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food truck mockup
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20 Best Food Truck Mockup Templates 2021

If you are searching for the best food truck mockup templates, well, this is it. This is the collection of goodies that will do you well unquestionably. And all you do is download the tool of choice, import it to Photoshop, and you are ready to rock and roll.

That’s how easy working with any of the templates that you find on the comprehensive list below is.

Keep in mind, you will find a mixture of trucks and vans, making sure there is something for everyone. No matter which option you go with, it is a guarantee that you can expect a life-like presentation that will impress everyone.

Whether you are coming up with a vehicle wrap or you would just like to make some noise on social media, these food truck mockup designs are perfect solutions to get things moving ahead.

For ease of use, each PSD file comes with convenient smart object layers. In short, there is no need for you to perform any advanced tasks. Instead, just drag and drop your creative designs and see them appear on the mockup in just a click. As simple as that!

Now it’s your turn to enrich the default mockup look with your amazingness.

Car Decal Mockup Featuring a Compact Van with a Full Wrap

car decal mockup featuring a compact van with a full wrap
Let’s be honest, not exactly a truck, still, this van fits food businesses perfectly fine. Whether it is for food delivery, catering, whatever, you can now customize your own van with both designs, logos and colors. You can upload two different designs to the van, as well as individually change the color of the roof, the van, as well as the background. Easy work even for someone who might be working with a mockup for the very first time. Keep in mind, it is a Placeit mockup that offers the in-browser editing, requiring no advanced software and whatnot.

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Van Wrap Mockup With a Customizable Background

van wrap mockup with a customizable background
While the previous mockup offered you to customize the front of the van, this one focuses on the back of it. With that in mind and with an option to add two different designs, you can quickly improve the default settings and tailor the van according to your branding directions. Along with inserting your designs, you can also style it with a custom color by accessing the practical color picker on the right. As you will see, there are two additional functions for adding text and graphics, but that’s entirely optional. Whether working with a client or to promote your food van design on social media so your customers will spot it easily, this tool will do the trick.

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Vehicle Wrap Mockup Featuring a Tanker Truck

vehicle wrap mockup featuring a tanker truck
As a tanker truck mockup, this one works great for any sort of liquids, like milk. If this is the type of a food truck mockup that you are after, by all means, make your version of it with the effortless editing procedure over on Placeit. Along with adding three different designs, to the container, to the truck and the to the back of the container, you can also individually adjust colors of the container and the truck. And you can as well modify the background with any shade you fancy. You need to invest barely any time to have a photorealistic presentation ready to go.

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Mercedes Antos Truck Mockup

mercedes antos truck mockup
Right off the bat, we bring you a set of six PSD files of Mercedes Antos truck. With all the different views of the truck, you can create a full-blown presentation. Design back, front and both sides of the truck according to the branding directions. Every file comes at 6000 x 4000 px dimension to ensure the extraordinary quality of the final product. It is all layered for quick access, so anyone gets the most out of each scene without a hassle. If you need to come up with the realistic presentation of a large cargo truck, this is one fine alternative to go with.

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PSD Food Van Mockup

psd food van mockup
As I mentioned earlier, you will also find food vans in this collection of mockups, and here is the first one. You can choose any color of the van you want and stuff it with just about any design you fancy. You can actually create a full wrap or just decorate particular sections of the mockup. Thanks to detailed mapping, you can achieve excellent results in little to no time. In the bundle, you will find five different PSD files, covering all possible views of the van. Along with customizing the van, you can also change the background.

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Realistic Panel Van PSD Mockup

realistic panel van psd mockup
Another remarkable mockup template of a van that comes in seven different scenes and six views. With the insanely high-quality of each file, you can expect crystal clear presentation of your (detailed) design. This kit of mockups also comes with the top view, which you can, of course, enrich with your creative, too. Change colors, create a wrap, I mean, you can do just about anything and everything you fancy. Play around with different features and enjoy the stupendous presentation materialize right in front of your eyes. With a ready-made tool, you need to invest barely any time and energy and still achieve professional levels.

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VW Caddy Van Mockup

vw caddy van mockup
Whether you run a bakery, a restaurant, any food business, a VW Caddy might come very helpful. It is a smaller van that you can use for transporting products and goods from one place to the other very comfortably. Today, you can customize this same vehicle with any design you want. In the package, you will find six stunning PSD files, meaning six different views of the van. With the exception of the top view, you get them all for a life-like presentation. By using a mockup, you can make sure the design on the van fits your liking precisely. Only then, you send it out to get the wrap done.

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Box Truck Mockup (for food business)

box truck mockup for food
A package of eight highly realistic box truck mockups that take care of all the different views of the vehicle. Instead of creating an exhibition for a food truck design, take a strategic shortcut by choosing a mockup instead. You can test out your designs almost instantly without the need to sweat. Each file is 100% editable and adjustable, so you fine-tune it accordingly. From changing colors to adding a full wrap and even customizing the background, all is possible. Just search for smart objects and see the magic happen. Last but not least, you can edit shadows and highlights, too.

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Delivery Truck Mock-Up

delivery truck mockup
You can utilize this next food mockup set for an assortment of different business intentions. Indeed, if you are in the food delivery space, this template works out fantastically well. For your information, you actually get a whopping collection of twelve different PSD files. Not just that, but every template comes at 7500 x 5000 px dimension, guaranteeing a striking outcome. You will not have a problem creating quality close-ups, too. Just like you can change the color of the van, so can you edit the shade of the cabin. On top of that, attach any branding to the truck you wish and already have the complete version in front of your eyes.

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Cargo Truck Mock

cargo truck mockup
Whether it is a large or a small truck that you are designing for your client, we have a mockup for you. After all, why starting from zero if you do not have to? With that in mind, get your hands on these remarkable eight PSD mockup templates of a cargo truck and import them to Photoshop. From then on, it’s all fun and games. The process of enriching each template is a child’s’ play. That said, whether you are a beginner or a professional, everyone can come up with a first-clas presentation of a truck design speedily.

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Realistic Food Truck Mockup

realistic food truck mockup
For an eye-catchy presentation of a food truck, this is a kit of ten different mockups for your convenience. You receive seven PSD files of an opened and three PSD files of a closed truck. In short, you get all the necessary for demonstrating a fresh new truck design that you are working on for your client. Surprise them with an out of this world presentation by using this bundle of easy to use mockups and make an immediate difference. Customize van and cabin with any color you want, as well as add any design you want. To achieve specific branding regulations will cause no burden for the fact of how quick you can work with these files.

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3D Model Food Truck Mockup

3d model food truck mockup
If you would like to make a strong and lasting first impression on everyone, create a striking design for a food truck. And to test out different variations and possibilities, use any of these nine different PSD files for an immediate outcome. There are seven views of an opened truck and two views of a closed truck, all editable and adjustable in total. From changing color to adding creative artwork, you can make it happen all and then some. With a transparent background, you can also include your creation anywhere you want. Of course, you can also add a custom background if necessary.

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Food Truck Mockup Minibus

food truck mockup minibus
A highly detailed set of six different views of a food truck for fast-food stands. To trigger everyone’s interest in a snap of a finger, help yourself out with a mockup. It will create a photo-realistic presentation that will allow for easier visualization of the final product. Before you send your truck out to get the wrapping done, first, make sure all is in perfect order. With an option to enrich all sides of the truck/minibus with your designs, you can be safe and secure that the real-life version will be just as amazing. Each PSD file also delivers a high, 5500 x 3700 px resolution.

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Taco Truck Mockup

taco truck step van mockup
For a taco truck mockup exclusively, this is the package of amazingness that will do the trick. Every user receives a bundle of twelve different PSDs, six featuring opened and six closed truck views. You get all and everything to make an exhibition that will turn heads. When working with a client, avoid sending a flat design when you can create a top-notch demonstration with a mockup. You can even use your creation on social media, heck, even your website. For any additional help, go through the instructions first and get the gist of it.

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Food Trailer Vol.2. PSD Mockup

food truck vol.2. psd mockup
Okay, this one is slightly different compared to all the rest since it features a food trailer. Still, it falls perfectly fine in the category of food truck mockup templates. With unlimited options and possibilities, you can style the trailer according to your taste to the very last detail. As for the background, you can use a solid color or a custom image. It is a promise that you will end up with a life-like exhibition of a foot trailer that will grab everyone’s attention instantaneously. The 5000 x 3500 px dimension also ensures high-quality, clearly putting on display even the smallest details.

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6 PSD Truck Mockups

6 psd truck mockups
These six fully layered PSD food truck mockups ensure that the presentation of the design idea you have will look very appealing to the eye. Front, back and side views, you get them all at a high resolution of 6000 x 4000 px. Everything is editable via smart objects, making sure even utter beginners get the most out of each file without a hassle. Transparent windows, adjustable background, photo-realistic renderings, help file, I mean, what else you need? All you have to do is to slide in your artworks, improve colors and you are ready to roll. That’s how simple it is.

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Food Truck PSD Mockup

food truck psd mockup
An amazingly beautiful street food truck mockup that includes six backgrounds. You can use this template to present designs for coffee, burger, fast-food and other street food and drink shops/stands. The tool is a breeze to use, so you know you can expect speedy results. You can edit the content with the use of remarkably simplistic smart objects. There is nothing fancy necessary, other than importing the PSD file to Photoshop and attaching your artwork. With that in mind, you only really need basic Photoshop knowledge to be able to use the mockup successfully. Waste no time and make an impact.

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Free food truck mockup templates

Food Truck PSD Mockup for Free

food truck psd mockup download free
Along with the very many premium alternatives, here we also have a few free food truck mockup templates. These also unlock great cusotmization features to establish killer presentation of food designs.
If you need more eyeballs on your street food business, you better not miss styling your truck with a spectacular design. Make it stand out from the masses using this mockup and see it in action in a small breeze. All you really need to do is to place your art to the template’s smart object and that pretty much does all the work necessary on your end.

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Free Food Truck PSD Mockup

free food truck psd mockup
Take to your total advantage this free food truck mockup in PSD and style it with your branding directions. From improving the color of the vehicle to sliding in your design, all is possible in a snap of a finger. Whether you decide to go with minimalistic branding or with an over the top design, now is the right time to test it out before you actually get to put it to the truck itself. A mockup is a terrific alternative that creates a photo-realistic demonstration for easier visualization. Impress your fans, as well as your client, and make a difference that calls for victory.

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Free Food Truck Mockup

free food truck mockup
One thing is crystal clear; this next food truck mockup template will trigger everyone’s curiosity in a split of a second. The design features two bartenders, doing what they do best – mixing cocktails. You need to be no expert in using the template and enriching it with a custom design. Along with adding branding to the truck, you can also change the color of the aprons that the bartenders wear. With quick few tweaks, you can already have a demonstration that will amaze and impress everyone. Make it exclusive and set yourself apart from the competition comfortably.

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