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backpack mockup
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23 Best Realistic Backpack Mockup Templates 2020

You are about to witness a carefully hand-picked collection of the best, high-quality and life-like backpack mockup templates.

Whether it’s for traveling, for school, for fitness, you name it; it is sometimes hard to imagine going places without a backpack. It is just so handy and so practical, keeping your hands free or for carrying other quick-access stuff.

Today, you can design the most amazing, eye-catchy and interest-sparking backpack that the world has not seen yet. Of course, with the use of any of the backpack mockups that you find in the list below.

Keep in mind, if you have the logo or any other design ready to go, you can experience rapid and magnificent results. After all, with the efficiency and user-friendliness of each tool, you do not need to perform any advanced task.

In some instances, you do not even need any Photoshop skills. We have a bunch of outstanding solutions here for you that you will fully edit online. The process is simple: upload your design, change the color, maybe alter some other elements and you are done.

On the other hand, for all the additional PSD mockup alternatives, basic Photoshop knowledge is necessary. Still, you will have a lot of fun doing the work and seeing a striking presentation materialize right in front of your eyes.

Mockup of a Sublimated Backpack Seen From the Straps

mockup of a sublimated backpack seen from the straps
When designing a backpack, you might want to add a design on the back and straps, too. If that is the case, here is a mockup that will help you bring into fruition a life-like demonstration of the idea you have. Just slide it an artwork and let the template do the magic for you. With additional color modification, you can also alter the backpack, the details and the background according to your liking. You only need to undergo some clicking and you could be done doing the work sooner rather than later. Get creative and have an end product ready, well, now.

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Mockup of a Backpack on a Wooden Table

mockup of a backpack on a wooden table
We are moving from the back to the front design of a backpack. This template ensures a realistic end product that will help you grab the attention of more potential users. The backpack is a classic one with a front pocket and a fully editable surface. While you can stick an all-over print to it, you can also play around with different variations with ease. Since you can crop and reposition your design, you can even stick a simple logo to it, change the color of the bag and the details and you are done. Realize a demonstration of a backpack that will wow everyone.

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Backpack Mockup Featuring a Woman in Sportswear

backpack mockup featuring a woman in sportswear
For when you would like to include a human element to your presentation but would like to avoid hiring a model and a photographer, here is a nifty backpack mockup alternative for you. It features a cheerful female model, sitting on a rail in her sportswear. Her backpack can sport any design you want, whether an all-over print or just a logo. Thankfully, Placeit allows you to test out all the possible combinations you would like before going live. Even if you would like to insert a text, a call-to-action, a graphic, whatever, you can do that as well.

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Mockup of a Teen Carrying a Backpack

mockup of a teen carrying a backpack
A super photo-realistic backpack mockup featuring a teen, posing with her new accessory. You can now improve the backpack, both with a custom color and a custom design. Additionally, you can also introduce a graphic or a text only to spice things up. Without a hassle, you can now come up with an exhibition of a new bag design that will surely spark everyone’s interest. You can even create multiple different variations and only later decide on the winner. For the fact how simple using a Placeit mockup is, it will make you want to try at least a few different colorways.

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Backpack Mockup Featuring a Teen Sitting on a Street

backpack mockup featuring a teen sitting on a street
Whether you are a fashion brand, offer accessories or you primarily focus on bags and backpacks, you will find the mockups that we have here of great use. Just like this one, of a teen sitting on the street, all the rest you will find precious. Especially when using a template from Placeit, you get to edit and adjust it all online and only leave with an end product that you download with a click on the button. Change the color or keep it default, upload your image, design or logo and that could already be it. You can, of course, play around with other customization functions, too, and make the end product exactly to your likings.

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Backpack Mockup Featuring a Woman Sitting on Concrete Bleachers

backpack mockup featuring a woman sitting on concrete bleachers
Another fantastic way of putting an extra shine on your new backpack design. Nowadays, you do not really need to go straight to sampling when you can first test things out with a mockup. Thanks to the photo-realistic appearance, that is pretty much how your physical product will look. When working with a mockup, you can make sure that all is in perfect order. The positioning of the logo or design, the color, make sure the backpack follows your branding regulations to a T. To enhance the template, feel free to append a call-to-action and even a custom graphic.

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Backpack Mockup Featuring a Woman in Jogging Pants

backpack mockup featuring a woman in jogging pants
Red jogging pants, water, a sunny day, what else you need? I know what, a backpack that you can modify with your custom colors and designs. And that is exactly what you are getting with this next backpack mockup. With the use of color picker, you can choose just about any tint you want, as it supports the whole pallet of shades. Moreover, via the upload image button, you insert your design and it will already appear on the front of the backpack. The working area is of 750 x 1000 px, but you can play around with different dimensions, too, as it allows you to crop and reposition it.

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Mockup of a Teenager Holding a Backpack

mockup of a teenager holding a backpack
Maybe the class is over or he scored A-grade, the satisfied facial expression definitely releases good vibes. And you can now put this backpack mockup to use with just a few clicks. The rucksack is entirely editable with color and, of course, your design. You perform all the work online, straight from your browser. With that in mind, even if you are a newbie, but you have the design or logo ready, you can still see fantastic results with this mockup. Let me say it one more time; you do not need to be an expert to see a professional outcome with the tools that we hand-collected for you.

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Mockup of a Teenager with a Backpack

mockup of a teenager with a backpack
A schoolboy poses with a backpack that has two main departments. First and foremost, go straight to the color picker and choose the tint that you want to go with. Second, upload any image you fancy (750 x 1000 px) and let it decorate the backpack in just a click. Yes, the whole technique of improving the default settings is just as simple as it sounds. Still, we are not done yet. There is also an option to add text and add graphics. To top it all up, you can effortlessly upload custom visuals and other designs and lift up the overall presentation to level eleven.

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Mockup of a Young Student Holding His Backpack

mockup of a young student holding his backpack
Why wouldn’t you want to push the fresh backpack design straight into your potential buyers’ faces? Well, not literally of course, but with a striking, photo-realistic mockup. You can do that right now by heading over to Placeit and quickly enhance the template with your creative touches. Feel free to use the end product for an assortment of different intentions. For instance, this mockup works fantastically well on social media and even marketing campaigns. If the latter is what you are interested in, add a text overlay or a custom “Buy It Now” button to the mockup before downloading it.

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Backpack Mockup Featuring a Student Sitting on a Concrete Planter

backpack mockup featuring a student sitting on a concrete planter
Another impactful way of creating a backpack design that comes as realistic as possible. Without the need to create a test product, you can now make a presentation that will knock everyone’s socks off. Whether you work with a client or on your own designs, use this template to visualize the final piece better. It is a tool that you will find a small breeze to use. Edit it according to branding directions and introduce other graphics and texts if necessary. A lot is possible for a small investment of time and energy. That’s that, take action now and make a demonstration that will win over new users.

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Courier Roll Top Backpack Mock-Up

courier roll top backpack mockup
If you are particularly designing a delivery backpack with a roll-top, you came to the right place. In this kitt of goodies, you receive four different PSD files, offering four different backpack views. In addition to that, there is also a help file for you to skim through first and go from there. Each mockup is entirely editable from backgrounds to all the backpack details. You will find it straightforward to use the PSD file thanks to the layered structure and smart objects. Just copy and paste or drag and drop your designs, logos and other whatnots and you are good to go.

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Food Delivery Backpack Mock-Up

food delivery backpack mockup
An awesome food delivery backpack mockup set that brings to the table four different templates. There are all the necessary views of the square-shaped backpack for you to create a striking presentation. Keep the backpack to follow the company’s branding regulations to a T by fine-tuning and altering every element accordingly. From changing the colors to sliding in a company logo, all is possible within just a few clicks. Along with fully styling the backpack, you can also adjust the background, so it makes the item pop even more. Instead of rocking a dull food deliver backpack, design a custom one and let everyone on the streets notice your business.

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Backpack PSD Mockups

backpack psd mockups
Taking a product presentation to a whole new degree is very possible without the need to hire a model and a photographer. With the use of a backpack mockup, you can achieve remarkable results without a sweat. After all, you just append your design to the item and that could already mean, “Work here is now done.” You can then use the presentation on your online store, social media or to study it further with your client. Always make sure all is in perfect order before you start considering sending the design out for production. Do the right thing with a mockup.

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Polyester Backpack Mockup Set

polyester backpack mockup set
With the full set of five different backpack mockup templates, it is a guarantee that your end demonstration will be first-class. You get two angled views, as well as back, front and top views. In short, all the necessary scenes to take care of a complete product demonstration. The 6000 x 4000 px dimension of each template also makes sure that every detail comes into view smoothly. Keep in mind, the PSDs use Photoshop’s 3D function, which you need to have enabled to be able to make some noise with each of the samples successfully. You are now all set to create a polyester backpack and spread the word out like a champ.

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Modern Backpack Mockup

modern backpack mockup
Creating a flat design for a backpack is one thing, but making a life-like demonstration of it is a whole new story. However, with a predefined mockup, you can now establish a realistic presentation in close to no time. Instead of going through all the hassle of starting from scratch, you simply undergo a few clicks and have it all set and ready to roll. Change the colors, attach your designs, keep or remove the background, well, you get the gist of it. Open the file with Adobe Photoshop and see the magic happen straight off.

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Outdoor Backpack Mock-up

outdoor backpack mock-up
You remember this one from the featured image, right? Well, here it is now, at your disposal, all set and ready for you to put it into play. You get one completely editable PSD file that you can enrich accordingly. If in need of a life-like solution to push your fresh new backpack design, you will see an excellent outcome with this fall-ish mockup. For your information, once you import the file to Photoshop, search for smart objects and drag and drop your design. Yes, you read that right, it is just as simple as it sounds. It feels as you actually went out and took a professional shot of the product on the back of a female model.

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Backpack Mock-up #23

backpack mock up 23
What’s cool about this backpack mockup with street vibes to it is that all the work is already done for you. Meaning, you do not need to do any of the fancy stuff other than sliding in your design and call it a day. Also, the size of the file is 3000 x 2000 px, making sure the final product is as quality as possible. All happens automatically in just a click. What’s more, if you find yourself in need of any extra assistance, you can always get in touch with the mockup’s author.

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Backpack Mock-up #21

backpack mock up 21
LIfe-like, modern and creative presentation of a backpack through an easy to use mockup. You get one PSD file that you use with Adobe Photoshop. Anyone can quickly and effortlessly get the most out of this template as it requires very little work and energy on your end. Let’s face, everyone can grab a design and place it to the smart object layer. From then on, let the ready-made mockup do its thing and display your creative realistically. What’s more, there are also a few nifty filters included for you to add and improve the overall demonstration. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

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Backpack Mock-up #20

backpack mock up 20
Another opportunity to create a graphic and lifelike exhibition of a backpack without the model. In the kit, you receive one PSD file that you will find a little breeze to edit and improve. If you truly want to take the fastest path, all you need to do is the following. Download the mockup, open Photoshop, import the PSD file, search for the smart object layer and sneak in your design. That’s that, you do not need to perform any more work. By the way, there are some filters available for you to introduce, too, but that is your personal preference.

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Free backpack mockup templates

Free Cool Orange Backpack Mockup

free cool orange backpack mockup
We even sort you out with a few free backpack mockups that you can put into practice immediately. Here is a wonderful solution that lets you put on display the front design of a new backpack you are working on. Brand it accordingly and quickly come up with the vivid version. Use the outcome to see how your idea appears on the actual product, whether or not it requires any additional edits and improvements. Also, feel free to share it with the client, you work with, and pleasantly surprise them with a nifty and photo-realistic demonstration. Even if a free tool, it is a guarantee that the outcome will be A-grade.

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Free Customizable Backpack Mockup

free customizable backpack mockup
Clean, modern, creative and easy to use free backpack mockup for you to take to your total advantage. You can swiftly and effortlessly modify the mockup in Photoshop and even benefit from the three available colorways. Make it yours with the click on the button and start seeing immediate results. The file is layered and also comes with smart objects for you to integrate creatives with ease. You now have all the information necessary that will get you moving forward in the right direction. All there is left for you to do is to: take action!

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Free Backpack Mockup in PSD

free backpack mockup in psd
Can a free mockup still be highly editable? You bet it can! And this backpack mockup is good proof. It is a high-quality solution that comes at 4500 x 3000 px dimension. With the use of smart objects, you can fully style, enhance and personalize the backpack, so it matches your style precisely. Of course, if working with a client, you can demonstrate the life-like version of the backpack using this template, too. Along with adding custom designs and patterns, you can also change the color of the backpack and the zipper. You can also use this same mockup to come up with several completely different designs for a backpack, all looking phenomenal.

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