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imac mockups
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33 Free iMac Mockups For Professional Presentation 2022

For a stunning presentation of your designs, website, or application, iMac mockups are the way to go. But that is something you knew about already, right? However, instead of doing it from scratch, here we have numerous different styles of templates featuring an iMac setup for you to take to your advantage.

With the help of Photoshop, you can almost instantly add your artwork and see it appear on the screen of the iMac. You only need basic web design knowledge and some dragging and dropping skills. Once you download the mockup for free, you import it to Photoshop and attach your design via the smart object layer.

If you are a designer, you can easily create a bundle of iMac mockups for all your forthcoming projects, keeping your workflow at the pro level all the time. Surprisingly, that is pretty much all the work you need to do. Sure, some of the mockups give you more freedom than others, but each ensures a professional outcome.

No doubt, if you would like to stand out from the masses and create a strong first impression on everyone viewing your works, you better get things done with iMac mockup PSD templates.

Best Free iMac Mockups For Any Use Case

iMac Mockup of a Man Working

imac mockup of a man working

A beautiful, professional and sophisticated iMac mockup in a bright office, featuring a man working. You can now slide in your website design, your new iMac background, screensaver, admin dashboard, you name it, this mockup handles it. No need to use any advanced software to make it happen either. Thanks to Placeit, you do all the work in-browser. As far as your image or screenshot goes, you upload it from your computer directly or even use a URL. The working area of the iMac screen is 1920 x 1080 px, but you can also rearrange and crop your design. Additionally, Placeit allows you to add a text overlay and a graphic.

More info / Download

Mockup of an iMac at a Modern Office

mockup of an imac at a modern office

A modern office, plants, and an iMac on a white desk, that’s what you are getting with this next template. It takes you barely any time to improve the default look with your creation and see it in effect immediately. Like any other iMac mockup that you see here, this one requires just some clicking skills and you can already have the end product available for your audience or your client. As simple as it sounds! Once you have the design or the screenshot ready, anyone and everyone can profit from the mockup tremendously. Even without experience, you can now establish a photorealistic presentation that will wow everyone.

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Mockup of a Man Using an iMac in a Minimalist Setting

mockup of a man using an imac in a minimalist setting

Another cool iMac mockup of a man working in his minimalist office. If this is the setting that will add extra shine on your work that you would like to display on an iMac screen, by all means, head over to Placeit platform and put the template into play immediately. Websites, online stores, applications, pretty much anything that fits the screen of an iMac, you can now present in the most impressive and life-like way. You can use the outcome for additional promotion, on social media, in a newsletter, on your online portfolio, etc. Get innovative, improve the mockup with your creative touch and call it a day.

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Woman Checking her Phone at the Office Near an iMac Mockup

woman checking her phone at the office near an imac mockup

Unless you are the boss, no one wants to see you with your legs on your desk, checking out your smartphone while the work sits undone. We are not here about what you should and shouldn’t do. Instead, we are here to check out only the best iMac mockups. And this particular one is a cool way of displaying your desktop app, software or website design. The boss lady enjoys taking a break from the long hours of staring at the iMac to enjoy some social media fun on her mobile device. Slide in a screenshot and you are done with the work.

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iMac Mockup With a Solid Background

imac mockup with a solid background

A simple, clean, professional and sophisticated iMac mockup featuring the device and a solid background. You can effortlessly change the color and lift the presentation to level eleven, speaking of background. Cool shade effect divides bottom surface from the wall and gives it a more realistic presentation. As for the design, you would like to see the iMac to sport, upload it or use a direct image URL. That is all to work you need to do – no Adobe Photoshop and no other software for editing mockups. When working with Placeit, the platform takes care of it all, keeping the process effortless.

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iMac Mockup in an Interviews Room

imac mockup in an interviews room

A cool iMac mockup in the conference room, during an interview for a job. Now, what for you would like to utilize this tool is up to you, there sure are multiple ways of taking the template to your full advantage. Besides including an iMac screenshot, you can also append text overlay with a simple click on the button. You can change the color of the text and the text background, which comes with two different padding sizes. One thing is for sure, the outcome will be a very realistic presentation of your design, whether of a website, online store, software or desktop app.

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iMac Mockup on a Wooden Desk

imac mockup on a wooden desk

Clean and minimal with a rustic touch, thanks to the wooden desk, that’s what you get with this iMac mockup. First and foremost, editing the template will happen without a hitch. You can now have an iMac presenting your design by just a click on the upload button or by copying and pasting your image/screenshot URL. If you are satisfied with the appearance, hit the download button and enjoy the outcome. You can use a mockup template to stand out from the masses with a presentation that shows your professionalism and creativity. Make sure that the image is 1920 x 1080 px size and will fit like a dream. On the other hand, you can easily crop and reposition it if necessary.

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Two Men at the Office Using an iMac Mockup

two men at the office using an imac mockup

A real office experience featuring two male colleagues viewing the work on an iMac. They could enjoy your website, your fresh new iMac wallpaper design, an admin panel, software, or an online fashion store, and make a presentation that will capture everyone’s curiosity. In today’s world, you can create remarkable presentations without having any experience. After all, Placeit is a fun and user-friendly platform where you can use their top-notch mockups for displaying your designs and creations. With the creative ready, append it to the 1920 x 1080 px screen and voila, you are ready to roll.

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Modern iMac Pro Mockup Vol.2

imac pro mockup

The new iMac Pro is fire, and today you can download this mockup and let it display your creation in a photo-realistic way. If you are busy working on a desktop app or a new website for a client, import your design to this mockup and see how well it fits. This way, you will know if it needs any additional editing. Besides, your client will better visualize the design and see how well the project is coming together. All it takes is to download this template and before you know it, you can start playing around with different features for a banging final product.

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Clean and Minimal iMac Pro Mockup

imac pro psd mockup

A clean desk, an iMac Pro setup and a plant, what else do you need? With as little work as possible, you can now have this exact environment represent your creation professionally and sophisticatedly. While you have been super busy doing the work to release an innovative application or a corporate website, the time has come to test it in real time and see how harmoniously it performs. Add it to this iMac mockup and see the magic happen. You can then send it to your client and impress them with a realistic visual presentation that will hook them immediately. Try it out now, it is free after all.

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Awesome iMac Pro PSD Mockup

free imac pro mockup psd for website screen presentation 2018

If you want to take things to a new degree, you can achieve fascinating results with an iMac mockup. This particular one includes the powerful Apple desktop computer, a lamp, a book, a chair, and pencils. It appears like you would take an actual shot of your working space. But there is no need to since this template already has all the needs. Just add your artwork, web design or anything else you would like to promote and you are ready to roll. It is just as easy as it sounds what makes it very beginner-friendly.

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iMac PSD Mockup

iMac PSD Mockup

Need a free iMac mockup for your upcoming design presentation? Feast your eyes with these free iMac mockups we’ve handpicked for you! This free mockup features a closeup view of a 27” iMac screen size and in 3K resolution. It’s a PSD file that is fully customizable. This free iMac mockup comes with smart object for easy design insertion. Thus, a close-to-real preview of your designs before your final presentation is guaranteed. With this mockup, the user interface of your design will be extremely seamless and innovative. Specifically, you can customize the brightness, reflection, shadow, and even change the background color. Moreover, the scene has the optional use of the Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse.

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Workspace iMac PSD Mockup

Workspace iMac PSD Mockup

Make your project presentation seamless and innovative when you pick this iMac mockup. Workspace iMac PSD Mockup is a great tool to have for evaluating your design. It features an iMac with Magic Mouse and magic keyboard on a clean and minimalist workspace scene. You’ll have an awesome design presentation by adding your graphic design, branding, or adverts on the iMac screen. Thanks to the smart object layer this mockup contains, inserting artwork in the scene is easy and quick. Just drag your design into the smart layer then save and you’ll have great results in no time! Check out this iMac mockup and never let your presentation open more opportunities for your career or business.

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Photorealistic iMac PSD Mockup for Free

Photorealistic iMac PSD Mockup for Free

Looking for an iMac mockup to deliver your design in a realistic, professional and innovative manner? Look no further! Here’s a Photorealistic iMac PSD Mockup for Free that can be used for graphic design presentation, evaluation, and promotion purposes. It features an iMac device in a neat, minimalist and elegant table scene. While the iMac adds a touch of elegance to your creativity or artwork, the tiny little plant in a pot and the table lamp make a great addition. Specifically, this free iMac mockup contains the smart object layer where you can drag and drop your design and get ready to shine! This mockup is worth acquiring for upcoming website presentation, UI design or any other creative works you want to reflect on the iMac device.

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Free Glowing Night iMac Mockup in PSD

Free Glowing Night iMac Mockup in PSD

Change your dull and lifeless design demonstration into a more interesting and delightful one with this free iMac mockup. Free iMac Mockup in PSD is a great resource to carry your design to the next level through a photorealistic presentation. This is made possible with the smart object layer where you can insert your design easily. This mockup features an iMac device’s perspective view on a dark or night ambiance. Other elements on the scene, such as the plant, lamp, Magic mouse, Magic keyboard, etc, even more, enhance the visual appeal of the scene.

More info / Download

Free Modern Workspace iMac Mockup

free modern imac workspace mockup

This free iMac workspace mockup can be yours in just one click. You can utilize it to display your new website themes, your upcoming app redesign or for any other web project you would like to put an extra shine on. You can easily imagine a modern freelancer or even a small business owner using this workspace, which adds a warmer vibe. If you believe that this type of atmosphere best resonates with your masterpiece, by all means, use the mockup now and see it in action shortly after. It can also work great for branding purposes and for building personal portfolio.

More info / Download

Free Apple Screen Cinema Display Mockup

free apple screen mockup

While the photo-realistic iMac mockups are to consider, something more simplistic and basic could also do you well. Here is a simple template that emphasizes iMac’s stunning retina screen. The layout allows you to add your artwork to the screens and change the color of the background. Make it in tune with your branding and set yourself apart from the competition. That is likely to happen once you fine-tune the style and make it your own. And the limits, what for you would like to use this mockup, are none. Turn on your creative spirit at full-whack and establish a breath-taking experience to intrigue everyone seeing it.

More info / Download

Floating iMac Marble Background Mockup

free floating imac mockup

To make it fun, interesting and exciting, so everyone’s curiosity sparks, this floating iMac mockup is the way to go. It is surrounded with marble floor and marble wall, a perfect combination to make it stand out when building your brand’s awareness. You can change the iMac screen and add your product or creation to it and see the difference. Let’s face it, Apple products are very classy and have a strong impact on the overall presentation of your designs and artwork. Download it now and put it to use right off the bat for quick success.

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Free iMac Retina Display 5K Mockup

retina display 5k imac mockup

For pure presentational purposes, many use Apple products due to their cleanness and minimalism. They strongly focus on the work you would like to push while keeping it professional and sophisticated. For the 5K retina display iMacs, a mockup is great for you to use with your website, application, or other web design that requires additional exposure. You can use it to send it out to your client for better visualization or even for marketing purposes. Give everyone a chance to see your masterpiece’s awesome with an iMac mockup and have them intrigued.

More info / Download

iMac Mockup PSD

free imac screen mockup

You will look more professional and expert if you have your application or website displayed on an iMac. But this mockup template does not feature just the computer but the entire workspace, which makes it more realistic. If you ever questioned how they do it, the answer is pretty simple: iMac mockups. All you need is to download this file and use it with Photoshop. Append your artwork, and you can also adjust the saturation to add it an additional touch of uniqueness. Like all the rest in this collection, it is an easy to use layout for swift results.

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Free iMac Mockup in PSD

imac mockup free psd

If you wonder what would be the best way to display your web creation, wonder no more. Here we have a photo-realistic iMac mockup that will set you apart and put you on top. It almost feels like you would be taking a picture of your workspace. Yes, it is that realistic and your client does not need to know about it. As a designer, you need to think of unique ways to showcase your UI designs to entice your potential new clients and wow existing ones. Have a set of mockup templates always at hand for a quick fix.

More info / Download

Modern Floating Desk Mockup

free modern floating imac mockup

An stunning office workspace consisting of a floating desk, a modern chair, many details, and an Apple iMac. It is a PSD mockup that offers immediate editing via smart layers. You can also modify each detail of this gorgeous iMac mockup and make it yours. But, most importantly, use the screen of the computer to display your brand, your product or other web designs and leave everyone in amazement and awe. Download the mockup for free and start tweaking it quickly for a swift presentation. With such a cutting-edge template, you only add an extra touch of professionalism to your work.

More info / Download

Free iMac Plus Desk Lamp Mockup

free imac plus desk lamp mockup

An iMac setup mockup is here for you with a lamp, pencil, and scissors holder. You can get your hands on it for free and move things forward sooner rather than later. By changing the iMac screen with your artwork, you can have your web presentation ready for your customers and clients. You can finally showcase the app or website project you have been working hard and passionately on until now with an iMac mockup. But do not use it only for promotional intentions, test out your design, too, and see if it needs any extra refining touches.

More info / Download

Free Dual Monitor iMac Setup Mockup

free dual monitor imac setup mockup

As a programmer or a designer, you sometimes need to rock two screens to get the work done and have more freedom with the space. However, if you would like to use a dual monitor iMac setup mockup, you can click on the download button. It is a free template, just like all the rest on this list. That said, there is no reason you would not want to use it and help yourself with it, increasing your workflow to an entirely new degree. Besides, you immediately step things up when you put your work on display on an iMac or any other Apple product.

More info / Download

Free Solid White Apple iMac Mockup

free solid white apple imac mockup

You would want to consider using this free solid white Apple iMac mockup for something a little different. It is a full white iMac setup with keyboard, trackpad and mouse. Each element comes with a separate smart layer to customize the template however you fancy. You can leave it all as is and add your artwork or you can also do other tweaks and modification. Whatever the case, the end product will surely be a cracking one! Always think about your presentation as an already final product. Of course, you can always improve it later, but create a strong first impression and hook everyone.

More info / Download

Free Multiple Perspectives iMac Mockup

free multiple perspectives imac mockup

A simple iMac mockup in multiple perspectives is what you get once you download the free tool. From the front, left and right angled, and from the top, all four positions can now be yours free of charge. Implement your application or UI design and have others study it further. Editing it with Photoshop is quick and effortless even if you happen to be a beginner designer. You can swipe in your work via the smart layer and see instant results. Always think about how you could present your works uniquely and originally, setting yourself apart from the competition. Execute with an iMac and get things rolling.

More info / Download

Free iMac Mockup in PSD

free imac pro mockup

When busy working on an innovative project, you do not find yourself time to invest for forging the neatest presentation. Instead of spending countless hours on it, pick up a free iMac mockup and let it do the work for you. This particular template comes with two different iMacs for you to have even more possibilities to create the perfect outcome. Besides, you can adjust reflections, colors, shadows and even remove the Apple logo if your project requires it. You will have a blast creating a realistic portrayal of your app and make it shine online.

More info / Download

Free iMac Mockup in PSD Vol.2

free imac psd mockup

A remarkable presentation is likely to happen if you use an iMac mockup. With a photo-realistic template, you can get your users interested and engaged. Or if you work with a client, share with them your creation and let them see it “live.” A mockup of this kind is great for website presentations, themes, applications, and other UI designs and graphics. Make it your own by downloading it for free and change the iMac screen via the smart object layer. It is exactly as easy as it sounds, even for someone fresh to the Photoshop game.

More info / Download

Home Desk with Free iMac Mockup

free imac computer office mockup psd

For everyone who does not have the time to create a custom presentation, use an iMac mockup and the rest becomes history. Drag your design to the mockup and start sharing it with the world to see. On top of that, the result is guaranteed to be professional and top-notch. With this in mind, you can easily have this superb home desk office setup presenting your artwork on an iMac screen. One thing is for sure, if you would like to have a photo-realistic promo, you would want to use this one and stand out a mile.

More info / Download

iMac Mockup Freebie

free imac mockup on a desk

A fully customizable iMac mockup comes with three different variations and four screens. You are welcome. One is a front view and then there are two additional ones; one featuring two and the other one iMac in an angled view. Along with changing the screens with your work, you can customize the background and even add a desktop. Have all these distinctive visual and lifelike presentations ready in a snap. With a mockup, you can do a lot about pushing your professionalism and let everyone see what you have been working on.

More info / Download

Free High-res iMac in Home Office Mockup

free man imac office mockup psd

While home or office desk mockups are what you see most of the time, you can easily differentiate yourself with this next iMac mockup. This full home office iMac setup features a man busy doing his thing for an even easier visualization. No need to use your imagination anymore to brainstorm the final design. You can now add it to a mockup to study it further. And if already complete, again, use a mockup template to display it to your audience and even use it to presell your creation. Go against the norm and do your thing with an added signature touch. Get your concept up and running today.

More info / Download

Christmas Scene Free iMac Mockup

free christmas desk scene mockup

If Christmas and holiday vibes are on full-whack, you better consider using an iMac mockup with the same theme. To your luck, you came to the right place. Here is a Christmas-inspired mockup template of an office setup including an iMac, a lamp and other holiday details that will increase the spirit. After you download the mockup for free, the only thing you need to do is to import your ready-made design or artwork and voila, the end product is prepared for further promotion. Moreover, you can also change the background color and make it a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

More info / Download

Free iMac on Wooden Desk Mockup

free imac on wooden desk mockup psd

A lifelike iMac mockup can be yours right now. For free! It is an enticing home office setup on a rustic wooden desk to which you can add your artwork hassle-free. Download the layout, add it to Photoshop and attach your design through the smart object layer. That’s that; you have a realistic image with your design ready for any intention. If a designer, your client will be impressed by the level of your knowledge and pleased by how clean, precise and detailed your work is. On the other hand, if you are an app owner, you can use this mockup for social media promotion or blog posts.

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