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17 Best Funeral Websites For Inspiration 2023

Please look at these funeral websites we’ve handpicked for your upcoming website design. This inspiration will truly kindle the funeral homes’ interest in crafting their websites with similar quality and functionality.

When people experience the death of relatives and friends, taking care of the necessary paperwork, permits, cemetery, obituaries and other essential details is burdensome. However, all those important things need to be dealt with. This is where the funeral home business is a demand. Providing premier memorial services, preparing human corpses for interment or cremation is typically covered by such businesses. With the huge number of deaths worldwide, there’s no need to doubt why numerous funeral businesses are established everywhere. As a matter of fact, in 2022, funeral homes in the United States alone generated revenue to the value of 21 billion U.S. dollars. Here we can assess that this industry is flourishing. These funeral websites are irrefutable if you want inspiration to start your funeral web design project.

To improve the service levels of the funeral business and stay competitive, a good website can do a lot to the success. With a great and functional website, services are presented clearly. With this list, funeral homes can acquire creative ideas on building their websites and improving the design in no time! In like manner, designers who offer custom website designs to the funeral industry can benefit from this inspiration too. So, scroll through the list and check out the website elements you need to replicate.

Best Funeral Home Website Design Examples

1. Tulip Cremation

Tulip Cremation

Today, most businesses use digital marketing for apparent and effective business growth. Similarly, funeral homes need a website to promote their services to customers. If you need inspiration for that project, these funeral websites are significant. Tulip Cremation provides simple direct cremation packaging that certain customers can arrange effortlessly. Its website has a clean, minimalist design, arraying elements perfectly. The homepage is loaded with compelling content and complements the visual hierarchy, consistency, and white space it utilizes. It also uses a simple but captivating design of the hero header. It has clear call-to-action buttons, an amazing headline, and a simple background image.


2. CFS


In this modern era where almost all brands embrace the power of digital marketing, every business must not ignore such a strategy. Hence, having a website to carry your business to the next level. CFS is a great aid for funeral home services to craft the best and useful website with minimal effort. It is a funeral website company that offers an excellent deal for 5000+ Funeral homes across North America. Its website appears to have practical, intuitive, and easy-to-use elements. Thus conveys the message clearly to the clients. The desire to build an industry-leading website design ensures awesome features with professional design and good functionality to its clients. Testimonials are added to the website using a smooth slider to improve its credibility.


3. Gathered Here

Gathered Here

Outstanding services indeed deserve a great website to spread awareness efficiently. In like manner, funeral homes ought to have a seamless website to have a competitive advantage. Gathered Here is Australia’s #1 site to compare funeral directors, prices, and reviews. With 9000+ funeral services and listings, including burial and cremation, it is easier for customers to find the best and most preferable options on relatives’ funerals. The website has a well-organized design with irresistible features and functions. Potential customers can easily locate the best funeral services at the homepage. Thanks to the advanced search option it uses with properly labeled elements. It also presents the process with clearness and unambiguously.


4. Bethel Funerals

Bethel Funerals

Bethel Funerals is one of the funeral websites’ inspirations for funeral home services to look into. The website is fully functional and comes with compelling content and easy-to-use features. Having light blue as its primary color, the website looks cool and innovative with the necessary features to fully improve the look and feel of the site. The hero looks fresh and sleek with the video integration and highlighted images using a nice slider. Moreover, the funeral inquiry has a simple and comprehensive design and properly labeled text areas. The gallery uses a magnificent layout and has a simple hover effect. While those features are awesome, the sticky header offers quick navigation. What’s more?


5. Invocare


A website provides an innovative way to connect with customers. Consequently, the funeral industry also adapts to valuable digital marketing. Invocare is a global company that operates funeral home cemeteries and crematoria around New Zealand, Australia, and Singapore. Particularly, the overall design is stunning with excellent features on it. A set of remarkable elements at the homepage combined to display its content very well. Specifically, good typography, white space, cool hover effect, accordion, clean and neat form are ready to impress and kindle the audience’s interest. It also integrates the sticky menu, making accessing other necessary site pages easier and quicker.


6. Funeral Studio

Funeral Studio

While you can enjoy the perks of having a website for your business promotion, it doesn’t happen by chance. Either you pick premium premade templates or hire designers to finish the website design effortlessly. Funeral Studio provides an innovative and powerful way to promote your funeral homes. Specifically, it has a welcoming homepage and outstanding features ready to make its brand shine in the tough competition. The hero header stands out with the smooth slider, highlighting high-quality images and headlines. Moreover, a clean and minimalist presentation of its services is attractive and professional-looking enough to catch attention. Other site features include sleek and crisp typography, visual hierarchy, slider, amazing hover effect, and more.


7. Stanfill Funeral Homes

Stanfill Funeral Homes

To gain a competitive advantage, a brand must establish a web presence. This way, increasing the number of consumers is possible and unlocking more opportunities for the business. These funeral websites we’ve handpicked can inspire funeral homes looking for ways to improve their business. Stanfill Funeral Homes is another inspiration if you’re currently working with a funeral website project. It welcomes the audience with a simple image on the hero header with its name, a little introduction, and contact number. Similarly, the header implements the sticky mode to provide quick and easy navigation to the viewers.


8. Forked River

Forked River

Forked River is one of the best and exciting funeral websites in this list of inspirations. The overall design of the site is exceptionally built with awesome functionality. The hero header has valuable elements such as descriptive CTAs, headlines, and background images. While those elements appear elegant, the recent services section never fails to do its part. Furthermore, the about page is crafted simply and shines with a minimalist layout. As this funeral home promises affordable and quality services, its presentation makes its promises impressive with the card design layout. Other notable features include nice testimonials and advantages over other brands.


9. Funeral Innovations

Funeral Innovations

If you offer digital marketing services for funeral homes, you should consider this website to make the most of your web presence. Funeral Innovations exists to create effective digital marketing for funeral professionals. Having a simple but captivating hero header, this website never ignores the essence of CTAs and headlines. Whether you need to boost your business through social media, email marketing, digital aftercare or websites, Funeral Innovations is ready to make your goals a reality. Such features are presented with sophistication as it embraces the cool hover effect. Furthermore, the website integrates more CTAs to generate more leads for its brand. The clean blog post, newsletter subscription, nifty forms, and sticky menu are more useful features.


10. The Springs Funeral Services

The Springs Funeral Services

Picking the right themes or hiring the best designers for your upcoming website project is extremely useful to skip the hassle. However, a bunch of websites for inspiration is also practical and profitable. The Springs Funeral Services is a superb inspiration for funeral homes. The homepage is crafted with excellent features like the slider, awesome hover effect, Google Map, and others. Specifically, the hero header is a great display of full-width images and taglines. The presentation of the services also looks great with the large boxes that serve as a menu.

Moreover, other website pages are stunning with similarly large boxes for the menu. Hence, the audience can easily navigate from one page to another. Likewise, the footer and header contain the necessary elements to boost the website’s credibility.


11. Frazer Consultants

Frazer Consultants

If you’re an agency that loves to become an industry leader in building funeral websites, you should craft a modern website with timeless design. Frazer Consultants exist to provide clients with the creative tools to serve their families and stay competitive in their communities. Hence, fully custom site designs are crafted with ultimate personalization options and timeless design. The hero scene highlights video and images content, plus CTAs and taglines are impressive. Moreover, the website also has useful tools and information to make a seamless funeral website. These include training videos, online demo, and tribute center. Other notable features include animation upon a scrolling, smooth slider, and great footer design.


12. Legacy Funeral Home

Legacy Funeral Home

Legacy Funeral Home is a simple funeral website with a straightforward design. Committed to its mission, it guarantees affordable funeral service to Arizona families. The website uses a cool light blue as its primary color with white space, making the content seem appealing. It welcomes the audience with some funeral-related images combined with CTAs and headlines. It uses a comprehensive menu with rounded buttons to make quick and easy navigation. The website utilizes a nice slider for the current obituaries section, so displaying them in multiples is easier. Furthermore, it also features a blog section displayed through another slider where each article is perfectly placed in a card design.


13. Academy Funerals

Academy Funerals

Academy Funeral Services offers quality funeral services with modern and comfortable environments. Passionate about their commitment, the team has highly qualified, professional, friendly, and caring people to support families in their grief. Well, the website itself is a wonderful manifestation of its mission. The homepage layout has a great header, body content, and footer. Specifically, it introduces its team with a simple and readable layout. Also, it uses ample CTAs to help generate more leads. Moreover, the advanced google maps are integrated to showcase the interior and exterior areas of the locations adds sophistication to the design. Hence, a website visitor can experience an interior and exterior virtual tour without hassle.


14. Top (Tilton, Opie & Pattinson) Funerals

Top (Tilton, Opie & Pattinson) Funerals

Have you searched for the finest inspiration for your funeral home’s web presence? You’ve just come to the right place! Here’s Top Funerals that can help unleash the creativity in you. Typically, websites represent the brand worldwide. Hence, such brands should ensure that their websites can well represent them. With the overall design of Top Funerals, a visitor can turn into a customer. Apparently, in the hero alone, elements are creative and innovative. These features are seamless, from attractive background color and image to the headlines. Meanwhile, the introduction of the funeral home is beautiful to its super clean layout. Furthermore, the FAQs make a beautiful addition to the design as it implements the tidy accordion web element.


15. Sibuns Funeral Directors & Advisors

Sibuns Funeral Directors & Advisors

Unique and creative, Sibuns Funeral Directors & Advisors implements a nice grid layout on the homepage. The hero scene displays various images randomly, while other sections exhibit excellence and minimalism. Meanwhile, the funeral options and advice shine with the card design layout and are even more appealing with the slider on it. Furthermore, the testimonials section has a simple design that can help boost the credibility of the funeral home. What’s more? This website also offers a free downloadable funeral guide brochure. It also has a sticky header, fantastic footer, social media icons, and Google Maps.


16. Kings Funeral

Kings Funeral

Kings Funeral is another grandeur and resourceful funeral website that can inspire other funeral homes. It uses bright and vibrant colors throughout the website, with yellow as its primary color. The website uses simple but readable typography. While those elements are superb, the CTAs, quality images, and sliders also play an amazing role in the wonderful presentation of the content. The hero header is a great combination of clear CTAs, taglines, and background images. It also integrates the video to introduce more of its services. Furthermore, it also features the step by step guide on how to arrange a funeral. This way, potential customers can easily perceive the services it offers.


17. Gardenia Funerals

Gardenia Funerals

Today, most businesses can easily promote services worldwide with a professionally built website. Accordingly, most consumers look for brands to trust on the internet. Therefore, as a brand, make sure it will be beneficial. Gardenia Funerals is created with innovation and minimalism in mind. The overall design has ample white space, an excellent hover effect, and text that overlaps the images. The services section utilizes a simple layout, visual hierarchy, and high-quality images. Similarly, other pages of the website are pretty neat and clean too.

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