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14 Best Easy To Manage Free And Premium Bootstrap Forum Templates

14 Best Easy To Manage Free And Premium Bootstrap Forum Templates

Forum not only helps you to create a community of like-minded people but also help you to increase your sales as well as earnings through ads. There are many forum platforms to help you built your own forums. Some of the best forum software are phpBB, vBulletin, Invision community and bbPress. In which bbPress is familiar to the WordPress users. Following free and premium Bootstrap forum templates help you to create an interactive forum easily. Before selecting a forum template, select the platform on which you like to set your forum.

Before getting into the Bootstrap forum templates list, let us see some of the basic steps to create a successful forum.

  • Make sure what are the categories you are going to cover in your forum.
  • Treat your forum like a blog, be consistent and give valuable contents to the forum members
  • Members of the new forum will take some time to become active. As an admin initially it is our duty to be active.
  • If you have like-minded friends ask them to join the forum, so they can help you to keep the forum active at the early stage.
  • Try to find active members in your forum and bring them to interesting topics to make the discussion even more useful for other users and also to encourage other users to join the discussion.

Free Bootstrap forum templates do not provide direct forum options and advanced features as you get in the premium Bootstrap forum templates. The free templates mentioned in this list have close enough features to create a forum template. You can take these free templates as an inspiration and use its code as a base to develop your own custom forum. While in the premium Bootstrap forum template you get plenty of options to customize and even some of the templates supports page builders, so creating a forum with premium templates is comparatively easier than using free templates.


Listing is a free directory based website template. Here the users can log in and submit places and the details about it. As a community, other users can also review the place and rate it. The clean design of the template makes it an easy fit for the present day web audience. Full-width design and the colorful line icons make this free template feel like a premium template. The template uses latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework. By adding few more pages and few lines of coding you can make this free template into an effective forum for food lovers and travelers.

More info / Download Demo


Pato is a free restaurant website template by default. It is a multi-page template with all the features you need to create an effective restaurant. In this template, the users can see the food and reserve table. These modern web elements of this template help you to mesmerize the users with beautiful food images. All these features will also help you to create an interactive forum website template for food lovers. This flexible website template is mobile responsive and uses HTML5, CSS3, and latest Bootstrap framework.

More info / Download Demo


doctreat bootstrap forum template
Doctreat is an all-in-one powerful Bootstrap template for establishing a doctor directory website with a forum. It is based on the popular Bootstrap Framework to guarantee exceptional performance across all devices, smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. Of course, Doctreat works excellent on all modern web browsers and retina screens, too. Along with the sophisticated designs, Doctreat has in store tons of practical features that will wow every user.

Some of the treats include offline packages, appointment on call, RTL support, patient history, powerful search and one-to-one real-time chat system. Listing down all the features of Doctreat would take us quite a considerable portion of the time. Meaning, instead of ruining all the fun for you, we let you experience Doctreat first-hand instead. Create an advanced medical and health directory now with Doctreat and enjoy the quick realization of an impactful end product.

More info / Download Demo


squadforce bootstrap forum template
Gaming enthusiasts who are willing to start their online project, make it with SquadForce. You can use this versatile Bootstrap tool for an array of different intentions. For instance, SquadForce works for building anything from news pages and game portals to eCommerce websites and forums, plus heaps more in between. Also, you can be an utter beginner and you will still make some noise on the internet with SquadForce.

Loads of ready to use blocks, convenient navigation styles, eSport tournaments, WooCommerce support and stunning galleries are a few of the specialties that SquadForce has available for you. The bbPress integration allows you to create a forum and start growing a loyal community. By the way, if you would like to translate SquadForce, you can do that, too. Moreover, SquadForce includes automatic updates to ensure you smooth website operation for years to come.

More info / Download Demo



Ethic is an education website template, which includes forum as one of its core features. Being a fully developed website template you get modern web elements and professional website features along with the forum option. Since it is an HTML template you don’t get a complete working forum. Instead, the template developer has provided you the framework for all the pages you might need in a forum. By using this template you can integrate with any of the famous forum software. The forum pages included in the Ethic template are Single profile page, social members page, single group page and forum activity page. Overall the Ethic is a complete website template package. The best part is this template is also available in other CMS versions like WordPress and Joomla.

More info / Download Demo



Helper is a modern looking colorful forum template. The Helper template is primarily designed for the corporate website support forum. So all the features and the web elements you get with this template looks professional and closely resembles software website templates. This template includes two versions, both of them are almost similar with mild changes. With the clean white background, the texts and the web elements are easy to read. Since the template is mobile optimized all the web elements are clearly visible in any screen size. The template also includes the login form and registration form designed for you. All you have to do is to add your contents and integrate this template into the forum platform you like.

More info / Download Demo

Teach Me


Teach me is a forum template for courses and online training based websites. Every existing user can create a topic and can discuss with other group members. In the forum homepage, people can see the users, number of posts and topics each forum members have created. The only downside of this template is it just show forum as one of the options of its education website template. It does not include all forum page templates like in the Ethic template. If you are in search of forum template along with an online course providing features, then Teach Me would be a better choice. The template is speed optimized and mobile optimized, so it performs well on all devices and platforms.

More info / Download Demo



SociFly is a social network based website template. Since it is designed to manage a large number of users, this template includes all features and options you need to run an effective forum. The design of the template is also neat and clean. The intuitive design of the template can handle both the texts and the multimedia elements easily. Users can not only interact with each other but also they can like other content and send a friend request. The sticky right sidebar gives you plenty of options to filter contents.

If you are looking for a template to improve the interaction between the community members, then SociFly would be the best choice. One of the main reason to create a forum is you can advertise, the SociFly template gives you ample amount of space to add advertisement banners. Another advantage of using this template you get four homepage variations.

More info / Download Demo



Psychology as the name implies, it is a medical website template. The clean looking creamy color scheme of the website template gives a pleasant experience to the users as soon as they enter the site. Since it is a complete website, you get all the features and the web elements in working condition. The clean design of the template clearly shows the texts and the web elements. The right sidebar gives you plenty of space to add many options to improve user engagement. By default on the sidebar, you have the option to filter the content by categories, tags, and date. Out of the box this template is mobile optimized, speed optimized and cross-browser compatible. So your website receives an uncompromised performance on all devices and platforms. This template is also available in the WordPress version.

More info / Download Demo

Friend Finder


Friend Finder is also a social network website template. But it is not a complete working website template like the SociFly template mentioned above. With this template, you get all the important forum pages as a separate template. You can use this template as a base and can integrate it with your forum software. The pages you get with this template are; homepage, news feed, single profile, timeline, chat room, image, and video feed. Since all the basic page are created in this template collection, your workload is considerably reduced. The smart design of the template helps you to share multimedia contents as well. The Friend Finder template uses HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework.

More info / Download Demo


martplace ecommerce website template

MartPlace is a modern template based on the marketplace concept. The template features are more or less similar to the Themeforest website. Where the user can see the product author, their product review, their followers and portfolios. In one word MartPlace is a more refined and modern looking Envato market website.

Apart from the forum place you also get a dashboard with this template. In the dashboard, you can visualize your activity stats elegantly with graphs and charts. The modern web elements manage to improve the user engagements. MartPlace is a value for money template where you get all the features to create an effective forum, marketplace and customer support. You can simply convert this template to the CMS version or can integrate with any other software you like and can kickstart your website right away. This well-coded template uses HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework.

More info / Download Demo



Knowledge is a corporate style Bootstrap template for forum and knowledge base. The versatile design of the template has the capability to be a forum template, but the options are not given directly in this template. The user can search for the topic and can interact with the content. The full width design of the template gives you ample amount of space to add more contents with an equal amount of spacing and present it elegantly to the user. The fonts are also neat and easy to read. If you like this Bootstrap template, then you have to make some custom changes to make this template fit for the forum purpose.

More info / Download Demo



Momo is a flat material design based dashboard template. As you can see some of the Bootstrap forum templates mentioned above uses a dashboard like design for internal users and for better navigation. This dashboard template also has the potential to be an effective forum template, but the options are not provided directly in this template. If you like the dashboard based forum concept then this modern looking Angular 5 based interactive dashboard will impress you. It has all the necessary features to create a forum, only thing is you need to manually tune them to fit your needs.

More info / Download Demo

Vue Js


Vue JS is also a dashboard based forum Bootstrap forum template. From the dashboard, the user can interact with other users and also can follow their activities. The Vue Js template best suits for service oriented forum. If you are selling a product and like to build a community based on your product then this dashboard based forum template will help you create one. Since it is a dashboard template by default you have plenty of options to include, but you can customize them easily and select only the elements that fit your needs. The template is mobile responsive and is also speed optimized.

More info / Download

What’s Your Favorite

These are some of the best free forum templates you can make use of for your forum websites. As said before premium templates give you more options and advanced features. But if you like to stay economic then you can choose one from the free Bootstrap forum templates. We have managed to collect the free template that almost has all the basic features you would normally expect in a forum website. All the templates in the list use modern HTML and Bootstrap framework, so working with them won’t be a big issue for you. What is your favorite template? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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