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stage mockup
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16 Best Stage Mockup Templates [Free & Premium] 2022

We scoured the web and hand-picked only the best and easiest stage mockup templates for you to put into play right away. If you are staging a stage, a trade show booth, taking care of a poster on an auditorium stage, you name it, there is a mockup for you. All these tools are a small breeze to use, so anyone and everyone gets the most out of them.

We even have a few templates that you get to edit fully in-browser. You read that right, no need to use Photoshop and you can steel succeed at putting together a striking presentation. When staging a stage, you now know what approach to take. Avoid doing things from scratch when you can benefit from a predefined assemblage and go from there.

Moreover, you unlock yourself even more freedom with a PSD stage mockup. Each file is fully layered, ensuring you to style it according to your liking quickly. Remember, thanks to the smart object layer, you just drag and drop your design and already see it appear on the template – as simple as that.

Look no further, take charge now, pick the solution that resonates with you best and make the life-like demonstration that will impress.

Best Stage & Trade Show PSD Mockups

Banner Mockup in an Exhibition Stand at a Convention Center

banner mockup in an exhibition stand at a convention center

When designing a stage for an exhibition or any event, use a mockup first and go from there. This will help you create the exact presentation that you want for the success you would like to attain. If you are particularly looking to come up with a catchy and engaging banner, here are two that will do the trick. Each allows you to attach a different design to it and change the color separately. Moreover, you can also append a text or a graphic if necessary. Make a quick prototype of the possible banners and see them in a life-like surrounding.

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Horizontal Banner Mockup at an Exhibition Stand

horizontal banner mockup at an exhibition stand

A similar exhibition stand mockup than previous, just that this one features one long banner (1500 x 300 px). You can now take it to your maximum advantage, styling it according to your liking and branding directions. Along with sliding in any design you would like, you can also change the banner’s color by picking any shade you fancy from the color picker. Keep in mind, since this is a Placeit mockup, you get to do all the work in-browser, no need for Photoshop or other advanced software. Yes, the entire process will take you barely any time, yet the outcome will be professional and photorealistic.

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Expo Stand Mockup

expo stand mockup

You will find different options and solutions on this list of amazing stage mockups. Let’s kick things off with this life-like expo stand that you can enrich with your creative in a click of a button. With the working area of 1000 x 1200 px, you have enough space to create a vertical banner that will entice everyone that passes by. With the mockup, you can now test out different variations before you find the most impactful one. And if your booth is somewhat similar to this one, that’s even better!

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Trade Show Stand Mockup

trade show stand mockup

If a trade show is coming to your local area and your company is attending, make sure you have it sorted out. When it comes to banners, you can now see them in effect with a mockup that will do the trick immediately. This particular option sports three different banners that you can enrich with your striking designs without a sweat. This also allows you to increase the hype for your presence on social media or anywhere else on the web you want. Last but not least, you can also change the color of the banner and attach a text overlay if necessary.

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Vertical Banner Stage Mockup Template

vertical banner mockup template

Here is another nifty, attention-grabbing, catchy stage mockup for a convention stand. It features a fully editable banner of 400 x 900 px for you to showcase the design you are working on. Instead of sending your large vertical creation straight to a print shop, make sure you first test things out on a mockup and go from there. This way, you can avoid running into issues, having the design do its thing exactly how you envisioned. Of course, you can also change the main color of the banner and use a call-to-action, any other message, or even a quote.

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Mockup of Two Posters Hanging from a Ceiling Frame

mockup of two posters hanging from a ceiling frame

No matter the Placeit mockup you use, you will soon find out how simple the process is. It takes you just a few clicks and you can already be all set with a photo-realistic presentation. In this case, you get to fine-tune the two hanging banners/posters from a ceiling frame. If you want more eyeballs on the stage, you better make sure the banners trigger their attention immediately. And today, you can ensure that the design is striking and enticing, reaching everyone in the audience. You can upload two different designs and even change the color of each banner separately.

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Vertical Banner Mockup in an Auditorium Stage

vertical banner mockup in an auditorium stage

If they hire you to help them design a banner for the auditorium stage, this might be the exact mockup you need. Instead of putting on display only a flat design, surprise your client with a life-like presentation. To your luck, you do all the editing and improving in-browser, over on the Placeit platform. You only leave the website with a striking presentation, not needing to open Photoshop or any other software. Nowadays, you do not even need to use any advanced tools to be able to put a mockup to use and get the most out of it.

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Vertical Banner Mockup in an Auditorium

vertical banner mockup in an auditorium

If you need even more mockups for an auditorium stage, here is another modern and sophisticated option for you. It features a 225 x 859 px vertical banner, which you can enrich both with your design and any color you fancy. As for the design, you just hit the upload button, append the image, and are ready to roll. You can also crop the image and make it appear on the banner exactly how you want it. When it comes to colors, the handy color picker opens a complete palette of shades that you can choose from. Make it as you want and get everyone’s eyes as big as saucers.

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Presentation Hall Mockup

presentation hall mockup

This is a magnificent stage mockup featuring a hall with a real audience, a speaker and a fully editable screen. You can utilize this template for an assortment of different purposes. This could be product presentation, lecture slides, movies, you name it! Also, in the bundle, there are actually three different mockups, featuring front, left and right views. Pick accordingly, or all, and stuff the mockups with your extraordinary designs. You will have a full-blown presentation ready to roll in little to no time. Keep in mind, there is also a video tutorial that will teach you how to use this PSD mockup and take it to your total advantage.

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Various Trade Show Exhibition Mockups

various trade show exhibition mockup

With the collection of nine different PSD files aka different stage mockups for trade shows, you can make a demonstration of the booth like a pro. Moreover, with the design ready to go, you can have the photo-realistic presentation readily available in just a few clicks. With the smart object layer, you get to import your design in a click and that’s it. The amazing resolution of each mockup also ensures crystal clear presentation even of the smallest details. All the elements are on a separate layer, so you have no trouble moving and removing them accordingly.

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Free stage mockup templates

Free Awesome Tradeshow Booth Mockup

free awesome tradeshow booth mockup

We did our best to mix a collection of the best free and premium stage mockups for you to go with whichever you fancy. From now onward, it is all about the tools that cost you nothing. These templates guarantee striking end results like any other solution in the premium section.

If you are designing a company booth for a tradeshow or an expo, here is the mockup ideal for your objective. To your luck, the layered PSD file also offers you to modify each element individually, bringing into fruition a presentation that will trigger the curiosity in everyone.

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Free Backdrop Banner Mockup

free backdrop banner mockup

A modern, creative and professional stage mockup of a backdrop. If you want to see how your design looks in the life-like surrounding, this template will help you get things moving forward. When investing in the backdrop, you should be 100% sure that everything is in perfect order. Thanks to a photo-realistic mockup, you can test out different possibilities for a nifty and first-class outcome. When working with a client, you can also send them the demonstration for approval before it goes out for print. Just append your design via the smart objects and call it a day.

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Colorful Exhibition Booth Mockup

colorful exhibition booth mockup psd

A high-quality and free exhibition booth mockup that comes in three different views. Even if the tool costs you nothing, the final product will still be top-notch. You can now fully style the stage according to your branding regulations and see how the physical appearance looks. When at an expo, your booth must pop. In other words, make it stand out from the masses, let it go against the norm, all for one main aim: to capture as many attendees’ attention as possible. With all pre-set and ready to go, you can now be sure that your booth will be the one to pay a visit.

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Free Booth Tent Mockup

free booth tent mockup

If you are interested in a fully editable and adjustable booth tent mockup, this one is the way to go. There is a lot going on on the template, allowing you to establish the exact booth setup you want. Flags, tent, table, banners, you name it, it is all carefully packed into one mockup. Of course, you can modify all elements with colors and custom designs. Indeed, you can change the background, too! It does not necessarily mean that if a mockup is free, the outcome will be half-baked – not in our case.

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Trade Exhibition Booth Mockup

trade exhibition booth mockup psd

Everyone would want their booth to stand out and trigger as many attendees’ interest as possible. Thanks to a stage mockup, you can now see how your brand, company or agency’s appearance will look. At this time, you can still perform any last customization tweaks to ensure all looks stunningly. Use the mockup to inspire and share it with your client, so you can study the booth in great detail together. The mockup comes as a PSD file with smart object layers, meaning, it is a breeze to use. Hint: there are actually two different scenes that you can use.

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Technical Display Booth Mockup

technical display booth mockup

You can effortlessly employ this stage mockup for crafting the appearance of a booth. Sometimes, you would want to pre-test things to ensure you do not run into any inconvenience later down the line. You can see the designs and the full-blown booth presentation with a mockup. With a quick and straightforward editing process, you can level up the default look of the mockup with your company branding. Just import the file to Photoshop, search for the smart object layer, double click on it and slide in your designs. No ifs, no buts, no maybes, the template is free, so take action now and make a spectacular outcome.

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