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19 Best Tailor Website Design Inspiration 2023

Here are the best tailor website designs to get inspiration when building your online presence.

Kick start your tailoring business and effectively promote it online. More opportunities will be unlocked with a digital marketing scheme, and better business growth awaits every brand. This handpicked collection is a great head start for the tailoring business. Check them out and discover the finest tailor website design to review as you develop your project.

Undeniably, clothing is one of the necessities of humanity. It is a hygienic barrier, a good shield against hot and cold weather. But as time passes, clothing has become more interesting with added fashion. Hence, people have become more expressive of their personalities through their apparel. Consequently, more and more tailoring business has emerged to fill the demand for custom-made clothing, especially for professionals. Those brands that strive hard to stand out must gain a competitive edge. Building a strong web presence is possible and quite easy with today’s latest web technologies. So, whether you acquire professionally-built, ready-made themes or hire a professional developer to create, you shouldn’t miss these websites for inspiration.

Explore this list and get more creative ideas for a tailored website design. Take a look at the features, color scheme, page layout, typography, consistency, functionality, and all other aspects that will greatly impact your website. Then make sure you’ll craft yours seamlessly to build your brand online.

Best Tailor Website Design Examples

1. Kripalani Tailors

Kripalani Tailors

With custom-made clothing, professionals can easily highlight their style. Aside from that, it also promises quality clothing that can last longer. Crafting your website will benefit your business if you offer similar tailoring services. Kripalani Tailors provides bespoke tailoring for men, women, wedding dress alterations, and similar services in the charming city of Homewood. Your audience will easily know your business with a brilliant website homepage design. This website reveals its personality as a tailoring business with a seamless blend of web elements. Typically, it embraces the white space over the homepage with outstanding photos and comprehensible, appealing typography.


2. Tailor’s Keep

Tailor’s Keep

Custom-made clothing is a great long-term investment. With the quality materials used, superior clothing awaits the professionals to express their personalities. Tailor’s Keep promises to capture timeless, tangible beauty through tailoring. It’s an upscale tailor offering bespoke suits, sports coats, shirts, trousers, and alteration services. Aims to deliver the best services to its customers, its website is crafted with stunning, big images.

On the other hand, this site uses thin and sleek fonts, including header menus. Specifically, it has a chic and finesse book an appointment form design. Similarly, the Lookbook page also looks superb with a smooth slider.


3. Maharaja’s Gents & Ladies Custom Tailors

Maharaja’s Gents & Ladies Custom Tailors

When choosing the apparel to wear at special events, it’s best to consider comfort over price. Custom-made apparel is well-adjusted to your measurements. Thus, it can provide ease and comfort upon wearing it. Maharaja’s Custom Tailor is Singapore’s finest customized tailoring with the widest fabrics. It also offers tuxedo rental and alteration services. Its website speaks well of how great this brand is. It utilizes side navigation with a black background that manifests elegance. The useful web components in this website include smooth sliders, clean typography, and simple design.


4. Legacy Tailor

Legacy Tailor

Special occasion calls for superior clothing. It will not just enhance the look of the attendees but can make the moments unforgettable. So, as a player on the tailoring industry, always consider the web presence as an effective marketing tool. Legacy Tailor specialises in bridal and wedding dresses, formal gowns, men’s suits, casual wear and business attire. The website appears professional with a clutter-free design and a seamless layout. The hero header displays featured photos at random with logo and menu. Then, a brief introductory section follows it – business hours, contact numbers, etc. To prove its credibility, its works are categorized with thumbnails.

What’s more? The testimonials are also added to the page through another slider. The accordion, simple contact form, Google Maps, GSAP animation, and more are more useful features.


5. High Society Tailoring

High Society Tailoring

Effectively escalate conversions when you create a strong first impression with your homepage design. For awesome inspiration, you can check these finesse tailor website designs. High Society Tailoring offers custom bespoke tailoring and alterations in Los Angeles, California. It’s homepage design appears clean and neat, with little web components organized in a clutter-free manner. While the hero header displays a fullwidth image, the straightforward introductory section adds a good impression.

Moreover, this website also ensures that the client page will effectively promote their services. That’s not all, the clear and readable testimonials are also ready to inspire the audience. While those elements are engaging, the Instagram feed also appears enticing on the bottom of the page.


6. By Design Custom

By Design Custom

Develop a unique identity of your business with a website that will represent your brand well. Regardless of the product or service you’re an expert at, a website is not a loss if created well. Here’s By Design Custom, a tailor website design prides itself on precision tailoring through experience and knowledge of this master-craft. The website is tailored with useful web components such as excellent images, good typography, attractive CTAs, practical forms. Moreover, it also crafted a nice and sleek logo with powerful branding. Some elements also look attractive with a cool hover effect it implements. Additionally, the stunning works of this firm is wonderfully presented using a captivating slider.


7. Germaine Joseph

Germaine Joseph

Create a website that will carry your business to the next level. Also, find time to explore some of the established websites in your industry to have ample ideas before you finalize your design. Germaine Joseph has a stunning tailor website design that’s awe-inspiring. It showcases the custom-made clothing worn by models via slider. Moreover, the categories also appear attractive with gorgeous images as thumbnails and links to the necessary pages of the site. Like most successful websites today, it uses a nice sticky header where the menu, logo, shopping cart, and account is visible. It integrates testimonials as part of its marketing scheme via a sleek slider.


8. Andrei Tailors

Andrei Tailors

Increase your chances of success in your tailoring business when you build a website to promote your services. You can make your design outstanding with a useful inspiration to explore. Andrei Tailors is one of Canada’s premier tailor shops that has acquired a remarkable reputation for its quality garments and excellent service. It has a magnificent tailor website design that will surely motivate you. The website uses white space that makes the content look attractive. Delightful to expand its business, the homepage is packed with valuable features. Specifically, it uses the parallax effect in the hero scene. The smooth slider displays this brand’s different works to some of these clients. In addition, a simple but super attractive showcase of Andrei’s qualification as a professional tailor is apparent on the site.


9. Lanieri


Your personality as a business should reflect in your website. A fresh and professional website should render the content appropriately if you offer genuine tailoring business services. Here’s Lanieri, an enthralling modern and modest tailor website design. The hero header displays wonderful products this firm has worked through a slider. Understanding the great role that white space plays in the success of most established websites, Lanieri ensures that the web components stand out with that feature.

Moreover, adding video content to the site improves the engagement of the audience, this firm displays the video in a fullwidth layout with captivating CTA on it. What’s more? The Instagram feed and the footer design also enhance the site’s look.


10. Galard


When building your website, it is best to exceed your client’s expectations. Thus, it shouldn’t clearly define your business objectives but should be appealing. Get to know the best features that work best for your tailor website. Galard offers high-standard tailoring in the center of Prague and Brno. It has a classic tailor website design that’s tailored for awesome branding. It welcomes the user with a nice slider in the hero header, displaying some of its finest tailoring works. The menus also look superb with line icons and the simple hover effect. Furthermore, the news section looks gorgeous with another slider with a white background. Check out other features this site has.


11. Gaetano Aloisio Atelier

Gaetano Aloisio Atelier

Fashion has become a part of man’s life. And when it comes to men’s apparel, formal attires for different occasions are always part of their wardrobe. Thanks to expert tailors worldwide, having the highest quality tailored clothing is possible. Gaetano Aloisio is one of the Italian bespoke tailorings in the world. The homepage design is pretty simple but speaks well of outstanding experience in the industry. It uses a slider in the hero header to illustrate samples of its works. Furthermore, it introduces more credibility by combining a brief introduction and quality images. With its website, customers can instantly book an appointment with the firm.


12. Mond Of Copenhagen

Mond Of Copenhagen

A well-built website is a powerful marketing tool that effectively helps a business gain a competitive advantage. That’s why most brands endeavor to create a unique and professional website. Mond of Copenhagen is a Danish custom-tailoring house with an innovative website. It makes use of huge images that improve the site’s visual appeal. Specifically, the content is always accompanied by large sizes of images. Also, the site uses the mega menu to display the submenus at once. As part of its user-friendly navigation embraces the sticky header, so booking, searching, and accessing other menus is pretty quick. It integrates the video content, accordion, and Instagram feed for a more creative design.


13. Tailor-Made


Build a strong web presence and effectively promote your brand across the web. Here’s another awesome tailor website design that will inspire other tailors to craft their website with style. Tailor-Made offers high-quality bespoke tailoring combining innovation – 3D body scanning technology with traditional tailoring craft. The website design is outstanding, with seamless web elements harmoniously arrayed. It has a clean, sticky header with the logo, off-canvas menu, search, book appointment, and contact number. The sections on the homepage use a simple layout – a brief description and large imagery. Thus, you can extend your reach and earn more leads.


14. Paoloni


Brace yourself with these tailored website design inspirations for your upcoming project. Paoloni is a company that boasts high-quality clothing, elegant in shape and with a tailored imprint. Its website is similarly elegant and professional looking. It even looks majestic with the GSAP animation. Specifically, the hero scene welcomes the audience with a slider highlighting the finest products they’ve ever worked. Aside from that, the social links also appears on it so it’s easier for customers to connect with its pages. To introduce the brand further, it also integrates the video content. In addition, the showroom page also looks stunning with the animation upon scrolling.


15. Son Of A Tailor

Son Of A Tailor

An excellent tailor website design means regular and prospective customers can access your business 24/7. This collection is helpful if you’re working with your website and need more inspiration. Son Of A Tailor is the leading made-to-measure t-shirt brand with the highest quality materials. Of course, its website is nevertheless well-structured to represent the brand worldwide. Specifically, it uses the video background to introduce the brand more clearly and a clear CTA and compelling headline. This website emphasizes user experience and utilizes the visual hierarchy to make the web components stand out. From useful CTAs, descriptions and sub titles, they’re all clean and understandable. It also integrates the reviews section with the use of a slider.

Son Of A Tailor website is so great that we featured it among the best eCommerce website examples.


16. Tailor Store

Tailor Store

Look at these inspiring tailor website designs that will provide you with ample ideas on how to enhance your project’s design. Tailor Store is a Sweden-based company that offers made-to-measure shirts and personalized clothes. Perfectly knitted to its goal, the website is crafted so customers can easily connect with the brand. Specifically, it welcomes the audience with a great CTA linked to the measurement details page. Customers can input the details of the apparel they will be ordering on that page. It also uses line icons to present the brand’s awesome core values. Moreover, it also displays the bestselling dress shirts in a clean and minimalist layout.


17. Kenny And Harlow

Kenny And Harlow

Get the best features from these breathtaking inspirations for your tailor website project. Here’s Kenny And Harlow, a tailoring business that offers beautiful wedding dresses in New Zealand. Their products are locally made and detailed to perfection to make stores unique. Understanding the power of digital marketing, its website empowers the brand and builds an online reputation. The site uses white space with a black and white color scheme to reveal elegance. Without quality imagery, the website will look dull, but this website embeds grayscale imagery and reveals the real color upon hover. It also uses sliders to display adorable and delightful images.


18. Anatolys


Let your tailoring business shine as you explore this amazing inspiration. Anatoly’s specializes in bespoke tailoring for both men and women. Moreover, it also provides a range of ready-to-wear items and made-to-measure clothing. The website is simple but has useful elements ready to introduce its brand across the web. The sleek slider displays the different products they’ve worked with. It also comes with descriptive CTAs and great headlines on each. In particular, the products are displayed by categories. Other useful features include Google Maps, testimonials, video integration, social icons, blogs, etc.


19. Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch

With a mobile-friendly website, generating more leads is much possible. So, you must consider building a fully responsive, tailor website design. If you lack inspiration, this post is valuable. Taylor Stitch is committed to building the world’s best apparel. The website is pretty amazing with a mobile-friendly feature. The homepage may look simple but embeds the most useful web elements. Furthermore, it also embraces white space and visual hierarchy, making the elements look great. Specifically, it comes with a sticky header, video integration, quality images, social icons, and more.

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