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bootstrap footer
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20 Best Bootstrap Footer Templates 2023

We are picky in web design, thus creating our free Bootstrap footer templates.

After years of careful investigation (sorry, we lost count), none felt right.

It made sense to get our hands (and minds) dirty. That’s exactly what we did.

Instead of continuously reviewing others (making sure they are up-to-date), we bring you the most advanced footers by us.

Responsive, regularly updated, and – most importantly – EASY to use.

You can now create a footer area for any website or blog quickly.


Before we look at the best Bootstrap footer examples, I want to remind you that we have several hundred full Bootstrap 5 templates. They all come with incredible footers built-in.

bootstrap footer 01

This modern footer template will act as a practical addition to your website. It is a Bootstrap tool with a 100% flexible and responsive structure. In other words, it runs smoothly on mobile and desktop devices alike.

Moreover, the template features a distinct look with dark and purple touches, making it attention-grabbing. Moreover, it also comes with integrated social media buttons, so you don’t need to add them manually.

This one will do the trick if you want something NOT TOO traditional.

More info / Download Demo
bootstrap footer 02

This powerful and all-around free Bootstrap footer works for all types of websites, online stores, and blogs.

However, it will work best for everyone looking to add Twitter and Instagram feeds into their footer area.

That’s something this free snippet sorts out, but you still need to work on the back-end to make it functional—additional widgets for About Us, contact number, email, and newsletter subscription.

At the bottom is also a footer menu for site navigation.

This footer example includes a short about section. Please look at these about me page examples to understand how to use it better.

More info / Download Demo
bootstrap footer 03

If you are already sticking to the minimalist design with your website, keep it in the same style for the footer.

This free template will help you accomplish great results without starting from the ground up. It delivers a clean look that quickly adapts to different site themes and styles.

With that in mind, you will not even need to brand it, as it WORKS effectively with different branding regulations by default.

More info / Download Demo
bootstrap footer 04

Grab this free template for all who want to have your footer section dark. It uses only the latest technologies and Bootstrap Framework, so you know the performance will always be top-notch.

The snippet is split into four columns, with additional social media icons and links for the privacy policy, terms and more. You can pre-test it by visiting the live demo preview and going from there.

It is also possible to MODIFY it, making it fit your project to a T.

More info / Download Demo
bootstrap footer 05

Instead of a dark footer, you can also light one with this free Bootstrap template. Moreover, the design is minimal, guaranteeing a distraction-free experience.

The main section of the footer is for navigation, social buttons, and email opt-in. It also features a logo, copyrights section, and additional links for privacy, contact, about, and more.

No matter the style of a website that you rock, this footer template will cater to it without a doubt.

More info / Download Demo
bootstrap footer 06

No matter what footer style you want, you will surely find the right template in this EXTENSIVE collection. Here is a neat alternative for all the minimalists that will undoubtedly trigger your attention.

The footer consists of multiple columns that you can use for website navigation, making it as practical as possible. In short, please do not neglect the footer area, as it can easily boost your page’s user experience to new heights.

Other features are social icons and App Store and Google Store buttons, to name a few.

More info / Download Demo
bootstrap footer 07

Another excellent solution of a Bootstrap footer with a dark/black style. This is the design that easily fits different website designs for your convenience. Even if you employ it as-is, you can witness an excellent outcome.

Also, the snippet structure is entirely mobile-friendly for the GREAT performance you and your users deserve.

More info / Download Demo
bootstrap footer 08

If you cannot decide between a light or a dark footer, maybe you need to opt for a gray one. To your luck, here is the best solution that will get you going in the right direction right from the get-go.

Even though the template needs additional work to make it run smoothly on your website, you will save plenty of time and energy.

Let’s face it, the design is pretty general and minimal, so it has NO TROUBLE adapting to different page looks.

More info / Download Demo
bootstrap footer 09

Even though you may not be too interested in the footer area, it’s still necessary to have it.

In this case, you can go with this contemporary, responsive alternative that makes a footer section that almost does not feel like one. It is minimal, with just a few details you can use to link to page sections, contact, and social media icons.

Why complicate things with all the fancy stuff if you do not have to?

More info / Download Demo
bootstrap footer 10

A footer is a great section for including an email newsletter subscription widget. If you are after that, this Bootstrap template covers it by default.

In addition to that, you also get three columns to edit with anything and everything you want. Above the subscription bar, you can also include a few compelling words to increase the likelihood of winning over new subscribers.

Fine-tune it further if necessary, enrich the layout with your ideas, and smoothly integrate it into your website.

More info / Download Demo
bootstrap footer 11

A full-blown free Bootstrap footer with an entirely responsive layout and multiple sections to style and improve accordingly.

The footer creates a more dynamic vibe and will seamlessly integrate into your project with its dark look. You can work with the default look or entirely modify it – you must tailor it to your needs and regulations if it does not fit already.

The multiple columns feature social media icons, news, quick links, and more.

More info / Download Demo
bootstrap footer 12

You better not miss this free Bootstrap template for all who want to take the footer area to the next level. It rocks a beautiful dark style with nice font color choices, making the overall presentation appealing to the eye.

There’s also a predefined newsletter subscription part, social links, partners section, and more.

Due to using only the LATEST technologies, the layout is also compatible with mobile and desktop devices for an always seamless performance.

More info / Download Demo
bootstrap footer 13

Even though this footer design may have a more feminine look by fault, you can practice it efficiently for all sorts of intentions.

It works great for an eCommerce website; you can still modify it and go against the grain. The template also features social media buttons and a subscription widget with three category columns.

You can download it now, put it into practice immediately and START working on adding it to your web application immediately.

More info / Download Demo
bootstrap footer 14

A powerful, easy-to-use, all-around Bootstrap footer template that knows no bounds. With that in mind, you either utilize its default configurations or go one step further and alter it further.

However, the design may work very well as is, thanks to its instant acclimatization to different website styles. Modify the about section, activate tag cloud, share popular categories, and more; it’s all possible with a well-thought-out footer section.

You can also link it to your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts and collect new emails with the subscription form.

More info / Download Demo
bootstrap footer 15

This four-column Bootstrap footer is excellent for anyone who wants to add many details to their website’s bottom section.

You can use it for restaurants and food businesses, but it can work for different websites, even blogs. With the four columns, you can display all sorts of content that will benefit your users.

From adding additional company information to the latest news, Instagram feed, and newsletter subscription, to name a few – it’s all possible.

More info / Download Demo
bootstrap footer 16

Since most websites are light/white, webmasters tend to opt for a dark footer section. If you are interested in, this collection of Bootstrap footers has you covered unquestionably.

Here is a COOL solution that follows all the latest trends and regulations of the modern web. The structure is fluid and the code easy-to-work-with, ensuring you quickly get the most out of the template.

On top of that, it also comes with a newsletter form, so you don’t need to create one from scratch.

More info / Download Demo
bootstrap footer 17

Simple, responsive, and dark are the three main characteristics of this next free footer snippet. It features a website name (which you can use as a clickable logo), navigation, and green social media icons.

Due to the minimalist appearance, you will need very little work to modify the template to your needs and regulations. Let’s face it, this footer is already stunning and works well out of the box.

Change the text, the color if necessary, and you are good to go.

More info / Download Demo
bootstrap footer 18

A website’s footer area can carry many widgets and content for your users’ convenience. For instance, if you’d like to rock a contact form in the footer section, this template sorts it out.

Why work on it from scratch if you do not have to? Instead, focus on altering and refining this layout, making it follow your style to a tee.

And that’s something you will make happen quickly, no need to worry about mobile-friendliness either.

More info / Download Demo
bootstrap footer 19

While dark and light footers are the most popular, some choose a more colorful option. If you are after purple, Bootstrap Footer V19 is the right solution to serve you WELL.

Like all the other tools on this list, this one also uses Bootstrap and guarantees complete flexibility and great UX. It features four main columns with multiple fields to style and enhance your liking.

You can even make an Instagram feed and collect emails with the subscription form.

More info / Download Demo
bootstrap footer 20

A modern footer template with additional company details, three columns for links and a subscription form. There are also social media buttons, which you can activate and showcase to your users how SOCIABLE you are.

It features a nice choice of dark, blue, white and grey tones that create a pleasant atmosphere. However, if this does not follow your branding regulations, by all means, tweak it – it will be quick anyway.

Even if you want to change fonts, you have the right to make it happen.

More info / Download Demo

Final words

This blog post gave you a list of the best free Bootstrap footer examples. I hope you liked these footer examples. If you have some coding experience, you can easily build this footer. Just take a look at the code of these footer examples.

The code is pretty simple. You won’t find anything difficult in the code if you know some web programming. You can use these free templates on your website by making improvements and changes.

Look closely at the footer examples in this blog post, and do not forget to tell us which example you liked the most.

A footer can improve user experience to a great extent. It saves users so much time. People generally look for contact information at the bottom of a website in the footer section.

If you don’t have a footer on your site, your visitors may leave your site when they cannot find any contact information at the bottom simply because they don’t want to spend much time on this, they want things very quickly.

And it’s very logical, they should avoid wasting time. If they don’t quickly find the contact information on your site, they may perform a quick Google search and find an alternative website that provides similar services. So you may lose customers.

Even if they spend some time finding the contact information on your website, it negatively affects the user experience.

But if your contact info is visible in the site footer, people will quickly find it because most people know that contact information can be found at the bottom of a site.

They will scroll down to the bottom of the page, thinking that the contact info is at the bottom. Showing the contact info links to important pages and your social pages in the site footer will be convenient.

So it’s of great importance to have a footer on a website.

Your website’s conversion rate will increase if you place a signup button or some offering in the footer section.

Many people have increased site engagement by putting links in this section. They have also significantly increased sales showing buttons or links to your products or services in the footer.

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