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18 Best Psychic Website Design Inspiration 2023

Do you offer psychic and fortune-telling services? If you do, do you have effective schemes to boost career opportunities regardless of the areas in which you’re an expert? If you don’t know yet, you better check out this inspiration and find the most awe-inspiring psychic website design features to replicate.

The psychic services industry is an exciting industry to be in. Accordingly, research shows that one in five US adults, about 22% have ever consulted a psychic or medium. Psychics’ ability to advise and counsel clients is priceless and valuable. Although they assert that they know what the future holds promises to improve relationships and enhance self-discovery, the power to create your destiny is within you. So, if you’re looking for ways to start, expand, or grow your psychic career, you can find wonderful and practical inspiration from this hand-picked collection. You can find here different styles of psychic website design that will serve as a motivation to help you refine or redesign your website. Whether you acquire quality, premade themes or hire a developer to build them, these awesome psychic websites will be worth checking.

Since web presence effectively improves a brand’s credibility, it has become a demand for businesses and creative individuals. Similarly, psychics shouldn’t miss such a great marketing scheme to promote jobs effectively. With a great psychic website design, clients can easily connect with psychics with just a few clicks. So, have a glimpse of these websites and get inspired!

1. Psychic Elements

Psychic Elements - Psychic Website Design

Refine your design of a psychic website as you scroll through this list. Get to see the different ways that psychics used to reveal their personalities. Psychic Elements offers authentic psychic reading with marvelous abilities and tools. The website uses a boxed layout with simple web elements added to it. Specifically, the header bears the logo, CTAs, menu, and contact number.

Similarly, the hero header also comes with a clear CTA, headline, and promo offer. It also uses a flat icons design to prompt the user why they should choose their services. Aside from that, it also displays a captivating introductory offer with options to consider such as career & finance, destiny & life path, or love & relationship.


2. Keen

Keen - Psychic Website

Psychics typically help clients discover more about their world. Some may even have glimpses of the future. Consider this inspiration if you’re one of these spiritual advisors. Keen has a simple and easy-to-use psychic website design. It’s a trusted network of talented spiritual advisors dedicated to empowering lives by helping people discover answers, find purpose in life and more. The hero header has essential web elements to improve user experience. Specifically, it enables the user to find the best psychic advisor with an advanced search. Here the potential client can specify what services he wishes to avail, the option to chat or call, and the price range. Other useful elements also complement it, including testimonials, featured psychics, magazines that featured the brand, etc.


3. Michelle Russel

Michelle Russel - Private Psychic Website Design

Similar to other careers, psychics need to have a strong web presence. This way, prospective clients can easily connect with them wherever they are. If you are one of them, you may need to consider this psychic website design to shine. Michelle Russel is Canada’s top psychic medium that delivers stunningly accurate messages from loved ones on the other side. Her website enables her to reach more audiences and create more opportunities. Specifically, the hero header is ready to do its part in creating a good impression. From clear CTAs, enticing headline and slider, they’re altogether seamless. Furthermore, the social media links also ease accessing social media pages.


4. Angela Gehl

Angela Gehl - Psychic Website example

Angela Gehl is a renowned psychic medium and cold case liaison. Understanding the essence of web presence, she has crafted a psychic website that can promote her career and acquire more valuable opportunities. It has a simple design but enables the client to easily connect with her through social media, email, and contact number. The hero header displays a stunning video as a background with a headline. Furthermore, it also uses a sticky header to provide ease in navigation along with mega menu.


5. Betsy Lefae

Betsy Lefae - Psychic Website template

When you feel lost and empty, you can find spiritual advisors to help you discover your needs. Thankfully, plenty of psychics consider online presence an effective medium for connecting with clients. Here’s Betsy Lefae’s psychic website design that can provide you with a marvelous inspiration to create your website aesthetically. She’s an intimacy coach, an intuition expert and an award-winning psychic. The homepage design is pretty clean and minimalist with great emphasis on readability. Moreover, she has been featured in various magazines presented using small icons arrayed horizontally. What’s more? The video integration is also added to the site to introduce her career wonderfully.


6. Dina Berrin

Dina Berrin - Psychic practice website design

Dina Berrin, a psychic who is ready to assist and guide you through life transitions using the powerful tools of tarot, astrology, numerology, charms and practiced intuition. She has built a comprehensive psychic website design to get her career to the next level. From the header, footer, and other sections of the website, they have a seamless layout that promotes readability. The hero header reveals the photo of the psychic and an enticing headline. The website also provides a simple way to connect with her, whether it’s tarot services, speaking or tarot blogging. That’s not all, in her website, the client can easily book a 30-minute tarot session or the 60-minute. Meanwhile, the testimonials section also looks great with a nice slider.


7. Crystal Clear Psychics

Crystal Clear Psychics

Get inspiration for your psychic website design with these awesome websites. Crystal Clear Psychics is committed to build a strong core of reliable management and most gifted, spiritual and positive online psychics, readers, mediums and clairvoyants. The design of the website is neat, modern and elegant. It also manifests consistency in the color scheme it uses. It looks grandeur with the gradient color it uses on some of the elements. Moreover, the layout is clutter-free and comes with comprehensive features. The exhibition of available readers also appear interesting with tile layout. Each box represents a reader with a profile picture, short bio, and contact information. It also uses a sticky menu so users can easily access the necessary pages of the site.


8. Daniel Hadorn

Daniel Hadorn 

Pick the best and most favorable psychic website design from these websites and get inspired with your upcoming project. Daniel Hadorn is a spiritual and psychic medium that offers reading, psychic readings, meditation classes, mediumship development online and worldwide. Her website is a presentation of her job as a psychic. The website is crafted to unlock more opportunities by learning the importance of online presence. The hero header shows the psychic’s photo as background and a bold headline. It also displays medium readings and psychic readings nicely. That’s not all, her website also provides a freebie for her clients that can be easily accessed. Other notable features include a sticky menu, fixed bar on the bottom with social icons and newsletter subscription.


9. Astro Girl

Astro Girl

Suzie Kerr Wright is an astrologer, psychic medium, reiki master, teacher, and certified life coach. Committed to her job, she has tailored a psychic website that has a wonderful and captivating design. Like most psychic website designs, this website features an image of the psychic on the hero header with her name and capabilities. The typography perfectly adds a cool and lively attribute of the psychic. Furthermore, the services section seems clean and minimalist with the tile layout. Meanwhile, the website offers useful and awesome articles arrayed in a magazine-style layout. Since testimonials play a great role in the success of every website, this psychic never miss to include the reviews section exhibited using a nice slider.


10. Heaven To Earth

Heaven To Earth

Hector Espinosa is one of the top-rated psychic medium, spiritual healer and life coach. He has a clean and straightforward psychic website design. The homepage is pretty simple but can indeed help the brand stand out in the competition. Since most people browse brands using smartphones, brands should have a mobile-friendly website. This psychic website is responsive and looks good on diverse devices. Its website uses a flat style of icons to showcase his abilities. Meanwhile, the services appear grandeur with boxes representing reading, healing, cleansing, and feng shui analysis. It also comes with a nice Booking section and a sticky header for effective navigation.


11. Maxine Friend

Maxine Friend

Maxine is a generational psychic channel that reads energy through multiple disciplines: clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance, clairaudience, psychometric and mediumship. Her psychic website design is innovative, elegant and intuitive. It also has outstanding features like awesome logo, visual hierarchy, clear CTAs, seamless slider, white space and stunning typography. The hero header bears the photo of the psychic and descriptive CTA. Then, a short and simple but comprehensible introduction of the psychic welcomes the audience too. Meanwhile, the services section also looks exceptional with the line icons to represent each.


12. Terry Yoder

Terry Yoder

I bet there are excellent premade themes that you can acquire at cheap prices on the Internet. However, exploring these psychic websites will not be a waste of time. Terry Yoder is an internationally known psychic medium and tarot counseling that has helped thousands of clients worldwide. He has an awesome psychic website design that can help improve his credibility in the psychic services industry. The website welcomes the audience with a slider on the hero header with useful web elements. Moreover, it integrates a video as part of the introductory section. The creative menu also looks superb with a unique cool hover effect.


13. ItsPsychic


Spread awareness of your abilities as a psychic with an exceptional psychic website design. If you need inspiration, then this list is a must-see. ItsPsychic is the leader in personal advice and dedicated to empowering lives through intuitive, spiritual services. It has a stunning website that offers online psychic reading services with reasonable rates. It has an excellent homepage design with practical elements to showcase the content organizationally. The hero header has a clean and neat design – a seamless photo, big and attractive headline, and clear call-to-action. Meanwhile, the presentation of advisors also looks magnificent with the tile layout. It also uses a simple slider to showcase various testimonials from clients.


14. Jessica Lanyadoo

Jessica Lanyadoo 

Check out these psychic websites that are ready to inspire fellow psychics worldwide. Jessica Lanyadoo is an astrologer, psychic, medium, intuitive counselor, and tarot card reader from San Francisco. She has a simple but enticing psychic website design perfect to use as a guide or inspiration. The homepage doesn’t have much to brag but enough to reveal the beauty of simplicity. It has a nice and subtle animation to enhance the site’s look. Featuring three posts with a stunning thumbnail with a white background, the hero header simply looks stunning. It also exhibits various video content via a smooth slider and the social media icons added to it.


15. Psychic Counters

Psychic Counters

Get affordable, trusted advice from the expert of Psychic Counters. They exist to help clients get answers with simplified process. The website design stands out with blue as the site’s primary color with white space all over it. The hero header features a simple design but promotes its offer in a captivating manner. Specifically, the website also features flat and attractive icons for connecting with this firm. It also showcases three psychics as featured ones in the Meet Out Psychics section.


16. Ingo Swann

Ingo Swann 

Ingo Swann is a claimed psychic, artist and author. He has a unique design of a psychic website. It features black and white as the main components so they truly look elegant. The hero header shows a stylish artistic background with the parallax effect. To introduce his works in psychic services, it displays a photo of him in grayscale with a corresponding introduction. Furthermore, the website also offers freebies for interested visitors to download useful resources. The sticky header also makes the navigation quicker and easier.


17. John Edward

John Edward

John Edward has become the hottest psychic in America not to mention his television personality, author and pirates psychic medium. His website shines well with clean and minimalist layout. It displays the photo of the psychic on the hero scene with stunning headlines and CTA highlighted using a slider. Moreover, the buttons that represent the different options for the client are truly enticing. What’s more? The website showcases the upcoming events of John Edward. From there, the interested audience can easily order tickets for live appearance.


18. Tyler Henry

Tyler Henry

Tyler Henry is one of the most sought-after clairvoyant mediums both in the United States and worldwide. His website is crafted with creativity and sophistication. It welcomes the audience with the images of Tyler with stunning typography and CTA. To further introduce his career, it integrates a video content and his live tour dates. There are also testimonials highlighted using slider, press exhibited through grid layout, social media links on the sticky header plus menu.

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