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Packaging Mockups
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31 Best Free Packaging Mockups For Gifts And Products 2020

With our collection of the best, most beautiful and highly useful free packaging mockups, you can create presentations like none out there. And that, with as little work as possible. Every mockup template requires only the basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, and all the rest becomes history. After all, with the fully layered file and smart objects, dragging and dropping is the only execution you need to undergo.

Simple? You bet!

In the bundle of packaging mockup templates below, you will find something for every occasion. From food, drinks and snack bar to whey protein, pill and ice cream packaging, we hand-picked only the best.

Whether you are working on your own product packaging or for a client, create a presentation that will unlock a whole specter of new possibilities. Instead of sending your designs out for print right away, test them out first and see if they need any additional editing. With a nifty mockup, you can quickly try out a bunch of different variations and see what sparks interest the most.

Without further ado, let’s now take a peek at all the high-quality packaging mockups that we have in store for you. Just hit the download button, they are free of charge anyway.

Chips Bag Mockup Featuring a Solid Background

chips bag mockup featuring a solid background
As a designer working on packaging for your client, do take things to another degree with a realistic presentation. Thanks to a horde of mockups that we have here for you, finding the right one will be a little breeze. If you are particularly searching for a chips bag mockup, well, here you go. However, you can easily go entirely against the grain and utilize this one for something entirely different for as long as this type of packaging is what your client plans to use. Moreover, upload your design from your computer, make any last corrections position-wise and you are ready to go. Needless to say, the mockup allows you to change the color of the bag and the background, too.

More info / Download

Mockup of Two Paper Bags Lying on a Plain Surface

mockup of two paper bags lying on a plain surface
More and more shops are switching from plastic to paper bags. If that is something you or your client are considering, create attention-grabbing paper bag design with this top-notch mockup. What’s cool about this one is that instead of one, you get two bags to decorate with any design that you fancy. Whether you would like to add a front and a back design or create two different bags, by all means, get creative and utilize this mockup to its full potential. You can add a different creative to each bag, as well as change the color of the bags individually. Additionally, you can alter the background, add text and slide in a graphic.

More info / Download

Mailing Box Mockup Featuring a Solid Color Backdrop

mailing box mockup featuring a solid color backdrop
For a custom mailing box, this easy to use mockup will surely do the trick. It allows you to add three different designs to it, one on the top and two on the sides of the box. You can get as creative as you want, coming up with the final creation that meets your or your client’s branding directions precisely. Of course, changing the main color of the box is also possible, just like altering the background. Now comes your turn to head over to Placeit and test things out before you end up with a finishing product that you can download and use just about anywhere you want.

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Packaging Mockup Featuring a Woman Opening a Present

packaging mockup featuring a girl opening a present
Product packaging is crucial if you want to show that you are the real deal. While some keep thing super minimalistic, other brands spice up the packaging, so it screams, “Pick me.” Either way, when putting together the design, use a packaging mockup to see it in effect. Here is a nifty mockup of a gift box with a working area of 768 x 1024 px dimension. Whether for gifts or the latest gadgets, you can utilize this photo-realistic presentation however you see it fit your needs best. Indeed, you can also change the color of the box.

More info / Download

Label Mockup Featuring a Takeaway Coffee Cup and Paper Food Box

label mockup featuring a takeaway coffee cup and paper food box
As a new food and drink business in town, sort out takeaway packaging in cleverly and strategically. This way, everyone will spot the packaging and become intrigued. For cups and boxes, here is a wonderful packaging mockup which gives you an option to brand them accordingly. As for the cup, you can change the color and upload the design. Moreover, when it comes to the box, you can upload your creation to two sides, as well as change the shade of it. Lastly, you can always add a text overlay or leave it out entirely. A simple process for a photo-realistic presentation of your packaging idea.

More info / Download

Gift Bags Mockup Featuring a Woman on a Bench

gift bags mockup featuring a woman on a bench
Another way of spreading the awareness of your brand is by having branded (gift) bags. When someone buys in-store, store the products in a beautiful bag which they will enjoy carrying on the streets and help spread the message. Here is a packaging mockup template featuring three different bags. Each has a different size of the working area for you to fine-tune and enrich with your designs. Change the tone of the bags, too, and make a quick and brandable outcome that either your client or your potential clients will absolutely adore. Thanks to Placeit platform, no rocket science is necessary to craft an outcome that will blow everyone away.

More info / Download

Paper Bag Mockup

paper bag mockup
If you are looking for a way to test out your paper bag designs, this is the packaging mockup that you should consider using. With the design ready to go, you can almost instantly test it out on these two bags and see how well it turns out. Since there are two bags, you can use them to display the front and the back design or even for showcasing two entirely different designs. Change the color of the background and the color of the bags and you are ready to roll. That’s how quick and effortlessly working with the Placeit website is – you do it all in-browser.

More info / Download

Packaging Mockup Featuring Two Plastic Bottles

packaging mockup featuring two plastic bottles
When putting together a design for plastic bottles for a client, present them with a realistic outcome with this packaging mockup. While you simultaneously add your design to both the small and the large bottle, changing colors happens separately. You can individually adjust the color of both caps and both bottles, as well as alter the background. In other words, each piece could be of a different color or keep it all in one colorway. Have in mind, the possible design could be of 600 x 1200 px size. That’s that, now go and play around with different variations and combinations and see what works out best.

More info / Download

Colorful Pouch Packaging PSD Mockup

pouch packaging psd mockup
Simple, colorful and creative pouch packaging PSD mockup for all sorts of goodies. For instance, these two come perfect for storing coffee, but other foods will do just as well. If you would like to make things look very appealing to the eye, get your hands on this template and create an enticing packaging that will scream “pick me” on the shelve. Due to high-res, the presentation also appears stunningly if presenting it in a close-up. The details of this mockup are outstanding, easily capturing everyone’s attention. If you are interested in testing two different colorways simultaneously, this is the tool you need.

More info / Download

Product Packaging Box PSD Mockup

product packaging box psd mockup
This gorgeous product packaging box mockup is absolutely fantastic. You can quickly try out your design and even come up with a bunch of different variables until the outcome fully meets your expectations. The mockup template also features two business cards which you can decorate however you fancy. The options are numerous, so do your thing now and create a realistic presentation that will blow everyone away. If you have the designs ready, you can hammer out several combinations in a small breeze, as the template is quick to edit and improve. Make it yours and shine.

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Snack Bar Packaging PSD Mockup

snack bar packaging psd mockup
When working with a company that sells snack and chocolate bars, it is a must to create packaging that grabs their attention. Especially if you are new to the market, it is important that the package is done right to the very last detail. How would people even know of your existence in that big bundle of chocolate bar options? Do the branding and marketing right and you can instantly see a difference. With this packaging mockup, you can establish a photo-realistic design for a snack/chocolate bar which everyone will enjoy just holding in their hands. Spread the word out like a champ with a mockup template that will turn heads.

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Rectangle Box PSD Mockup

rectangle box psd mockup
Whether you are manufacturing packaging boxes or you are creating a new packaging design for your products, this simple rectangle box mockup will do the trick. It comes easily editable through smart object layers in Photoshop for your convenience. You can also edit three sides of the box, making it exactly how you want it to look without the need to create a physical product yet. This saves you a lot of time and money, which might cause a lot of inconveniences otherwise. Keep things super simple and minimal or create something out of this world, whatever the case, test it out with a mockup template first before it goes out for production.

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Square Boxes Set PSD Mockup

square boxes set psd mockup
If you are a designer who needs to showcase packaging design in a photo-realistic way, here is a cool mockup template you can use. Instead of one, you can use three different color options of the box and show your client what is possible. In short, a lot. In just a few clicks, you can now have a solid presentation ready to amaze and impress everyone. It almost seems like you actually went to the print shop and get the designs done on a box. But that does not need to be the case when you are using a professional, yet free, packaging mockup.

More info / Download

Whey Protein Jar PSD Mockup

whey protein jar psd mockup
In the fitness industry, there are oh so many options when it comes to proteins. Are you planning to launch your own line, too? If that is the case, start creating the ideal packaging with this modern whey protein jar mockup. You can create the front and the back of the jar, showcasing all the details and specialties of your whey protein. By the way, if you are keeping things entirely vegan, you can also use this mockup for designing packaging for rice, hemp, bean or any other type of protein powder. Creativity knows no bounds.

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Photorealistic Packaging Box Design PSD Mockup

packaging box design psd mockup
When creating the perfect packaging design for your client, use a free mockup template to present your creations realistically. No need to be doing all the presentation entirely from scratch. With a packaging mockup, you can quickly come up with a bunch of variables which will help them decide which is their favorite. All it takes is adding the PSD file to Adobe Photoshop. From then on, you edit the template through the fantastic smart object layer and you are done already. How simple was that? If the design took you oh so much time, save yourself energy with a mockup and create a professional presentation almost instantaneously.

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Milk Bag Packaging PSD Mockup

milk bag packaging psd mockup
Got milk? You can use this particular packaging for all sorts of beverages, from milk to juices and other whatnots. After all, you do not need to stick to the default settings; feel free to go entirely against the norm and establish a presentation of a product packaging in a photo-realistic way. The template comes in a PSD file with well-organized layers for you to utilize the mockup quickly and effortlessly. You can change the color of the packing, as well as add your designs via the smart object layer. The work becomes easy when you have access to the right tools.

More info / Download

Cosmetics Packaging Set PSD Mockup

cosmetics packaging set psd mockup
When designing packaging for cosmetic products, you want it to be elegant, modern and trendy. Of course, that is not the rule that you need to follow. However, this is the approach the majority uses. With this excellent packaging mockup, you can now swiftly establish packaging for your entire line of products. Or if you are a designer, you can create a life-like presentation that will help your clients easier decide on the final product. The mockup includes a tube, box package, foam dispenser and soap. All the products also come as an individual layout for a more detailed presentation.

More info / Download

Square Shaped Gift Box PSD Mockup

square shaped gift box psd mockup
Let’s face it, there is no human being who does not like receiving gifts. Some are perfectly fine with something simple while others like receiving luxury gits the most. Anyway, if you would like to create the best gift packaging box, you came to the right place. Here is an amazing packaging mockup that will get you going in little to no time. It is a square box which you can put into play without the need to break a single drop of sweat. Thanks to Photoshop and smart object layer, you just drag and drop your graphics and you are finished coming up with a banging presentation.

More info / Download

Snack Bar Packaging PSD Mockup

snack bar packaging psd mockup free
Indulging in a snack bar might not be the healthiest thing to do, however, we all do it every once in a while. Hey, there are health bars available, too, and they are much better for us, right? Anyhow, if designing the ideal wrapping for a snack bar, you will enjoy using this free mockup template. Create attractive packaging that will capture everyone’s attention right away. Feel free to change the color of the packaging and easily add your logo and designs to it. Now you know how others go about designing this amazing presentation without actually having a real product.

More info / Download

Pill Bottle Packaging PSD Mockup

pill bottle packaging psd mockup
Along with having a neat design of a pill bottle, it is also highly important that the actual bottle is handy and convenient. It needs to be easily portable while securely carrying drugs without being affected by the environment. For the presentation of beautiful packaging, get things moving forward with this mockup template. You just switch the existing branding with yours in Photoshop, via smart object layer, and you will witness instant results. The mockup comes in high-definition which calls for a detailed presentation of the packaging you have been working on lately.

More info / Download

Paper Lock Box Packaging PSD Mockup

paper lock box packaging psd mockup
As a bakery owner, you definitely want to have enticing packaging sorted out for doughnuts or any other delicious baked goods you have to offer. This way, when someone carries the box, everyone sees it immediately and makes them remember your tasty place. On the other hand, proper packaging is not only about marketing, but it is also about safely carrying around foods so they do not squash. As a designer yourself, help your client better picture how could the final product look like with this nifty packaging mockup. Download the template now and put it into play right away for the fastest outcome.

More info / Download

Food Pouch PSD Mockup

food pouch psd mockup free
Another food pouch PSD mockup which you can use for designing packaging for all sorts of intentions. This type of packaging works great for coffee, tea, cocoa powder, condiments and other whatnots. On the other hand, you can also go entirely against the norm and use it for, let’s say, storing a bracelet. Moreover, with a mockup template, you can quickly design the right packaging that will grab everyone’s attention from a distance. And that is exactly what you would like to achieve with your product. An attractive and appealing to the eye packaging can increase sales.

More info / Download

Chocolate Box Packaging PSD Mockup

chocolate box packaging psd mockup
If working with a brand offering chocolate bars, sort out the packaging with this clean free mockup template. Without spending too much time on designing presentation, you can have a customized packaging ready to go sooner rather than later. This calls for a sophisticated presentation which you can use to showcase your client. Together you can further investigate the design, whether or not it needs additional editing or it is fully prepared for the print already. Even if you need to come up with an entirely new variation, once you have the graphics ready, you can append them to the mockup in a snap.

More info / Download

Nasal Drop Packaging PSD Mockup

nasal drop packaging psd mockup
When refining the design for nasal drop packaging, a mockup template comes very handy. Especially in this case, when you can download it for free. This exclusive layout offers you to edit almost everything. From changing the color of the bottle cap and bottle to adjusting shadows, background and packaging. Of course, you can easily stamp on your label or any other creative designs you would like the box to sport. It is a fully layered PSD file which calls for swift customization. You can now create a striking advertisement without actually needing to have a physical product ready.

More info / Download

Steel-made Packaging Containers PSD Mockup

packaging steel containers psd mockup
Even to this day, steel containers are still widely used in the food industry. On the other hand, some like to go entirely against the norm by using such packaging for storing all sorts of goods, even watches. With that in mind, if you are in the process of finishing creating the design for steel packaging, this is the free mockup that will do you well. You can easily change colors and attach your designs to all three containers and make a presentation that will spark everyone’s interest right away. The end product will be very photorealistic, great for better visualizing the end product.

More info / Download

Box Packaging Mockup

box packaging mockup free download
Let’s face it, you do not even notice the boring packaging, rather go for the one that has attractive design first thing. That said, if you are designing product packaging, do it strategically so it will spark potential buyer’s curiosity when seeing the box at the retail store. To achieve outstanding results without actually printing the boxes yet, get your hands on this product packaging mockup and go from there. There are three editable boxes available in black color. Design inclusion happens via Photoshop and smart object layers. The life-like presentation is just around the corner.

More info / Download

Paper-made Gift Box PSD Mockup

paper made gift box psd mockup
Present your fantastic product packaging design ideas with a free mockup template that you can use now and see immediate results. This paper-made gift box mockup is a beautiful alternative to all the others you find in this collection. You can add your graphics to the wrapping instantly, via the smart object layer. What’s cool, the template costs you nothing, yet the outcome is guaranteed to be a striking presentation. A great way of showcasing your clients what you have been up to, giving them a better idea of how the final product could and will look like. That’s that, head over to the download section and pick the mockup now.

More info / Download

Peanut Butter Chocolate Packaging PSD Mockup

peanut butter chocolate packaging mockup
Another cool and trendy snack bar packaging, this time, for a peanut butter chocolate. First and foremost, this free packaging mockup is both for personal and professional use. Moreover, the main object is entirely editable in Photoshop. You can add your graphics, designs, texts and logo and have a custom-made version ready to please your client’s eyes swiftly. Again, thanks to the organized smart object layers, you can effortlessly improve the default mockup template and make it your own. You can also use the final product to share on social media, in emails or anywhere else you would like to put some extra shine on it.

More info / Download

Ice Cream Packaging Mockup

ice cream packaging mockup
Whether it is summertime or not, some folks like to enjoy a scoop or three of ice cream all the time. To prepare a cool and funky icecream packaging for your client, this is the right packaging mockup template that you need. Since the majority of the time it’s our eyes that make us buy things, attractive packaging is a must to see the sales that you would like to attain with your business. It comes as a layered PSD file which you can edit with ease. Change the color and add a branding label, graphics and any other design you think would work great. With a photo-realistic presentation, you can have a better picture, how the final product would look like.

More info / Download

Shoebox Packaging Mockup

shoebox packaging mockup
You should keep your branding intact across all products and services you offer. This way, everyone will instantly know which brand it is from, just by checking out the packaging. In the case of shoes and sneakers, the box, they come in, is a fantastic way to keep the engagement and excitement at an all-time high. With the awe-inspiring packaging mockup, you can now create the exact packaging you or your client want. You can edit both the inside and the outside of the box, making such that will affect everyone.

More info / Download

Cosmetic Tube Packaging Mockup

cosmetic tube packaging mockup
With a ton of different cosmetic products used on a daily basis, when it comes to packaging, the coolest wins the game. Unless it is a personal recommendation from a friend, cosmetic products with the most eye-catchy design spark our interest directly. To test your creations on actual packaging, this free mockup template will be of tremendous help. It comes in three different variations, offering you all sorts of ways to test the designs on all visible sides of the box and the tube. Speaking of the tube, you can also change the color of the cap. Moreover, you can additionally add wood or any other textures to spice up the experience.

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