theme you like the most. We recommend SiteGround and WP Engine hosting for WordPress. These hosting providers have a custom WordPress caching which will make your website fly. You can test our website performance to see what I am talking about. Our site has at least 50 images on each page and yet it loads faster than most websites that uses only plain text.

    1. Hello Heena,

      Thank you for your feedback! Really appriciate it! Let me know if you need any help choosing the right WordPress theme for your website. You should upgrade your website to mobile friendly and responsive theme as it is a Google’s ranking factor. You are now losing a lot of organic visitors from search engines just because your website is not mobile friendly and there is a very simple fix.

  4. Hey Aigars, thanks for sharing this. I am a newbee blogger and don’t understand much about wordpress themes. Can you suggest me if any of these themes supports social sharing buttons in all the inner pages/posts like they do in the homepage.

    1. Angelina,

      In WordPress terminology Social icons are from “plugin territory”. It means that they are enabled using plugins and there are thousands of different free plugins available on WordPress plugin repository. All of those plugins are working with any of above listed themes. That’s how WordPress plugins and themes works together. For Colorlib I use Jetpack and its social sharing module. I can recommend it for everyone as I have got used to it but there are plenty of other great social sharing plugins available.

    1. None of these themes or any other WordPress theme has Embedly support by default. However, Embedly has its own WordPress plugin that you can install and use with any WordPress theme out there. It can’t get simpler than that 🙂

  5. Hi, I’m looking for a theme that allows user submissions and upvoting to share text articles (with uploaded images from users) following a specified templates. Example :photos followed by a body of text and then photos followed by one more body of text. Users should also be able to register using their Facebook accounts. Easy Social sharing and mobile-enabled is a must too. Which would you recommend?

    1. Jo,

      Any of above listed themes will get the job done for you but you will need to use some free 3rd party plugins for that. To add Facebook login option you should search for plugin called “WordPress Social Login”. For more awesome free plugins make sure to visit WordPress plugin repository.

  6. Hi!

    This may seem like a very dumb question, but I do not have the slightest background in coding. The social networking themes you suggested are great! However, I am wondering if there is some sort of plug-in that allows you to customize the user upload process? For instance, if they were to upload a photo, is there any way to add the ability to edit that photo? I have seen some examples, but they are not very good. Obviously it would be impossible to create an Instagram-like upload process using templates, themes, and plug-ins, but is there anything that would provide something even close to the editing quality and capability of Instagram?

    1. Penny,

      Maybe there are some plugins that can help you with that but I haven’t had a need for this kind of solution therefore I can’t recommend you one. Sorry about that.

  7. Hello Aigars
    I am building a website wherein users can submit their posts about their food. I am trying to mirror the functionality of a facebook group that I have. Would the theme ‘Food and Cook’ suit the purpose? I do not need recipes particularly or the detail, just a simple list – traditional-blog type, only it should allow for user submissions. I thankyou in advance for your time and would greatly appreciate some help.

    1. Neelu,

      Any WordPress theme allow users to register and post content as long as you have enabled this functionality in Settings. It is default WordPress functionality that you can enable under Settings -> General -> Anyone can register. But make sure to set the right user level for new users.

  8. Hi, thanks for your post. I was wondering if any of the listed themes can be used for an expat blog that incorates viral news relating to such niche.Also, does any of these allow directories and different communities where members can join specific communities and build their own network? I would appreçiate your candid thoughts.

  9. Nice collection of themes, great post, can you help me find out a wordpress theme which will be similar to ?? thank you

    1. Sumna,

      Unfortunately, it has a very specific design and therefore there aren’t any themes that looks like it. Themes are usually made for standardized designs and this isn’t one of them.

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