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Best Stationery Branding PSD Mockups

29 Best Stationery Branding Mockups for Creating Brand Awareness in a Professional Way

Personalized stationery items are highly useful for creating exposure for a brand. When you use such stationery items for featuring your brand, it certainly improves the awareness of your business. Also, it lets people know about the products and services you offer. Opting for stationery branding ensures that your brand name will linger in your customers’ minds for a long period of time. You get an opportunity to create an awesome first impression and showcase your professionalism.

Designing such stationery items for branding purposes has now become easier than ever. Simply choose amazing mockups and present the design ideas in front of your clients and customers. To help you out, I have piled up here 20 excellent PSD mockups that include various stationery items. These mockups can meet your branding requirements perfectly.

So, without further ado, let’s talk about the useful features of these mockups.

Logo Mockup Featuring a Close-Up of a Business Card

logo mockup featuring close-up to a business card
Whether you would like to test a logo on a business card or actually use it as a presentation before it goes out for print, here is a nifty branding mockup that will do the trick. It is a convenient template that displays a business card in a close-up view, making sure the logo comes into view beautifully. With a single click on the upload button, you can pick the design you would like to add from your computer and have it appear on the business card immediately. Just as simple as it sounds. The working area is of 1000 x 1000 px dimension. Moreover, change the card color, add graphics or introduce custom text, all this from within the Placeit editor.

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Letterhead Mockup Featuring a Minimalistic Setting

letterhead mockup featuring a minimalistic setting
Here is a stationery branding mockup featuring a letterhead in a minimalistic setting. If you dig the sophisticated and professional look of the scene, you can start using the template by heading over to the Placeit platform. Nope, you do not need to download anything, and you also do not need Photoshop or similar. The only thing you download is the finished product that you create entirely in-browser. The simplicity of use goes over and beyond, yet the outcome will be first-class. And if you would like to change the color of that paper, you can do that, too.

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A6 Letterhead Mockup + Two Business Cards

a6 letterhead mockup plus two business cards
When it comes to branding stationery, you would want to marque business cards, sheets of paper and more. Thanks to this easy to use mockup, you can now create a life-like presentation that will turn heads. Whether you use it for yourself or to present the possible end product to your client, this mockup will help you tremendously, keeping the workflow at an all-time high. The set features a letterhead and two business cards, which you can use for pushing front and back designs. You can change the color of each individual item, as well as the background. Save time and establish a final presentation that will move mountains.

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Stationery Mockup Featuring Copper Items

stationery mockup featuring copper items
If the previous stationery branding mockup featured three items, this one allows you to edit four. You can fully style two sheets of paper and two business cards. Upload a different design for each item, as well as change the color of the paper if necessary. On top of that, you can also add text, improve background color and enrich the overall presentation with graphics. If you are a fan of copper, you will surely enjoy this template a whole bunch. It can now be yours, putting on display your branded stationery for everyone to see.

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Mockup of an Open Envelope

mockup of an open envelope
If you are particularly interested in sorting out an envelope and a card, you better get your hands on this stationery branding mockup. But first, test out different combination of the design that you would like to sport and go from there. As you see, you get to work with two cards which you can use for presenting front and back design. You can also change the color of the cards and make them follow your branding regulations precisely. Swift and straightforward process which produces an outstanding result. Do things the way you want and see the outcome instantly.

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Piles of Business Cards Stationery Mockup

piles of business cards stationery mockup
This stationery branding mockup contains a stack of business cards. There are two main working areas, allowing you to introduce the front and back design of your or your client’s business card. Placeit allows you to upload your images directly, in-browser, and edit (read crop and reposition) them accordingly. Along with that, you can also change the colors of the card, as well as side color. In short, you will easily brand these cards and have the final product ready to go in close to no time. For your information, the working dimension of the card is 1050 x 600 px.

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Two Folded A5 Brochures Mockup

two folded a5 brochures mockup
For everyone who is working on the design for a brochure, this stationery branding mockup template is perfect for you. It allows you oh so many options and possibilities to create the most impressive, life-like presentation of your design imaginable. There are two folded brochures, giving you four different working areas. In other words, you can now upload four different designs which give you a chance to create two completely different brochures. On the other hand, you can also craft two variations which you can later compare and pick the one that fits the objective best. Of course, you can also change the color of the background and brochures.

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Branding Mockup Featuring Stationery Items

branding mockup featuring stationery items
To brand a pen, a USB, a business card, a letter and an envelope, all at the same time, this is the ideal stationery branding mockup you need. With a bright background, your logo or any other image you would like to add will pop out clearly, grabbing everyone’s attention immediately. For instance, when you are working on a company logo, give them a chance to see it in action by implementing this killer mockup template. They can now have a better understanding of how the outcome will appear on different items, making sure it meets their expectations.

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Branding and Visual Identity Mockup Template

branding and visual identity mockup template
If you are building, designing and creating a brand identity, you better have things sorted out in full before you even send out your design to a print shop. With a user-friendly stationery branding mockup template, you can test out all sorts of different variations and combinations before you find the best version. All you need to do is to upload your creatives with a click on the button and you are ready to go. Placeit makes the process of creating a photo-realistic presentation of your works a small breeze. That’s that, get involved now and have the outcome ready to go in the shortest amount of time possible. Even if you are crafting a visual identity for several different brands and companies, this mockup will surely do the trick.

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Stationery / Branding Mockup

Stationery Branding PSD Mockup

This is a stationery PSD mockup that can be highly useful for corporate and personal branding purposes. It includes 12 PSD files, all are easily editable via smart objects. The stationery items that you can find in these files are business cards, a stack of papers, letterhead, envelope, folder, and a pencil. You can customize the color, modify the design, add text, and change the background of the mockup exactly the way you want. Thanks to the smart layers, the customization process is really easy. The mockup’s highly detailed and photorealistic appearance can certainly make your final presentation look impressive. Choose this mockup and create your branding identity through stationery items to get a great return on investment.

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Branding / Identity Mockup

Branding Identity PSD Mockup

This professionally designed stationery branding identity PSD mockup comes with a guide file. Therefore even a beginner designer can customize it without much hassle. The mockup includes 8 items, 10 presentations, 11 PSD files, and advanced fully editable graphics files. The 8 stationery branding items that you can find in high resolution are a stack of papers, business cards, a tablet, envelopes, briefcase, a pencil, few buttons, and an eraser.  All the items are easily editable, thanks to the well-segregated smart layers. Other than editing color, adding text and adjusting shadows and effects, you can also change the size of business cards and shape of envelopes in all the 10 presentations. Furthermore, in each PSD file, you can find 4 advanced photographic filters. So creating a stunning presentation with this mockup is nothing but a cakewalk.

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Photoshop Branding / Identity Mockup

Photoshop Branding Identity Mockup

Here is another advanced and complete branding stationery PSD mockup. It includes Photoshop compatible 12 PSD photorealistic presentations, originally created in high resolution to be able to provide a superior level of detail and quality. As it is a fully layered mockup, editing it is really easy. Moreover, 3 Axonometric views with non-destructive perspective in each file allow you to place the objects everywhere without distortion. And the best thing about this mockup is it is available in two versions -‘Standard’ version and ‘Pro’ version. Also, it comes with a manual, specially made to assist you with step by step guidelines for achieving great results while giving you enough knowledge for you to produce your desired outcome. Therefore whether you are a beginner or a pro at graphic designing, this mockup can meet your requirements with utter perfection. Just review the system requirements & download section before buying this mockup. By purchasing this file you will get complete assistance and regular updates.

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Corporate and Brand Identity Mockup

Corporate Brand Identity Mockup

This corporate and brand identity PSD mockup is the perfect choice for presenting branding or stationery designs ideas in a professional way. The complete pack includes 20 useful stationery items, and a few PSD files for magazine mockup, t-shirt mockup, advertising bag mockup, mug mockup, and business card mockup. Also, you can find here tutorial JPGs and free, open-source Font Family from Google Web Font. Most importantly, the highly detailed and fully layered PSD files with photorealistic appearance are easily editable. Especially for the stationery items, you just need to set your graphic into top view; they will automatically modify the perspective views as well. In both the top and the perspective views you can move or hide the objects. Therefore you can easily remove those that are not required or arrange them according to your need and preference. So, if you are planning to impress your clients with your design ideas about the brand, logo and corporate identity, then opt for this useful mockup to do things in an easy and excellent way.

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Branding / Stationery Mockup

Branding Stationery PSD Mockup

This awesome stationery branding PSD mockup comes with 7 PSD files, having 3 different types of papers and unlimited variations. Other than paper, this high-resolution mockup includes items like folders, envelopes, business cards, memo books, CD covers, tube, pencils, and paper clips. You can easily customize the whole thing via smart-object layers. For the background, you can get three variations – black cardstock, craft cardstock, and white paper. Opt for any among these three variations and make your presentation look fantastic. Also, you can move or hide any object as per your need and preference. So, without wasting time anymore, get this mockup now. Present your stationery design ideas and brand yourself in style.

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Photorealistic Branding / Identity Mockup

Photorealistic Branding Identity Mockup

This clean and photorealistic branding identity mockup includes 12 PSD files for 12 awesome presentations. It includes letterhead, a stack of business cards, a branding paper bag, envelopes, pencils, and paper clips. All the objects are easily editable in Photoshop, thanks to the smart layers. All you need to do is edit content and paste your design in smart objects. If you are a beginner graphic designer, you get complete guidance from the help file that comes with the mockup. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t you want to present your logo and branding design idea in a professional yet hassle-free way? Then use this mockup and impress your clients easily.

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Stationery / Branding Mockup Craft Edition

Stationery Branding PSD Mockup Craft Edition

Make your branding eye-catchy with this amazing stationery PSD mockup. It includes 10 template files, having various items like A4 document, envelopes, folder, business cards, invitation cards, labels, tube, bag, pencil, sharpener, stamp, ball, fancy elements, and different color paper textures. All the objects and shadows in this highly detailed mockup have separate layers. With the help of smart layers, you can customize the artwork as per your taste. You can get 4 differently textured paper backgrounds to work on. All you need to do is drag and drop your artwork and replace with the current design. Within just a few moments your high-definition presentation can be ready that will never fail to impress your clients. For more assistance, you can go through the illustrated user guide that comes with this mockup.

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Vinter Olsen Stationery Branding Mockup

Vinter Olsen Stationery Branding Mockup

Vinter Olsen stationery branding mockup is professionally designed for meeting your branding purposes. It includes 10 PSD files, each having high resolution and well-organized smart layers. With the help of these smart layers, you can easily edit the mockup and place your designs. Some stationery items that you can find in this pack are paper, business cards, envelopes, folder, compliment slip, CD with its case, tube and paper clips. You can move or hide any object and adjust shadows as per your taste. Moreover, with its global illumination feature, you can control the shadows in an advanced way. The fully detailed layout and advanced texture of the mockup help you have a fantastic presentation. This is certainly a useful stationery PSD mockup available with advanced features. You can use it to showcase your branding design ideas with photorealistic effects.

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High-Resolution Stationery / Branding Mockup

High Resolution Stationery Branding PSD Mockup

This is a stationery PSD mockup that you can use for branding purposes and impress your clients by showing your design ideas in a realistic way. It includes 13 PSD files, each having a photorealistic appearance, high resolution and excellent quality. Items included in this mockup are – letterhead, presentation folder, business card, notebook, key holder and envelope. You can easily change the color of the pencil and sides appearance, add text on business cards, letterhead, envelope, and notebook, adjust shadows and effects as per your need and choice. Just drag and drop your artwork and edit via layer by layer in the layout. However, you cannot edit the background and move the items around individually. Still, it is a great option to opt for if you want to create a flawless presentation of your stationery branding designs.

Info / Download

Corporate Identity – Branding Mockup

Corporate Identity Branding Mockup

This corporate identity branding mockup is an excellent choice for graphic designers who want to showcase their stationery branding designs and impress clients instantly. It includes 19 pre-made PSD files, having smart object layers and high resolution. The items included in this mockup are business card with box, letterhead, folder, small and large sized envelopes, CD with its cover, identity card, handbook, notebook, pencils, paper clips, paper note, phone, laptop, tablet, company signs, car, standee, coffee mug, paper bag, badges, brochure and office interior design. You can easily customize the design according to your choice. You can even move or hide objects along with adjusting shadows. With smart objects, you just need to paste your design and get your presentation ready in just a few clicks.

Info / Download

Stationery Mockup Food Edition

Stationery Branding Mockup Food Edition

Effective branding for various businesses is possible with this stationery mockup. The mockup displays its food edition. It includes document, large and small envelopes, business cards, coffee cup, paper bag, fabric bag, food items, and varied background textures. The complete pack has 10 PSD template files, all are easily editable via organized smart-object layers. All you need to do is place your designs using smart objects, double-click the smart layer, copy and paste your artwork and save. Within just a few clicks your flawless presentation will be ready. For more information, you can have a glance at the illustrated user guide that comes with the mockup. In short, undoubtedly this is a useful mockup that can meet your branding purposes.

Info / Download

Branding – Stationery Mockups V3

Branding Stationery Mockup Volume Three

This highly detailed set of mockup reflects perfection and elegance. It includes 2 PSD files with unlimited variations and foils colors. The background variations that you can choose from are Craft eco cardstock, Black Cardstock, and White paper. The stationery items included in it are paper, folder, brochure, envelope, business card, memo book, CD cover with its label, pencils, pen, paper stickers, paper clips, tube, USB and badges. You can easily move or hide any object as per your choice. To get a perfect presentation of your stationery designs, you should opt for this PSD mockup. It will surely match your branding needs.

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Branding Identity Mockups and Templates

Branding Identity Mockups and Templates

This set of stationery mockups and templates, based on real high-resolution photos, is ideal for presentations to clients and designers portfolios. It is perfect for the creation of close-ups and previews of your work. Using the layout is a great way to present to the client project or corporate identity or use it in a portfolio. The mockups include sheet, folder, envelope, business card, Badge, CD with its cover and eraser. All the items are easily editable in Adobe Photoshop, thanks to the well-organized smart layers. So, if you want to showcase your design idea with photorealistic effects and impress your clients, choose this set of mockups and templates. Create your brand identity effectively.

Info / Download

Ultra Realistic Stationery / Branding Mockups

Ultra Realistic Stationery Branding Mockup

This is a set of 9 ultra realistic and unique PSD mockups, displaying stationery branding designs in high resolution. You can customize the entire artwork and place your logo and other branding designs easily. The smart object layers in these mockups make the customization process quick and easy. Just open up the smart object, paste your design and save the document. In just a few clicks your presentation will be ready. So, whether you are a graphics designer who wants to impress the clients with excellent designs or a businessman who wants to create brand exposure through stationery items and have a preview of the designs, this set of PSD mockups is certainly the perfect choice for all.

Info / Download

Branding Stationery Mockup V.1

Branding Stationery PSD Mockup Set

Create an awesome presentation of customized stationery designs and impress your clients with this branding stationery PSD mockup. The mockup includes 7 fully editable PSD files, all are available in high resolution. It includes 25 objects through which you can create brand recognition easily.  These objects are – Moleskine, briefcase, letterhead, clipboard, envelope, pencil, pen, eraser, pins, clips, button, pen drive, business card, ruler, iPad, iPhone, CD with its cover, block notes, tag, ID badge, t-shirt, paper bag, and coffee cup. All the objects are easily editable, thanks to smart layers. Also, the mockup comes with a user manual PDF file that can make your job easier.

Info / Download

Brand / Stationery Mockups

Brand Stationery PSD Mockup

This stationery mockup is a set of 5 PSD files, displaying 5 different stationery branding designs. It includes 8 stationery items and has high resolution, photorealistic effects, and smart object feature. With its smart object and changeable background features, you can easily customize the entire thing and get your desired presentation. This mockup is certainly a useful option for those who want to design customized stationery items and create a visual identity for their businesses.

Info / Download

Stationery Branding Mockup Creator

Stationery Branding PSD Mockup Creator

This is an excellent stationery mockup, available with high-resolution textures, advanced features, 6 readymade scenes, and 62 useful stationery items. You can certainly consider it as a complete set of stationery mockups that can match your branding purposes. With this, you get endless possibilities to showcase your corporate stationery branding designs with photorealistic effects. You can easily use it and customize to the minute detail. With its adjustable business card side appearance, moveable and separated transparent shadows, letterpress/foil stamp layer styles and depth of field PS action, you can create unique images without much hassle. You can use this for your online and print projects. It will certainly give your projects an extra edge and help you impress your clients easily.

Info / Download

Photorealistic Branding / Identity/ Stationary Mockup

Photorealistic Branding Identity Stationery PSD Mockup

With the help of this photorealistic stationery branding PSD mockup, you can have stationery items printed with your brand name or logo on them and market your business effectively. Being developed on a 3D render, this Photoshop compatible mockup includes 9 photorealistic presentations. With smart objects, you can edit the design, change the background and adjust shadows easily. Just open the PSD file that you want to customize, replace the current design with your own artwork, hit save and you are done. A fantastic presentation in high resolution will be ready in just a few clicks. So, if you are planning to create a great first impression of your business with stationery items, choose this mockup to showcase your designs and have a preview of the designs before printing.

Info / Download

Stationery – Branding Mockups – Set 01

Stationery Branding PSD Mockups Complete Set

A set of stationery mockups is available here in layered PSD format. Some of the items included in this set are envelopes, letterhead, business cards, CD with cover, notepad, pencils, memos, etc. You can easily replace the existing design with your artwork, place your brand name or logo and create a corporate identity with photorealistic effects. The resolution of the mockups allows you to design excellent closeup views for your presentations. So, what are you waiting for? Get this set of mockups and showcase your stationery designs with realistic effects. Create a corporate identity and gain maximum benefits.

Info / Download

Adamsen – Branding / Stationery Mockup

Adamsen Branding Stationery PSD Mockup Set

Adamsen branding stationery PSD mockup is an ideal choice for presenting basic corporate stationery designs with realistic effects in high resolution. It includes 9 PSD files. The items you can find in this set are a paper, folder, envelope and business card. All the items are movable and hideable as per your need and preference. Moreover, with its smart object layer, advanced texturing feature and global illumination feature, you can create a spectacular presentation of customized stationery designs and impress your clients.

Info / Download

Wrapping it up,

All the mockups discussed in this post show an awesome alternative way to improve your design work. They can be a great help to make your design process much easier. So, have you started using any of these mockups already? Feel free to share your experience.

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