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15 Best Free Bootstrap Footer Examples 2019

You can easily build nice footers using Bootstrap if you have some front-end development experience. But if you can reuse the code written by other programmers, why should you spend so much time building one for you? Why should we reinvent the wheel? And there are so many cool Bootstrap footers available on the Internet, which can be used on your website with just a few modifications. So I think making some changes to a cool, free footer so that it fits well on your website is a good idea. It will save you time.

The footer of a website is a very important component. There are many interesting benefits of having a footer on your website. Many people ignore this important website element. They don’t spend much time designing a footer. But you should give importance to it as it’s a valuable component of a website, just like any other components of a website such as a header, home page, and the navigation bar.

This blog post walks you through the best free Bootstrap footer examples. But before taking a look at the footer examples, let’s briefly talk about why we should care about a footer.

Why should you care about a footer?

A footer can improve user-experience to a great extent. It saves users so much time. People generally look for contact information at the bottom of a website in the footer section. So if you don’t have a footer on your site, your visitors may leave your site when they cannot find any contact information at the bottom simply because they don’t want to spend much time for this, they want things very quickly. And it’s very logical, they should definitely avoid wasting time. If they don’t quickly find the contact information on your site, they may perform a quick Google search and find an alternative website that provides similar services. So you may lose customers.

Even if they spend some time to find the contact information on your website, it negatively affects the user experience. But if your contact info is visible in the site footer, people will be able to quickly find it because most people know that contact information can be found at the bottom of a site. They will scroll down to the bottom of the page thinking that the contact info is there at the bottom. Showing the contact info, links to important pages, and links to your social pages in the site footer will be very convenient for the users. So it’s of great importance to have a footer on a website.

Your website’s conversion rate will also increase if you place a signup button or some offering in the footer section. Many people have been able to increase site engagement by putting links in this section and they also have been able to significantly increase sales showing buttons or links to your products or services in the footer.

Bootstrap footer example by Shamim Khan

Bootstrap footer example by Shamim Khan is a great example of a footer. It has 4 subheadings. Under the first sub-heading, there are contact information and links to social pages. In this section, you can see only example email addresses, phone numbers, and links to social pages. You can change them to your real contact information easily from the code. The next subheading is ‘Latest events’ that displays a few latest events. Then under the next sub-heading, there is information about opening hours. The last subheading is also ‘Latest Events’. You can remove this one as it’s redundant.

More info / Download Demo

Footer made in Bootstrap by Digital Avinash

This footer is an ideal footer example. To the left side, it has space for company information. There you can display the company name and some description of your company. Under ‘Quick Links’, you can display links to important pages. Generally, the links to about page, terms, privacy policy, news, etc. are shown in this section. Then, there’s a registration button and some text that tells the user to take action. It’s a call to action. This can boost your conversion rates and sales. Finally, to the right side of the footer, there is an email address and social links. At the bottom, there is copyright information which is an extremely important element of a website.

More info / Download Demo

Bootstrap footer by TonyS

This pen has been created by TonyS. It’s a nice Bootstrap footer. It looks very professional and high-standard especially because of the ‘As featured in’ section that increases the credibility of a website. There are links to important pages under the ‘Find Out More’ subheading, and there are phone numbers under the ‘Contact Us’ subheading. There’s a signup section that invites people to sign up. And there’s copyright info at the bottom.

This footer has been amazingly designed with Bootstrap. If you want to make the footer simpler, you can remove a few things. But keep in mind that you should not eliminate important information and essential links.

More info / Download Demo

Bootstrap footer by Ali

Bootstrap footer developed by Ali has a dark background. And the color of the headings is a variation of blue and the color of the text is kind of white. There are three subheadings under which there are useful information and important links. The first subheading contains necessary links such as links to Homepage, About page, Services page, and so on. Under the Latest Articles subheading, there are links to the most recent articles. By reading articles, people will engage with your website. Remember that great user engagement leads to conversions and sales. The last subheading showcases some of the company work.

More info / Download Demo

Bootstrap footer by Sebastian Sabadus

This Bootstrap footer made by Sebastian Sabadus has a company logo on the left side of the page. Then there are four subheadings. There are links under each subheading. Under the SOLUTIONS subheading, there are links to pages that talk about the solutions the company offers. Below the DEVELOPERS subheading, there are links related to technical stuff. The COMPANY subheading contains links to the About page and the Blog page. Finally, under the CONNECT subheading, there are links to social pages using which the customers can connect with the company.

At the bottom of the footer, there are links to the privacy & terms page and sitemap page. These links do not have valid URLs now. You have to add proper URLs to these links.

More info / Download Demo

Bootstrap footer design by anu.uxe

This Bootstrap footer design made by annu.uxe, a CodePen user is a professional design. The footer looks so professional and standard because of the color choices. The text colors are white and a variation of white while the background color is deep blue.

If you think that this footer will be suitable for your website, change the sub-heading with the text ‘Heading’ to ‘About Us’ or something like this. Just below the description, there are social links. Under the Links section, you can add links to your important pages. Company’s location and contact information is displayed under the Location subhead.

More info / Download Demo

Simple responsive Bootstrap footer by snakebite

This simple responsive Bootstrap footer has been developed by snakebite, a CodePen user. As the title of this footer example suggests, it’s a responsive footer, meaning it will adapt to any screen size. This footer has four subheadings. The subheadings’ text is just ‘SUBHEADING’. Sample texts have been used. So if you want to use this footer, change all the texts to appropriate texts. Each subheading will contain links to pages under it. But the first subheading is for showing contact information such as phone numbers and email addresses.

At the bottom, there are links to the contact page, the privacy page, etc. and there’s copyright info also.

More info / Download

Bootstrap footer by Arthur

This Bootstrap footer is a super simple footer that does not have many elements. This pen has been created by Arthur. There is some text for copyright info, then there’s a brief company description and address, and then there are social links. By linking to your social pages, you can allow your website visitors to connect with you through social media. Sometimes, making a simple footer with little info is the best thing you can do. It depends on many things such as what type of website you have and so on. In some cases, footers with many links and a good amount of information work well.

More info / Download Demo

Bootstrap footer by Manasseh El Bey

This Bootstrap footer example is a simple yet cool footer. This pen has been created by Manasseh El Bey. Although the design of this footer is pretty simple, this footer looks awesome. Copyright information is provided briefly. There are four headings, under which there are several links. Keep in mind that you should not fill this section with irrelevant links. Rather, you should keep only the links that are most important. People generally look for pages such as the about page, the privacy policy page, and the terms & conditions page in the footer section. So you should place the links to those pages in this section.

More info / Download Demo

Bootstrap footer design by dvweb

This Bootstrap footer has been designed by dvweb. This footer has three links to the left side. These links are positioned horizontally. Then you can see the social icons in the middle, and finally, to the right side of the footer, there are links positioned vertically. This kind of positioning will draw users’ attention.

Hit the ‘Demo’ button below to see a preview of this footer. And if you want to use it on your website, make sure to make some improvements. In case you’re going to use this template, try to enhance its design because, for any template, there’s always room for improvement.

More info / Download

Multi-column Bootstrap footer by Kate

This multi-column Bootstrap footer is a fantastic footer developed by Kate. As the name implies, this footer example has multiple columns. The information and links have been displayed in multiple columns. In the first column, there are an email address and address lines while the second column consists of a few links. The links, normal texts, sub-headings, and the brand name are in white while the background color of this template is deep blue. This is really a nice color combination. There is a thin, straight line and then the copyright info has been presented to the user at the bottom of the footer.

More info / Download Demo

Footer UI by song

This is a wonderful footer designed by song, a CodePen user. Useful information and links have been presented through different columns. The first column contains the company logo and description of the company. Then some copyright info has been given within the first column. In the second column, there are main menus (main offerings) of the website and then the links to pages such as the About Us page, Contacts page, and so on. The third column contains social links, and finally, the fourth column provides a search box. This footer has a dark background while bright colors (variation of white) have been used for the texts.

More info / Download Demo

Bootstrap footer design by Hasib

This is a geat Bootstrap footer designed by Hasib. Necessary information and useful links have been provided in columns. There are subheadings for each column. The About Us subheading gives some brief information about the company. This small portion of content allows users to quickly learn about the company. The user doesn’t need to visit the About Us page in order to get a basic overview of the company. He/she can know some basic facts about the company in this section in short. Although if the user wants to know about the company in detail, the About Us page will be more helpful for him/her.

The second column contains links to latest themes. If you have your own products, you can list the latest of them in this column. For that, you need to change the subheading to ‘Latest products’. But if your company offers themes, you can keep the heading as it is and list your latest themes.

More info / Download Demo

Simple clean Bootstrap footer design by aleksandrkarpuk

This is a pretty advanced Bootstrap footer. In the About Us column, there are address and contact info, then in the next column, there will be tweets from your company. The next column gives latest updates to the website visitors. The fourth column gives visitors a way to connect with the company. There are social links in this section. People can connect with the company through social media. Above the social icons, there’s a text field that accepts email addresses. People can enter their email addresses to get newsletters from you.

More info / Download Demo

Bootstrap footer by Cristian

This Bootstrap footer template has been developed by Cristian, a CodePen user. The footer content has been organized in rows and columns. There are several links organized in different columns. Each column has a subheading. You should change the subheadings to appropriate subheadings if you’re going to use this Bootstrap footer. And the links and the text should also be changed so that the footer section becomes very helpful to website visitors. There’s a signup button in the footer. A signup button in the footer will increase the number of signups on your website.

More info / Download Demo

Final words

This blog post gave you a list of the best free Bootstrap footer examples. I hope you liked these footer examples. If you have some coding experience, you can easily build this kind of footers. Just take a look at the code of these footer examples. The code is pretty simple. You won’t find anything difficult in the code if you know some web programming. You can definitely use these free templates on your website by making some improvements and changes.

Take a close look at the footer examples listed in this blog post and do not forget to tell us which example you liked the most.

Md Akhtar Hossain

Md Akhtar Hossain is an experienced freelance tech writer, passionate web developer, and an aspiring entrepreneur. You can reach him at [email protected]

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