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17 Best Party Planner Websites For Design Inspiration 2023

Are you looking to build a party planner website and need inspiration? We have got you covered with the best website examples.

Parties are exciting and delightful. They exist to provide people a break from the hustles and hustles of life. In like manner, parties are attractive opportunities to treat oneself to savory cuisines and a luscious cocktail. But how can one enjoy such events if preparations are incomplete? Well, that’s where the competence of a party or event planner is a demand. With a proficient planner, venues, caterers, florists, entertainers, and other necessities for the party are never overlooked. In mind, it’s always best to consult a party planner upon planning to host parties. This way, big and little things for the party preparations will be handled. Fortunately, finding a party planner is quite easy these days. Aside from brochures and business cards, event planners utilize the power of web presence. Most professionals build user-friendly party planner websites to promote and market services.

happy events event planner wordpress theme

Looking to build a party planner website?

Here are the best party planner WordPress themes to use as a foundation for your website.

Today, we’ve collected some party planner websites that will serve as a great inspiration to party planner newbies. Typically, such websites must exhibit awesome imagery and testimonials to empower the brand and credibility. Including videos of successful parties you’ve handled previously is even more interesting. So, check out this collection and list some elements you want to include in building your website.

Best Party Planner Website Designs

1. Alaska Professional Entertainment

Alaska Professional Entertainment

Parties can be more fun and exciting when you let experienced planners do the planning for you. This way, you can skip a lot of trouble handling difficult tasks. Here’s an exceptional party planner website that inspires fellow planners to build their websites. Alaska Professional Entertainment provides a quick and easy way to reach clients with its website’s outstanding design and functionality. It welcomes visitors with a superb picture of a delightful party on the hero header. It uses a sticky header to increase retention, making it easier to navigate from one page to another. Since clients must know the services they can avail of, the APE website showcases the pricing list via accordion element. This website’s other notable features include amazing hover effect, testimonials, video integration, and more!


2. Chappelow Events

Chappelow Events

Chic and minimalist, Chappelow Events’ website has an excellent design for its brand to shine. It utilizes a simple yet comprehensive design for website visitors. Thin and simple fonts with a white background and a cool grayish color scheme stand out. Services are displayed in a nice and creative split-screen type – an image on the right side and a brief description on the other side alternately. A potential client can easily inquire about the business’s services via the clear CTA on the header and Facebook and Instagram integration with this website. Moreover, a visitor can also access Chappelow Events’ portfolio with ease.


3. Twenty Three Layers

Twenty Three Layers

It would be best to gather images and testimonials of the previous events a party planner has handled to impress potential clients. This way, creating a great website with compelling content is much possible. Twenty Three Layers is one of the inspiring and creative party planner websites that deserve to be on this list. It has a clutter-free design with a stunning pink and blue color scheme. Specifically, this website stylishly showcases a portfolio. Whether you need to see its works on corporate events or social events, it’s pretty quick and easy to do so. Moreover, this website also exhibits the brands that recently entrust their events into the business. Other useful features include Instagram feed, social media integration, newsletter subscription, testimonials, and more!


4. Eventique


Eventique has a remarkable design of a party planning website. Good typography, beautiful imagery, and great content define this awesome website. It welcomes visitors with a creative slider on the hero header that comes with a sticky header for easy navigation. The website integrates video to showcase how the firm works to encourage intense interest. Moreover, it also exhibits the various events they’ve worked with creatively. Similarly, other website pages are crafted well to improve their quality, including the about-us page, blogging, request proposals, etc.


5. Little Miss Party Planner

Little Miss Party Planner

Bright and vibrant, this party planner website is ready to impress its audience with such a great web presence. Little Miss Party Planner has a captivating hero header – parallax effect background, an image with a hot pink tone, headline, and a CTA. Since a brand needs social media accounts, this website never fails to integrate those accounts on the header section. It also displays a clear view of the galleries and press pages using big, square thumbnails. Furthermore, it also embeds blogging as part of its marketing aside from sharing exciting articles. Blogging is vital in driving more traffic to the website; that’s why this website never ignores its essence. What’s more? It also displays some in-store products, Instagram feed, and newsletter subscription.


6. Blue Llama Events

Blue Llama Events

A popular adage says “a picture can say a thousand words”. Hence, party planners need to showcase successful works using quality images. Blue Llama Events exhibits classic imagery on the hero header, another big image on the services section and gallery. This website gives importance to the sticky header to increase retention. Since testimonials help convert more prospects into clients, this website presents carousel testimonials. In addition, it also features the press that featured their works. Of course, the portfolio would be incomplete without a gallery. It has an outstanding gallery design with ample huge, excellent quality images displayed using a carousel.


7. Events By Knight

Events By Knight

Unique and creative website designs make a seamless introduction to the brand. Events By Knight introduces its authenticity with an excellent, stylish website design. Its hero header exhibits ample imagery of exciting party-related images using a slider with CTA. It also utilizes a subtle animation to transition to the other website sections. Additionally, services also look innovative with the hover effect and parallax background.

Further details in the party planning they cover are showcased on the website using huge thumbnails. Meanwhile, sharing articles on the blog section is not just useful when it comes to SEO but also encourages the audience to check out the latest news. Other essential sections and pages include testimonials, clients/partners, social media integration and an off-canvas menu.


8. The W Plan

The W Plan

The primary goal of building a web presence is to reach more people and generate leads. Similarly, party planner websites exist to achieve such goals. The W Plan is one of these party planner websites that can help newbie planners to craft a seamless one for their brand to shine. The site welcomes visitors with a charming background image with striking CTAs. It presents its services stylishly with a preceding parallax background (separates contents via parallax effect). Each service looks great with images on the left side and descriptions on the other side. Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without a portfolio added to the website and the latest news.


9. ABC Event Planning

ABC Event Planning

Parties are meant to be lively, enjoyable, and engaging. And one way to accomplish it is to hire a party planner. This way, you wouldn’t be overtaxed and exhausted in the preparation leaving no room for misslooks. ABC Event Planning is a wonderful party planner website that defines a clean and simple website design. It has a simple hero header, attractive square background, flat icons, and amazing hover effects. The website uses the dropdown menu for displaying the subcategories of the website. For showing the works, it uses the image modal and a slider. Another thing, this website also embraces the importance of testimonials to the site’s credibility, making it look bold and striking. Check out other features now!


10. Do Good Events

Do Good Events

One of the best party planner websites to inspire event planners and entrepreneurs is this Do Good Events. It has a beautiful hero header with essential elements- a captivating headline, descriptive CTA, and high-quality image. The header also looks outstanding as it utilizes a white background along with the logo and social media integration. The services don’t look boring as they come with stunning thumbnails. Since typography plays a great role in the look and feel of the website, this brand never fails to impress the audience with such elements. Using a carousel, useful features include newsletter subscriptions, testimonials, and clientele presentations.


11. Love By Lynzie

Love By Lynzie

With the emergence of web presence as part of the effective marketing strategies for every brand, every party planner must go along with this trend. Hence, Love By Lynzie crafts its website with elegance and minimalism. Ample high-quality images are displayed on the hero header with a clean and readable menu. They come in an extensive menu and bright backgrounds to exhibit its services well. While those sections look amazing, the team section also looks fantastic with the parallax effect background, touching caption and descriptive CTA. Meanwhile, the press’s black and white logo makes the website look elegant.


12. Some Like It Classic

Some Like It Classic 

Some brands like to present products or services simply yet comprehensively. Some Like It Classic is here to inspire fellow party planners to craft classic-looking website designs. Others love to make it look more creative to drive more attention. Whatever the brand prefers, it should not neglect its goal – reaching more people. This website uses the hero header as a fixed background to the next sections that overlap it. The team section looks great as it embeds a video, a huge caption and CTA on the other side. It also has a nice gallery, testimonials, slider, and more!


13. Themers


Reaching out to a party planner these days is a piece of cake. Like Themers, most professionals opt for an online presence to improve brand recognition. Themers has an innovative design of the website. It showcases different party-related images on the header using slider and a sticky header for the menu. Meanwhile, showcasing awards on the website can give you an edge over other competitors. Themers understand such features so it integrates videos on how it gains its awards. The services section also provides enough details to lead visitors to other pages. Other notable features include testimonials, clear CTAs, cool gallery, social media integration and more!


14. Ann Travis Events

Ann Travis Events

Ann Travis Events has a creative design of the party planner website. Although it works well with wedding events, it also offers planning for corporate events. The website utilizes a parallax effect on the hero header with a great headline and CTA. Moreover, this website looks cool and adorable with animation upon scrolling. Since party planner websites must showcase their portfolio, Ann Travis Events ensures that previous successful events will entice potential clients to trust their expertise in party planning. Apart from that, this website also professionally exhibits testimonials and press.


15. California Special Occasions

California Special Occasions

A touch of elegance and creativity defines these California Special Occasions. It uses a fixed background on the hero header with main contents overlapping it. The website displays its services’ services name, description, and CTAs. It also displays well testimonials, which can help boost credibility and authenticity. This website offers other useful features: social media integration, sticky header, an off-canvas consultation form, and more. Moreover, it also comes with a blog page to share amazing articles for the audience.


16. Lux Catering and Events

Lux Catering and Events 

Whether it’s corporate events, casual parties, formal, or wedding parties, Lux Catering and Events is always ready to provide you with the best and easy way to prepare everything you need. This website greets visitors with high-quality images in the hero header via a slider. These images come with big and bold captions too. The website offers a clear view of what services they offer via thumbnails. Of course, most people are more attracted to videos than mere images or text, this website ensures that video integration is accessible. Moreover, it also comes with awesome testimonials via slider, a huge menu via accordion, and a blog for SEO.


17. Sweet Tea Tallahassee

Sweet Tea Tallahassee 

Clean and neatly-structured websites tend to shine in the competitive market. With Sweet Tea Tallahassee’s website design, visitors will comprehend the message it wants to convey. The website uses a design hierarchy and readable content that the audience can easily understand. Services are showcased in a nice and captivating manner – large thumbnails in portrait orientation with clear captions. The features that make this website stand out are the sticky menu, hover effects, parallax effect, animated counter, video integration, sliders, social media integration, and more!

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