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Top 20 Creative HTML5 Travel Website Templates For Travel Blogs And Agencies 2017

Top 20 Creative HTML5 Travel Website Templates For Travel Blogs and Agencies 2017

Every smart business owner understands that the travel industry represents a trust-based economy. Marketing and even word of mouth recommendations reign supreme, when it comes to business or pleasure trips. A bad reputation can ruin you, and you must make sure that your site reflects your professionalism. Physical travel agency locations are vestiges of the pre-digital age. The customer’s first impressions will always be made online.

If you are tech savvy, it will be easy for you to create an impressive travel page. However, many business owners will need to hire third-party companies in order to develop their websites. In order to avoid that cost, you can always purchase an HTML template. These are basically online makeover kits that enhance every aspect of a standard site. They bring both functional and aesthetic improvements, and they are very easy to use. This convenience and affordability may seem too good to be true, but that’s the whole point of the internet.

That being said, let’s take a look at some of the best HTML5 Travel Website Templates:



Sparrow is an extraordinary HTML travel website template for those who wish to construct professional booking and travel websites. It has many niche-specific features, and your page will feature information regarding city landmarks, tours, hotels and ticket prices. Every piece of relevant data can be showcased with ease. In terms of aesthetic design, Sparrow is second to none. It maintains a gorgeous, simplistic look that never fails to impress site visitors. There are 37 different HTML files, and a Working Ajax contact page. This product also offers an integrated Twitter API, and 4 distinct home page variations.

Users will benefit from 6 complete hotel listing and booking pages, 6 complete flight listing and booking pages, and 2 blog listing pages. The site will feature a special search box for tours, hotels and flights. Sparrow has a Register/Login pop-up section, along with pages for the About and Services page. The site contact section will also feature Google Maps integration, helping travelers to safely reach their destination. This template is compatible with most browsers on the market, and it is entirely responsive. For new-time users, a well-written documentation source was added. It explains every feature in detail, turning you into an overnight expert.

More info / Download Demo



Travelo is an excellent HTML travel websitetemplate for tour and booking websites. It can be used to enhance any car rental, hotel, tour, or cruise agency web page. Many niche-specific features were incorporated, along with a series of customization options. Upon purchase, clients will gain access to a limitless roster of color personalization settings. Basically, this template allows you to design a site that perfectly matches your vision. It is possible to modify existing styles, or you can create new ones from scratch via SCSS.

Travelo has a special search box function for car, flight, cruise and hotel sections. In addition, there are 3 different search box styles. For your page, 8 different header style variations were implemented. It’s amazing how much you can change, by simply improving the header.

Users will gain access to a complete and clear view of the dashboard sections. They are updated and modern, able to meet the requirements of this hyper-competitive industry. In total, there will be more than 180 icon fonts and vector based icons. Lack of choice will not be a problem with this custom icon pack. Travelo also incorporate a grid system that was designed specifically for the smaller screens of hand-held devices.

More info / Download Demo

Book Your Travel


Book Your Travel is a highly-efficient HTML website template for travel, booking portal, hotel, agency, bed and breakfast, villas, hostel, and guest house websites. However, despite its niche-oriented design, Book Your Travel can be used for almost any business page. This versatility stems for a large roster of practical features, each implemented in order to improve your page and aid your online marketing campaign.

Developed by an elite author, this template has a special home page with a designated search box that allows clients to find hotels, cruises, flights, car rentals and catering services. Of course, there will be a page that showcases search results. In total, Book Your Travel has 8 different color scheme variations. Regardless of your choice, the result will look incredible. Users can also benefit from a special Error page, a Contact Page, and a Booking Steps section. It should also be mentioned that there is a WordPress version of Book Your Travel, available for download.

The layout is entirely responsive, as it can accommodate the needs of clients who prefer hand-held devices. It is also cross-browser compatible. If you want a more hands-on demonstration of this template and its capabilities, be sure to access the live preview.

More info / Download Demo



Traveler is yet another HTML travel website template that seeks to appeal to the travel and booking website market. What makes it special is its attention to detail. Countless hours went into the development of this extraordinary product, and it shows. Information was gathered from the most popular travel booking websites, and the best features were incorporated into Traveler.

The design is clear, modern and streamlined. Clients will get to enjoy a superb browsing experience, free from any errors or delayed loading times. There are multiple animation features, each adding another layer of charm to your impressive travel booking site. Traveler has a fully-functional autocomplete form with an extensive database. In terms of visual personalization, users will gain access to 15 pre-designed color palettes. Regardless of which color scheme is selected, the result will look incredible. Every site will have fully featured form elements with distinct animation effects.

This template offers 8 astounding home page variations, and a special iconmoon font. In total, there are more than 100 HTML files, and multiple animation effects and icon features. There is a large number of useful elements, including some redesigned Bootstrap 3 elements. For those who wish to sample Traveler without having to commit to a purchase, a live preview was made available.

More info / Download Demo


LeadGen is an intuitive and responsive HTML marketing multipurpose website template. LeadGen is a resourceful framework for creating impressive modern websites. LeadGen is a platform honed for mass-appeal projects, lightweight and fast-loading. It performs well across all traffic scales and audience sizes. Businesses love LeadGen because it provides them with a wealth of ready-made tools. Powerful plugins allow for meaningful customization in a matter of minutes. You don’t need to know a lick of coding to make the most out of LeadGen. Simply deploy one of 32 perfected demo websites with a single click and get going.

Customization is fast and easy with LeadGen at your side. A powerful built-in HTML5 builder lets you customize your websites at will. Travel industry webmasters love working with LeadGen because it’s so flexible. Optimized for conversions, LeadGen lets you increase your business and revenue overnight. LeadGen is the perfect solution for hotels, motels and hostels the world over. A powerful commercial framework allows you to market your services through your website. Book the room and make the sale today, with LeadGen. Awesome portfolios let you showcase your finest yours and vistas in style. Give LeadGen a go today, and see your travel business soar!

More info / Download Demo



CityTours is a nifty HTML template that can suit the needs of travel agency websites. By integrating this product, your page can feature information regarding ticket sales, local landmarks, tours, transfers, and hotels. Basically, the template is perfectly tailored for the travel market.

CityTours has a clean, valid HTML/CSS code. It is based on the prolific Bootstrap 3.3 framework, resulting in a flexible interface that looks incredible on all devices. Clients will be able to access your site from their smartphones, desktop computers, tablets and laptops. In total, users will gain access to more than 50 HTML pages, and 6 distinct home page variations.

CityTours has 3 header types: Transparent + plain, Transparent and White Plain. There are 4 gorgeous color schemes, and it is possible to modify the primary color. Your site will incorporate a working PHP booking form with an auto-responder. In addition, you can benefit from a working AJAX Contact form that features anti-spam protection. It is incredible that this template has 2000 Fantastic Icons Fonts, and each icon is compatible with high-resolution Retina Displays. It should also be mentioned that CityTours is compatible with all major browsers. For more information, be sure to access the live preview.

More info / Download Demo



CountryHolidays is an HTML template for travel, hotel, or bed and breakfast websites. It has a gorgeous aesthetic, and an intuitive layout. This product is designed to accommodate all users, even those who lack advanced web development knowledge. From start to finish, even a child can create a successful page in a matter of moments.

CountryHolidays has many incredible features, and more than 40 HTML pages. There are 3 Home Page variations: Home with Revolution Slider, Home with Video Background, and Home with Working PHPH/Ajax booking form. CountryHolidays is available in wide or boxed formats. Only you can decide which version better suits your needs. It should be mentioned that the premium Revolution Slider plugin was added free of charge, despite its $14 price tag. It facilitates the creation of amazing slides, giving you an opportunity to showcase your best offers.

Site elements will be compatible with high-resolution retina displays, and most browsers on the market. CountryHolidays incorporates a practical Megamenu, and a Magnific Pop-up function. Users can also enjoy multiple Google fonts, and a Google Maps function that guides clients towards their destination. The jQuery Slider pro was added, in addition to a working newsletter subscription. This template is an excellent investment in your website’s future.

More info / Download Demo



For those who want to create exemplary travel and booking websites, Berg is the perfect solution. This practical HTML template is user-friendly and accessible, designed to make your life easier. Just about anyone can use Berg, and there is no need to hire a professional web development company.

If you do not like HTML, there is also a WordPress and Drupal version available for download. You can use this template for both one page and multi-page sites, depending on the size of your projects. Regardless of your choice, it will look amazing. Berg has 45 impressive home page versions. The amount of options is simply staggering, and each home page is detailed and well-designed.

Most business owners never have time to create and maintain a website. However, smaller companies often dread the cost of hiring outside web support. Thankfully, this template has included 45 unique demos, and each caters to a different niche. Instead of starting from scratch, you can simply install one of the demos. It is also possible to modify them later. Users are able to create their own online shops. This feature can greatly improve any company’s bottom line. Berg has incorporated more than 110 HTML files, and 3 Menu bar variations: dark, light and transparent.

More info / Download Demo



Few HTML travel website templates can match the quality of GoExplore!. This exquisite product is perfectly suited for the needs for blog, directory, or travel websites. Tons of practical feature were incorporated in order to enhance the overall quality of your web page. Online marketing can be a profitable and challenging area of activity. Everything on the web is driven by search engines, and your site’s success is based on its ability to attract the attention of these engines. Thankfully, GoExplore! is optimized for search engines, potentially increasing your view count and bottom line. The template has multiple styles for blog listings. You can select both modern and traditional blog variations.

Your posts and content will be compatible with high-resolution Retina displays, and most web browsers on the market. All Photoshop files were added, in addition to some personalized login styles. There are custom author pages, and destination child pages. GoExplore! also has a charming rating system, and you are able to determine the symbols that are used.  They can be represented by dollar signs, stars, hearts, or something else. For those who wish to sample the GoExplore! professional template, a live preview was made available. Do not worry about financial risk, as it is completely free.

More info / Download Demo


corsiva-hotel-booking-website-templateCorsiva is an excellent HTML5 travel website template that is perfectly suited for the needs of blog, resort, hotel, travel and event websites. It is easily customizable, as you get to design a page that perfectly matches your vision. The template was constructed using the popular Bootstrap framework, and its code is streamlined and well-written. Corsiva is perfect for any niche, and all occasions. It will look incredible on the large screens of desktop computers, or the smaller displays smartphones and tablets. In addition, content can be showcased on high-resolution Retina displays and most major browsers.

In the travel and hospitality industry, word of mouth is very important. Your site will incorporate a Rate and Review section, allowing users to share honest opinions regarding your service. Some gorgeous Font Awesome, Glyphicon and et-line icons are available, along with a charming Owl slider. Corsiva has 6 pre-designed color schemes, and each can enhance your page’s aesthetic appeal. It should also be mentioned that the template codes are fully-documented.  Every customer will gain access to an excellent support system. Never hesitate to contact their polite, well-trained representatives. An informative live preview was added, for those who wish to learn more about Yoona and its features.

More info / Download Demo


hillter-unique-hotel-booking-website-templateHillter is a streamlined, well-designed HTML template for travel and booking websites. Despite its niche-oriented features, it is also quite versatile. Regardless of your needs, Hillter can provide an excellent web development experience. Basically, this product levels the playing field. It is very user-friendly, allowing you to design high-quality sites, with only a minimal requirement of technical expertise. Usable by anyone in any occasion, Hillter is definitely a great investment.

Upon installation, your content can be showcased on high-resolution Retina displays and most major web browsers. In addition, the layout is fully responsive. Mobile users can rejoice, knowing that they will benefit from the same quality experience as those who prefer desktop computers or laptops. The Hillter code is very clean and organized. This makes it easier for clients to further modify and personalize their templates. You will also benefit from some eye-catching Parallax sections.

Should any issues arise, do not hesitate to contact the professional support representatives. No problem is too small or insignificant. In terms of visual customization, there are 4 main color scheme variations. For those who want to sample Hillter, a live preview was made available.

More info / Download Demo



If your goal is to design an advanced travel website directory, Superlist can be your greatest ally. This excellent HTML5 travel website template uses trusted, modern technologies such as Bootstrap and SASS in order to give you an ideal web development experience. Basically, it is an online version of a Swiss Army Knife, packed with tools for any situation. Superlist has designated sections for FAQ’s, Testimonials and Pricing. There are also templates which can be used for your invoices.  In terms of visual customization, you will gain access to a limitless range of color customization settings. Customers will only be limited by what they can imagine, as they are able to design a site that matches their vision.

Superlist has custom selected boxes, and a clean, streamlined code. Your posts and site elements are compatible with high-resolution Retina displays, and most web browsers. The fully-responsive layout can be viewed from any device, regardless of its screen size. In total, there are 585 gorgeous Font Awesome icons, and an extended documentation source. The file includes a user guide for novice customers, and a few code samples. Superlist is a well-organized product, and every element is labeled and wrapped in <div> containers. A live preview was added, for those who want to sample this product.

More info / Download Demo



Developed by an elite author, Travelia is an excellent HTML5 travel website template that never fails to impress. It incorporates a large roster of practical features, each implemented in order to improve your web development experience. This product is very user-friendly, and it can be installed by most users. No advanced programming knowledge is required.

Your content, listings and posts can be accessed from any device, regardless of the size of its screen. TRAVELIA is compatible with desktop PCs, smartphones, laptops and tablets. If you are a site administrator, this template can make it easier for you to work while traveling. TRAVELIA has some reusable elements, and a charming design that will surely catch the eye of any visitor. It should also be mentioned that the layout is cross-browser compatible.

This template incorporates a well-written documentation file that offers to explain all features in detail. Those who take the time to read it can easily become overnight experts. TRAVELIA can be used for any site that operates in the travel or hospitality industry market. If you do not like HTML, it is possible to purchase a WordPress version. For users who want to sample this product and its features, a live preview was added.

More info / Download Demo


trips-travel-hotel-booking-website-templateTrips is an HTML template that facilitates the creation of hotel, travel, and booking websites. These industries are known for their high standards of quality, and Trips can meet those requirements. It was coded using the prolific Bootstrap framework, and it features a gorgeous, eye-catching design.

This template is simplistic, modern, and very user-friendly. The design is 100% pixel perfect, and it can be customized via multiple color scheme variations. Upon purchase, every client will be eligible for a lifetime of free updates, as the product changes and adapts. The support system is quick to resolve any issue that the user might encounter.

Trips has free Icon fonts, and a streamlined layout. Your content can be showcased on high-resolution Retina displays, and most web browsers. It should also be mentioned that your site will be compatible with smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop PCs. The Awesome Slider plugin was added, in addition to some gorgeous Google web fonts. Trips also has some easily customizable Photoshop files. Designs for blog pages or hotel pages are available, and Mega Menus are supported. For more information regarding this amazing product, be sure to access the live preview. There is no financial risk, given that it is entirely free.

More info / Download Demo

Let’s Travel


Without a doubt, Lets Travel is one of the most content-heavy HTML templates in the travel market niche. It allows for the creation of amazing web pages, and it is very user-friendly. There are 17 distinct home page variations, each with its own unique charm. In addition, Lets Travel has 30 shortcodes and over 100 pages. You will actually save money by purchasing this product, given that it incorporates 2 premium plugins, free of charge: Layerslider $15, and Slider Revolution $12. Users will benefits from Ajax photo galleries, Parallax effects, and numerous Font Awesome Icons.

Once the template is installed, your page can feature a Google Maps section, and a charming image carousel. In addition, some Google web fonts were added. Users can choose either a boxed or wide version of Lets Travel, depending on their needs. In total, there are 6 different header style variations, and 5 footer versions. This template also has rounded, and not rounded versions. In total, there are 8 color schemes. Feel free to choose a palette that matches your brand or company logo. The layout is responsive, and it can be showcased on the smaller displays of hand-held devices. With so many options and features, Lets Travel is definitely one of the best templates on the market.

More info / Download Demo

Tours & Tickets


With a name like Tours & Tickets, it is not hard to determine this HTML5 travel website template’s niche. It is perfectly suited for travel and booking websites. The product incorporates a broad toolset, making it highly-versatile. It has 4 creative layouts, and 4 distinct product styles. Of course, a travel page must have a Google Maps section with waypoints. Mega Menus were incorporated, along with a Slick Slider. There is even a swipe menu for those who prefer to navigate using touch screens.

Online promotion is always facilitated by awesome video content. Thankfully, your website will integrate Video Media Sections. It should also be mentioned that Tours & Tickets is SEO-ready. This search engine optimization makes it easier for any page to climb search rankings, thus increasing its view count.

CSS3 animations were added, along with some LESS files. Upon purchase, every user will receive a lifetime a free updates. You can expect future upgrades, error fixes, and even some additional features. The support team has some very friendly and polite representatives. They are eager to resolve any issues. Tours & Tickets has a working AJAX contact form, and an integrated jQuery Shop Locator. This template is also cross-browser compatible.

More info / Download Demo



Cruise is a highly-versatile HTML template for booking and travel websites. It can be used to improve hotel, tour, cruise and car rental pages. Regardless of your needs, this product can meet them. It specializes in exceeding expectations. Cruise has added a Mega Menu feature, in addition to some gorgeous Google Fonts. It was built using the most recent version of Bootstrap, and it features a streamlined, valid, HTML code. It is very easy for clients to further modify their sites.

Font Awesome Icons, and 68 HTML files are available. The template has individual for pages for tours, hotels, cars, flights and cruises. This simplifies the search process for all clients. User dashboard pages are integrated. Your site can also feature pages for car listings, details and car booking. In fact, there are similar pages for the other categories: flight, cruise, hotel and tour.

Cruise has a detailed and well-written documentation file. It explains every feature in detail, offering to guide new users through the installation process. The layout is fully responsive, and it can be displayed on the screens of hand-held devices. If you want to sample the best HTML template for travel and booking websites, be sure to check out its live preview.

More info / Download Demo


Frontend web developer and web designer specialized in free and premium WordPress theme development. Started to learn to code 2 years ago and now I am familiar with CSS/HTML/JavaScript (jQuery) and PHP. Obsessed with application performance, user experience and simplicity.

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    1. Tihomir,

      HTML templates listed above are just skins without functionality. They are used to speed up website development. In your case any template will work well as long as you are a developer or have one who could help with it.

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      These are HTML templates which means that they are not going to work with Blogger as a hosting. You need to either convert it into a Blogger templates (you must be a developer or know one) or get a separate hosting for that.
      You can choose between options to show for your customers, but keep in mind that HTML templates means that there aren’t any admin dashboard but just a plain code that you are dealing with. If you are not a coder yourself you will be better off moving your site to a WordPress. Here are the best WordPress themes for your niche.

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