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Retina Shopify Themes

17 Beautiful Retina Shopify Themes 2020

Put your brand and your products on display stunningly and strikingly with these best retina Shopify themes. Do not miss the opportunity that calls for an unforgettable experience through amazing visual content mixed with a compelling story. That’s when these nifty, modern, creative and versatile tools come into practice.

Avoid the blurriness and make everything appear with crystal clarity. With modern devices, that is pretty much an essential feature that an eCommerce website should sport, just like mobile-readiness.

Thanks to our complete collection of impactful and influential Shopify themes that you can take to your total advantage, following the latest web and tech trends is easy. And by you, I mean every single one of you, whether you are a first-time building an online store or a senior web developer, these contemporary page skins are for users of all skill levels.

If you are ready to wow every visitor and raise your potential, you better go with a retina Shopify theme. It is a promise that the end product would be spectacular whether you employ the tool exactly as it comes out of the box or you introduce your creative touch to it.

You have unlimited options and possibilities to enter the world wide web with a bang with little to no work. Coding knowledge, of course, is not necessary.


woodstock retina shopify theme
Woodstock is a modern, trendy and always improving retina Shopify theme. If you would like to showcase all your goods in the best possible light, make things a realization with Woodstock. The tool comes packed with heaps of material to get you started in no time at all. For everyone who is building their very first eCommerce website, Woodstock is a great alternative to get you moving. There is no coding and no experience necessary. You have it all available for you to mix and match.

What’s cool about Woodstock is the translation app it comes with. That said, you can easily localize or globalize your online store. Moreover, it is optimized for speed, SEO, mobile devices and web browsers. Meaning, the performance of your online store will be top-grade at all times. With regular updates and improvements, your website will run smoothly for years to come with Woodstock.

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vodoma retina shopify theme
Get the ball rolling with comfort and efficiency by employing Vodoma. It is a retina Shopify theme that promises exceptionally fast performance. With mobile use being constantly on the rise, it is important that your page loads fast to avoid losing potential buyers. With Vodoma, you do not need to worry about the technicalities, as it sports all and everything out of the box.

There’s a whole bunch more to Vodoma.

With the twenty powerful and practical demos, you can start pushing all types of products. Also, you can comfortably perform additional customization tweaks and improvements to tailor Vodoma to your needs and wants. Other features of Vodoma contain ten header and unlimited footer styles, banner creator, mega menu, GeoIP currencies and pre-order functions, to name a few. Make it pop with Vodoma and put your items and brand story front and center.

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beaux retina shopify theme
Beauty and cosmetics stores, let Beaux do the trick and get you started on the internet speedily. The beautiful design and amazing flexibility ensure everyone gets the most out of Beaux. Every product you would like to market online, Beaux will display it stunningly and attractively. There are also tons of great and practical amenities that you can put into practice and create a successful eCommerce website.

Some of the excellent features that you get with Beaux include powerful admin panel, newsletter pop-up, currency switcher, wishlist and product owl carousel. Keep in mind, this is just a small segment of all the goodies that this superb retina Shopify theme has at your disposal. Make it yours now, check the live preview, see what’s possible and start on the world wide web with a bang.

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wristy retina shopify theme
Wristy is your best bet when you are setting up a watch or a jewelry store. The bold and impactful look will trigger everyone’s curiosity and make the user hungry for more. With a gorgeous product presentation, Wristy helps you win over more customers. Whether you are building a website for a watch brand or a store reselling products, both options work with Wristy.

With all the different features and functions that Wristy has in store for you, the outcome will be nothing short of spectacular. Parallax slider, product quick view, unique search function and modern and catchy product listing page are all the varying specialties that Wristy includes in the kit. With the drag and drop sections, you can also alter the home page of Wristy to your liking precisely.

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Ap Twices

ap twices retina shopify theme
Ap Twices is a contemporary retina Shopify theme that caters to different industries and niches with ease. With the theme, you have a whopping 1200 options, meaning, you can tailor it to your requirements to the very last detail. Also, Ap Twices comes with six homes, five headers, four footers, blog pages and all the other necessary eCommerce layouts. Thanks to all the amazingness that Ap Twices possesses, you can approach site establishment with confidence.

Ap Twices sports all the trends of the modern web. Your page will acclimatize to all popular devices and well-liked web browsers instantaneously. The theme is optimized for speed and SEO, too. If you are ready to make an immediate difference, you are ready to take action with Ap Twices. Upsells and cross-sells, dynamic checkout buttons, free shipping, estimated delivery times, you name it, Ap Twices covers it.

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milatino retina shopify theme
Milatino is a mouthwatering retina Shopify theme that works ideally for coffee, tea and cake shops. If that is something that sparks your interest, you almost cannot find a better alternative on the market. It is fresh and packed with goodies that will do you well. Moreover, Milatino is also a little breeze to use, perfect for beginners and experts. Hey, you can easily use it out of the box, add your content and go live. On the other hand, you can also personalize it and make Milatino your way.

Other theme features contain mega menu, multi-currency support, newsletter, tabs, Facebook chat and one click demo data import. Tell your brand story and bring your items front and center with the efficient Milatino now. Last but not least, if you find yourself in need of support, Milatino’s team is always at your service.

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binim retina shopify theme
Any planning on selling bikini and lingerie? If that is something that you are specializing in, Binim is the retina Shopify theme to consider. Even though you can push these types of products with other themes, Binim is entirely dedicated to the industry. Binim goes the extra mile with all the different front and internal page designs, as well as an array of practical features. Make it trendy and cool or go luxurious and opulent, whatever the case, Binim easily caters to it.

Binim is put together to work on all popular devices and web browsers butter smoothly. It is a site canvas that promises an unbeatable shopping experience that will make fans want to come back for more. Additional core features of Binim are customizable header and footer, automatic price change, back to top button, Instagram feed and product carousel.

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chutti retina shopify theme
Kids and baby stores, Chutti is the ideal Shopify theme to present your brand and your products on the internet stunningly. You can get things moving forward immediately. After all, you need to build nothing from scratch, as Chutti takes care of everything. You get the page layouts and you get the excellent features – you get it all! What’s more, Chutti will never ask you for programming knowledge and experience with building eCommerce websites. You will establish an online store with comfort even as a newbie.

Slider, newsletters, mega menu, deal counter, animated masks and grid and list style views are just a small portion of the vast collection of features that Chutti comes with. The tool is also in tune with mobile devices, web browsers and retina screens. Every parent will enjoy browsing your Shopify store, even in the company of their kids.

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onky retina shopify theme
Meat and food shops, it’s time to investigate Onky. This retina Shopify theme is all you need to get started in the online space. The clean and contemporary layout ensures to fit many different businesses out of the box. Needless to say, there is also an option to put in the next gear by performing enhancement tweaks to Onky. For doing any work with Onky, the experience is not necessary. Thanks to the simplicity and user-friendliness of the theme, you can see epic success in little to no time.

Onky is responsive and makes sure all the technicalities are on point. Your website will work on all devices and platforms butter smoothly. Great navigability, special promotions, animations, contact form, weight filter and Ajax wishlist are just some of the strong points that Onky offers you.

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drippy retina shopify theme
While we have many general retina Shopify themes here, we also have a few niche-specific. One of such is Drippy. Still, even these niche themes, you can use them for something entirely different, just for the fact of how flexible they are.

Drippy is a stunning, refreshing and attention-grabbing site skin for cake shops and ice cream stores. If you are looking to expand your reach, create a banging web space with Drippy now.

Above the fold, you get to capture everyone’s attention with the stylish slider that you can alter to your needs precisely. Drippy also rocks mega menu for excellent navigability, newsletter pop-up, color filter, animated masks, Google Fonts and social media integration. Drippy was built with mobile use and search engine optimization in mind, too.

Bring your delicious treats in front of a wider audience with a page based on Drippy.

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responsive retina shopify theme
Here is a retina Shopify theme that pretty much does not need an introduction. Hence the name, it is a tool that suits all the modern screens, displaying content beautifully and wonderfully. Retina also accommodates to all popular devices and web browsers. To top it all up, it does not miss fast loading and search engine optimization either.

Retina is an appealing web design that creates a great atmosphere with its image-first design. Put all your products into view for everyone to experience them as they would actually be in a physical store. Along with bold imagery, Retina also supports videos for your promotional content that will help win over more customers.

What’s more, Retina includes FAQ page, slide-out cart, close-ups, drop-down navigation and editable contest sections on the front page. By the way, there are three different styles that Retina comes equipped with for you to find the design that resonates with you best quickly.

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prestige retina shopify theme
Prestige sounds very opulent and luxurious. It is a Shopify theme that works great for designer brands and high-end fashion stores. If you are looking to create and showcase your brand and your products in a way that will wow everyone, Prestige is the one. With the three gorgeous samples, you can start selling clothing, accessories, heck, even beauty products with ease.

Prestige comes great if you would like to boost your potential by telling a story. It even comes with a built-in timeline tool! Other amenities that you can benefit from are image hotspot linking, slide-out cart, slideshow, floating header and social media buttons. You do not need much to stand out from the masses. With the right retina-compatible Shopify theme and your creative touch, you can start making some noise online with a killer website.

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pipeline retina shopify theme
For everyone who is looking for a Shopify theme with a clean and minimal design with parallax effect, Pipeline is an excellent alternative. Instead of offering you just one design, you get three entirely different ones. With the three samples alone, you can approach the creation of various different eCommerce websites. Of course, Pipeline does offer you to make adjustments so it fits your regulations precisely.

Pipeline is a powerful enough tool to suit brands and online stores with large catalogs. No matter how many products you intend to sell, Pipeline’s great navigability and product filtering make sure every user finds the products he or she is interested in quickly. Pipeline is in harmony with retina screens, mobile devices and popular web browsers as well. Start building your new page with confidence regardless of your skills – Pipeline is for everyone anyway.

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icon retina shopify theme
A beautiful website presenting your brand and products online is just around the corner. Once you realize the simplicity of Shopify platform and Icon, all the rest becomes history. No need to postpone the creation of your online store, as you only really need to invest little time and energy to make it happen. Icon and its four impactful samples are readily available to get you started on the right foot. Pro or no pro, Icon is for all of you.

Icon is especially perfect for every brand that wishes to share big and bold imagery. All the content that you plan to add to your new website will come into view attractively on all devices. Icon is responsive, cross-browser compatible and retina-friendly after all. You will also spice things up with the catchy parallax effect, as well as offer everyone to check products without leaving the current page.

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capital retina shopify theme
It is especially important that you keep things as organized as possible when offering tons of products on your eCommerce website. Capital keeps things neat and tidy. Bike shops, fashion brands, accessories stores, whatever, Capital offers you to create an online presence for just about any product and industry. Even if you go with the default sample exactly as is, you can witness the realization of a wonderful page. By the way, there are three styles in the Capital kit.

Along with the design part fully sorted out, Capital also comes with a plethora of features. Page animations, predictive search, social media, editable content sections and full-width slider are only a few of the specialties that Capital includes. You can also start a blog and introduce a content marketing strategy. Tons of options, no coding, great documentation and support, Capital is the real deal.

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trademark retina shopify theme
With a retina Shopify theme like Trademark and your bold and large imagery, everyone will enjoy browsing through your content. And this goes for users of all modern devices and web browsers, as Trademark is fully flexible and extendable. Not just that, but even if you decide to not change the default look at all, you can expect great things to happen right in front of your eyes. Predefined styles and color palettes, as well as modifiable content sections are all part of the deal for your advantage.

Build customer trust through testimonials, share blog posts and go in-depth with storytelling, all this and more with the easy to use Trademark. If you are still unsure, do yourself a favor and see how well other stores are doing by using Trademark theme.

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envy retina shopify theme
The retina Shopify themes that we have here are listed in no particular order. After all, they are all very modern, very appealing to the eye and very powerful.

Envy is another terrific solution that mixes style, creativity and cleanness very well. On top of that, you have four engaging demos to choose from. You can even take things a step further and customize Envy, so it fits your liking. All the work you do requires no code writing and other advanced tasks.

Some of the features of Envy come in the form of slider, marketing pop-up, drop-down navigation, mobile-responsiveness and search engine optimization. Envy guarantees regular updates, too, so that your online store will run without a hitch for years and years. Now you know where to start and how to sort out your business website without a sweat.

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