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Angular Templates
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21 Top Angular Templates For Building Professional Websites 2021

Looking for Angular templates for your next project? We have selected the best examples out there to help choose the right tool for your application.

Any of these tools allows you to kick-start your project with a powerful and resourceful admin panel. No need to build it from scratch, as you can pick a predefined template with multiple features instead. Save time and energy while keeping professionalism to the highest degree.

There is definitely a payoff in carefully selecting the technological frameworks upon which your projects and websites will be developed. The most durable ones will see you through the decades. Keeping such notions in mind, Google has championed the development of a powerful JavaScript library-based software application development framework called Angular.

Angular is an outstanding solution for a multitude of usage necessities and is fully capable of integrating with other libraries and components to form a full process stack. Angular is simple, easy to learn, expansive in its reach, and limitless in a technical capacity, with broad room for growth. Get on the Angular board today and make a difference!

Best Angular Templates For Admin Dashboards

ArchitectUI Angular 12 – Angular Template

Are you building something extraordinary? A web application that will do remarkable things for users? However, you still need to sort out your admin dashboard but do not know where to start? It is easy, go with ArchitectUI AngularJS website template and all the struggle instantly vanishes. What also happens instantly is your admin. Kinda. You still need to invest some time into it and the necessary skill is needed but other than that, ArchitectUI has the majority ready for you.

ArchitectUI comes with five beautiful demos of which each delivers its own unique approach to the web design. On top of that, in the ArchitectUI bundle, you also find a stunning front-end landing page for, let’s say, an agency. There is more in the kit than you thought, I know.

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Monarch is a clean and minimal Angular based admin dashboard template. It is the most popular template on this list thanks to its clean UI, the outstanding number of widgets, modules and unmatched flexibility. This is the only Angular admin template you will ever need because its undergoes continues development and gets better and better. Making it part of your SaaS, web application database platform, admin or user dashboard will be easier than you might think thanks to its detailed documentation.

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gradus angularjs website template
Gradus is an Angular compatible website template with loads of great features and functionalities. It is easy to use and maintain what makes it suitable for both beginners and advanced users. Gradus is responsive and in tune with modern browsers, has eight layouts and six different color schemes. In total, Gradus has over 35 handy pages to sort out your admin dashboard in its entirety.

Utilize the flexibility of Gradus and make it follow your needs to the T. The template uses nested routing, lazy loading, AOT compilation and a dynamic menu. Integrated are also Google and Leaflet maps, forms, calendar, chat, multi-level navigation and plenty UI features. You do not have to feel limited in any way instead, bring things to the next level with Gradus.

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Angular Landing

landing angularjs website template
Angular Landing is a, hence the name, landing page website template for products and services. Every section of the tool is its own Angular component located in a separate directory what makes it super comfortable to use and modify. Two clean, minimal and modern styles come out of the box. Go with the one that suits your needs best and start editing and improving it. The code is super developer-friendly what makes customizing Angular Landing website template child’s play.

Sticky menu, pricing tables, services, portfolio, call-to-action buttons and functional contact form, Angular Landing is packed with the essentials. If you are building a landing page to push a particular product, services or your agency, Angular Landing is the website canvas to consider. But first, check the live preview and see what is possible.

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espire angularjs website template
Inspire with Espire and go to the next level with your online project shortly after. Super clean, simple and minimal, that’s what you will notice the first thing when you open Espire’s live demo page. But first, select between Angular 5, Angular or static HTML demo and go from there. Bright and easy to navigate through that’s what you get with Espire.

Like with all other Angular website templates, Espire also includes many features and extras for you to take to your advantage. It is responsive, cross-browser compatible, covers RTL layout and treats you to free updates. Moreover, you get a good deal of widgets, more than two thousand icons and a code that is straightforward to adjust. The latter is crucial for newbies but handy for experienced users.

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Mega Able

mega able angularjs website template
Mega Able is able to design and develop mega things in the name of your convenience. It is a Bootstrap Framework 4 and Angular 5 admin template that practices all the latest technologies and modern web trends. You get three main demos with dark and light variations, boxed layout and an RTL template. Something for everyone. Moreover, you can tweak and improve each of the ready to use element and customize it to your likings. Mega Able is stacked with reusable elements, tons of widgets and eight fresh menu styles.

Not only is Mega Able easy to work with, but the skin is also responsive and retina ready. Use the live style switcher and instantly change the looks and make Mega Able follow your branding.

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chankya angularjs website template
Two styles of dashboards right off the bat, Angular 4 and Bootstrap 4, thousands of icons and hundreds of UI elements, Chankya is ready for any challenge. Awesome animations, mobile-ready, tons of reusable components, the list of goodies never ends with Chankya. Chankya offers three layouts, boxed, collapsed sidebar and RTL, and sports four different navigations.

The features of Chankya are many, from charts and graphs to tables, date picker, email page and chat module. Of course, it is also entirely translatable for you to use it with your local projects. Go with dark or light version, organize the needed admin pages and establish the admin for your innovative web application. For your information, along with the two main pages, Chankya also has over eighty other sections ready to put to use.

More info / Download Demo

elastic ui

elastic ui angularjs website template
elastic ui has a name like that for a reason. It is elastics, meaning, the Angular template is flexible enough to adjust to almost any project. Of course, it is also mobile-ready to smoothly adapt to all devices. elastic ui appears gorgeously on smartphones, tablets, laptops and even the largest desktop screens. The demos are three, two full-width versions and one boxed layout.

With elastic ui, you experience lightning fast loading speeds and insane performance. Whoever uses your admin dashboard powered by elastic ui will be impressed for days to come. Make sure you use it to its full extent and benefit from elastic ui’s enormous potential. Start your web app and any other online project solid with elastic ui template. The sooner you kick things off, the better.

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vien bootstrap angular template
With Vien, you can approach the creation of just about any admin dashboard you want with confidence. Let’s face it, you will find plenty of useful page layouts and elements that ensure you a smooth sail. Even though you can work with Vien out of the box, it also accepts any customization tweak and improvement you would like to perform.

There is a lot of material at your disposal, from lazy loading and keyboard shortcuts to video player, ten color schemes, four dashboards and three ready-made applications. The design, navigation and flexibility of Vien are also on point for a top-notch experience.

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proxima bootstrap angular template
Proxima is a full-blown admin template and starter kit to get your project on feet sooner than later. You have a ton of layout options, so you find the one style that fits your needs ideally much quicker. Needless to say, switching between different styles is also effortless. On top of that, you can also configure Proxima to your heart’s content.

In the kit, you get cache management, back-end proxy, unit testing, authentications and internationalization, to name a few. Preview the different available demos, pick the one that seems the most appropriate and go from there. Proxima is for everyone, even if you may need to perform some modifications for your unique application.

More info / Download Demo


silk angularjs website template
Silk is sleek, that is for sure. But what’s the most brutal truth, Silk is a superb Angular website template for the most advanced admins out there. And that is something you are after, aren’t you? Let’s move forward and get familiar with Silk before you commit completely.

The Silk package is full of useful stuff. From different demo designs, light and dark included, to four color schemes and many valuable widgets. No matter which ready-to-use combination you use, the end product will always be professional. Edit and improve Silk per your web app need and see the excellent results you strive toward. Some of the extras of Silk are date picker, Google Maps, weather widget, calendar and login and register forms.

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egret angularjs website template
Egret is an exclusive Angular website template for crafting sophisticated admins. You will going to love it from start to finish. No only the template but the process that takes you from the purchase to the live admin for your project will be a fun one as well. According to developers, it takes about five minutes to start your project with Egret. That’s quick, right?

Dark and light, as well as different navigation positioning, layouts are at your disposal when you unbox Egret. What’s more, the tool also fully supports RTL and does not shy away from localizing it and translating it to your language. Predefined color schemes, lazy loading, special user tour feature and drag and drop make Egret a fantastic canvas.

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materialpro angularjs website template
Five demos of which one is dark and one RTL and six color presets, that’s a total of thirty options you are treated to with MaterialPro. To be frank, this Angular webisite template provides even more possibilities in form of inner pages, widgets and UI elements. It is, indeed, a powerful Material Design website template with a wealthy selection of features.

Mega menu takes care of the navigation, so it becomes a simple task finding what you or your users are after. It is a struggle-free experience with lots of value and momentum. The web design is contemporary and the performance reaches the levels of amazingness. Last but certainly not least, each MaterialPro user gets regular template updates and expert support.

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startng angularjs website template
StartNG is an Angular 2 compatible Angular 5 and Bootstrap 4 template for building top-notch admins. It saves you loads of time with the six included demos and ten eye-catching color schemes. Blend together what is available, add your personal touch to it and soon you will see a killer outcome. StartNG is, of course, entirely customizable and very straightforward to use. Devices of all sizes and browsers of all popularities adore StartNG and your final piece of art you are about to put together.

If the web design style StartNG uses suits your needs, go all in and start making magic. No time to waste rather get things going and act now. StartNG gives you the freedom you deserve when adjusting the ultimate admin for your application.

More info / Download Demo


pages angularjs website template
When in the process of building a simplistic, yet powerful dashboard for a project or application, get your hands on Pages. It is a tool full of amazing features and functions that will do you exceptionally well. No need to start from square one when you gain access to Pages. There are hundreds of options and solutions that you have with Pages to tailor it to your liking precisely.

Out of the box, there are five different dashboard layouts for you to take to your advantage. Additionally, Pages comes with different color skins, plenty of UI features, various predefined pages and form wizard. If you are ready to sort out a superb admin dashboard for your new project, consider Pages. The bundle of goodies rocks all sorts of specialties that make sure the outcome takes things to a whole different degree.

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sofbox angularjs website template
Sofbox is a serious competitor when it comes to AngularJS website templates. It is a complete pack of awesomeness, covering all and everything for a killer outcome. There are all these different dashboard layouts available for you to take them to your benefit and start your thing quicker than ever. Thanks to the simplistic and sophisticated look, Sofbox also caters to different tastes out of the box. Still, do take things one step further and modify the appearance of Sofbox to your liking.

When it comes to features, there are very many that take the hype to the next level. From two headers, hover effects and Google Maps to animations, Magnific pop-up and functional contact form, Sofbox sports all the must-haves and an array more. The layout is also entirely flexible, working flawlessly on all popular devices and web browsers.

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adminuxpro angularjs website template
AdminuxPRO hits you heavily with the name alone, already letting you know that you are about to experience something super advanced. This AngularJS website template is definitely a tool to consider. It is powerful and practical, quickly altering to all sorts of applications and projects. When building an admin, you do not have to start from the ground up anymore. Let any of the solutions on this list, including the excellent AdminuxPRO, do the thing and help you get the ball rolling quickly.

You can select between the different front and internal page layouts, dark and light mode, various color schemes and over two hundred elements and components. Needless to say, AdminuxPRO is fully available on mobile, too, perfectly reshaping to smartphones and tablets. Take your business to new successes with a spectacular admin dashboard, thanks to AdminuxPRO.

More info / Download Demo


gene angularjs website template
Gene is a magnificent admin template built using material design and compatible with Angular. It has two main dashboard styles, supports collapsed sidebar, boxed layout and RTL languages. On top of that, you can translate the template and localize or globalize it. Do not forget to set up the color and make it follow your branding to the very last detail.

Two maps, Google and Leaflet, a welcome tour feature for new users, drag and drop sorting and four styles of navigation, a lot of features, I know! Gene is flexible and extensible and offers you all the needed assets for the most exceptional admin. Although the extensive list of features is there, Gene still keeps things fairly simple and clear. Utilize Gene and engineer the tempting and highly useful dashboard.

More info / Download Demo


nice angularjs website template
Every individual has his own inner artist. Unlock this potential with the help of Nice. This Angular template is packed with design templates and easy-to-use tools to help you manage and maintain your web space. Perfect for admin dashboards and control panels, this template focuses more on delivering a spectacular and super creative design that is easy to skim through.

Choose from nine demos, three dashboards, six color skins, a total of one hundred pages, fifty Angular components and many more. Nice also has charts, tables, icons and forms for you to take to your full advantage. Regardless of the website or application, you would like to kick off, Nice is ready to sort out your admin section. You can count on the speedy technical support from friendly staff as well.

More info / Download Demo


dexam angularjs website template
Impress your customers with a striking website. But to have it all under full control, you better have a solid and powerful admin panel sorted out. Make it possible with Dexam, an Angular website template perfect for you. Dexam provides you with the tools to make your admin shine without boundaries. It also has a built-in toolset to complete your website’s overall look. For your information, Dexam comes with ten demos, all beautiful, original and modern.

It does not stop there.

Level up your site with sections such as blog, team, FAQ and works to name a few. Moreover, you can also spice up the experience with different animations, menus and many additional features. There’s too much to get from this intuitive template so better head over to the live preview page and see it yourself.

More info / Download Demo



Pogody is a visually refined, graphically accomplished, functionally polished, exceedingly customizable, easy to install and easier to operate, tech-savvy and modern, creative, innovative and appealing responsive Angular Coming Soon template page, a highly specialized yet amply versatile theme that has been designed to fulfill all imaginable requirements of placeholder and Coming Soon websites for all manners of projects and ventures. The template is built on an extremely solid, reliable foundation based on HTML5, CSS3 and Angular, along with Bootstrap coding and efficient and fast loading SASS visual styling.

Pogody is thusly both incredibly handsome and superbly functional, a remarkable theme that is as intuitive in deployment as it is deep in its resourcefulness. Pogody comes packaged with several handy fully fleshed out demo websites for you to hit the ground running with all sorts of projects and have your Coming Soon website up and running within minutes of installation. To top things off, unique visual effects like Typewriter Text and powerful Angular Forms, as well as fully working MailChimp subscription service widgets and AJAX Contact Forms are all included out of the box for utmost convenience and optimized setup speed. Pogody, soon to be taking your website to the next level!

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