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Giveaway – We Are Giving Away 3 Premium WordPress Music Themes For Free

Giveaway – We are Giving Away 3 Premium WordPress Music Themes for Free

We are pleased to announce a giveaway in which you can win 1 of 3 premium music streaming WordPress theme called Sura.

Sura is a brand new WordPress music theme well suited for musicians, bands, artists and everyone looking to create music related website. This theme features Spotify, Pandora, Rdio-like design and functionality that offers online streaming capability using your already familiar platform – WordPress.

This theme is designed and developed by TeoThemes which is behind several best selling WordPress themes on Themeforest. They are specialized in popular niche WordPress themes, many of which we have featured here on Colorlib. We love their themes and hope that you will find them useful as well.

sura artists and musician theme

You can find more information about this theme by reading our review. This is the most advanced WordPress music theme ever released and we would like to call it a web app and not just theme because it is capable of much more than just display your content. It is a music sharing service, music store, ticket selling service, landing page, album showcase platform and more.

How to participate in this giveaway?

Follow these simple steps displayed on Rafflecopter widget below and make sure to bookmark this page to be the first one to get to know if you are among the 3 lucky winners.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winners will be announced on April 16 here on this post and I will contact everyone personally to provide more information how to download this theme and get support from TeoThemes in case you will need it.


Frontend web developer and web designer specialized in free and premium WordPress theme development. After graduating with BBA he self-though frontend web development. Mainly CSS/HTML/JavaScript(React, Vue) and some PHP. Obsessed with application performance, user experience and simplicity.

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  1. I am a solo artist and would love to win this theme to promote and sell my records and maybe some day sell tickets to my concerts.

  2. Maayan Frang says:

    I have a niche music blog that needs a new design and this could be the right time to get this theme. Not sure if it will work the way I want it but it sure looks awesome. Thank you!

  3. Armando Aboubacar says:

    Note sure if this is the right theme for me but I wouldn’t mind to get it for free and then decide what I can create on top of it.

  4. Lorens Leone says:

    I am building a music eCommerce website for my client and this theme might be a great starting point. Thank you for this opportunity!

  5. Javed Hyrum says:

    I almost bought this theme few hours ago but I guess I should wait to see if I can get it for free. This theme have everything I was looking for.

  6. I have a site of Christian preaching and these issues would help a lot. A Nice!

  7. Peter Ting says:

    I can create a platform for those who want to tell the world that “there are more……we have more……I have more”

  8. Prashant Kumar says:

    I am going to make a local music site and this would really help me if I win.

  9. CantonBolo says:

    I have complete the steps.

  10. Will McArthur says:

    I just recently started my own guitar building business and could use a nice template to start a website.

  11. Would like to win this so I can make a page for our production and music artists!

  12. Glauco Zega says:

    I’ll love to win one of these themes in order to use it to create a great wordpress website!


  13. I need to win this theme!! I’ve being trying to survive with music for years, but in Brazil this is almost impossible, mainly when you try produce good music on varied genres, as here people only pay attention to Samba.
    The only way to do so, is reaching producers over the internet, but to make that possible, I need an awesome website (like this perfect theme), and I can’t afford that because they are too expensive in here.
    Please, please, please, help me out on this one 😀

  14. Yuriy Bykov says:

    thats nice!

  15. good luck to all

  16. Nice,I hope to be the lucky one :X

  17. Your themes look great!

  18. This is perfect! Thanks color lib for this giveaway! I’ll be sure to subscribe and share!

  19. I would like to be the winner

  20. I would use the theme on my festival news site, where I think it will look great.

  21. Love all the themes

  22. Nice theme.

  23. I’d like to upgrade my blog with one of those themes

  24. i would love a new theme

  25. I just want to dig into wordpress themes and see whats possible!

  26. This is wonderful. It looks incredible, thank you guys for all the efforts and the creative energy that was devoted to making it.

    You guys are awesome ~

  27. I’d like to win.

  28. Well, Dazzling is AWESOME, so keep on coming with more awesomeness!

  29. I am planning on establishing my own blog and was looking around for great themes. Your themes really caught my eye, and I would really like to win a theme. My blog will definitely become succesfull in a very quick period, thanks to the vision I have.

  30. Your themes are among the ones that will suit my needs.

  31. jika saya menang saya akan gunakan untuk web gereja, dan semoga cocok, dan jika tidak menang saya akan tetap menggunakan yang lain dari colorlib

    if I win I will use for web church, and hopefully fit, and if not win I will still use the other of colorlib

  32. This theme has everything I’m looking for! It’s simple and modern.

  33. Let’s give a try to enter the contest

  34. I would like to win because I love publishing content on websites.
    SEO is one of my hobbies. I would be glad to win and I would try
    to make money with the website 🙂

  35. Michal B. says:

    Why should I win? There is no simple answer for that. But I can say it this way – I want to win because I’m newbee with WordPress and I’d like to learn it thanks to themes or plugins and extend it for my needs.

  36. Sanjeev KS says:

    I just started exploring the net for my very first website ever and gone through soooo many templates ( which were mentioned as free but they are not fully functional until we buy a pro version ) . I explored the themes around here and found some healthy and useful stuffs on this site. Luckily, I saw this ” Giveaway Offer ” and now desperately looking to win it for building my portfolio website exploring the news, fun and facts stuff under various segment and not just blogging. Honestly, I would be extremely happy if I win it but shouln’t won’t be disappointed as I found some other pretty infos here too. So, just wishing myself a good luck and to others as well and thanks for sharing all the pretty stuff. 😉 🙂

  37. Cheers for the competition. Good luck to everyone

  38. MIRANDA SMITH says:

    my brother is the dutch elvis i think he would like this

  39. I love wordpress!

  40. well, sura is a nice theme and i sure will like to win this theme so i will able to run music blog

  41. Im A Producer, and looking to be owning my own business within the musical side, and i love all the themes and would love to be able to make history using these themes

  42. Searching for the right theme can be exhausting.
    I hope the 3 winners of this theme will stop searching after this.

  43. PranayChand says:

    WordPress + Colorlib = Complete Website

  44. Severus Dark says:

    I’m a web designer and I have NO IDEA what got me to this website, whatever it is, I would like to give it a punch in the face to show how thankful i am. And if I win, I would share half the prize with god, and with the other half I would make an bad ass website about my wife so that she would not yell at me every single time im work on my lap.

  45. its a great theme for music content.

  46. I would be so cool 😉

  47. _ _ | _ _|.|_
    (_(_)|(_)| |||_)

  48. i totally dig a good free theme

  49. Sanjeev KS says:

    Waiting for results 😉 😀 Cheers !

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