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17 Best Preschool & Kindergarten Websites Design Inspiration 2024

Are you an educational firm that wishes to spread awareness of your outstanding educational services for pre-primary schools? If you do, then these preschool & kindergarten websites are notable and resourceful. So, check out these preschool websites and enjoy!

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken adults.” Frederick Douglas perhaps understood the value and relevance of early childhood education. More research shows that young children’s emotional, social, cognitive, and physical development greatly affects their overall development as an adult. Preschool and kindergarten play a vital role and are among the most important periods in a child’s development. With that in mind, it is ideal for parents to find the best ways to educate their children and help them secure a better and brighter future.

Whether you hire an adept web developer for your website or opt for kindergarten WordPress themes, these preschool & kindergarten websites are impressive and noteworthy. With these website examples, you can examine the best tools, find interesting website elements, layout and contemplate different designs. Each of these websites may differ from layout, design, and functionality but has similar goals. That is, to promote the establishment 24/7. Check them out!

Best Kindergarten Website Design Examples

1. Mother’s Pride

Made with WordPress. Hosted with Bluehost

Mother’s Pride kindergarten website

Are you seeking inspiration to build a web presence for your preschool or kindergarten establishment? If you do then these preschool & kindergarten websites are significant. Mother’s Pride has a clean, fresh and modern design. Displaying fullwidth images on the hero scene, the slider showcases those relevant content to impress visitors. Furthermore, this website is ready to create a good impression with its simple but effective success indicator. Further introducing the establishment displays the creative benefits it can offer to children. While those features are fantastic, programs, activists, events & celebrations are also exhibited using card design. Other useful sections are the branches, latest news, parenting tips, testimonials and more.


2. Moorlands

Made with a custom-designed WordPress theme. Hosted with Godaddy.

Moorlands kindergarten website

Moorlands is an establishment that provides healthy development and nurturing to attain high-quality education among children. The website welcomes visitors with a seamless video background with creative headline, logo, social media icons, search, and off-canvas menu. The homepage looks fresh and clean, with clutter-free content from top to bottom. It even uses quality images not just to illustrate services but also to enhance the overall website design. On the homepage, different layout styles are used with parallax effect that adds creativity to it. To make navigation quick and easy, the off-canvas menu is ever-ready to provide access to other essential website pages.


3. International Grammar School Sydney

Website is made with a custom-built WordPress theme.

International Grammar School Sydney

With the desire to provide non-denominational secular coeducational early learning, primary and secondary, IGSS creates a great and innovative web presence. The homepage is a wonderful product of sophistication, good design, and functionality. As the homepage can make or break impressions, this website ensures that visitors will visit other necessary pages. Specifically, this website uses the off-canvas menu to allow access to the different levels of education it offers. For the preschool & kindergarten, the page design and elements are altogether stunning. The hero scene is a magnificent display of images and captivating headlines. It also uses a sticky menu to book a tour using the website easily.


4. NY Kids Club

The website is made with WordPress and hosted with WPEngine.

NY Kids Club website design

Learn from the established preschool & kindergarten websites that are all set to inspire your next project. NY Kids Club has a charming and vibrant design of the hero scene. It embraces fullwidth images highlighted using a smooth slider. In addition, the advanced search is also added for a quick and effortless selection of content. Attractive and quality images are presented in the asymmetrical layout, making it look interesting and modern. It also integrates video to introduce the establishment across the web easily. This website applies the useful CTA to promote its brand across many locations (find the nearest location). Additionally, sets of images are shared using a smooth slider.


5. Mentone Grammar

The website is made with WordPress and Elementor Pro

Mentone Grammar school design

Mentone Grammar educates children from kindergarten, primary and secondary school years. While the children are young and tender, it is beneficial to start learning to build a strong foundation. With its majestic website, this establishment is set to spread its services worldwide through its professional website. It has a stunning homepage design with a modern video background. Various elements include a masonry layout that links to other necessary pages, different campuses, and a sticky header. Moreover, the white space implemented on this website also adds beauty to the overall design. Furthermore, the site also offers CTAs that leads to booking a tour, enrollment, careers, etc.


6. Monkton

Website is made with Interactive Schools platform and hosted with Cloudflare.

Monkton kindergarten website design

The value of childhood education is beyond measure. Accordingly, children must have great foundations in the early years to prepare them well. No wonder numerous institutions are established everywhere to provide early education to children. Monkton is one of these and is delightful to spread awareness of its outstanding approach in education through its super-creative website. The homepage is loaded with great elements that will capture visitors’ attention. Specifically, the hero scene is a beautiful presentation of images coupled with GSAP animation. It also utilizes a stylish transition from one continent to another. It deserves to be on this list of amazing preschool & kindergarten websites with ample features.


7. My Little School NYC

The website is made using a Colorlib website template. Hosted with Bluehost

My Little School NYC

Content is king. Precisely! However, the website design is not to be ignored. If you’re working with a preschool & kindergarten website, My Little School NYC is a grandeur inspiration. Like most professional and creative websites today, this one embraces the power of GSAP animation. The hero header welcomes visitors with an image, CTA, and simple headline.

For the presentation of featured photos, this website uses a masonry layout. Furthermore, it showcases stylish icons representing the page, admissions, and enrichment programs. Apart from that, it also integrates a cool video that speaks of their works. Check out this website’s other useful features for fellow schools or web designers.


8. Columbus Preschool

The website is made with Divi WordPress theme and WooCommerce. Hosted with WP Engine.

Columbus Preschool

Some states and countries implement mandatory early childhood education. With such rules, many preschool and kindergarten learning centers are built. Hence, it would be ideal for building a web presence to shine in the competition. Columbus Preschool is another interesting inspiration to look into. It has a modern look at the homepage with useful elements. Specifically, it has a fun and cool video background with a compelling quote. To make content more appealing, this website added thumbnails on the website’s philosophy, admissions and team. It also offers a freebie for all visitors who are presented attractively. That’s not all. The gallery is also added to the site, which looks better in the masonry layout.


9. Twinkling Stars Preschool

Built with: Squarespace

Twinkling Stars Preschool

For your upcoming projects, list the web elements you love from these preschool & kindergarten websites. Twinkling Stars Preschool is a simple and minimalist website providing preschoolers excellent learning services. The hero header combines an image, captivating CTA, headline, and parallax effects. Having the desire to showcase its programs clearly, this website uses images to make the content look outstanding. Moreover, the testimonials can help enhance the brand’s credibility, including a simple showcase of testimonials with a parallax effect. The header also looks clean and neat, with a logo and menu on the right.


10. Bright Horizons

Custom ASP.Net bult website hosted with Cloudflare

Bright Horizons

With digital marketing today, a brand should consider having a website regardless of the product or service it offers. In like manner, preschool and kindergarten learning centers should not ignore such a strategy. Bright Horizons is a charming and lively preschool & kindergarten website. It welcomes visitors with a video integration on the hero scene. It also provides easy access to other website pages such as its programs for early education, teachers looking for work, presentation of the team and more. The website is loaded with striking CTAs to drive or prompt an immediate response from visitors. Aside from that, it also showcases testimonials using a sleek slider.


11. MV School

The website is made using a custom WordPress theme. Hosted with Hover Cloud hosting

MV School

Extend your reach with an excellently designed website to showcase your outstanding learning services. If you need inspiration to create yours, these preschool & kindergarten websites are extremely useful. MV School has a cool and modern design of website. Particularly, it applies the amazing GSAP animation to reveal ultra-high-performance animation. It has ample features that make this website a resourceful one. It displays cool animation upon hovering on different elements too. Other web elements complement the design, including the video integration, slider, parallax effect, Instagram feed, social media links, and more!


12. Euro Kids India

A custom built PHP website hosted with Amazon AWS

Euro Kids India

Learning can be fun and exciting. This is what Euro Kids India’s commitment catches most parents’ hearts. Specifically, this learning center promises to provide fun and engaging learning, play, learn, and grow. With its 1000+ centers in 350+ cities, it’s always ready to make learning fun and exciting. Euro Kid’s India’s website is creative, stylish, and colorful. Loaded with vibrant and colorful elements, the website looks lively and interesting. The hero scene is a magnificent display of its outstanding learning services and awards through animated images.


13. Milo’s House

Website made with Netlify. Hosted with Amazon AWS

Milo’s House

Don’t miss these preschool & kindergarten websites we’ve handpicked for you, so you have ample inspiration to choose whether you’re a designer working with a preschool website or a web designer with a similar task. Milo’s House website is quite simple but can improve its credibility. The hero header is a stunning display of an image and a headline. Furthermore, the website uses card designs to exhibit their establishment’s programs. Since testimonials are best to include, Milo’s House uses a simple but nice and clear testimonials section.


14. Przedszkole

The website is made using a custom WordPress theme. Hosted locally in Poland


Without a web presence, it’s tough for a brand to shine. Why? Almost all people today look for brands on the internet. Likewise, preschool & kindergarten establishments should also create innovative websites to improve reach and grow business. Przedszkole is a great design that designers and learning centers must check. It has a wonderful display of the hero header combined with a descriptive CTA and headline. The website displays a modern design since videos are more appealing and engaging. To showcase the school environment, this website uses an exceptional slider. Aside from that, it also integrates Google Maps, email address, contact number, and more features!


15. Anchor Academy

Built with: Wix

Anchor Academy

A clean, modern, professional-looking preschool & kindergarten website inspires creativity among learning centers. Anchor Academy’s magnificent homepage design stands out well with GSAP animation. Dedicated to providing the best-in-class early childhood education, this establishment promotes learning services with style. It applies visual hierarchy, nice typography, high-quality images, a clean layout, and awesome features. Since sticky header has become a standard web design, Anchor Academy integrates quick and trouble-free navigation. Other necessary pages also have organized content that complements the homepage.


16. Flamingo Island

The website is made using a custom WordPress theme. Hosted with Hostgator

Flamingo Island

With the numerous preschool learning centers in the industry, a website can be an edge that will distinguish one’s firm. This list is a must-see if you’re working with preschool & kindergarten websites. Flamingo Island has an innovative and cutting-edge design perfect for inspiration. The hero scene has a delightful video background of children in their learning centers. Aside from the menu on the header, it also offers medium-sized boxes that link to other website pages. The homepage is all about Flamingo Island’s missions and passions, conveyed using images and text arrayed alternately. It also exhibits simple testimonials and realistic videos of parents who have experienced their expertise in easily childhood education.


17. South Rowan

The website is made using a custom WordPress theme. Hosted with Rackspace

South Rowan preschoold website

You can explore another exceptional preschool & kindergarten website design for inspiration. South Rowan has a visually attractive website. While other websites utilize cold colors that look great, this website uses more of a warm color linked to excitement, joy, or energy. The hero scene brings joy to the visitors as it showcases multiple monochrome images of delightful children enjoying their activities. Utilizing white space in the design is ideally inspiring. Specifically, this website is packed with CTAs that are designed to drive action from the users. In addition, the cool hover effects also add creativity to the design, along with nice and smooth parallax effects it applies. Check out this notable website today!

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