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tote bag mockups
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26 Best Tote Bag Mockups You Should Grab ASAP 2020

A beautiful collection of free tote bag mockups for every occasion. Knowing these do not cost you a dime, feel free to create a collection of mockup templates, which you can always have access to.

Moreover, each and every single layout, you find on this list, is easily editable via smart object layer. All you need is Adobe Photoshop and you are ready to roll. Have in mind, you do not really need to be an advanced designer to have a chance to use a mockup successfully.

In brief, anyone can do it without a hitch; just drag and drop and you can instantly see your design appear on the item.

But why a tote bag?

There are numerous different reasons why you would want to stick your design, your logo or any other artwork to a tote bag. From apparel brands, accessories stores and, of course, grocery stores, they all use it. Even businesses, they give them away as gifts, especially the eco-friendly ones.

It is a fantastic promotion of a brand or company, as the design is clearly visible when a tote bag hangs from a person’s shoulder or even when he or she holds it in their hand.

Before you actually create a collection of tote bags, use these nifty free mockup templates and see your designs in action.

Mockup of an Empty Tote Bag Placed on a Table

mockup of an empty tote bag on a table
Once you have the design for a tote bag all set and ready to go, the next clever step would be to experiment with a mockup. Thankfully, we have an array of alternatives here for you that you can test and try. Especially when it comes to Placeit’s mockups, you get to improve them all in-browser, which makes the process that much quicker. Here is a lovely template of a mockup on a white table, allowing you to change the main color, as well as the color of the straps. Upload your design, add text, slide in a graphic (or two) and have the final version ready to rock.

More info / Download

Woman’s Hand Holding a Tote Bag by Some Flower Pots Mockup

mockup featuring a woman s hand holding a tote bag by some flower pots
Would you like to make the presentation of your tote bag design even more realistic? If that is the case, here is the ideal mockup that will surely do the trick. It features a woman’s hand holding a one colored tote bag in the company of beautiful flower pots. Again, feel free to change the shade of the bag to any color that you want from the handy picker. Moreover, with the upload feature, you get to attach any design that you want (800 x 950 px). Finally, Placeit even allows you to add a text overlay and a graphic.

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Tote Bag Mockup Featuring Two Women Posing with Their Friend

tote bag mockup featuring two women posing with their friend
This tote bag mockup takes things to an entirely different level. First and foremost, it will make the outcome as realistic as it can be. And secondly, you get a chance to style two tote bags with any design that you want. Now, you can use one bag for the front and one for the back design, or just add something entirely different. Also, you can individually change the straps and the main compartment colors to any that you want. The work will also take you barely any time, as there is no need to have any skills, and you also do not need to use Photoshop or any other software.

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Man Holding a Tote Bag Mockup

man holding a tote bag mockup
A tote bag is a fantastic, two-in-one type of product. First, it is fantastic marketing material. And second, well, you can carry stuff around in it. A person can use it for books, groceries, clothing, you name it. That said if creating a design to attach on a tote bag, enjoy this mockup template of a male model carrying it on his shoulder. It is a simple and practical solution for putting together a photorealistic presentation of your creative. Just upload your design and see it wrap around the tote bag flawlessly. With the option of changing the color of the mockup, you can generate a nifty contrast.

More info / Download

Tote Bag Mockup of a Woman Sitting at a Green Meadow

tote bag mockup of a woman sitting at a green meadow
If you are particularly interested in using a female model to sport your tote bag creation, here is the best mockup for you. Moreover, if your brand has something to do with nature, environment and ecology, again, this template creates a great atmosphere for presenting your work. What’s cool about this tote bag mockup is that you can change the color of both the shirt, she is wearing, and the tote bag itself. Of course, with the use of the upload feature, you can insert your image and that is it. In case your image is larger or smaller than 750 x 900 px, you can reposition and crop it, too.

More info / Download

Woman Carrying a Tote Bag on the Beach Mockup

woman wearing a tote bag on the beach mockup
To promote beach vibes, you guessed it, this is the tote bag mockup that you should not miss checking out. Whether or not your brand or the company you work with has something to do with summer and beach activities, that is entirely up to you; this mockup template is here to ensure a life-like presentation that will turn heads. Alter the default color, append your image design and introduce a text overlay, these are all the options and possibilities you have when doing the work with this layout. And, what’s cool, you can do it all in-browser. Just download the final design and you are done doing the work.

More info / Download

Woman Holding a Tote Bag Mockup

woman holding tote bag mockup tote bag mockup
Showcasing the design for your mockup realistically is definitely rewarding. Not only can you use it for displaying your work to your client, but you can also publish it on social media for extra exposure. With a quick solution and convenient Placeit platform, you can now have an outcome ready in little to no time. Moreover, you do not even need to leave the platform, use this tote bag mockup in-browser and make it follow your wants and regulations precisely before download it. In short, you need to perform just a few clicks (if you have the design ready) and enjoy the final design already. As simple as it sounds.

More info / Download

Grocery Tote Bag Mockup

grocery tote bag mockup
When working on a design for a grocery store exclusively, here is a tote bag mockup template that you should check out. With strong attention to details, as well as the ability to change the main color of the bag, you can bring to fruition the precise tote bag that you or your client wants. Of course, you can add the image of your design via the upload function and see it decorate the tote bag directly. From then on, you can be done with the work, or you can fine-tune it further and make improvements until it matches the requirements accurately.

More info / Download

Outdoor Tote Bag PSD Mockup

free outdoor tote bag psd mockup
This particular free tote bag mockup template is perfect for someone who is into travels and even beach-vibes. Or you would simply like to put your upcoming product on display and push it on your social media. With a mockup, you can do oh so many things. And the best part? You do not really need to do much work for an impressive outcome that you will put together in just a few moments. Personalize the bag for a gift or customize it in a way everyone will instantly see the brand, which will be a fantastic reminder for them to shop at your place, too.

More info / Download

Pretty Looking Tote Bag Mockup

tote bag psd mockup free
To create a photorealistic showcase of a fresh new tote bag design, just stick to any of the mockups we have here for you and all the rest becomes history. Here is one gorgeous layout which will do you exceptionally well. After you download and import it to Adobe Photoshop, look for smart object layer and that is basically it. From then on, just perform some dragging and dropping to introduce your artwork and you are done already. And you always wondered how much time and effort were needed to create a full-blown tote bag presentation. Now you know – very little.

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Fashionable & Colorful Tote Bag Mockup

colorful tote bag psd mockup
If you are to some extent environmental friendly, you sure have at least one tote bag or any other reusable bag at home. While this type of bags are great for the environment, they are also an excellent promotional material. When you walk down a crowdy street, everyone sees your bag if it is interest-sparing enough. With that in mind, make sure you create an attention-grabbing design which you can freely test out using this free tote bag mockup template. Along with adding your designs, you can also change and alter the color of the bag and the background.

More info / Download

Jute Made Tote Bag Mockup

jute made free tote bag mockup
If you would like to bring things to an entirely new degree, here is jute made tote bag mockup which will do the trick. It is a front look of the bag, but you can utilize it for front and back without a hitch. It is fully editable and entirely free of charge. If you would like to impress and inspire your existing customers, offer them a tote bag and contribute to a greener environment. And even if you are designing a business gift, jute made tote bag is a great solution, as it is not only decorative but useful, too.

More info / Download

Free Tote Bag Mockup In PSD

free tote bag mockup in psd
When designing a tote bag, you are definitely interested in knowing how the final work would look like. Instead of actually realizing it, you can use a free tote bag mockup and test it out. Indeed, it is that simple! This exclusive mockup template comes with two different scenes both amazing and photo-realistic. Moreover, this layout allows you not only to add your design, but you can also change the color of the bag and handle, separately, as well as background. With complete freedom, you can quickly put together the right style of a tote bag which you are soon to put up for sale.

More info / Download

Fashionable Tote Bag PSD Mockup

tote bag psd download free
Without investing too much time into it, you can now have a realistic presentation of a tote bag up and ready in a snap of a finger. With the right mockup template, which just happens to be free of charge, you can easily create a fashionable and trendy bag for all sorts of different intentions. For an apparel brand, a grocery store or simply for raising brand awareness (read gifts), the options are endless. Set up the right color of the base, the handle and you can also adjust the background. As for the design, add a pattern, a logo, a graphic or any other artwork you would like a tote bag to rock.

More info / Download

Tote Bag PSD Mockup

tote bag psd mockup
In just a few simple clicks, you can have this tote bag mockup under full control. It is a simple, yet impactful, template which calls for a fantastic presentation of what you managed to come up with. Or if you simply want to attach your company logo to the bag, by all means, drag and drop it and you are done already. Working with any of the mockups you find in this collection is swift and effortless. They are all fully layered and very user-friendly. In little time, you can already send out what would the finished product look like with this awesome life-like display.

More info / Download

Tote Bag Mockup Free PSD

tote bag mockup free psd
It is a guarantee that this hanging tote bag mockup template will stunningly display your contents. Bear in mind, you can fully customize, personalize and brand the bag according to your preference. That said, change the color, create a different handle and even improve the background. You can play around with different options until you find one that will present your final design in the best possible light. For your information, even if you are not design-savvy, you can still create a masterpiece with a free mockup template. It is layered and well-structured, so anyone can use it in Adobe Photoshop.

More info / Download

Tote Bag In Woman’s Hands Mockup

free download tote bag mockup in psd
When designing a tote bag, you would want a model to sport it for you, right? If you do not have a tote bag nor a model, you are in luck. This excellent tote bag mockup has both with a beautiful and eye-appealing background. While you can simply stick your design to the bag via the smart object layer, you can also change the color of it. But if you fancy raw material, just use it as is and add your work with a simple drag and drop move. With this process, and by having several designs ready-made, you can hammer out a bunch of different variables in a small breeze.

More info / Download

Tote Bag with Business & Invitation Card

invitation tote bag psd mockup free
This free mockup is way more than just a template of a tote bag, what you came here for in the first place. It is a complete business or even wedding invitation set with an invitation card, envelope, business card and, of course, tote bag. After all, you need to store all those amazing creations somewhere. With this in mind, you have a ton of objects to edit, alter and fine-tune according to your needs and regulations. Again, the winning smart object layer is all you need to search for, all the rest happens flawlessly. Create a presentation that will blow everyone away.

More info / Download

Minimal Off-White Canvas Tote Bag Mockup

minimal off-white canvas tote bag mockup
Would you like to keep things simple and to the point? You came to the right place. With a striking free tote bag mockup template, you can establish a fantastic presentation. Whether you are designing a tote bag for yourself or your client, this gives you a clearer view of how the end product could look like. You can use it to make any additional corrections until you are fully satisfied with the creation. From then on, it is print time! With the cleanness of the mockup of a tote bag in a hand, you would want to add a logo or some simple text to it only.

More info / Download

Promotional Jute Bag Mockup

promotional jute bag mockup
Another jute tote bag for keeping the environmental friendly vibes at an all-time high. If you are an organization, a clothing store, selling accessories, you name it, a tote bag always comes handy. It is a fantastic solution for additional promotion as it is reusable, meant for all sorts of different events. This cracking free mockup template allows you to change pretty much everything. Enrich it with different colors of the bag, the handle and even the background. Of course, do not forget to add your design to it as well and shine with a magnificent presentation.

More info / Download

Eco-friendly Jute Bag Design Mockup

jute bag design psd mockup
With the global issue of having way too many plastic bags, contribute to the eco-friendly way of living with a jute tote bag. This nifty mockup design is simple and clean, perfect for presenting your brand logo, typography or other graphics spectacularly. No need to over complicate things when you can just download the free mockup and put it to use right away. By the way, you can also change the color. And all the improvements and adjustments, you can make effortlessly with the use of Adobe Photoshop and smart object layers. No need to actually create a tote bag right off the bat anymore; test it first and see how well your design appears on it.

More info / Download

Shoulder Bag PSD Mockup

women shoulder bag psd mockup
Would you like the presentation of your tote bag creation to be as realistic as possible? This remarkable free tote bag mockup template will do the trick for sure. Especially if you are designing a bag for women, again, this tool will help you make things going forward with an awe-inspiring presentation. However, if you are designing a unisex product, you can use it for early promotion, too. Thanks to the smart object layer, you can now quickly add your design to the bag in Photoshop. Bear in mind, you can employ the template both for personal and commercial use for free.

More info / Download

Apparel Design Set & Tote Bag PSD Mockup

apparel and tote bag design psd mockup
Fashion brands, you are in for a sweet treat. This awesome free mockup template is full of amazing goodies which you can edit and fine-tune accordingly. The set includes a tote bag, a T-shirt, a business card (front and back) and a hanging tag. Due to the fully layered structure, you can make adjustments to the mockup without breaking a sweat. You can edit colors, background, shadows and add your designs. Moreover, you can easily remove/hide some items if you feel like they are too much. That’s that, now get involved and release your creative spirit.

More info / Download

Free Packaging Mockup in PSD

free packaging mockup in psd
A complete set of packaging for all and every situation. If you would like to take your packaging to an entirely new degree, this is the right free mockup template for you. You can now test and try all sorts of different ideas and possibilities until you come up with the one that suits your needs best. Editing and improving all sections of the template is effortless due to the amazingness of smart object layers. You can change the colors of every item, including the background. Of course, you can also stick your designs to every object that this impressive mockup layout sports.

More info / Download

Business Stationery Mockup Scene

business stationery mockup scene
You can now improve the branding of your stationery with this free mockup template. The layout rocks everything, from tote bag and business card to booklet, envelope and many other details. You can change just about everything regarding colors, making the presentation follow your branding to the fullest. The outcome will surely be as professional as you can possibly imagine. And all this with very little work necessary on your end. By the way, you can also move and remove objects, making the presentation appear exactly how you fancy. Get things going as a pro from the get-go.

More info / Download

Hanging Tags & Tote Bag Mockup

hanging tags and tote bag mockup
Here is a nice mockup bundle of hanging tags and a tote bag. Of course, you can edit them all. Just like you can append your design to tags and bag, you can also change their colors so they follow your regulations to a T. With such presentation, you can clearly visualize the actual product that will come back to you form the print shop you plan to use. There is no need to pay a hefty fee to get a designer to create a solid presentation of the final product. With a mockup, you can quickly make moves yourself regardless of your experience. If you have the designs ready, just drag and drop them and see instant results.

More info / Download
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