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20 Unique Branding Mockups Collection 2020

20 Unique Branding Mockups Collection 2020

Branding is one of the most important aspects of a successful business. It is the first impression you give to your audience. A good approach to branding can make you stand out among your competition. Your brand is a direct reflection of what your customers should expect from you. It is your voice, mission, marketing materials, packaging, and website. It is the reason people will choose you over others. And who doesn’t know that for running a business successfully it is important to attract and retain loyal customers! And branding will do just that.

But how can you present your branding idea in the easiest and quickest possible way? Use well-organized, professionally-designed mockups. The internet is filled with countless branding mockups. Choosing the best among them is quite difficult. To make things easy for you, in today’s post, we have amalgamated 20 best and unique branding mockups. Go through the post to know the advanced features of these mockups and how they can be useful for you.

So, without further ado, let’s start the discussion.

Coffee Branding Mockup

This is a set of 12 photorealistic mockups, perfect for showcasing various branding designs. With these mockups, you can show off coffee, restaurants, cafe, catering, etc. branding designs very easily. Also, you can create stunning backgrounds or headers for websites, presentations, e-cards, banners, posters, flyers and more. Furthermore, you can use these for social media covers as well. Based on HQ photography, the graphics of these mockups are simply fantastic. Though editing the templates is super easy, you can take a guide from the help file that comes with the pack.

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Cafe Branding Mockup

This is another set of branding mockups that can help you create excellent branding designs for your cafe or restaurant easily. It is a set of 8 photorealistic mockups, each one includes a sandwich wrap, business cards, juice cup, and paper bag. Based on real-life photography, this mockup set can help you get fantastic results. Editing the mockup is easy. Just paste your design into the marked Smart object layer, save and your work is done. Therefore, it is a useful set of mockups that can help you get fantastic branding design as a final result. Get this mockup set now and use it to create a modern branding with your designs.

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Stationery Branding Mockup Creator

Create great-looking stationery branding designs in a short time with this mockup set. It includes pre-made PSD scenes and 74 items with top and side views. The mockups are easy to use and fully customizable to their tiniest detail. Some of the advanced features of these mockups are – adjustable business card side appearance, moveable and separated transparent shadows, letterpress/foil stamp layer styles and depth of field ps action. All these help you create unique images in a breeze. Use it for social media posts like Instagram. Also, you can use it to spice up your designer portfolio on your website or any individual project. In other words, this mockup set is very useful and multipurpose.

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Bakery Branding Mockup

This is a set of 10 photorealistic bakery branding mockups. Based on real-life photography, these mockups help you get flawless and realistic results every time you use them. Backgrounds are permanent. You can place your designs on the products. On each product, there are marked smart objects. Place your designs on those smart objects and hit save. Creating modern and well-organized branding designs is possible with this bakery branding mockup. So, without making a further delay, get this amazing mockup set now.

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Stationery / Branding Mockup

Branding through stationery items is popular these days. Now you can do that easily with the help of this stationery branding mockup. It includes a PSD file and 14 presentations, showcasing 9 stationery items. The design works perfectly on a white background. However, you can change the color as per your needs and preference. Creating a customized presentation with the help of this mockup is possible in just one click.

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Children Themed Branding Mockup

This mockup is perfect for showcasing branding design on business cards, flyers, invitation cards, greeting cards, labels, tags and more. If you have any baby product or offer bay related services, you can brand that with the help of this mockup. The mockup includes 9 high-quality PSD files. Editing the files is quite easy. Just paste your artwork into the smart object and see the awesome result. And the best thing about the mockup is that here you can see only real-life photography. No Photoshopped fake backgrounds are included.

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Office Branding Mockups

Making an office look awesome and showcase brand promotions actively are now possible with the help of this office branding mockups set. It includes 8 high-resolution PSD files. The design includes a dining room and a reading room. You can keep such interior designs and rooms in your office and improve your staff’s productivity. Thanks to the smart object feature, editing the mockups is super easy.

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Office Interior Branding Mockups

Your employees are probably aware of your business mission statement, company goals, and even corporate history. But what they probably are unaware of is how they are part of it all. With right office interior branding, you can bridge that gap by making your employees feel like they are the part of brand identity and company mission, rather than just a faceless part of the labor pool. With this new set of office interior branding mockups, you can do such office interior branding easily. It includes 9 premade PSD files, 7 reception desk designs, 3D logo simulation, extremely artistic interior designs, and highly detailed overall designs. Use this set of mockups and brand your company impressively.

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Office Branding Mockup V2

Another choice for office branding is here. This office branding mockup has such a design that can help you connect your one department with another. It includes various designs for all kinds of office rooms that can successfully meet your company’s demand. In other words, this is perfect for big office branding. Editing the mockup is easy, thanks to its smart object. Fully layered and highly detailed designs make the mockup simply hard to ignore.

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Stationery & Branding Mockup

Branding your name or logo on stationery items is extremely important for your business. It separates the more detail-orientated companies from the ones who overlook the minor aspects of a business. It can boost your business in a way that you wouldn’t believe. You can consider branded stationery as a marketing element. It can grab the eyes of potential clients and customers as well. This stationery and branding mockup includes 15 different arrangements and perspective angles. Other than placing your designs on the stationery items, you can also adjust light and shadow density. Choose from 4 artistic photo filters and get your customized perfect presentation ready.

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Coffee Cup Branding Mockup

Do you own a cafe? Then why don’t you make customized coffee cups and serving plates that show your brand name on them? Such action will surely help you promote your brand among your existing and potential customers effectively. To make your job quick and easy, here is a coffee cup branding mockup for you. It includes 8 PSD files, showing real-life photographs and highly detailed designs. You can place your creative design, logo, and text on each cup separately. Though you can experiment with different colored backgrounds, you will get the best result with white background only.

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Food Box Branding Mockup

This is a set of 8 photorealistic food packaging box branding mockups, including food boxes, chopstick wraps, and business cards. In this mockup pack, you will not be able to find any fake Photoshopped photos. All are real-life photographs. Different Smart objects are available to each of the box’s sides for the most creative results. Just paste your design into the marked Smart object layer and hit save. Within just a few clicks, modern and well-organized branding designs will be ready.

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Ribbon Branding Mockup

To build your brand credibility, you should create brand recognition, loyalty, and competitiveness. And that is why you should put the focus on branding. Branding on various elements increases the chance of grabbing the attention of your potential clients. With this ribbon branding mockup, you can promote your brand on beautiful ribbons. The mockup has a changeable background and individual layers. Editing it is super easy. And every time you edit and place your design, as a final outcome you get photorealistic results.

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Corporate Identity – Branding Mockups

Corporate identity is all about the look and feel of a business. It helps a brand stand ahead of its competitors. With this Corporate Identity Branding Mockups set, you can create a strong corporate identity easily. The pack includes 19 pre-made PSD files, all having high resolution. Here you can find unlimited variations – fully separated, movable and hideable all objects and shadows. You can adjust the shadows and effects as per your need and choice. The background is also changeable.Use this mockup and let your brand have a unique identity.

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Cafe Branding Mockup Bundle

Spreading your brand identity to others with various creative methods will create a certain ‘business aura’ around your cafe attracting people from far and wide. Now you can do branding for your cafe easily with the help of this cafe branding mockup bundle. It includes 26 high-resolution themed mockups of coffee cups, sandwich wraps, paper bags, juice glasses, and exclusive bakery edition.

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Lorry Branding Mockup

Vehicle branding can act as an effective marketing tool. It is attention-grabbing, reaches a mass audience and costs less than any other branding technique that reaches a wide audience. Do you want to put your foot forward to vehicle branding too? Then use this lorry branding mockup. It helps you place your branding design show on a lorry. It includes fully layered 4 PSD files, all are easy to customize.If you want any help using the mockup, go through the tutorial file that comes with this.

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Fitness- Gym Branding Mockup

Brand establishment in any industry depends on how good the representation is. It is applicable to the fitness industry as well. Be it logo designing, interior designing, stationery designing or any other printing solutions for your gym, with a gym branding mockup the work becomes hassle-free. Such a fantastic mockup is available here, specially designed for gym and fitness center branding. Use This mockup and show your services and brand quality. Also, you can create a unique vision for your clients.

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Brand Mockup Template

Do you want to showcase your brand design in a photorealistic way? Use this brand mockup template. It includes a PSD file, having smart objects, backgrounds, and shadows. Editing the template is easy, thanks to the smart object. The Action file pack and full illustration instruction come with this mockup. Therefore you can easily understand how to use the template. Be it apparel or accessory, you can place your brand design on all items easily with the help of this mockup.

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Vintage Branding Mockup

Vintage branding is a great way to differentiate a product from the herd of modern looking and over-the-top packaging found on the shelf. Firstly, it has a quaint and minimalist appeal that many customers gravitate towards. Secondly, it can set your brand stand apart easily. Now you can do perfect vintage branding easily with the help of this vintage branding mockup. It is a pack of 9 high-quality and photorealistic branding mockups with a vintage feel. In addition, it includes real-life photography. Therefore you will not find any photoshopped fake photos. Thanks to the smart object feature, editing the mockups is quite easy. Get this set now and use the templates to create a wonderful vintage branding design.

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Coffee Identity Branding Mockups

This mockup set has a beautiful appearance. With the help of it, you can create trendy and high-quality branding designs for stationery items in your cafe. It includes 8 PSD files with unlimited variations. Other than editing the product design, you can change the background, adjust shadows and effects in a breeze. Use the mockups and create brand recognition for your cafe. Most importantly, a successful brand can create customer loyalty and constantly build awareness even when you are not engaged in an active marketing campaign.

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Final Thoughts,

After going through the entire post, have you decided yet to choose your favorite? If you have already, then start working with that mockup and feel free to share your experience with us. We’d love to know about it.

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