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20 Best Responsive Graphic Design Website Templates 2018

20 Best Responsive Graphic Design Website Templates 2018

Creative individuals and agencies, help yourself build a website with the best graphic design website templates. If you are in the design business, any kind, it is crucial to have a solid online presence. Without one, you might be missing a whole lot of amazing business opportunities. Avoid the unwanted, construct a website and raise the glasses high for new successes.

To help you on the journey, we collected a variety of graphic design website templates to cover as many tastes as possible. With these, you are able to put together the essential site which might become the foundation of your creative business.

No need to wait any longer, pick your favorite now and you can have your web appearance sorted out today. Who knows, you might already take the first client order tomorrow. You only need the right visitor to your page and all might change for you.

For newbies who do not have any coding skills and professionals, these graphic design website templates are for both. Powerful enough to take care of the pickiest users, yet simple to work with and customize to your likings for the novice. Use the one you fancy out of the box or feel free to modify it per your or your client’s interest. End products will be top-notch, responsive and follow all the modern web trends. Let your artistic mind lose and discover your real potential.


tetris graphic design website template
Tetris, what you will notice, is a very minimal grid portfolio template with a unique concept. For graphic designer but really, for any creative who would like to showcase his or her work, Tetris is ready to do it in a distinguishing way. Want to stand out from the crowd? Now you can easily with Tetris. For a quick solution to build yourself an outstanding web presence, portfolio website template is the way to go.

Pretty much everything about Tetris is amazing. Wherever you look, elegance and cleanness are on full whack. In combination with your superb work, the final piece of web art will be professional, yet at the same time quite original. Great transitions, uneven elements position and smooth scrolling, you definitely need to check out Tetris. You might just found yourself the ideal graphic design website template from the get go.

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cubez graphic design website template
Simplicity with a touch more action going on in regards to web design, that is Cubez. A creative website template with an emphasis on big image to showcase your works in a striking way. Without really spending a whole bunch of time, you can have a page ready and live with Cubez. The template is responsive and retina ready to smoothly adapt to any screen. Mobile and desktop users, just about anyone will instantly become a fan of your page. The user experience is intact no matter what device and browser they use for browsing. For your information, Cubez is optimized for speed to ensure super fast loading times.

Cubez has a functional contact form, a valid HTML code and plenty intuitive shortcodes. Smooth scroll and fluent transitions add up to the overall website experience. Turning unique visitors into instant fans will not be an issue with Cubez.

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maestro graphic design website template
With the graphic design website templates we gathered for this collection, you are safe for creating a cutting-edge online appearance. Just like any other, Maestro is a great alternative that will display your projects so everyone’s jaws will drop. It is an Ajax based portfolio template with a valid code that you will find unchallenging to work with. But what you will dig the most about Maestro is its focus on big images. From a simple introduction, your visuals hit the user heavily with good vibes. They can then further investigate each of your projects and learn more about your work or scroll to see more.

Smooth scroll and fast loading play a big part in continuously enjoying browsing the page. You can present your portfolio in several different ways. Choose between brick wall, half squares, white canvas, vertical slides and classic grid layouts. Other than that, Maestro also has about, blog and contact pages for a complete website creation.

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berk graphic design website template
Berk is filled with originality to take your portfolio to a whole new level. Spice things up with graphic design website templates and make your work look even more pro-level than it already is. With a strong and professional page, you can see a ton more success compared to running only social media accounts and 3rd-party platforms.

With a Bootstrap 4 template, you know you get a flexible and easy to customize web template. That is exactly what Berk treats you with. Moreover, there are eight home page variations available for an even quicker start to sorting out your site. Lots of filterable portfolio options, Revolution Slider at no extra cost and even PSD files, you get it all with Berk. By the way, you also receive a coming soon page to announce the launch day early.

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hermann graphic design website template
If you are truly searching for one of the most unique graphic design website templates, Hermann should be on the top of your bucket list. The idea behind this original template is quite simple but the outcome is phenomenal. It might almost feel like a full-screen banner but when you begin scrolling, you notice it is not. The navigation section is strategically placed vertically on the left side. By hovering with the mouse on the particular title, a massive sneak peek appears on the right while shade covers the other text. It then takes the viewer to learn more about the gig they are interested in by hiding all the rest. A user can get back to the home page by clicking the back button or the X icon.

At the bottom of the left sidebar navigation section, a basic and straightforward working contact form is positioned.

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copypress graphic design website template
This one is a little different but still fits in between all our graphic design website templates ranking factors. CopyPress is a carefully designed and developed HTML template that aims towards print service companies, graphic design studios and even idnividuals. You can easily create an entire website for your printing service with CopyPress template.

CopyPress is loaded with features that will suit many business owners’ demands. First, it is responsive and retina ready for all the mobile users. Second, the code is clean and the template customizable to comfortably make it fit your project. Thirdly, it is optimized for search engines to attract more of the organic traffic. Last but surely not least, CopyPress is a light template for a top-class UX.

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kaleo graphic design website template
Kaleo is one of those minimal website templates that are clean and plain on the outside but quite powerful and complex on the inside. However, I am not saying this to drive you away from the template rather attract you because of its one-of-a-kind features. And Kaleo has loads ready for you to put them to use when setting up your graphic design website.

Every visitor who comes to your page, even if it is a repetitive customer, he or she will always have a blast flipping through your Kaleo powered page. The simplistic Ajax portfolio grid will grab their attention while orderly transitions and fluid scrolling will only spice things up. Originality sure is important.

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mouri graphic design website template
Mouri is a personal website template for your fabulous portfolios. Make your works pop up and spark joy in everyone who stumbles across your page. Whether you are a graphic designer, web developer, even a small business or agency, Mouri is a robust tool that you can quickly adjust to your work and services’ needs. Take all template’s features to your advantage and make them take your website to the new heights.

A Bootstrap Framework template with a code that suits both newbies and advanced users. The full-screen banner with typewriter effect has attention-grabbing particles going on to make visitors hungry for more. About Me has different sections for skills and experience, the portfolio is filterable and all the way down at the bottom you will find a contact form. Mouri is a straightforward template with all the necessary.

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oliver graphic design website template
While Oliver might be a photography website template by default, no one is saying you cannot use it with your graphic design services. Retina displays will absolutely adore your page that uses Oliver template due to the SVG graphics and Font Awesome icons. The effects and animations that decorate the dark layout are very appealing to the eye. Still, there is just the right amount of movement that does not overwhelm the visitor rather make them indulge in it.

Over thirteen distinctive pages and several peculiar features make Oliver an instant yes or a no option. There truly cannot be the maybe option. You like it or you do not. But even if it is not to your likings, you still have many first-class graphic design website templates at your fingertips. Be the daring one and do not look back.

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bloom graphic design website template
Bloom is a template for your flourishing businesses whether you are a team of creatives or a freelancer, it works for both. As a graphic design website template, Bloom is a banging one. Due to its clean and basic web design, your images and projects stand out in a stunning way. On mouse hover, project title reveals along with the category which could be print, branding, design, etc.

The excellent portfolio comes in three different styles; one, two and three columns. The single project page is blog inspired without sidebars, putting in front just your action-packed content. Do spend that extra effort and time and go in-depth and get others familiar with your process. This might be one of the main reasons why you get put on the top list of skillful web designers.
That is it, Bloom is a tidy, organized and clear professional website template.

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Martin Luther

martin luther graphic design website template
Martin Luther is a graphic design website template with an enviably beautiful and minimal design. If portfolio or online resume is what you plan to built, do it with Martin Luther. You have all the elements, features and other whatnots for a complete web presence of your experience and skills. Not only that, use the categorized portfolio to showcase your work and skyrocket your website with an enticing blog section. A well-thought-out page for your talent can take you to the land far, far away.

Parallax scrolling, six color presets (green and black included!) and sticky menu are all goodies of Martin Luther template. In the ML bundle, you also get documentation to make your lives even simpler. No more excuses, it is time to craft a website once and for all. Nelson Mandela would say, “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

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vivid graphic design website template
Basically, everyone who is doing business in the digital world can greatly benefit from Vivid. It is a creative and graphic design website template with a clean and modernistic look. Interactive full-screen banner with a call to action and menu (burger overlay menu) buttons treat all your visitors right. It is always a fun experience with a website that is powered by Vivid template. It is cool and awesome in every sense of the words. On the other hand, it is still simple and elegant enough to convince even the serious ones.

Vivid supports video embeds, holds a nice portfolio section with hover effect, subscription box and back to top button. Would you like to start a blog? Now you can! Vivid comes with blog pages to sort out your blogging passion, too.

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forzo graphic design website template
Creativity has zero limitations. It is more how daring you are and how much you trust in yourself and your work. If it is legit then go above and beyond with what you do because there is a market for everything out there. To reach the levels of extreme, FORZO is the graphic design website template to consider. While the design is super unique, at the same time, it is executed in a way that many minimalists will adore.

FORZO has some fine UI and lovely typography, is responsive and retina ready and supports RTL languages. The portfolio page is filterable and straightforward with an option to “heart” your favorites. Image gallery appears in full-screen mode to inspect the work in great detail. I dare you to check out FORZO and share your opinion in the comment section below.

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kyma graphic design website template
Kyma is more focused towards the tech industry and mobile applications, however, with the smallest tweaks, you can tailor it to your needs. Meaning, change the imagery with your graphic design creations and you are pretty much done. Indeed, the text needs to be changed and the functional contact form requires your email. That’s why Kyma is a great fit for our best graphic design website templates collection, don’t you think?

This marvelous HTML one-page website template helps you design and develop a website to push your work quickly and efficiently. Kyma has large images, parallax effect, back to top button and a practical sticky menu. Testimonials, video support and overall nifty web design will play a big part in enhancing your online presence.

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carlos graphic design website template
If I were to pick a template from this collection solely relying on its name, Carlos would be the one. But we are not really here about the names rather graphic design website templates’ insane features. And Carlos is one that has many. The layout has loads of moving parts which you can use in their entirety or avoid some. Parallax effect, animated skill bars, on-scroll animations and 3D elements, you have it all ready to put to use.

Carlos, although rich in features, knows how to deliver a great user experience to all, mobile, tablet and desktop users. If the minimalistic and simplistic approach to web design is not really your thing, Carlos is the one template you need. You will not find anything missing. It is all there, at your service. Ensure that everyone who visits your graphic design-rich website gets the most out of it.

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jolpi graphic design website template
Jolpi is a Bootstrap Framework powered HTML template for, generally speaking, every creative mind. Web and graphic designers, digital agencies, small businesses and developers, you can all create with Jolpi template. It will be a super quick process from downloading the template and turning it into a functional website. One of the reasons are the five predefined demos that come in the package. You can easily use these as they are and edit them only with your content. There is no need to do any improvements regarding the design.

Eight color presets, PHP contact form, responsive and 100% mobile-ready, Jolpi knows how to deliver. In addition, Jolpi has a sticky menu, great and smooth transitions, testimonials slider and a big and full-width filterable portfolio section. Get your work out there, attract new clients and start taking new business deals regularly.

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abroad graphic design website template
Meant for portfolio websites, Abroad is the graphic design website template that you will all love. It is for making one-page websites that will instantly adapt to any screen. In the modern era we are living, if your website is not mobile-friendly, you better not even launch a website. I know, sometimes, it needs to be said harshly. However, with any of the template you find anywhere on this site, all are ready for mobile users. Not only that, the majority of tools for creating websites are built first and foremost for the mobile web browser. All the rest come second.

Abroad is modern template based on Bootstrap Framework. Six color presets come out of the box so you might find the right tone without doing any customization at all. Animated statistics, bold hover effects and integrated Google Maps and contact form help you finish the desired website in a snap.

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rubrash graphic design website template
With designers and creatives in mind, Rubrash is one fine graphic design website template that fully covers web design of your forthcoming page. It all begins by picking one from six ready-to-use demos. They vary from video header and banner background to particle header and dark background. From then on, you only need to edit the about, services, portfolio and other sections and you are ready for the rock’n’roll. By the way, if the default color is not really to your likings, eight other color schemes are available. You might need a purple or an orange one, who knows.

Rubrash is mobile and cross-browser compatible, keeps the navigation present with a sticky menu and sports a well-structured code. It is an easy to modify product with a swift professional support.

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marle graphic design website template
Clear and intelligent graphic design website template, Marle, might just answer all of your questions. For the most part, if this is the style of a template you are looking for, then you need to search for other no more. Marle is a one-page website template for designers, creatives, developers, freelancers and others who are in need to advertise their work and services on the internet. But Marle does it in the cleanest way possible.

With an interactive, full-screen particles banner with typewriter effect, grabbing the attention of visitors is a no-brainer. It is just too tempting not to play around with it and start scrolling to find more amazingness. On scroll liveliness and free-flowing transitions enhance Marle’s web design. Mix it with your phenomenal work and have a party to celebrate new successes.

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beson graphic design website template
Our graphic design website templates can be both for individuals and teams. You can effortlessly use them for a personal or an agency website. Beson is a creative portfolio HTML5 template that many users will find beneficial. Sixteen front page variations are broken down into two styles, dark and light. However, there is also the gray area for those who cannot decide whether to go with light or dark style. Moreover, each style comes in several looks. Slideshow, animated heading, YouTube video and particle effect are four worth giving extra shine.

Beson’s portfolio section accepts filtering for users to find the work they are interested in quickly. Besides, Beson also has pricing tables, client testimonials, newsletter subscription box and a contact form. It is in apple-pie order.

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