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CiyaShop Theme Review – Multi-Purpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme

CiyaShop is a brand new multi-purpose WooCommerce theme for creating all types of online stores with WordPress. CiyaShop has an impressive design and feature list, but is it the best WordPress WooCommerce theme you can buy? This CiyaShop theme review will help you decide whether that’s the case and if it’s the right choice for you.

Despite being a brand new theme, the CiyaShop ecommerce package has already gotten off to a great start, becoming a trending product at the busy ThemeForest marketplace!

In our CiyaShop review, we’ll evaluate the features to demonstrate what online stores you can create with this WooCommerce theme. By the end of this CiyaShop theme review, you’ll be able to decide whether it can help you create your own online shop with WordPress and the WooCommerce ecommerce plugin.

Who Should Choose the CiyaShop Theme?

As mentioned, CiyaShop is a multi-purpose WooCommerce theme for WordPress. This means that you can create almost any type of online store right out of the box. The other CiyaShop features should help you expand this theme, enabling you to launch a custom online store with CiyaShop.

So to start this CiyaShop theme review, we’ll first look at the pre-built online store demos. Then we’ll check out some of the other impressive features of this WooCommerce theme. By the end, you’ll have all the information to make a decision on whether this is the right theme for your WordPress ecommerce store.

CiyaShop WordPress Theme Features

As this is a true multi-purpose WordPress ecommerce theme, CiyaShop has many great features. In this section of our CiyaShop theme review, we’ll look at some of the best reasons to choose it when creating an online shop with WordPress and WooCommerce.

Ecommerce Features

Before we get to the important website demos that can help you create a wide range of ecommerce stores with this theme and WordPress, let’s take a quick look at some of the best ecommerce-focused features from the CiyaShop WooCommerce theme.

For starters, this theme has unlimited layout options. Thanks to this you can set your online shop up in any way that you want, as well as present your products in the best way possible. Through the settings and options, you can control the layouts of your site very easily.

If you want to display banners on your ecommerce website, CiyaShop has all the tools you need to do so. The banner shortcode makes it easy to insert the displays into your content. You can then update the banners and every instance is also dynamically updated to reflect those changes.

If you want to take control of how your products are displayed, then the 24 product hover styles will appeal. Thanks to this ecommerce feature, you can choose exactly what happens when your visitors hover over your product images.

All the best online stores have 360-degree product views and your online shop can have them too with the CiyaShop theme. Now your visitors can get a true sense of how your products look before deciding to make a purchase.

Custom tabs are included as one of the essential ecommerce features of the CiyaShop WordPress theme. With this useful feature, you can add as many custom tabs to your products to quickly display additional information about your items. This should help you sell more products, as you can easily provide your shoppers with the relevant information they need to make an informed decision.

Other useful ecommmerce features of this theme include a QR code scan tool for supporting smartphone users, a tool for integrating your website with the Amazon affiliate program, support for allowing multiple vendors to list their products at your store, and an interactive store locator tool to help your shoppers find your physical locations.

So with that covered, let’s take a look at some of the best ecommerce store demos from the CiysShop theme package.

40+ Ecommerce Store Website Demos

Perhaps the best feature of the CiyaShop multi-purpose WooCommerce theme is its collection of over 40 online store demos. Thanks to this feature, you should be able to create almost any type of store with this theme. In fact, it would be hard to think of a type of product or shop you couldn’t use CiyaShop for.

To help you decide if this is the best WooCommerce theme for your WordPress-powered online store, here are some of the most eye-catching demos from the CiyaShop collection.

CiyaShop Default Store Demo

If you want to check out what this theme can do, then look no further than the default CiyaShop demo. The default demo makes use of all the best features of CiyaShop. This includes a full-screen animated slideshow powered by the included slider plugin.

As well as the slider – that can be used to showcase your products – the homepage features a stylish grid layout. You can also promote your featured products on the homepage, as well as highlight current and forthcoming promotions at your store. As CiyaShop has good social media integration, you can use the Instagram widget to display the latest images from your store profile on the homepage of your site with this demo. In addition to the professional homepage layout, this demo comes with all the inner page templates any good store is likely to need.

CiyaShop Coffee Store Demo

Whether you’re building a store to sell coffee related products or other food and beverage products this CiyaShop demo is perfect. Again, this store demo includes a full-screen slider as its main focus. This gives you a great opportunity to highlight certain products or promote your latest offers.

The rest of the Coffee store demo homepage is packed with useful elements. For example, if you choose this demo your store could display featured products in a responsive grid, share testimonials from happy customers, and promote your email newsletter. The custom footer area gives you a good opportunity to share unique content from your store or social media accounts.

CiyaShop Electronics Store Demo

If you want to create a tech or gadget store with WordPress, then the CiyaShop demo is for you. The homepage layout has lots of great effects to help you promote your most important products. From the large slider to the product image map, you can ensure your electronics store has a high-quality design.

If you want to increase the chances of your visitors making high-value purchases on your store, then a professional looking site is essential. Thankfully, this CiyaShop demo has a look and feel that will inspire confidence in your customers.

CiyaShop Health Food Store Demo

The CiyaShop healthy food store demo can be used to present a range of products to your customers. However, if you are looking for a WordPress theme for creating a fresh fruit and vegetable store, then this is a good option. The clean design and layout of this theme will definitely help your store appeal to a certain demographic.

Using tried and tested ecommerce features like promotions with countdown timers is very straightforward with this demo. Displaying the latest food-related posts from your blog on the homepage of your store can be a great way to encourage your visitors to stick around and consume more of your content before making a purchase. Like the other CiyaShop store demos, you can easily add your phone number and other contact details to the header of your online shop.

CiyaShop Barbershop Demo

Need to create a website for a barber shop in a hurry? This purpose-built barber shop website demo can help you out. Simply upload the theme files, import the relevant demo, and add your images and text to launch your own professional barbershop website with WordPress. The design of this demo has the appropriate appearance to match the needs of a modern barber shop with a rustic style and artisan aesthetic.

Whether you’re promoting a traditional barbershop or selling men’s grooming products online, this CiyaShop theme demo works well for both options. As you’d expect from a professional multi-purpose WooCommerce theme like CiyaShop, almost everything about your barbershop website can be customized with ease.

CiyaShop Pet Store Demo

The CiyaShop pet store demo possess a classic layout and design. This should help your ecommerce store appeal to your target audience. With lots of space in the layout for pet-related pictures, including a slider that can be used to promote your latest offers or best-selling products.

The live search feature of CiyaShop can be seen in action on the pet store demo, giving your customers a way to easily find products at your store. Another impressive feature of CiyaShop that is used in this demo is the product display. When a user clicks on a product to find out more, the details are displayed in a pop-up lightbox window, removing all distractions from view. If you’re looking for a professional yet interesting design for your online pet store, check out this CiyaShop demo.

CiyaShop Shisha Store Demo

This package contains a lot more of general purpose store demos. Also, this theme has a good selection of niche demos. The Shisha demo is a good example of this. The large slider gives you a great way to share your best photos with your shop visitors. The rest of the homepage layout has lots of spots for displaying customer feedback, social media content, and featured products.

The over 18s only welcome message is a great way to ensure only those who are supposed to see your site can gain access to it. You can be straightforward in sharing photos of your products by using a set of gallery templates.

Ecommerce Store Features

As well as the purpose-built ecommerce store demos, CiyaShop is also packed with ecommerce features to help you create a professional online shop with WordPress. Here are some of the best ecommerce features from this theme:

  • Live Search Result – make it even easier for shoppers to find what they’re looking for.
  • Banner Design – create custom banners for your website to help with promotions and other offers.
  • Compare Option – give your shoppers the ability to compare products with ease.
  • Product Quick View – allow customers to quickly view a product to find out more.
  • 24 Product Hover styles – choose from a large selection of image hover effects.
  • 360 Degree view Product – make it possible for shoppers to rotate products for a better view.
  • Video, Size guide, 360 view & zoom option – enable optional interactive product display features.
  • Next Prev Product Buttons – make it easy for shoppers to browse your products.
  • Product Request Form – allow shoppers to request products quickly and easily.
  • Size Guide – help shoppers choose the right size product and reduce returns.
  • Options for Cart, Search, Compare & Wishlist – customize how the wishlist and other features work.
  • Custom tabs – add custom tabs to your product listings so that you can provide all the important information.
  • Brand filter – make it easy for customers to find products from their favorite brands.
  • QR code scan – help mobile users find the products they’re interested in.
  • Amazon affiliate – integrate your site with Amazon Associates for more monetization opportunities.
  • Multi vendor support – allow other vendors to sign up and list their products at your store.
  • Instagram Store – integrate your WordPress ecommerce store with the Instagram shopping platform.
  • Stores Locator – give your shoppers an easy way to find their nearest store.

You can view the full list of ecommerce features on the CiyaShop website.

One-Click Ecommerce Store Demo Importer Tool

With so many great demos to choose from, it’s good to see that CiyaShop has a one-click demo importer tool. Simply navigate to the appropriate section of your WordPress dashboard, then choose which demo to import. Thankfully, it should only take a few clicks to transform a fresh WordPress installation into an ecommerce store with CiyaShop.

Library of Page Layouts and Templates

As well as the great selection of CiyaShop store demos, this theme also has a wealth of templates and layouts for the other pages of your website. You’ll also find lots of pre-built sections that you can insert into your pages. This all helps you to create a custom ecommerce store using an off-the-shelf theme.

Furthermore, all the CiyaShop templates are highly customizable, helping you to get the design of your store just right.

Powerful Theme Customization Options

You have the option of using the theme settings to create a custom WordPress online shop. Also, you can easily use the demos to create a WooCommerce store with CiyaShop. With over 230 theme options to work with, you can make any type of changes to your website with CiyaShop.

Some examples of the options include changing the store color scheme, editing the store header, and configuring the optional pre-loaders. CiyaShop also gives you full control over the typography settings of your online store. Through the control panel, you can quickly change the fonts for all the text styles on your site. Customizing the site footer and other layout options is straightforward too.

For extra convenience, you can access the CiyaShop theme options through the WordPress Customizer interface. This gives you a live preview of your changes as you make them. Now you can immediately see what effect your choices are having on your store. You can also use the viewport options to preview your website design on a smartphone or tablet-sized display.

Drag-and-Drop Page Builder Tool

You can use its powerful theme customization options to change the global display settings of your store. Also, you can use the drag-and-drop builder to personalize the individual pages of your website. The drag-and-drop functionality is provided by the best-selling WPBakery Page Builder plugin. Thanks to this, you get access to one of the most impressive visual editor plugins for WordPress available today.

Now you can open any page on your site and start customizing it through a front-end drag-and-drop editor. You can also insert a wide range of useful modules into your pages. This helps you to upgrade the functionality of your store. Creating your own page designs from scratch is possible too, with this tool.

Android and iOS Apps Available

If you want to capture some of the growing market of online shoppers, then the CiyaShop Android and iOS app store builder should be of interest. This tool allows you to quickly create a mobile app for your online store. Your shoppers can then download these apps to their Android and iOS devices, putting your products at their fingertips.

Through the features of the app builder, you can give your users the ability to collect reward points, track deliveries, and accept push notifications, plus more. If you really want to grow your eeommerce business, this affordable tool will help you launch native mobile apps for your online shop.

Other CiyaShop WooCommerce Theme Features

The above design and customization features are the highlights of this theme. But CiyaShop has more to offer. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the other important features of this multi-purpose ecommerce WordPress theme:

  • Library of helpful video tutorials.
  • Theme code optimized for fast website loading times.
  • Live search tool.
  • Promotional banner builder.
  • Product comparison tool.
  • Product quick view tool.
  • 360 degree product viewer.
  • Product request forms.
  • Social media integrations.
  • Store locator.
  • $158 of premium plugins included at no extra cost.

You can view the full feature list and find out more about this theme on the CiyaShop web page.

CiyaShop Theme Review Final Thoughts

If you want to create an online store with WordPress, we highly recommend that you check out the CiyaShop theme.

Not only is this multi-purpose WooCommerce theme packed with useful features, but it has an impressive selection of website templates. Therefore, no matter what product you’re creating or selling, there should be a CiyaShop demo that’s right for you. And if there isn’t, then the customization options and tools will help you create one.

By combining WordPress, the WooCommerce plugin, and the CiyaShop theme, you can now create any type of online shop easily.

Click to find out more about CiyaShop and its ecommerce store demos now.

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