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23 Shirt Mockups For Designers & Clothing Brands 2018

23 Shirt Mockups For Designers & Clothing Brands 2018

As a designer, a print shop or an apparel brand owner, you definitely need to get your hands on shirt mockups. Whether you are just starting out or you might be using a print-on-demand service, skip the tedious product photography and go with shirt templates. You will attain fantastic and professional results for your fresh online shop.

Do take the extra step and feature an actual shirt (on a model) rather just the design. Give your potential customers to see how the final product looks on.

If you have not been using any mockups so far, the process is very quick and straightforward. In the majority of cases, shirt mockups are blank shirts which you can use to add your designs on. The outcome is a photo-realistic presentation of your artwork, helping people better envision what you have in store for them.

What’s more, using and editing PSD mockups and templates requires only pure basic Photoshop skills. You will find a smart object layer where you drag and drop your designs and that is pretty much it. Simple, right?

And if you are at the beginning of your journey, get your online presence sorted out with a clothing website builder. It gives you all the necessary and loads more to complete your online apparel store creation in close to no time.

Round Neck Shirt PSD Mockup

free round neck folded t-shirt mockup psd
A shirt with a round neck is almost essential for every human being alive. It is a comfortable piece of clothing that you can wear at night and during the day. Whether you go to a cinema, you attend a seminar or you go partying with friends, a shirt always does the trick. If you are looking for a way to present your design on it, this folded shirt mockup with a cat is the way to go. Of course, you can edit the main design and change it with your artwork. Besides, you can also alter the color of the garment and the color of the background. On top of that, the template does not cost a dime so use it at free will.

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Trendy Ladies Tank Top Mockup

free womens tank top mockup front view
A shirt is a pretty generic word for all bunch of different pieces of clothing. It could be a simple T-shirt, a button-down shirt, a tank top, a long sleeve shirt, you name it. If you are looking for a high-quality shirt mockup for ladies, you will definitely want to use this tank top. It is a cutting-edge template that includes three tops with a front view. You can modify the color of the fabric, tints and shades. Indeed, you are free to add your artwork via the smart object layer and see first results in minutes time. Take action.

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Female V-Neck T-Shirt Mockup

female v-neck t-shirt mockup
You can use the classic round neck or you can use the V-neck shirt mockup, or you can simply use both. To your luck, we have a broad selection of different shirt templates here for you which you can use for your clothing brand or other presentational intentions. Get your potential customers intrigued with a brunette female model wearing your designs and let them better visualize the shirt when on. Additionally, you get three different variations of the mockup, from the front, from the back and from the side. Along with adding the visual content, you can also customize the color of the shirt and replace the background.

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Free Women T-Shirt Mockup

female t-shirt mockup free psd
When presenting your products on your online store or even social media, you better do it as quality as possible. By now you know that you do not really need to have the actual product on-hand to make showcasing your designs a reality. All you need are stunning and easy to work with shirt mockups and you are nearly done. What follows is adding your artwork to the piece of clothing via Photoshop’s smart layer and the results appear in an instant. No matter if you are following the minimal approach or you like releasing more detailed prints, use this free mockup of a woman wearing a shirt with rolled-up short sleeves.

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Free Women Blouse Mockup

woman blouse mockup free psd
I told you earlier that a shirt could mean many different items. In this case, we bring you a free women blouse mockup that will add a distinct touch to your web presentation. It is a blank blouse which offers you to change the entire color of the garment. Heck, you can even modify the color of the collar and the cuff. You can do all sorts of different variations quickly and efficiently. And the same process applies to all other shirt mockups we have ready for you. You do not even need to be an advanced designer with years of experience in Photoshop.

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Awesome Men T-shirt Mockup

awesome men t-shirt psd mockup
Sometimes, you just want to use a shirt on a hanger to showcase it to the world. That’s what you get with this next men shirt mockup for creating must-have pieces. The template comes with two variations, a blue and a white T-shirt, but you do not need to feel stuck with just two colors. In fact, you can use any kind of color, just change it in Photoshop. Of course, you can also edit the background and, most importantly, import your designs to it. Sooner rather than later, you will have the product ready to put on display on your thriving online clothing store.

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Free PSD Men T-Shirt Mockup

free psd men shirt mockup
A shirt is definitely the favorite piece of apparel amongst men. It is all about the comfort and the simplicity why men prefer a T-Shirt over any other piece of clothing. That said, if you are an apparel brand, you surely offer shirts of all sorts of designs to your loyal fans. When creating new variations, do yourself a favor and use a shirt mockup that will help you fine-tune the design and have it ready for sale in a snap. By using this mockup, you can change the color of the item and even change the background. With Photoshop, it is all a piece of cake.

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Highly Fashionable Men T-Shirt Mockup

highly fashionable men t-shirt mockup
If you would like to avoid the hassle and skip downloading multiple free shirt mockups, you came to the right place. This highly fashionable men T-Shirt template comes in a whopping six different angles. You can now display your design creation in a unique and original way that will be very lifelike. Bringing into being different shirt styles is easier than ever, and you can even have a very detailed presentation. Increase your potential and never run into any inconvenience by testing the waters first with a mockup and go from there. You will find it a breeze, doing your thing to stand out a mile.

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Free Male Shirt Mockup

guy shirt mockup
More photo-realistic shirt mockups coming your way in different shapes and sizes. If you run a male apparel brand or a general clothing brand, needless to say, you have multiple T-Shirts on sale. Moreover, chances are, you will be releasing even more vivid designs and styles to wow your audience and have them buying. And if it happens that you are using a print-on-demand service, a mockup comes even handier. Use this one for free, change the color, add your detailed designs, some text or even just a logo and you are ready to roll. Nowadays, you only need some basic design skills and you can see magical results.

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Exclusive T-shirt Design PSD Mockup

free download blue t-shirt design psd mockup
Whoever is looking for exclusivity, you should not skip this next shirt mockup on a statue. Yes, it is a statue and the statue wears a blue round neck T-Shirt. Whether you are working on your own clothing brand or you design for a client, you can do it in a striking way with a mockup that will spark everyone’s interest. Download the free and editable PSD file now and start modifying it right away. Make adjustments and customize it so it follows your requirements to a T. No hard work there, more or less some dragging and dropping and that’s it.

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Free Download Woman T-Shirt Mockup

free download woman shirt mockup
So, if you already have a men T-shirt on a hanger mockup, chances are high that you also need a women’s version. Well, here it is, ready for you to put it to use and see the difference. This one comes in both views front and back for your convenience. Via the smart object, you can customize this shirt mockup in Photoshop. Besides attaching your creative work to it, you can effortlessly change the color of the item, too. It is easy and quick for you to have multiple variations ready fast. Take it to your advantage as a designer and increase your workflow as well.

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Round Neck Men T-shirt Mockup

free round neck black t-shirt mockup psd
When you design casual apparel items, you need to test all sorts of variations before you send the design out for print. Just imagine having all these hundreds (if not thousands) of items with the wrong font or color, it could mean a disaster. Avoid this by using shirt mockups and see how the design actually looks on a T-Shirt. With a fully customizable PSD file, that you get, you can modify nearly anything. Highlights, shadows, colors and couple it with your artwork, you can do oh so much to reach the desired result. Make it follow your branding to a T.

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Free Rounded Collar T-shirt Mockup

free psd t-shirt mockup
You can now have your very own male model to rock your T-shirt designs. There is no need to hire someone to do it for you; you do not even need to have your own product on-hand. You can simply download this free shirt mockup and open it with Photoshop. Bear in mind, you are treated to two different templates what gives you more options to display your new items uniquely. This particular sample allows you to edit the color of the shirt, add your designs and alter the background as well. With little work, you can have a fantastic apparel showcase either for your own brand or your client’s.

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Free V-Neck Long-Sleeve Mockup

free v-neck sweater mockup
We added this one on the list since you can use it as a thin sweater or even as a long-sleeve shirt template. Whatever the case might be, you can benefit from this mockup greatly. You get both the front and the back view of the v-neck sweater/long sleeve with button details. It is in an outdoor surrounding what will elevate your design and make it appear even more realistic. Change the color of the entire item or just part of it. Meaning, you can have sleeves and cuffs of a different color if you fancy. What’s more, adding your design is child’s play when you utilize the power of Photoshop.

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Free Polo Shirt Mockup

free download polo shirt mockup
For an added touch of elegance, you will want to pick this polo shirt mockup and make it your own. While polo shirts keep things simple, smooth and comfortable, they make the wearer look more professional compared to a regular T-Shirt. For the most part, polos sport small embroidery but you can try out all bunch of different variations. After all, this template allows you to do your thing at free will. It also gives you a chance to change the color of the garment so it follows your branding in its entirety. Create a stunning presentation of your brand and your product with a bunch of mockups that will set you apart from the competition.

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Men Long Sleeve Shirts Mockup

long sleeve polo shirt mockup
From a short sleeve polo to a long sleeve polo, here is another photo-realistic shirt mockup that will do you well. This is a perfect piece of apparel for the cold-ish days of autumn and even winter. The mockup template comes in two different views, front and back. Both views allow you to import your artwork, your logo or simple text/quote via Photoshop’s smart layer. You will quickly see whether or not your design is ready and set for print. In case it needs additional editing, you can do it now, test it again for proof and send it out later.

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Men Collar T-shirt Mockup

men collar t-shirt mockup
When designing a collared shirt, you would want to pick this exclusive free shirt mockup and shine bright with all of your light. For branding purposes, this one-of-a-kind template is great for all types of promotions, social, email and even on your official website. A collared shirt aka polo is a great and more formal alternative to a classic T-Shirt. One can wear it for all sorts of occasions, from business meetings and dinners to seminars and events. Instead of rocking only the shirt on your online store, step it up with a realistic image that will help everyone better picture the item you offer.

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Free T-shirt Label Mockup

free t-shirt label mockup
When you get serious with your clothing brand, you want to have custom labels, too. To see how it would look in real life, you can pick this neat shirt label mockup, add your logo and see it in action. Besides, you can also change the color of the garment and do things your style. After all, it is the details that matter as well, and when you do it correctly, buyers will notice it and start helping you spread your brand awareness. It’s the fantastic and cool details that get shared on social media which can help skyrocket your brand.

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Fabulous Kid Shirt Mockup

kid t-shirt mockup
Even for kids, here is a neat and cool free shirt mockup you can use for your marvelous designs. Obviously, kids like a T-Shirt with a bigger artwork or even if it is just a logo, they dig it if it is a full frontal. They just want to sport the brand and show everyone their new apparel item. Once you have the designs, kids will love, ready, use a mockup template, add it to it and see how it appear real-time. Spark their interest with a magnificent presentation and they will have a hard time holding back. Once you download this free mockup, you can edit it with your design and change the color of the shirt and the background, too.

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T-shirt Branding Identity Mockup

shirt branding mockup
Branding identity is crucial and you can start spreading the awareness with these shirt mockups. They are all free of charge and you can attain incredible results with as little work and effort as possible. After all, the major part of the job is already done, you only add your branding and you are ready for marketing. This template actually comes in three different varieties: isometric, tag labels and two folded T-Shirts. Of course, you better use all three and create a presentation like none out there. With the sophistication, you are treated to, get your name out there and thrive.

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Women Racerback Tank Top Mockup

women racerback tank top psd
This women muscle tank mockup is perfect to create a lifelike experience even though you might not have your items on-hand. Thanks to the mockups and a print-on-demand service, you can run your entire clothing brand without the need to have stacks for apparel pieces in your warehouse. Your work is to create stunning designs and cleverly market your brand and you are ready to succeed. As far as the marketing part goes, shirt mockups will be a big part of it. This simple mockup comes with a front and a back view, offering easy garment color change and realistic shadow layers.

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Free Longline Shirt Mockup

free longline shirt mockup
Longline or tall T-Shirts are quite popular nowadays. If you want to expand your brand to this type of shirts, we have an ideal mockup for you. Before you realize any of your designs, do yourself a favor and test it out with a shirt mockup first and foremost. This will give you a better understanding if it is a fit or if your design needs additional improvements. In just a few clicks, you can fully edit the template and make it follow your branding regulations precisely. You can even change the color of the inside to turn it into something extraordinary!

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Long Sleeve Woman T-shirt PSD Mockup

woman long sleeve tshirt brand psd mockup
In little to no time, you can have your version of a long sleeve shirt for women ready and set to hit the world wide web. So far, you were busy designing your artwork; now it’s time to test it out on an actual shirt mockup. You can easily add it using Photoshop and smart object layer and see the outcome in a snap. For your information, you can also change the color of the long sleeve shirt and modify the background. For the neatest and most photo-realistic presentation, this blonde female model wearing a basic long sleeve shirt template comes ideal.

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For even more options, variations and possibilities, we have a whole new set of T-Shirt mockups ready for you as well. Check them out, they are all free of charge just like the entire collection above. And if you would like to step things up even further, you might want to add in a hoodie mockup, too!


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