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Top 23 Responsive HTML5 Directory Website Templates For Business Directories 2018

Top 23 Responsive HTML5 Directory Website Templates For Business Directories 2018

The free market has managed to create an unprecedented level of economic mobility. It is based on the principle of economic autonomy, and that everyone can act as their own economic agent. You get a voice, and a right to form your own company. However, so many voices can easily create noise. In the online world, you are literally competing with hundreds of thousands of companies. A business owner’s duty is to find a way of speaking the client’s interest.

Directory sites can cancel some of that noise, and funnel the customer’s attention to a very specific list of services and companies. Of course, others will benefit from the same exposure, but your chances will increase as well. Creating and maintaining a directory site can be a very lucrative business, for those who are willing to dedicate themselves to this task. Unlike other areas of activity, you can afford to neglect aesthetics. No flashy elements are required. The emphasis is on practicality, accuracy, and ease of use. That being said, let’s take a look at some of the best HTML5 Directory Website Templates:


citybook directory website template
With a clean and modern design, Citybook is one stunning HTML directory website template. You can use the tool for local or international directory and listing type of websites. Regarding the niche or industry, Citybook has not limitation, just go with whatever you need to build a page for. Citybook is pliable and adaptable to any industry. Moreover, it also adapts to any device and is compatible with browsers and retina displays.

Citybook has five home page demos, as well as a coming soon template and a 404 page. Indeed, other inner pages are part of the package, so you do not have to make them yourself. As for the first pages, they support parallax effect, video, map and slideshow for a wider specter of options. It is all there, at the tip of your fingers.

More info / Download Demo


lister directory website template
Lister is to, hence the name, list different things in a precise order. Everyone will find what they are looking for in a snap. Thanks to Lister and its conveniency, the experience searching and browsing your directory or listing page will be a fun one. Along with two home versions, Lister also has one that is entirely dediacated to RTL languages. That said, the template is also fully translatable and customizable.

Being as powerful as it is, Lister is suitable for hotels, restaurants, jobs, real estate, you name it. Astonishing elements of a successful directory page come with the Lister kit. From Google Maps and submission page to reviews, cool listing styles and other necessary HTML components. Lister is responsive, optimized for search engines and thoroughly documented.

More info / Download Demo


classipost directory website template
ClassiPost is a responsive and mobile ready HTML website template for classified ads sites. Four index and several other pages help you quickly launch the required page and start driving traffic to it ASAP. Each element of ClassiPost template is customizable so you can make it follow your business precisely. Additionally, the template comes with four different headers, mega menu, integrated Google Maps and functional Ajax contact form. Every user also gets a friendly support that helps guide them to a successful launch of their website.

A variety of grid and list layouts, three post detail pages, pricing tables and user account page, these are all predesigned for you. ClassiPost delivers all the must-haves and a great deal of extras. You will probably want to use the template out of the box because the design is just terrific.

More info / Download Demo


findoctor directory website template
FINDOCTOR is a doctors specific HTML directory website template. It lets your visitors to quickly and easily find the doctor and book him or her online. Four index pages and an additional one with the cookie bar for all the European websites are in the kit. FINDOCTOR is a Bootstrap 4 and SASS template with killer characteristics and an outstanding performance. It was designed and developed with great usability and mobile-friendliness in mind.

Some of the awesome features of FINDOCTOR are two date and time pickers, responsive pricing tables and over forty HTML pages. In the pack, you will also find admin dashboard for a fully sorted out administrator. CSS3 animations, owl carousel, password strength checker and sticky menu are other essentials of FINDOCTOR.

More info / Download Demo


listinggeo directory website template
ListingGEO is way more than just an HTML directory website template. As you will soon find out, it is also an admin and a dashboard template. Along with two contemporary home variations, ListingGEO also has two demos for the mentioned. Your entire directory website might just got sorted out with neat and solid tool full of amazing features. ListingGEO is really a three-in-one template if you like.

Besides, ListingGEO sure does come with other needed pages, functional contact form, Google Maps and supplementary PSD files. It is a Bootstrap 4 powered template based on HTML5, CSS3 and SASS. The code is organized and written in a way friendly to beginners but practical for programmers, too. ListingGEO covers pretty much every chapter and every element of a flourishing website.

More info / Download Demo


prolist directory website template
Prolist is a sophisticated and beautiful HTML template for directory and listing websites. With its big collection of pages and other must-have elements and material, crafting a jaw-dropping page is closer than ever. However, the outcome will not only be appealing to the eye, your website will be highly functional, performing on all devices like a charm.

When the content is predesigned, you can do loads of stuff with it and even customize it to your likings. Prolist comes with five index pages, eight list styles and a total of 33 HTML and PSD files. It is responsive and pixel perfect, based on Bootstrap Framework. Different colors, typography, blog layout, it all reveals upon unboxing Prolist template. Are you ready to proceed and take a promising shortcut to reach the final destination quickly?

More info / Download Demo


serv directory website template
Serv is short for services, a listing directory website template for freelancers, chefs, taxi drivers, cleaners, electricians, plumbers and other service based businesses. Gathter them all together and let Serv template serve you as a skin for your helpful website. While its focal point is promoting services, Serv can also adapt to other types of directories and listings. Serv is flexible and extensible with an orginal and modern web design.

Out of the box, Serv comes with two first pages and three varieties of listings. It is the simplicity of Serv what makes it a special tool to put together a one-of-a-kind website. But most importantly, it is the looks and the execution what will make users come back. Serv adapts to any device – mobile, tablet, desktop – smooth as butter. It has a newsletter box, aesthetic pricing tables and works seamlessly on all web browsers.

More info / Download Demo


local directory website template
Local might be one HTML directory website template, but when you land on the live preview page, you see that there are actually five of them. With Local, you can quickly set up real estate, job finder, car dealer, classified portal and yacht market websites. On top of that, the item also has an extra admin dashboard just so you do not have to develop it yourself. Bear in mind, there is no need for you to stick with the main topic of the particular demo. Each can be edited and improved for other niches and industries in a snap.

After you select the demo you fancy the most, live customizer allows you to quickly edit it to your likings. Select top bar color, primary and secondary colors, choose boxed or wide layouts and add a background.

More info / Download Demo


craigs directory website template
Craigs might be familiar from somewhere else, so that is always a plus. But an even bigger of a plus is how straightforward and advantageous the HTML directory website template is. The tool comes with four homes of which one fully supports Google Maps geo location with PHP and MySQL. It is a valuable buy and sell template for products and services of all kinds. The design is minimal what makes browsing Craigs based websites always a pleasant experience.

A total of 35 HTML pages, working newsletter and contact forms, front-end submission page and plenty other goodies for the supreme directory and listing websites. Yep, it is all this and more what you get with Craigs. It intrigues you and makes you want to click.

More info / Download Demo

Classified Pro

classified pro directory website template
Classified Pro is a professional classified and listing template with a striking look and simple to use layout. The one creating the website with Classified Pro will have a blast just as much as the end users. For both, it will be a great activity, setting up the online platform, as well as using it. Visitors can further break down their searches by location and category. They can set the local currency and even benefit from the handy pop-up price converter. Right below the main search feature, Classified Pro displays featured categories while further down they will find all the featured ads.

Introduce testimonials to your website, start a blog and capture guests’ emails with the sign up box, Classified Pro has it all in store for you.

More info / Download Demo


listgo directory website template
ListGo has several looks that you can take to your advantage. These demos do not only play as inspiration, you can use them as they are and have the listing or directory page up and running swiftly. Still, every section and every element that you feel needs to be improved due to your preferences, you can modify it freely. ListGo is simple to use and effortless to customize. It is powered by Bootstrap Framework for your online projects to readjust to all screen sizes seamlessly.

In addition to the convenient index pages, ListGo has several add-ons which you will find very helpful. It is a user-oriented template what makes it suit you ideally even if you are new to this kind of stuff. “Am I able to build a directory website without coding and design experience?” You sure are! There is also excellent documentation that you will find in the bundle for extra support and assistance.

More info / Download Demo


weddlist directory website template
I bet you did not expect to see a wedding website template in the collection of the best HTML directory website templates, did you? Here it is, Weddlist, a wedding vendor directory template. Yep, such websites are also in demand. Perfectly suitable for vendors and couples, Weddlist helps users connect and enjoy themselves an unforgettable wedding experience of the highest standards.

Weddlist has two homes and special sections for both couples and vendors to create profiles. For pure promotional purposes or to create a solid first impression, Revolution Slider will help you out considerably. Create a slideshow and arouse everyone’s curiosity. Out of this world design, mobile and browser compatibility, necessities and extras, the list goes on and on. Go with Weddlist template and connect people.

More info / Download Demo

Job Stock

job stock directory website template
Nifty design, great selection of colors, user friendly and convenient, all this and more is what you are treated to with Job Stock. You, as the page builder, can hammer out a job board website pretty damn quick. Just so you know, prior skills are not required (but helpful).

Job Stock is a mobile-ready job portal template with five home demos and 27 other inner HTML pages. Searching and browsing jobs with Job Stock is executed so everyone gets the most out of it. With Job Stock, you can also manage employees and create fantastic employer profiles and job detail pages. Included in the Job Stock package are also sign-up and login forms, mobile app support and testimonial slider.

More info / Download Demo


listinghub directory website template
With a wide range of industries, it covers, ElemoListing is truly a versatile HTML directory website template. There are three types of first pages, three different headers, four footers and six varieties of listing showcase. The later you can display with or without the map and in a grid or a list style. Moreover, ElemoListing also has two approaches to listing detail and features an entire dashboard skin.

What is more, ElemoListing has several color presets and specific features, like sharing, reviewing, reporting and gallery slider. Besides, ElemoListing is search engine optimized for your website to rank high for local and global searches. An exceptional and professional outcome is guaranteed with ElemoListing template, you just need to take action.

More info / Download Demo


nest directory website template
If selling and pushing properties is your thing, boost your online presence with Nest real estate website template. It is an ideal template for the real estate industry with loads of outstanding characteristics. Create a comfortable apartments and houses search experience for everyone stumbling across your page. With available five homes and twelve color schemes, plenty variations come out of the box. Use them to your advantage and edit the necessary. Nest is a Bootstrap Framework template what makes it pliable and easy to operate with.

The web design of Nest is simple and clean with not too much and not too little special effects. Animated statistics, testimonials and brands slider, as well as the main full-width slideshow decorate Nest. Navigation supports basic drop-down menu while different widgets take footer section to the next level. Notice: Submit Property button takes users to the ready-to-use form which Nest has included in the bundle.

More info / Download Demo


directify directory website template
With any of the HTML directory website templates, you find in this collection, you can construct striking directory and listing pages. Directify is specialized for businesses of all kinds, like restaurants, hotels, shops, hospitals and similar. You can create a niche website with Directify focusing only on, let’s say, theatres, but you should not feel limited in any way. Meaning, you can also create a directory behemoth with Directify template, covering all kinds of topics.

Directify, in all its magnificence, is made of five homes, well-thought-out dashboard section, blog and owns clever features. Log in appears in a popup, contact page has a functional form just as well as submit your listing section. Directify is a very cleverly engineered directory template.

More info / Download Demo


autotrader directory website template
AutoTrader is an automotive website template for car dealer, dealership, listing and classified websites. There is a demo available for all four so pick accordingly and start making adjustments. That could mean adding your information and content only. AutoTrader is modern and clean, responsive and retina-ready, Bootstrap 3 based and has a valid HTML5 code. It includes Slider Revolution at no extra cost, supports RTL languages and has four different headers and footers.

To accompany the predefined demos, AutoTrader sports portfolio, review, services, gallery, blog and shop pages. Every element that you need for a proper automotive website is incorporated in the AutoTrader bundle. Make sure that you utilize AutoTrader’s full potential. Bringing into being something noteworthy is highly doable with a proper set of tools and hardware.

More info / Download Demo

The Directory

the directory website template
The Directory needs no explanation. The name reveals it all. It is an HTML directory website template. But more precisely, The Directory is a three-in-one tool with layouts for home page, user dashboard and admin panel. To break it down even further, the template has two different index pages, three listing variations and loads more front-end, user dashboard and admin pages. You can easily turn The Directory template into a functional website. Instead of spending countless hours designing and developing your page, you rather focus on building your online project. Make wise decisions and you can see the rewarding results coming in in half of the time.

More info / Download Demo


listeo directory website template
Listeo has the capability to list just about whatever you plan on creating a listing or directory website for. It could be something specific and super niche or you can create a large platform, it is all possible with Listeo. You can list only tattoo shops in your area or a mix of hotels, restaurants, pubs, shops and gyms. Mentioning this only gives you a better understanding what is possible with Listeo template.

Begin your site creating adventure by selecting one of Listeo’ four index pages. From then on, it is only a matter of assembling other elements together and the site finalization is just around the corner. Listeo is SEO optimized, in compliance with all modern web browsers and features comprehensive documentation.

More info / Download Demo

Viavi Directory Listing

viavi directory listing website template
Viavi Directory Listing is a multi-purpose HTML template which you can use for all sorts of projects. Make something generic or something specific, both approaches work for Viavi Directory Listing just fine. While the majority of HTML directory website templates come with at least two if not five home demos, Viavi Directory Listing has only one. Does this make it any less beneficial? Of course not! Viavi Directory Listing is a powerful product which adapts to any industry and is fully customizable. Tailor it to your requirements to the T and make your platform shine in the online space.

Key features of Viavi Directory Listing template are responsiveness, search engine optimization, animated stats, cool hover effects and Google Maps with the search option.

More info / Download Demo

Classified Place

classified place directory website template
Classified Place is a complete solution for any website related to the subject. Out of the box, you can use it for real estate, car dealer, job board, shop and yacht pages. Furthermore, you can also go with the business directory or classified portal and customize the web design to your needs. Classified Place follows modern technologies and web practices to make sure your pages will be of the highest standards. Professionalism is first-class when you design and develop with Classified Place template.

When speaking about a template which foundation is Bootstrap Framework, you know we have to deal with a highly functional item. That is exactly what you get with Classified Place. Eight color schemes, boxed and wide layout, background color or image, live customizer allows you to perform quite some quick customizations. These swift edits allow you to make Classified Place follow your branding and taste.

More info / Download Demo



ESTATO is an excellent HTML template for real estate or directory web pages. Its design is charming, practical and simplistic, featuring a clean code. Few products can ever hope to match ESTATO’s quality. With this template, every single page element will be able to resize in order to fit the smaller screens of mobile devices. In addition, the layout is cross-browser compatible. Basically, ESTATO can be accessed from any platform. Your page will support pure and lightweight CSS megamenus. There is also a swipe menu, which is compatible with the touch screen technology of some devices. Upon purchase, clients will receive a bundle with more than 20 HTML files, coded with exemplary W3C practices. The needs of expert web developers were not overlooked, given the inclusion of .less files.

ESTATO can offer contact forms that are compatible with Gmail accounts. Site creation can be a very time-consuming endeavor, especially if you are starting from scratch. Thankfully, this template can lighten your schedule by introducing some incredible pre-designed testimonials, pages, forms, portfolio, blogs, and so on. Google maps were also introduced, and it is possible to customize them with icons, and information box text. Be sure to access the live preview, for more information.

More info / Download Demo



Real Estate websites must provide a reliable service, in an attempt to earn the customer’s trust. Your web page will be the center of your marketing campaign. Apartment is an HTML template that understands the need for quality. Its design is creative and modern, perfectly suited for today’s high-tech environment. This product seamlessly blends power and accessibility, resulting in an ideal solution for any problem.

Apartment is not just a shallow, niche oriented HTML template. It was developed by an actual real estate developer, and this experience really shows. Site navigators can enjoy incredible functions such as street view, Google Maps and incredible panoramas. These features can give you the upper hand, as you attempt to surpass the competition. You can use Apartment for estate portal, agency, solo agent and private real estate web pages.

The layout is easily customizable, eliminating the need to hire professional help. There are multiple color variations, allowing you to craft a site that perfectly matches your vision. For inexperienced users, a well-written documentation source was added. It offers explain every feature in detail, turning you into an overnight expert. In addition, you can always contact customer support, should any issues arise. The support representatives are quite friendly and polite.

More info / Download Demo

If you are looking for directory templates that are using some CMS (Content Management System) such as WordPress for easier management you might want to check this theme collection.


Frontend web developer and web designer specialized in free and premium WordPress theme development. Started to learn to code 2 years ago and now I am familiar with CSS/HTML/JavaScript (jQuery) and PHP. Obsessed with application performance, user experience and simplicity.

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  1. Good list of high end listing Templates. Did not find the template I wanted, but he. I would say that video listing is missing in this list.

  2. Hi Aigars,
    Thanks for the page its interesting to me because i have several .ie directory domains but i dont know html or css well enough to make a site. Im familiar with wordpress but wp directories are in the main too slow to work so how much html or css would i have to know to be able to use one of the templates here on the page, would i have to be an expert?

    1. Mark,

      These templates just like any other pure HTML/CSS and JavaScript based ones doesn’t have their own database or content management systems of any sort. These templates are meant for developers to port them on other platforms such as Angular, Laravel, PHP, Rails or anything else. On they own they are just well designed pages that are linked together but there is nothing there that will store information.
      WordPress itself is fast but most of the users are using a really bad hosting that makes their websites really slow. Make sure to invest in a good managed WordPress hosting and you will never complain about slow website again.

  3. All templates are excellent, however, I do not find a template for my website – I can be wrong. Can anybody help me or suggest the way to find any free or paid directory template to build directory of transportation companies?

    1. George,

      Any of the templates will work regardless of the industry. It is not like template developers can create demos for any possible use case. Once you take a template and change images to yours you will see how different it looks.

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