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billboard mockups
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35 Best Free PSD Billboard Mockups 2022

If you are looking for a way to increase your brand awareness, you should not miss billboard mockups.

After all, having your billboard in a crowded zone helps you spread your message and attract new customers. Sure, you can use other ways to market to your targeted crowd, but billboards should not be omitted if the budget is there. Also, it sure does matter what type of brand you are, so think about it first before you act about it.

Of course, before you send out your designs to get the final product, you should first use billboard mockups for the most photo-realistic experience. As a designer, give a few variations to your client first or brainstorm it with your colleagues as a brand and go from there. This way, you will get a better idea of whether or not the artwork needs any last refining tweaks or it is already good to go. Better safe than sorry.

With a simple process of using Photoshop and smart layer objects, you can quickly drag and drop your work and have the result ready. It is very beginner-friendly, meaning, you do not need to have serious design skills to make it happen swiftly and efficiently. Even if you do not plan to use a billboard, after all, you can still utilize these free billboard mockups for social media promotions and get your fan base curious.

Best PSD Billboard Mockups

Mockup of a Billboard in an Underground

mockup of a billboard in an underground

When setting up a design for a billboard, you wouldn’t want to send it out for print right away. Test it out with a realistic mockup first and see how it goes. If you are especially designing one for an underground where it will not get much natural light, here is the ideal template for you. With an image of 1500 x 700 px, you can completely cover the white space of the billboard and see your design appear in a life-like setting. To top it all up, you can also add a text overlay and stick a graphic to it. All you need to do is to upload your design and that is pretty much all the necessary work.

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Billboard Mockup in Front of a Tall Building

billboard mockup in front of a tall building

With an array of different billboard mockups that we have in store for you, you will surely find the right one for your striking design. Even though a billboard is humongous, if your design is not enticing enough, no one will really notice it. To your luck, with a mockup, you can now test things out first and see how it appears in real-life. Thanks to Placeit and its insane simplicity, you can come up with different variations before picking the winner. This one is a real gem for an outdoor billboard that you should not miss investigating further.

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Mockup of Two Billboards Placed on a Metal Structure

mockup of two billboards placed on a metal structure

Instead of one, this particular billboard mockup offers you two to edit and improve with your extraordinary designs. Whether you use two the same designs or two entirely different, that is up to you. What’s cool, you can upload your images straight from your computer and perform any last edits and tweaks in-browser, over on Placeit. No Photoshop and no complicated tasks! By the way, you can also change the color of each billboard to just about any shade that you fancy. And you can also attach text and graphics – all this from one location. Get the realistic version of your billboard design in just a few clicks.

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Billboard Mockup on the Side of an Apartment Building

billboard mockup on the side of an apartment building

If you would like everyone to see your message, create a billboard and stick to the side of a building. But to first test out a few different variations of the possible final product, here is a billboard mockup that will do the trick. Instead of visualizing it in your mind, have a mockup template present your designs for a quick and easy decision, whether or not it is a fit. This layout also allows you to change the main color of the billboard and add a text overlay. Share the outcome with your clients or even use it for a social media promotion.

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Big Outdoor Billboard Mockup

big outdoor billboard mockup

Simple and to the point billboard mockup with a 2000 x 1000 px working area. With the use of Placeit platform, you do all the work in-browser. Once you have the design ready, just upload it and see it appear on the billboard immediately. You can also attach additional text or change the color of the billboard. Have in mind, with the color picker, you can choose any shade you want. It is all about downloading it and using it to showcase your creation to your clients or colleagues. With a photo-realistic mockup, you can easily find if the design needs additional corrections or not.

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City Billboard Mockup

city billboard mockup

A massive billboard mockup up above, over the buildings in a city. Everyone sees your advertisement, especially if you make it extra enticing. Instead of testing it out real-time, use a template, stuff it with different designs and see how they would end up on a real billboard. You can try unlimited variations until you find one that sparks your interest. To add your design to the billboard, you can either use the upload function or copy and paste the direct image URL. You can also reposition and crop the image if necessary and you are done with the work. Voila, you now have a life-like presentation of your billboard design that will capture their attention.

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Billboard Mockup in a Cityscape

billboard mockup in a cityscape

Another remarkable mockup template of a billboard in a cityscape, surrounded by skyscrapers. You can employ this mockup for testing all sorts of messages, advertisements, or designs that you would like to put an extra shine on. Instead of sending it straight for print, make sure all fits perfectly first and go from there. You can also try out various combinations, but most importantly, make sure the design fits the billboard of choice. Make it work out exactly as you imagined it in the first place. A few quick clicks and the job is complete already.

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Big Billboard Mockup Template

big billboard mockup template

Massive landscape billboard mockup which you can use for advertisements, promotions, even road signs. Over on the Placeit website, all you need to do is to upload your image and see it appear on the billboard right away. Also, you can use a direct link, paste it and repeat the process. Without using Adobe Photoshop or any other software, you can now create a nifty and professional billboard presentation. Let Placeit unlock a whole new horizon of possibilities for you, letting you create realistic images with your designs. Whether you are a designer or not, anyone can take Placeit to their benefit and enjoy swift creation with the billboard templates it has available for you.

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Street Billboard PSD Mockup

Street Billboard PSD Mockup

Billboard is a common medium of advertising. Practically, it may be costly, but it can bring success to your business or brand when crafted seamlessly. So, if you’re planning to venture on this type of marketing strategy, it’s best to ensure that the design is excellent just before you publish it. Here’s Street Billboard PSD Mockup that you can opt for your billboard design presentation. This mockup features a nice, realistic, and practical design of a street advertising billboard to help you refine the design of your promotional ads. Typically, mockups adapt the easy design integration through the smart object layer. With this free billboard mockup, you won’t have problems in inserting your promotional artwork as you’ll just have to paste it on the smart object and have a seamless preview in no time!

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Outdoor Advertising Billboard PSD Mockup for Free

Outdoor Advertising Billboard PSD Mockup for Free

Make your billboard designs outstanding so it can effectively represent your brand and reap essential benefits. And you can do that when you opt for this Outdoor Advertising Billboard PSD Mockup for Free. It’s a great tool to help you display your creativity to potential clients. By adding your artwork into the scene, you can evaluate your designs and truly impress clients. This free billboard mockup has a size of 4000×3200 pixel, big enough to help you create a detailed and perfect design. It features an outdoor billboard with a creased design for a more creative and realistic view. Specifically, it’s very easy to integrate your design using the smart object layer.

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Free Outdoor Billboard PSD Mockup

Free Outdoor Billboard PSD Mockup

Billboard advertising is meant to boost the exposure of your brand. As it can reach a wider audience, this has become a great part of every business marketing strategies. If you’re looking for an outdoor billboard mockup for your next project, you should check out this Free Outdoor Billboard PSD Mockup and let it show your creativity without limit. A free billboard mockup enables you to showcase your artwork in a vertical street billboard. It’s available in PSD format so you can edit this using Photoshop. As this comes with a smart object layer, it’s easier to insert promotional design. Once you add your design into the scene, you can easily evaluate which elements you need to omit and which ones are to keep.

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Building Billboard PSD Mockup

Building Billboard PSD Mockup

If you’re searching for ways to recognize your brand and get your messages in front of many people, billboard advertising can be the ideal solution. So, billboard mockup is essential for every business that wants to use this scheme. Here’s Building Billboard PSD Mockup that will reveal which elements you need to improve your design. Specifically, this mockup comes with a smart object where you can insert artwork with ease. You just have to download the file and open it in Photoshop. Once you’re there, just make use of the smart layer, save it and you’re good to go! This way, you can view a close to final product without so much hassle. Specifically, this mockup lets you insert 2 inches by 4 inches size.

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Bus Stand Billboard PSD Mockup

free three billboard psd bus stand mockup

A bus station is a place that is crowded pretty much throughout the entire day (even at night in some areas). It is a fantastic location for your billboard and boosting your brand awareness. Or if you are hosting an event, a show or any other activities, again, think about using a bus station as the location to attract new folks. With this free mockup, you can easily add your works on all three rectangular billboards and see how they will appear in real-time. You can use all three featuring the same or mix and match different designs to your liking.

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Photorealistic Billboard Banner

free bus stop billboard banner mockup

Whether fashion, furniture, event, or service-based company, no matter your niche and industry, a versatile and free billboard mockup is available. Again, it is another stunning bus station variation template which you can use for advertising and presentational purposes. Either working with a brand or on your own projects, with a mockup, you can better understand how the outcome will look like. And you can use it to showcase it to your clients as well. You can customize the existing one or add your style since this template is entirely customizable for your convenience. It applies to both personal and commercial projects.

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Billboard Hoarding PSD Mockup

billboard hoarding mockup

While the design is the most crucial part of a marketing campaign’s entire presentation and brand awareness, if it does not fit well on a billboard, the whole execution might be ruined. With this in mind, pick up this free billboard mockup and test it out first. It is a large outdoor billboard in red, with logo and text. Of course, you can take it to an entirely new degree and implement your own design to it via Photoshop’s smart object layer. Although the process might be super simple and quick the end product will appear very professional. Use any of the templates you find in this collection and persuade both your clients and a new sector of potential clients and customers.

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Indoor Billboard PSD Mockup

free mall indoor billboard digital ad mockup psd for advertisement

If you are designing an indoor billboard for a mall, you came to the right place. You can now see the design you are working on to instantly push a brand’s particular product in a photo-realistic way. To be frank, it could also be mainly for branding purposes or any other reason why you are working with a company to get the artwork for a billboard done. With this mockup, you can play around with loads of different options and later pick the one that will intrigue and encourage a massive audience of folks who are already prepared to spend.

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Roadside Billboard PSD Mockup

outdoor advertising mockup

Placing a billboard where a ton of people will pass by it increases the chance to get your name out there. Of course, you need to do it in an original and distinctive way so it will spark their curiosity. With this cutting-edge and photo-realistic billboard mockup, you can gain a better idea what will work and what might not be the best solution. It is a gorgeous template with a tree and a set of stairs that could be leading to the subway station. Once you download it, open the mockup with Photoshop and edit it via smart object. All it takes is for you to drag and drop your design and you are done.

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Theater Billboard PSD Mockup

free outside theatre billboard-poster mockup for advertisement

When a new show comes in town, you see advertisements for it all over the place. Use this cool billboard mockup if you are hosting it or hired by a theatre to help them with the design. After you make the design, employ this template to present it to your client in a way they will better visualize the final product. You two can later make final adjustments to develop the ideal promo material to increase the potential of selling out the show. On the other hand, you can also use this mockup to increase the hype for other projects.

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Bus Stop Billboard PSD Mockup

free outdoor bus stop advertisement vertical billboard poster mockup psd

Although social media might have a better effect on some brands, billboards are still widely popular. A combination of the two might be the winning solution for you so it is definitely worth testing. But when you decide to pursue billboard advertising, kick things off with a mockup first and see how things go. With a realistic billboard mockup, you can immediately know if it will work out or if the design needs to undergo some additional fine-tuning. To get other’s eyes on your product, your brand or whatever else you plant to market, try out a bus stop billboard and see the magic happen.

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Outdoor Billboard PSD Mockup

free outdoor park poster billboard mockup for advertisement

You can pull off billboard advertising outdoors or indoors. You can do one or the other or you can go even way beyond that. With this magnificent outdoor billboard mockup, you can present your work in a way that your client will better understand the outcome. It comes as a PSD file that you can download for free and use with Photoshop’s smart object layer feature. Introduce your design of the poster billboard and you can see how it will appear in real life in a snap. Customize it and edit it to your or your client’s brand needs and shine 24/7.

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Mall Billboard PSD Mockup

mall banner mockup

From outdoor to indoor free billboard mockups, we have them all and then some. On this list, you will find something for everyone, no matter how picky you might be. Some mockup templates allow you more editing freedom compared to the others but all make sure that the outcome is outstanding. What’s special about this particular mockup bundle is the fact that you get three different variations. Two are hanging banners of which one is framed and one standing. For malls, you would definitely want to test all three, or at least one that hangs from the ceiling and the other than is placed in front of your shop or somewhere randomly. Your aim is always to get more potential customers to check you out and be hooked.

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Billboard Mockup in an Open City Corner

free psd large billboard mockup

If it is that you would like to spark drivers’ attention and curiosity, this massive billboard mockup in an open city corner is the way to go. You need to make it large and enticing enough to promote the awareness of your existence to everyone viewing it from a distance. But first, you need to use a realistic and easy to use a free template that gives you the opportunity to see how your tasty hamburger and french fries look when a hundred if not a thousand times larger. Of course, you can use this type of billboard for a wide variety of advertisements regardless of your creativity and innovation.

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Building Complex Billboard Mockup

building complex billboard mockup

Sometimes, you just want to use the entire side of a building to put your advertisement on. One thing is for sure, you will definitely capture everyone’s attention. The question occurs; will they convert? This is when your creativity and artistic thinking come into play. In combination with a billboard mockup, you can define the final design much easier since it helps you better visualize it. This is another fantastic and free template which you can download with a click of a button. Use it with Photoshop and change the working area swiftly through the smart object layer. Even if you are a designer, building a personal portfolio, you can show your potential clients how good you are with billboard designs as well, having them presented on realistic mockups.

More info / Download

Black Billboard Mockup in PSD

black billboard mockup

Are you bringing a new restaurant in town? Are you releasing a new product? Whatever the case might be, a billboard can be a fantastic way to gain recognition and even presell customers. With this massive billboard mockup, you can further study your designs and present them to your clients in the most realistic way. You can improve them if needed or you can send them out to a print shop and call it a day. Do not go from the design straight to print or you might do more harm than good. Do see its live appearance with a specially designed mockup and use it as proof.

More info / Download

Huge Building Billboard Mockup

free advertisement building billboard mockup

It is pretty obvious, the larger the billboard is, the more people it will attract. Place it right in front of them on a stunning building and they will be unable to resist. No matter what you try to advertise, use a billboard mockup first and see the near-completed version. All it takes is to bring it into being and actually put it on a building. However, a mockup template for billboards is a perfect way to come as close to the real version as possible. It takes you no investment, as well as next to no time, to add your artwork and already be closer than ever to completion.

More info / Download

Outdoor Advertising Billboard

outdoor advertising free mockup

If there is a bus station near the sea where you would like to promote the forthcoming beach party or even the latest swimwear, get a free billboard mockup and see it in action. In this bundle, you receive two fantastic templates that you can take to your advantage. One features a bus station and two working areas and the other a large horizontal billboard on the roadside. You can mix and match different designs and see what works best for the particular client you work with. Even if you are a one-man-brand, doing it all by yourself, using a mockup is effortless. You only need basic Photoshop knowledge and all the rest is pretty self-explanatory.

More info / Download

Free PSD Billboard Mockup

free psd billboard mockup

Another enormous free billboard mockup that you can use to go full-throttle with your creativity. With a mockup, you truly cannot mess things up and use it for redesigning and refining your art until you are 100% satisfied. Add the extra step to bringing a billboard design to life and be secure with how the final product will come out. Otherwise, it might not fit as you wished and that could cause a lot of inconvenience. This is why we have all these templates here for you to investigate different variations and styles to create a strong and lasting impact on everyone seeing your billboard on the local building.

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Billboard Mockup for City Street Advertising

free city street vertical billboard mockup for advertisement

Billboards can be small or the size of an entire building. With those of smaller dimensions, you aim to get the attention of pedestrians while larger will surely intrigue everyone, drivers, as well. For street advertising, this vertical billboard mockup comes perfect for branding and show announcements. However, go against the grain and use it however you fancy. It is a template that costs you nothing, so there is almost no reason why you would not want to test it out for yourself. Open it with Photoshop, couple it with your artwork, and see it come to life. The real-time presentation has never been simpler.

More info / Download

Building Billboard Mockup

billboard mockup free psd

A building billboard mockup saves you a ton of time and effort. Not to mention, all the struggle that you can face with if printing the artwork too soon, without any actual testing. You can use all these templates for testing and validating the design before they print it and cover the entire building with it. It might be the positioning of the logo, the message or the main image that you should refine first. But you will only see the real effect it has when you apply it to the mockup of choice. Using and working with these cutting-edge templates is fun and straightforward.

More info / Download

Lighting Billboard Mockup

free lightning billboard mockup

Billboards are effective throughout the day and throughout the night. Obviously, it will need some lightning if you want others to benefit from it during the night time. This huge free billboard mockup is placed right beside the highway, mainly intended to spread awareness amongst drivers. As far as the artwork and design you would like to use with the template go, your imagination is the only limitation. Do it super creatively or do things what is the industry standard, either way, you are right. But do yourself a favor and test out different options to see what works best before you decide to bring it into fruition.

More info / Download

Billboard Hoarding PSD Mockup

free outside building top billboard hoarding mockup psd

People say that billboards are old-school and outdated. Just look outside, you still see them everywhere. There must be something about them that still works in brands’ and companies’ favor. Otherwise, all would be moving online, utilizing social media and other forms of advertising. If you came here, you, obviously, are aware that billboards still work. But to present your artwork professionally and realistically, you should pick up a free billboard mockup and make a difference. This exclusive template features a wide billboard on top of a building that oh boy no one sure will not miss when walking down the street or even commuting to work.

More info / Download

New York Times Square Billboard Mockup

new york times square billboard advertising psd mockup

As a startup or an established brand, you probably thought about having your very own advertisement in the busy Times Square. How awesome would that be? To your luck, here we have a billboard mockup that gives you a chance to rock your very own design in the New York Times Square’s business. Even if you are about to actually realize your dreams, use a mockup first and see how it would appear in a photo-realistic way. New York Times Square billboard template is easy and quick to use and adjust its details via smart layers. Get your own advertisement in the Big Apple today.

More info / Download

Free Download Billboard PSD Mockup

free billboard psd mockup

To spread your message out or two skyrocket your branding, one of the ways to do it is with a billboard. Although we are focused more on our handheld devices than ever before, billboards still work. When walking around, driving in a car or taking a bus, you will definitely see a billboard or two when moving from point A to point B. If they hired you to get the design for a billboard done, do present it back to them practically. Impress them with your sophistication and help them out with visualization. Thanks to the free billboard mockup, you can simply insert your visual content and be ready.

More info / Download

Billboard Mockup For Project Presentation

free billboard mockup

Do you need even more billboard mockups for your marketing and advertising intentions? By all means, go straight to downloading this one and get your creative juice hit it heavily. Whether you are pushing an event, a conference, a new product drop or a new restaurant, whatever the case might be, this template is ideal for you. Along with editing the main working area through the smart object layer in Photoshop, you can also alter the background’s saturation. You can make it more dramatic or make it more natural, in both cases, the final piece of art will stand out from the crowd.

More info / Download

2 Free Billboard Mockup in PSD

free billboard mockup psd

Although billboards might be one of the most expensive marketing mediums, its effect on your brand can be super beneficial. Instead of one, you get two templates of a billboard; one features an angled view while the other is full frontal. This specific mockup is best for reaching the attention of those enjoying their drive on a highway. Get people aware of your existence, special offer, or seasonal sale you run and start taking massive sales regularly. With such a mockup, you will also see whether or not you need to perform any additional improvement or you are good to go.

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