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28 Top Apparel & Fashion Website Templates 2019

28 Top Apparel & Fashion Website Templates 2019

No need to be searching for the best fashion website templates anymore. We came to the conclusion that a thorough web hunt for the top and most promising templates for fashion websites is needed. Here we are now, ready and set to take care of your clothing and fashion industry projects.

Do style and everything trendy run through your veins? Are you constantly up to date with what is hot at the moment? Or you might want to start your very own eCommerce site selling goods for others to look stylish. Whatever your needs may be, we have a solution for you. But that is something you already learned by now.

In the modern age we are living, we all seem to care what we put on ourselves. It is important to us that we look not only good but feel confident and competent. To reach those levels, a proper selection of clothes can help us tremendously. The fastest way to find the desired clothes and styles is to go online and browse countless fashion websites. And some are so into trends and fashion, they launch their own fashion blogs and online stores.

To help you out choosing appropriately without spending too much time doing it, investigate these best fashion website templates. Inform folks about the latest trends and brands or start selling goods yourself. It is all possible and quick to realize if you have the right set of tools. We took care of those, now is up to your to put them to use and create the next trendsetter. Become an inspiration and break the fashion industry barriers. Go against the grain and start something new.


divi fashion website template
Whether you are starting a fashion brand or you would just like to build an online store for selling apparel and accessories, with Divi, you can do it both and then some. Here is a striking, outstanding, easy to use, yet feature-rich tool which will get things moving in the right direction without trouble. Divi is for everyone. It does not matter if you are creating your first page or your 10th; the process will be simple and comfortable. You know why? Indeed, because there will be no coding necessary.

Divi comes with predefined demo material which you can benefit from right off the bat. You can even employ the sample as is and just attach your items and other details. On the other hand, you can also brand and personalize Divi and make it follow your branding regulations precisely.

More info / Download Demo


jevelin fashion website template
With the multiple predefined demos, you can easily use Jevelin as a fashion website template, too. In fact, it even has an exclusive demo built just for this case. If you are interested in starting a general or a niche store, with Jevelin, you can now make one speedily. There is all the necessary stuff ready-made for your convenience. Also, the look of Jevelin is clean and minimal, instantly catering to all sorts of different ideas. But you can also do additional customization tweaks with the help from WPBakery page builder.

Some of the goodies of Jevelin include slider, countdown timer, sticky header, drop-down menu, back to top button and hover effects. Jevelin also comes with a magazine section which you can use for announcing the latest product drops, look books and other useful information. One tool for a complete fashion website – choose Jevelin and do your thing.

More info / Download Demo


qos fashion website template
With QOS’ minimalistic look, you know you will create a fantastic shopping experience. The layout is also 100% responsive, making sure they enjoy your page whether coming from a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. Moreover, QOS also instantly acclimatizes to all web browsers and ensures fast loading speed.

Start the journey to a successful page launch with seventeen homes, five shop layouts, seven product styles and additional four blogs. As you notice already, there is a ton of material ready-to-use, perfect for a quick launch of a fresh new online business.

There is a lot more.

QOS also includes mega menu, nifty filtering, cool search function, coming soon page, Elementor page builder and Slider Revolution. Get things going forward with QOS and start on the web like a pro from the very beginning.

More info / Download Demo


brailie fashion website template
In this collection, you will, obviously, find a wide variety of different fashion website templates. While eCommerce is the most popular style, there are others like fashion photography, too. The latter is what Brailie is all about. It is a stunning photography template for everyone who would like to push his or her works above and beyond. And if you are in the fashion industry, Brailie is a great option for you as well.

What is pretty much insane about Brailie is the fact that it has over fifty predesigned demos. You read that correct, 50! In other words, you probably will not need to do much work yourself, go with the sample you dig the most and just add your content. Voila, you are done and ready to go live.

There is a ton more.

Brailie is packed with valuable assets, from parallax effect and sixteen color skins to SEO friendliness and four premium tools at no additional cost. Kick things off with Brailie today.

More info / Download Demo


emporium fashion website template
Emporium is a solid eCommerce website template with all the qualities to use it for selling apparel and fashion. It has a modern and clean web design which you can easily alter and use for your online business needs. Emporium is 100% responsive and retina ready what satisfies all mobile shoppers and guarantees them a flawless experience.

With Emporium, you can sell just about every item you are passionate about. You can focus on one type of product or you can create a massive online marketplace, pushing clothing and accessories to dress a client from head to toe.

Benefit from the included slideshow and use it to advertise latest drops or special deals. Ensure each guest a comfortable navigation with the banging menu and let shoppers get in touch with you using the integrated contact form. When you go with Emporium, you have it all at the tip of your fingers.

More info / Download Demo


deus fashion website template
Would you like to start an online fashion magazine or news site? Would you look at that, we have a special template ready exclusively for you. Deus is a clean, minimal and contemporary fashion website template for making compelling online magazine and newspaper-like sites. It is a multi-niche tool that fits any industry ideally. When speaking about fashion and everything related to it, Deus will do you extremely well.

Deus is mobile-ready and cross-browser compatible for your news portal to work on any platform smoothly. There are also numerous reusable web elements at your disposal to tweak and edit Deus however you fancy. Add your personal touch to it and make something extravagant out of it. Deus also supports all types of posts, is powered by the popular Bootstrap Framework and comes equipped with loads of widgets. Realize your idea and start selling goods ASAP.

More info / Download Demo


zakas fashion website template
Striking, yet intuitive, this is how Zakas works its wonders. This fashion website template lets you create an enlightening and stylish site that will drop all online shoppers’ jaws. All designs are relevant to what’s hot right now, so you will never get stuck with the usually outdated ones. Additionally, you can add other important pages and elements to complete your eCommerce site according to your standards.

Share your website amongst your visitors and other potential buyers so that they can access you easily. Everyone can view the site conveniently using mobile phones, thanks to its responsive platform. Zakas is truly the epitome of greatness in web design. Multiple ready-to-use home demos are at your disposal, waiting for you to stuff them with your magnificent and must-own items. Start your online business now with Zakas and never look back.

More info / Download Demo


trio fashion website template
A customer’s smiling face gives any business owner a warm feeling. Thankfully, you could reach out to more clients thanks to the internet. The whole world is now under your hands, very accessible. With a fashion website template like Tri-O, you can make more people happy and satisfied. It is a multi-purpose layout with thirty stunning concepts which you can utilize however you see them fit your needs best. You might even want to go entirely against the norm, no biggie, Tri-O handles all your ideas with ease.

Offer your affordable products and services and let those in need to reach you. Tri-O does this effectively and wonderfully with its innovative features. Do you have the will but not the means? Don’t worry, as Tri-O has a huge collection of features, all easy and quick to employ. These include first-class galleries, contact form, accordions, header styles and dozens of other sophisticated goodies to choose from. Share your informative blogs to inspire more readers and announce upcoming product drops, too.

More info / Download Demo


monsta fashion website template
Couple the lavishness of your jewelry with a website with a powerful website made by Monsta. With this fashion website template, you can achieve an ostensibly impossible feat with its revolutionary designs and features. If you are looking to start an online jewelry shop, you better get on board with Monsta. However, you can do things differently and even utilize Monsta for apparel and other fashion-related products.

Monsta is flexible, mobile-friendly and time-efficient so there is no need to be an expert in showing off a website at all. Other killer goodies of Monsta are dark and light looks, mega menu, product slider, newsletter popup and mini cart to name a few. Monsta is a spectacular web design that will help you push your brand further and place you on the right track to reach success.

More info / Download Demo


javenist fashion website template
With seven different home pages, Javenist is a multi-purpose website template for online stores of all shapes and sizes. Even when you decide it is fashion what you will focus on, Javenist is ready to bring your plan to life and get your online business to thrive. From front to all the must-have inner pages, Javenist is loaded with features that you can put to use straight away. Before you notice, your unique clothing store is fully set to go online.

AJAX contact form, MailChimp subscription, Instagram feed and free updates are just some of the traits of the amazing Javenist. Exclusive sections for special deals and new arrivals, brands slider, social media icons and mega menu are all part of the deal. Go all in and you can have a fully functional fashion website up in a small amount of time.

More info / Download Demo


artfurniture fashion website template
Sure, ArtFurniture might be a furniture-first website template, but that does not mean you cannot use it with other projects, too. In fact, ArtFurniture is so adaptive and customizable, you can almost instantly alter it to such projects as online fashion shop is. In the majority of cases, it is the content you add to the template what defines what’s the niche it represents. Just fill ArtFurniture with fashion and it changes its meaning in an instant.

If neat and uncluttered is your game, then ArtFurniture is undoubtedly the right option for you. You can choose from four different index pages and utilize all other inner sections that ArtFurniture treats you to. The tool is very user friendly, sports a creative look and includes a functional contact form. For any additional questions, you may have, feel free to hit up friendly support staff and they will be happy to help.

More info / Download Demo


stylexpo fashion website template
Fully responsive, contemporary and trendy fashion website template, Stylexpo, is here to make magical things for you. Right off the bat, you know that you do not need to build things from scratch anymore. Secondly, Stylexpo is flexible and follows all the latest technologies to ensures that your page works all the time without a hitch. Besides, Stylexpo also has three homes and a total of over 57 HTML files in the bundle.

Integrated into the layout is a newsletter popup which will help you grab guests’ emails for future marketing campaigns. The remarkable mega menu ensures comfortable navigation across your page and lets visitors find particular items in as little clicks as possible. Product timer, active contact form, three footer styles and three header options are at your service, too.

More info / Download Demo


quadra fashion website template
Finish what you started with Quadra fashion website template. If you already brainstormed the whole process how you will execute your business and deliver it to the online space, let Quadra bring it to fruition. You can start taking first gigs shortly after you download the tool and put it to use. But first, let Quadra do its thing and enticingly promote your products and services.

By default, Quadra is a creative multi-purpose template with a number of professional ready-to-use samples. It is an easy to use template that offers super fast loading speed and top-notch performance on all devices. Quadra has numerous features which unlock an endless amount of possibilities for you. That being said, you barely need to do any work for the completion of your cutting-edge fashion page.

More info / Download Demo


mimosa fashion website template
Mimosa is an eCommerce fashion website with an elegant and artistic web design. You get six beautiful homes and plenty other inner layouts to create a complete page in a breeze. No matter which demo you go with, the end page will always be of the highest standards. Meaning, there is no right or wrong pick. Just go with the flow and choose the one that best resonates with you and your project.

Due to the use of Bootstrap Framework, Mimosa provides a pliable and fluid layout which instantly readjust to any device. It also works across all modern web browsers and is search engine optimized. Mimosa is a next-level product for crafting online fashion stores that spark everyone’s attention. Do not hesitate and also add testimonials and let people speak about you and their experience. You have it all at your fingertips.

More info / Download Demo


znews fashion website template
ZNews is a large website template dedicated to news, blog and magazine-like online projects. It has a total of twenty ready-to-use demos which you will not have any issues altering to your fashion blog or web magazine you plan on launching. The web design of ZNews is neat and eye-friendly what allows it to adjust to all your ideas and plans. With the amount of available content, you will not need to do much yourself rather focus on releasing your first article.

The template has a classic multi-level drop-down and a mega menu, different sliders, newsletter subscription box and widget-rich footer section. Once you grow to a certain traffic volume, you can also start monetizing your website easily by adding banner ads to different spots across your page. Get your talent out there and spread it amongst the global audience.

More info / Download Demo


minberimag fashion website template
When looking for an elegant, stylish and classy fashion website template, then you should look no further than MinberiMag. It is a powerful tool with a great deal of material that is ready to be put to use. Finish creating your online fashion magazine super fast due to everything included in the MinberiMag kit. In the bundle of demos, you will find one ideal for all you fashionistas out there.

It all begins with a full-width carousel slider and a minimal touch to the web design that MinberiMag has. Quick links in the top bar, as well as social media icons disappear when you begin scrolling. However, instead of the top bar, the menu becomes a sticky one and follows a reader so he or she always has access to other sections on your page. The sidebar glues to the screen, too. MinberiMag supports all types of posts, features a wide Instagram feed and a shipshape contact form and Google Maps.

More info / Download Demo


exist fashion website template
Exist is a brilliant fashion website template with goodies upon goodies. You can start selling apparel, accessories, bags, shoes, whatever, quickly and effectively with help from one solid tool. In this case, that is Exist. It rocks a tasty web design that pushes all your items and brings them in front of shoppers.

You get access to twelve ready-made demos which are original each in its own way. Pick what you find best suitable for your needs and start the adventure there. Exist also has loads of different product pages, gorgeous portfolios, blog and all other must-have sections for a complete shopping experience.

Among 55 and counting pages, you sure will find everything that you need to create a killer page for your fashion business. Still, you can always do some editing and improving since Exist is easy to modify.

More info / Download Demo


basel fashion website template
With a multi-concept eCommerce website template like Basel, you have all and everything you need to start something fresh. There are a few fashion demos included, but you can also go against the norm, pick a different one and tailor it to your needs. It is all possible and, actually, very easy to do it. Basel is user-friendly based on Bootstrap 4 for creating highly responsive online shops.

Along with the demos, Basel also comes with six different shop looks and four product pages. Some of the cool features you get are parallax effect, back to top button, sticky navigation and a newsletter pop-up. Basel makes it all appear on the web beautifully with a touch stylishness and a great attention to detail. Mobile or desktop shoppers will experience you web store the same due to Basel’s epic flexibility.

More info / Download Demo


neha fashion website template
Minimalists, you are in for a sweet treat. If you have not heard of Neha yet, prepare to be amazed and impressed by the level of sophistication and simplicity this fashion website template delivers.

It is out of this world.

While there are several front pages predesigned, we will focus on the fashion one only. But that does not mean you cannot use a different one even if you are in the apparel business. You sure can! You can remodel Neha almost immediately.

Let’s get back to the fashion demo.

The first thing that pops up is a newsletter subscription form. Use it or avoid it, that is entirely up to you. But catching visitors’ emails can be super rewarding later on. Moreover, it is the full-width slider that will grab everyone’s attention and make them eager to look around and see what’s hot. For special sale deals, Neha also has a countdown timer and allows you to start a fashion blog, too. All the necessities and then some you get in one cleverly packed template.

More info / Download Demo


gatcomart fashion website template
Gatcomart is more of a traditional eCommerce website template for creating mega shops of all shapes and sizes. Fashion can only be one part of your gigantic store or you can focus Gatcomart to the industry in its entirety. Whatever you fancy, Gatcomart makes sure to realize it for you. The amount of traits and assets it brings to the table is almost ridiculous but all for a good reason.

First thing’s first, choose your demo. There are four homes at your disposal and numerous other inner pages like product details, cart, checkout, wishlist and even blog. Besides, Gatcomart also has login and register pages. The online store canvas is responsive, in harmony with web browsers and features both subscription and AJAX contact forms. Setting up a page is effortless with Gatcomart.

More info / Download Demo


tmart fashion website template
Tmart is large, that is for sure. It provides complete freedom when building your dream eCommerce page for selling fashion. Or pretty much any other products you would like to start a business around. It is a minimal, neat and high performing website template with over 87 pages. For homes, Tmart has eleven ravishing layouts which you will adore from the first to the last. Pick the one that feels right and you are closer than ever from making a fashion website happen.

By using Tmart, you can sell all types of fashion, men, women, kid, boutique, you name it, the template works with all of them. Utilize other magnificent features and create a one-of-a-kind experience for every visitor. Wow them with animations, build customer trust with testimonials and impress them with the footer reveal section. They will enjoy coming back to your web destination due to the amount of originality you deliver thanks to Tmart.

More info / Download Demo


techmarket fashion website template
The name of Techmarket might have nothing to do with fashion but that does not mean it cannot adjust to it. It sure can. After all, Techmarket is a solid, robust and all-around template for all types of eCommerce pages. You can also use it to sell a mixture of different types of products since categorization and navigation of Techmarket are on point. The vertical and horizontal menus provide quick access to all the items you have featured on your site.

Techmarket is based on Bootstrap 4 and comes with included SASS files. It also comes with an addition of a mega menu which takes your eCommerce platform to the next level. Six color skins, newsletter, register and sign-in forms, social media icons, you name it, Techmarket is furnished to the last smallest detail.

More info / Download Demo


eshoper fashion website template
Refined to perfection, Eshoper is a fashion website template to hammer out a neat and pliable online store. With its cutting-edge web design, you will hook potential customers and have them complete their very first or tenth order. That is a no brainer.

But wait, there is more.

Along with the handy fashion demo, Eshoper has a ton of other material at your disposal. From different header styles and footers to newsletter pop-up, mega menu and massive slideshow, these and many more traits come part of the kit. Although Eshoper is a features-packed template, it still keeps the look smooth, clean and to the point. A lot might be going on but in a tasty fashion. Avoid procrastinating, jump in with both feet and have a fresh clothing project live without delays.

More info / Download Demo


shopr fashion website template
Once an idea hits you to start a business in the fashion industry, make it happen briskly with ShopR. At least if that project is selling apparel, accessories, bags, shoes and other whatnots. ShopR is an eCommerce website template that you can take to your advantage right away.

Two home variations and a total of over fifty pages and blocks await you once you download ShopR. It is a mobile-ready, cross-browser compatible and modern tool for the quickest realization of all your projects. You will have a blast building, managing and maintaining a fashion store with ShopR.

There is a lot you can accomplish in short period of time when you have access to a convenient tool. ShopR comes with multi-vendor pages, two sliders, a bunch of premium add-ons, mega menu and six color schemes. Besides, ShopR is also search engine optimized for your store to rank higher and get as much SE juice as possible.

More info / Download Demo

News 24

news 24 fashion website template
Would you like to write about fashion and all that comes along? If that is the case, do not just do it on a piece of paper, start an online magazine instead. As frightening as that may sound, it is actually a lot easier than you think.

Running an online fashion mag is simple in the modern era we live in. However, making it large and popular, well, that is a whole other story.

But today, we focus on building fashion websites and News 24 is another excellent template that will be of tremendous help. It even has a predefined index page ready to save you loads of time and effort.

From the idea to having a live website, the time in between can be rapidly shortened with News 24. The tool is all you need to create something so enticing it will be in their memories for months to come. News 24 practices all the modern tech and web trends to create a seamless experience for every reader.

More info / Download Demo


latest fashion website template
If you would like to sell and speak only about the latest trends, it feels right to chose a fashion website template that is named Latest. Of course, you do not have to be limited in any way. At the end of the day, it is an eCommerce fashion template that you can take to your benefit no matter what kind of online shop you plan to launch. Even if it is just a blog, you can do that, too, with Latest template.

With the number of ready-to-use pages, Latest gives you a great choice of tools to create a site you fancy. Blend together what is already available or further customize each page to reach the craved uniqueness. The HTML and CSS code is user friendly what makes tweaking it smooth and easy. Latest template is built on Bootstrap Framework to ensure you complete flexibility.

More info / Download Demo


kuteshop fashion website template
If you are not sure yet whether you would like to sell women fashion, men fashion, kids fashion or maybe even a mix of all three plus accessories, help yourself with KuteShop template. It is a multi-purpose eCommerce HTML template that makes sure it covers all your template expectations. So far, there are well over 15 predefined home pages, fully sorted shop and three different blog styles. If you are not in the business solely to make money, but to give something back, compelling fashion blog can be a great start.

KuteShop has about, contact and error pages, a horizontal and vertical mega menu, plenty widgets and other special details to enhance your online presence. Banner slideshow, brand display and sticky menu are all additional but super important features of KuteShop. For creating an eCommerce giant, KuteShop template is an alternative that can be of great support.

More info / Download Demo


uniqlo fashion website template
Clothing, apparel, accessories and just about any fashion and beyond online store is sorted with Uniqlo template. With seven home pages, you can start the customization process before even touching a single line of code. Speaking of code, it will be a breeze editing Uniqlo fashion website template and tailor it to your likings. No need to stick to what is currently available. Pick what feels right to you and start adjusting the one demo you chose. Just a few short moments later and you will have a fantastic website ready to hit the fashion industry.

One thing worth mentioning regarding this collection of free website templates is the web design you plan to go with. In case you still find yourself lost, not knowing which template to choose, kick things off with the most simple, basic and clean one. Uniqlo is one of the winners when it comes to simplicity. Let shoppers focus on your products instead unnecessary clutter.

More info / Download Demo


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