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15 Top Responsive AngularJS Website Templates For Building Professional Websites 2017

15 Top Responsive AngularJS Website Templates For Building Professional Websites 2017

The World Wide Web has certainly evolved beyond recognition from the remote days of militaries and ARPANet. The modern internet is a veritable cornucopia is diverse and often mismatched protocols, standards, policies and languages that are hastily patched together well enough to continue to work up until the next iteration, revamp or introduction of a new standard, technology or form of media, when websites inevitably break once more and require further and further patching. Not all horses run as far, and not all technological foundations are built to last. Examples like the once-reigning Flash abound online, where both public and developer sentiments can be fickle, swift and unpredictable. There is definitely a payoff in carefully selecting the technological frameworks upon which your projects and websites will be developed. The most durable ones will see you through the decades. Keeping such notions in mind, Google has championed the development of a powerful JavaScript library-based software application development framework called AngularJS. AngularJS is an outstanding solution for a multitude of usage necessities, and is fully capable of integrating with other libraries and components to form a full process stack. AngularJS is simple, easy to learn, expansive in its reach and limitless in technical capacity, with broad room for growth. Get on board Angular today!

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Gifted is an unendingly versatile, incredibly shapeshifting, inherently mutable, unfalteringly graceful and stylish, elegantly designed and visually sophisticated, exceedingly expansive in reach and broad in scope multi-purpose AngularJS website template, a truly inspired website template that not only incorporates the latest web development technologies available, but it does so in an intuitive, accessible and understandable presentation that can be based on any of over 25 included, completely different homepage layout designs, each ideally suited for different applications in the business and commercial fields, ranging from professional bloggers to taxi agencies, from eCommerce websites and corporate intranet websites to sports magazines, delivery service operations and much more.

Gifted can effortlessly handle such radically distinct website needs profiles thanks to the highly communicative AngularJS backbone, that expands Gifted’s functionality to include endless jQuery plugins and plugin compatibility that can make your website look and behave in any way you wish, on top of being thoroughly commented in its code, allowing for easier modification to suit your needs. Gifted is also built with an HTML5 template on top of a Bootstrap platform, which makes every Gifted website natively responsive and thoroughly adaptable to every screen size, device and operating system out there, with smoothly rendered pages that are legible and coherent anywhere they are. Try Gifted now!

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Smile is a powerful and flexible, wonderfully customizable, technologically accomplished, visually interactive and engaging, functionally resourceful and highly secure and reliable WordPress responsive HTML5 AngularJS eCommerce template, a full-fledged online commerce template build to provide an expansive and thorough set of tools, features and widgets with which webmasters can construct all kinds and manners of pliable and potent eCommerce websites specializing in any kind of product or business, making exclusive use of HTML and AngularJS compatible technologies. If you are looking for a universally compatible, natively responsive complete solution to all possible eCommerce website requisites that is entirely contained within the power of cutting-edge HTML5 framework tools further powered with AngularJS compatible elements, attributes and tags that make your Smile HTML template into a veritable workhorse filled with smooth running modern features.

Easily and effortlessly churn out new pages with Smile’s convenient pre-configured HTML files covering all necessary sections of an eCommerce websites, from multiple homepage styles to diverse Product Listing pages, Individual Product pages, search features, different customizable Checkout styles, and many more options to keep your customers bright and happy. Combined with a cleanly coded, extensively annotated set of easily modifiable HTML files that are very developer friendly, there are plenty of reasons to Smile here!

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Pogody is a visually refined, graphically accomplished, functionally polished, exceedingly customizable, easy to install and easier to operate, tech-savvy and modern, creative, innovative and appealing responsive AngularJS Coming Soon template page, a highly specialized yet amply versatile theme that has been designed to fulfill all imaginable requirements of placeholder and Coming Soon websites for all manners of projects and ventures. Pogody is built on an extremely solid, reliable foundation based on HTML5, CSS3 and AngularJS, along with Bootstrap coding and efficient and fast loading SASS visual styling.

Pogody is thusly both incredibly handsome and superbly functional, a remarkable theme that is as intuitive in deployment as it is deep in its resourcefulness. Pogody comes packaged with several handy fully fleshed out demo websites for you to hit the ground running with all sorts of projects and have your Coming Soon website up and running within minutes of installation. To top things off, unique visual effects like Typewriter Text and powerful AngularJS Forms, as well as fully working MailChimp subscription service widgets and AJAX Contact Forms are all included out of the box for utmost convenience and optimized setup speed. Pogody, soon to be taking your website to the next level!

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Monarch is a clean and minimal AngularJS based admin dashboard template. It is the most popular template on this list thanks to its clean UI, outstanding number of widgets, modules and unmatched flexibility. This is the only Angular admin template you will ever need because its undergoes continues development and gets better and better. Making it part of your SaaS, web application database platform, admin or user dashboard will be easier than you might think thanks to its detailed documentation.

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Fuse is a technologically accomplished, unimaginably resourceful, extremely secure and reliable, solidly built and continuously updated, intuitive and easy to use, aesthetically modern and graphically polished, highly customizable AngularJS Material Design website and admin panel template page. Fuse is a completely incredible all-around website and application solution that is equally powerful deployed on a personal, commercial or business website, as well as as a framework for developing single page and multipage web applications of all kinds. Whether you’re a webmaster or a software developer, an IT manager or a system administrator, Fuse has the technology to make your life and your workflow easier, faster and smoother sailing. Built on the tremendously pliable AngularJS 1.4 technology.

Fuse then masterfully incorporates SASS-generated CSS stylesheets for dynamic, reactive websites that can evolve in time and with user input, the Gulp, Bower and yeoman packages for incredibly expanded functionality and enhanced server-client communications and overall reduced loads due to sheer efficiency, and most visually obvious, the gorgeous Angular Material library, combining the technological refinement of AngularJS with the 21st century aesthetic values of Google’s Material Design philosophy. This union–the potent AngularJS JavaScript and jQuery capabilities, with the flat, minimalist and enormously intuitive Material Design make Fuse a straight-up champ.

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Slant is an amazingly creative, entirely offbeat, visually unique and one of a kind, functionally sophisticated and technologically proficient, modern and interactive, engaging and highly customizable WordPress responsive AngularJS admin and web app theme, a developer friendly template that has been created with the versatility and flexibility to seamlessly adapt itself to perform superbly as a multipurpose AngularJS website theme. That is because Slant has been created with a powerful capacity for visual customization as well as an intuitive and simplified page creation process, while retaining the expansive and potent functionalities required for creating admin dashboards and web applications within AngularJS frameworks.

That makes Slant jam-packed with sophisticated tools, features and widgets capable of handling just about any sort of information, data or media you can need handled in a speedy and efficient manner. Slant is also heavily focused on aesthetic freedom and polishing, which is why it can deftly handle the requirements of all sorts of AngularJS based website projects of any nature without seeming to even break a sweat. Slant has also been constructed by developers, for developers, making it thoroughly annotated and easily built upon, to perfectly adapt it to your every need. Make Slant your own today!

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Altair is a an extremely well developed, thoroughly professional, clean and businesslike, technologically dominant, modern and reliable, highly interactive, extraordinarily customizable and visually stunning WordPress responsive Material Design AngularJS template, a wonderfully innovative, polished and put-together template that is uniquely well suited for a host of different purposes, though peculiarly powerful when deployed on tech-savvy websites and web applications that can benefit from the truly spectacular power of Altair’s several prepackaged technological platforms included within the code.

Altair is proficient at handling all sorts of AngularJS features, while making full use of HTML5, CSS3 and LESS web standards, all guided through the eye of Google’s own cutting edge Material Design philosophy, which provides Altair with a gorgeous, minimalist and flat design that feels remarkably modern and operates with the smoothest functioning features and widgets that are extremely intuitive to users. Altair is also very developer friendly, meaning its codebase can easily be built upon since it is both cleanly coded and completely annotated for utter convenience and ease of use. Every element of Altair is also Bootstrap powered, meaning that Altair is natively responsive and works just fine on every device and platform known to man. Upgrade your game with Altair, today!

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Remark is an amazingly interactive, spectacularly flexible, fresh-faced and vibrant, clean and professional, modern and reactive, powerful and deeply intelligent, visually engaging and experientially intuitive responsive AngularJS admin and website theme, a notoriously powerful framework of a theme that has been carefully constructed as an all-around complete toolkit for developing and maintaining all kinds of modern, responsive and functionally flexible websites and web applications.

Remark has been built on top of the powerful AngularJS software application framework, enabling Remark websites to make elegant use of untold amounts of pliable jQuery features and plugins, impressively responsive Bootstrap foundations, fully deployed Gulp and Grunt support for a fully operational stack, developer friendly coding that is thoroughly annotated and easily modified, efficient usage of LESS styling technologies and over 100 customized widgets, Remark is truly one of a kind. And allowing you to truly make Remark your own, over 1000 unique, custom user interface elements are included with Remark, so you can effortlessly turn your website into exactly what you want it to be, and make sure it looks just the way you require it to, with an intuitive page building and visual customization process. Start churning out professional quality high tech websites with Remark today!

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Triangular is an incredibly powerful, wholly coherent and cohesively designed, visually stunning, graphically impressive, modern and reliable, fresh-faced and minimalist, functional and feature-rich WordPress responsive Material Design AngularJS admin and website template, a flexible and potent template that has been masterfully constructed from the ground up relying entirely on Google’s own AngularJS framework libraries combined with Google’s Material Design philosophy and associated Angular Material libraries, making Triangular the one and only theme that is exclusively Material Design, through and through.

Triangular is a strong and bold theme that stands at the forefront of a design revolution, and with the incredible amount of useful and convenient jQuery compatible plugins included and available, as well as the AngularJS framework raw power and adaptability, combined with effective and efficient deployment of the Bower and Gulp packages as well as brilliant usage of SASS styling for the most advanced and smoothest looking webpages around. Triangular includes a wealth of beautiful and functional web apps, ranging from sophisticated calendar apps to impressive collapsible menus and even a responsive email app, all dressed in stylish Angular Material style. All of the above, packaged into a cleanly coded, thoroughly annotated codebase that is developer friendly and easily modifiable, and you have got yourself a winner for the brave new web–Triangular.

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Avenxo is a spectacularly modern, wonderfully mobile friendly, fast loading and developer friendly, technologically sophisticated and functionally full-featured, flexible and nimble WordPress responsive AngularJS and HTML5 admin and website template, a vastly powerful template that has been carefully crafted with the deliberate intent of producing a standalone set of tools that offers a complete solution for webmasters seeking to create, develop and deploy complex and tech-savvy websites and web applications across a range of different fields and businesses.

Avenxo comes packaged with the Bower and Gulp JavaScript library packages, which make both development and deployment of extensions and features an easy and simple task. Avenxo makes use of the powerful AngularJS framework to effectively handle the most diverse set of requirements and necessities by leveraging ample jQuery resources and tools, customized widgets and many other technologically advanced elements that make Avenxo a real powerhouse. An alternate standalone version completely fleshed out in HTML5 coding is also available, and both exhibit the same degree of extreme responsiveness and complete cross-compatibility with all devices and platforms capable of accessing the internet. Avenxo is also completely touch friendly out of the box, and its clean, fresh user interface stays out of the way and lets your content shine under the limelight. Go with Avenxo and you’ll never look back!

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Piluku is an impressively powerful, technologically proficient, functionally expansive, feature-dense and highly modern, user friendly as well as developer friendly, engaging and intuitive responsive Bootstrap and AngularJS admin and website template, a potent and flexible template that was constructed by developers, for developers, with the utmost attention to detail in terms of coding, selection and inclusion of crucial and game-changing widgets, features and plugins, as well as a cleanly and clearly hierarchized, properly indented and highly legible codebase that has been extensively commented and annotated to ease development and modification to suit your specific needs.

Piluku is built on top of the AngularJS framework, which affords it compatibility with a whole host of diverse jQuery and JavaScript advanced tools and dynamic scripting functionalities, making for modern, fluid and responsive websites every single time. Piluku has also been fully developed on top of Twitter’s Bootstrap framework, powered by cutting edge HTML5 technology and CSS3 styling, and incoiporates over 1500 user interface elements in high resolution, Retina-ready graphics, not to mention a series of sophisticated web apps including timelines, mailboxes and calendars, with the list constantly expanding. Collapsible menus, modern, flat design, endlessly customizable layouts and theme options, and much more–Piluku truly is the full package.

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Urban is an extremely flexible, technologically proficient, vastly adaptable, highly customizable, visually modern and polished, user friendly and enormously intuitive, accessible and engaging, resourceful and appealing responsive admin, customizer and website template. It is an superbly shapeshifting template that is powered by the latest and greatest web technologies available, combining HTML5, jQuery, AngularJS, Bower and Grunt technologies as well as beautiful LESS styling techniques to deliver the smoothest and most advanced user navigational experience with the most efficient coding possible.

Urban makes use of these technologies to furnish a huge variety of included preconfigured layouts and pages with all manners of advanced functionalities, while deploying yeoman and Bootstrap technology throughout your website, web applications, admin dashboards, CRM or CMS–regardless of the sophistication of your goals, Urban is capable of adapting to your needs as easy as flipping a switch. Urban is also the king of customization, and the process by which you can make any template or layout completely your own is entirely easy and intuitive, simplifying and speeding your workflow tremendously. Combine this with the web’s foremost responsive coding, native to Urban’s code, as well as the legibility, cleanliness and thorough commentary of that code, making it easily developable, and you’ll quickly conclude that Urban is where it’s at.

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Maverick is a top of the line, technologically advanced, visually clean and fresh-faced, minimalist and graceful, developer friendly and fast loading, efficient and reliable responsive AngularJS admin and website template, a full-fledged template that combines a series of advanced web development technologies in a coordinated and masterful manner to empower webmasters to craft sincerely spectacular websites, web applications, corporate intranet sites and many similar, related projects.

Maverick specializes in producing impressive single page websites and single page applications, and in order to do so, it makes use of AngularJS libraries combined with Bower packages on top of a Bootstrap framework, all dressed in style with gorgeous LESS scripting. As such, Maverick has all the stack elements to negotiate sophisticated interactions between your website and your users, and with its cleanly coded, vastly commented core codebase, Maverick is an ideal theme for developers looking to establish complex or ongoing projects that require constant development and deployment and thus a solid, reliable and easily modifiable base code to start with. Maverick is, of course, natively responsive, and looks gorgeous across all screen sizes, devices and platforms, and has a number of advanced features such as native apps for mailboxes, calendar, to-do widgets and much more.

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Materialism is an incredibly thorough, functionally expansive and complete, modern and well developed, developer friendly and visually appealing, graphically intuitive and easy to use, flexible and powerful responsive AngularJS Material Design admin and website template, a one of a kind template that combines the ample power requirements of an admin dashboard with the seductively simple design cues of Google’s own Material Design philosophy and accompanying elements libraries, combined with the extensive tools and features provided by the combined deployment of AngularJS as a core backbone and Bootstrap 3 as a responsive framework on top of which Materialism’s exceedingly appealing and engaging user interface has been constructed. Numerous layouts, theme options and customization possibilities are available out of the box, and with Bower, Grunt and Node.js, development, expansion and deployment of the core codebase of Materialism is an easy, breezy process.

Your developing workflow will immediately see the difference in the speed at which you can complete your work, while always retaining Materialism’s trademark clean, fresh faced and polished design. An ported, purely HTML version of Materialism is also available, though it is lacking in Angular-specific plugins. Materialism is a bold and attractive theme for a sophisticated webmaster with extensive technological needs but who also prioritizes style and taste. Materialism—because who said you can’t have it all?

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Materia is an amazingly advanced, thoroughly sophisticated, elegant and graceful, visually appealing and engaging, bold and expressive, flexible and fast loading, developer friendly and efficiently coded responsive AngularJS admin and website template, an innovative, creative and highly customizable theme that has been developed for the purpose of offering a one-stop shop solution to a vast array of modern web development issues and requirements. Materia has been conceived as an efficiently loading, dynamic website template, and to that end, it deploys AngularJS and Bootstrap 3 framework elements combined with LESS CSS technologies to deploy Lazy Loading of scripts, templates and other elements, making for incredibly cost-effective websites that waste no bandwidth and load incredibly fast.

Materia includes a number of customized, powerful web applications integrated into it and powered by Angular, including Calendar App, Progress Bars, To-Do Apps, C3-powered charts and nested views with Angular Router, and many more nifty little tools that increase the pleasantness of your users’ overall experience when navigating your website. Google’s Material Design philosophy permeates every element available in Materia, offering a responsive, intuitive, touch and swipe friendly graphic design that is welcoming and inviting to new and returning users and highly recognizable in terms of visual language and expressiveness. Go with Materia today!

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Materil is an extensively functional, developer friendly and notoriously tech-savvy, fashionable and stylish, visually impressive and enormously customizable, fast loading and interactive, dynamic and cutting-edge responsive AngularJS Material Design admin and website template, a wonderfully flexible and pliable template that has been carefully constructed by developers, for developers, with the explicit intention of producing an easy to use, modern and capable template that can seamlessly handle the creation of both admin dashboards and full-fledged websites with equal dexterity and proficiency, owing to a strong foundation based on AngularJS and Angular Material libraries, with the powerful AngularUI user interface greatly augmenting the functionalities of your Materil website to unforeseen heights.

Materil is equipped with sophisticated technologies like Lazy Loading for minimizing server impact and maximizing user load speeds and smoothness of user navigational experience, with Grunt tasks and Bower dependency management for optimized development ease, the dynamic and shapeshifting LESS CSS styling protocols on top of Twitter’s powerful and responsive Bootstrap framework, making for websites that not only are natively cross-compatible with all imaginable devices, browsers and platforms, but also vastly legible, thoroughly commented and easily modifiable to fit your specific needs and requirements. Materil looks great and works even better—what are you waiting for?

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Make is a modern and reliable, flexible and powerful, technologically proficient and feature-rich, deeply resourceful and vastly developed, interactive and highly customizable, visually expressive and unique, creative and innovative responsive AngularJS and HTML admin and website template, an extraordinarily versatile and profoundly convenient template that has been crafted to be an immersive and all-encompassing web development toolkit, a full frontend prepared to handle the most diverse and advanced web application needs a website could call for. In that sense, Make is the ultimate multipurpose website template, and with over 80 different demos included and in excess of 500 different, individual preconfigured pages out of the box, Make has all the elements required for you to hit the ground running and have your AngularJS and HTML powered website up and running within minutes of installation.

The number of features and plugins available within Make are essentially boundless, and the potent admin and page builder plugins integrated into Make let you easily drag and drop all sorts of advanced AngularJS and jQuery custom widgets and elements in a speedy and effortless manner. Make is built on top of a Bootstrap framework, meaning it is natively responsive and cross-compatible across the board, and its Material Design visual philosophy is veritably palpable in every incarnation of Make. Make Make your own, today!

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Clip-Two is an impressively full-featured, technologically savvy, aesthetically sophisticated, developer friendly, modern and dynamic, flexible and vastly customizable, intuitive and easy to use, user friendly and engaging responsive AngularJS and Bootstrap admin and website template. It is a smart and resourceful template that has been equipped with a host of immensely powerful web development technologies in order to empower webmasters to design and deploy the most advanced and versatile single or multipage websites and web applications imaginable. To achieve this, Clip-Two makes bold and deft use of AngularJS, as a backbone, with a Bootstrap user interface, Angular UI Router and CSS3 transitions.

Alternatively, an HTML5 version with a Bootstrap framework, HTML UI elements and CSS3 transitions is also available. Both versions make elegant use of SASS CSS styling to create stylesheets that are legible and readily modifiable to fit your needs. Six different color skins are available, although it is quite simple for you to design and deploy your own, and every included layout is perfectly responsive on all devices in existence, out of the box. A custom, brand-new AngularJS Chat Directive is now available, an experience you’ll hardly forget, while Grunt and Bower packages take care of tasks and dependencies. What more can a developer ask for?

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