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Best School Websites Designs
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19 Best School Websites Designs For Inspiration 2023

Need inspiration for education website design? These amazing school website designs will get you covered.

Effectively increase admissions with a school website that can promote the institution’s best services and facilities. Undeniably, it’s a potent promotional tool that can build a positive image of the school. Have a glimpse of this inspiration and unleash your creativity. Here’s a great collection of school website designs that will blow your mind away.

Looking to build an education website?

Here are the best school WordPress themes that you can use to speed up the website creation process. Alternatively, you can use any of the popular education website builders.

With the birth of digital marketing, almost all brands embrace this powerful tool. Whether personal or business, they can effectively build credibility and promote the brand. Similarly, educational institutions can take advantage of such a scheme. With a fully responsive and mobile-friendly school website, the virtual office can access website visitors 24/7. In addition, school websites can extend class discussions depending on the website’s features.

Additionally, school websites can easily facilitate enrollment. This way, classes, and schedules are much easier to disseminate and the registration process. These are just a few benefits of having a school website. Meanwhile, building such great school website designs needs inspiration to be outstanding. Whether you opt for a premium theme or outsource an expert in crafting your website, this awesome collection is essential.

You can find numerous and various types of school websites in this handpicked collection. Specifically, these websites have an exceptional layout, good and clear navigation, professional appearance, and compelling content. Thus, you have ample options on how to finalize your design. So, don’t miss this list and explore it for your upcoming projects.

Best School Website Design Examples

1. The New School

The New School

With this modern era, educational institutions need to have a seamless website to promote training services effectively. Thus, people can easily browse and enroll for the perfect course they love. In these magnificent school websites designs, you can come up with a wonderful school website. The New School has leading-edge faculty and world-renowned alumni committed to developing students for greatness. This institution is ranked #1 in art and design schools in the US. The website design is amazing with visual hierarchy, good navigation, and comprehensible typography. The hero header emphasizes the content by embracing white space with black and red typography. It also impressed the visitors with the neat and clean success indicators.


2. Ocean School

Ocean School

Find out how you can improve the school website project you’re working on with these excellent school website designs. Here’s Ocean School is a groundbreaking educational experience using powerful storytelling techniques, immersive technologies, and interactive media. Mainly, it uses an inquiry-based approach that advances critical thinking, innovation, and environmental awareness. The website is awe-inspiring and creative that’s ready to engage every audience. The homepage has more interesting web elements and features. The website’s overall design looks extraordinary as it integrates the GSAP. Hence, the subtle and breathtaking animations enhance the look and feel of the website.


3. World Schools

World Schools

Choosing the best school is a great challenge for parents. Hence, building a website for institutions is necessary. This way, parents will have the idea of what school to trust, and in turn, the institutions can open greater opportunities. These school website designs are truly magnificent and innovative. World Schools is the first international school directory available in seven language and international schools worldwide. It has a beautiful website design with outstanding features. The homepage is full of useful and informative web elements. The hero scene is the advanced search where the students or parents can browse for the schools using keywords, region & countries, plus categories. Moreover, the logo, quality images, sliders, video integration, and good typography look stunning.


4. International Grammar School

International Grammar School

Well-structured websites are a demand even for schools and educational institutions. You can easily create a good impression by building an appealing website with a welcoming layout. Explore these school website designs that can help unleash your creativity. International Grammar School is a uniquely independent, co-educational, secular school that offers quality teaching for early learning for primary and high school students. Its website is crafted with innovation and advanced features, including the GSAP. The hero scene uses a nice, smooth slider to introduce the school with quality images. It also displays a little introductory description of what the school can offer. Moreover, the testimonials section appears clean and minimalist as well as compelling.


5. Salesian College

Salesian College

Enhance credibility and make a good impression by creating a website with quality content and user-friendly features. You can start by having a glimpse of these superb school website designs. Salesian College is an educational institution run by Catholic for boys school. It aims to equip boys with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to become good Christians and honest citizens. With such a great goal is a corresponding exceptional website to spread its educational services. The website design is awe-inspiring, emphasizing subtle animation, visual hierarchy, and great layout. The hero header provides a warm welcome with the video integration and great headline. It also utilizes the sticky header to keep the menu, logo, and Book-a-Tour CTA.


6. Porto Business School

Porto Business School

School websites are a great way to market educational institutions. While others may hire adept and creative designers to build an amazing website, there are still numerous ready-made themes to explore for your school website. However you build your website, these school website designs will greatly help you. Porto Business School aims to empower people to identify future challenges, create different scenarios and rethink strategies. Particularly, the look and feel of the website are pretty amazing and cutting edge. From the awe-inspiring sliders, clean UI elements, subtle animation, and seamless layout, these are altogether exceptional. Furthermore, the social media links are visible on the footer to quickly access the school’s social media pages.


7. West Bourne Grammar

West Bourne Grammar

Be inspired by these school website designs that will aid you in turning your ideas into reality. You have the wonderful inspiration to examine in this list before you start yours. West Bourne Grammar is an independent Australian non-denominational Christian co-educational day school in Truganina. It has a simple but professional-looking website design. In particular, the hero scene features a grayscaled image background with rotating text. The overall design of the homepage is impressive and is feature-rich. Visitors can find such essential tools on the homepage as the website is more engaging with videos and images. Moreover, it uses huge thumbnails to represent the menu to make the website more user-friendly. Of course, the sticky header is also one of the best ways to keep the menu at hand, so this website ensures such a feature is apparent.


8. Lausanne School

Lausanne School

Discover the great opportunities you will have when you build your school website. Undeniably, most people turn to the Internet for brands to trust. Similarly, schools and educational institutions can embrace digital marketing too. If you plan to create your website, this list is a must-see. Lausanne School is one of the outstanding website designs you should check. It is an independent, non-sectarian school for prekindergarten through 12th grade in Memphis, Tennessee. Specifically, the hero scene has an awesome video background with CTA and headline. The further introductory of this institution uses a smooth slider to showcase missions and facts. Moreover, the graduates also leave impressive testimonials for the visitors to examine.


9. CIS International School

CIS International School

Websites don’t need to look old-fashioned but should have a professional, fun, and exciting design. Brace yourself with these remarkable school website designs that will guide you to yield an awe-inspiring website. CIS International School empowers students to fulfill their potential as responsible, innovative, and open-minded global citizens. Additionally, it aims to develop the student’s high-quality academic skills and social competencies. Sliders can showcase various relevant contents stylishly, this website ensures that the hero scene is welcoming with such a slider. For the menu, the visitor can easily check the different levels of education via the huge, square menu. Knowing the importance of social media links, this website also implements a sticky sidebar to improve visitor retention.


10. Moorlands School

Moorlands School

School website designs are a great inspiration to explore in finalizing your project. With various websites to delve into, you will have different options for setting up yours. Moorlands School is one of the professional-looking school website designs on this list. It endeavors to create a caring, supportive environment that enables each child to develop and shine. The homepage has amazing elements that can boost the institution’s credibility. Specifically, the hero header has a cool video background that features the different scenes of school activities. It also integrates subtle and smooth animation upon scrolling the page. Moreover, the high-quality images and the attractive typography appear exceptional as they are arranged majestically.


11. Manhattan School of Music

Manhattan School of Music

Manhattan School of Music is one of the world’s premier music conservatories for classical music, jazz, and musical theatre. Different school websites are built to improve the institution’s credibility and reputation. If you plan to create such a website soon, you shouldn’t miss these school website designs we’ve handpicked. The overall design is cutting edge and powerful, embracing the visual hierarchy and white space with GSAP animation. This website’s sticky menu and mega menu manifests user-friendly navigation. This way, users can easily navigate the website and access essential pages. That’s not all. This website also adds useful and descriptive CTAs, video integration and implements a cool hover effect.




Building a website is a great marketing strategy that most brands shouldn’t ignore. It can reach more audiences than without a website, educational and art schools should also embrace it. Here’s an inspiring school website design that is worth checking. UNSCA (University of North Carolina School of the Arts) is a top-ranked creative and performing arts conservatory in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. It is a public art school that grants high school, undergraduate, and graduate degrees. It has a super elegant and stylish website that can keep students interested. Particularly, this website uses a black and white color scheme and gradient web elements. With such a perfect combination, the design is totally impressive. Furthermore, the website implements a video background, stunning hover effect, and outstanding images.


13. The Art Center

The Art Center

One of the effective marketing strategies that works best for businesses is to create a good website. These school website designs are useful if you plan to build one for your project. The Art Center teaches the students art fundamentals while encouraging creativity, curiosity, and individuality. It has a colorful and vibrant design makes an enticing website on the homepage. Additionally, the white space effectively drives attention to the right elements and makes the content more readable. While that attribute is remarkable, the descriptive CTAs are all over the homepage to convert visitors to students. Other notable features in this website include the sticky header, the off-canvas menu, the lively Instagram feed and more.

Do you like this website? Similar results can be achieved using elementary school WordPress themes.


14. Ascend Learning

Ascend Learning

The primary goal of a school website is to convince the students and parents of their expertise and effective training methods. So, as web designers, always pick the finest tools and inspiration to create a seamless website. Ascend Learning is a network of K-12 public charter schools serving 5500 students in 15 schools across Brooklyn-New York. It leads students to a great intellectual adventure, provides them with exceptional college-preparatory education. The hero scene has a clean and simple design with clear CTAs, a simple logo, and a captivating headline. Videos are a great way to engage the audience. It integrates an interesting video to introduce its institution. The neat and minimalist layout enhances the website’s look along with the sliders, CTAs, and sticky menu.


15. The Paris American Academy

The Paris American Academy

Every brand needs a marketing scheme to boost its credibility, reputation, and awareness. Fortunately, a website is an effective tool to market any product or service. You will have abundant inspiration to delve into this list of school website designs. Here’s The Paris American Academy focuses on a strong vocational approach to preparing students for careers in Fashion, Fine Arts, Creative Writing, and Interior Design. The design of the homepage is magnificent and breathtaking. The hero header has a cool hover effect with four large menus. As the asymmetrical layout is a great feature to embrace for every website, this institution never ignores such a feature. And it never fails! The subtle and smooth animation also adds creativity to the website.


16. D. School


Every school website must be designed well to make a good first impression. With such a great website, it can lead to increased admissions. So, check out this list of inspirations to deliver a good user experience. D.School is one of the finest school website designs. It is a place to develop people’s creative abilities. It has a simple design of the hero scene with a logo and menu. The nice and smooth animations it embraces make the overall design excellence. It also has a clean, minimalist layout with user-friendly features to impress an audience. Moreover, it utilizes a sticky header to easily access other necessary pages. This website also offers two options to showcase content: the standard visuals and the simplified visuals.


17. Woodhouse Groove School

Woodhouse Groove School

Building a website is a good investment. It shouldn’t be ignored as it can enhance the school’s reputation. Here’s a great list of school website designs to empower your brand. Woodhouse Groove School is an independent, co-educational day and boarding public school. Its website is created with simple web elements to improve credibility with a web presence. Visitors can easily connect with the school through its mobile-friendly website anytime, anywhere. It integrates a video on the hero header to welcome every visitor. The cool animation upon scrolling adds charm to the overall design, not to mention the quality images and the good typography it embraces.


18. Edible Schoolyard NYC

Edible Schoolyard NYC

Crafting a school website offers a great opportunity for any institution to reach a wider audience and increase admissions. You shouldn’t ignore these school website designs if you’re working with such a website. Edible Schoolyard NYC is commissioned to cultivate healthy students and communities through hands-on cooking and gardening education, transforming children’s relationship with food. The design of the website is simple but striking. It uses green as the website’s primary color, denoting nature and energy. It has the necessary web elements on the hero scene with useful CTAs and video integration to introduce the firm’s mission. Explore this website and get inspired with your designs.


19. Generation School

Generation School

Pick the ideal inspiration for your next school website project from this awe-inspiring collection. Here’s Generation School, an educational institution that implements an individual approach with a team of professionals and a friendly, comfortable environment. It has a great and professional school website where parents and guardians can learn of its mission and values. Specifically, the website design is superb, with exceptional web elements added to the homepage to convey the message. The social media icons, clear CTA, headline, and stunning images appear seamless with subtle animation. It introduces the institution with charm and creativity, giving the audience ample ideas on its educational services. Other notable features include video integration, sliders, and animation upon scrolling.

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