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19 Best Fashion Website Designs For Inspiration 2023

Are you looking to design or redesign an existing fashion website? These fashion website design examples will give you all the inspiration you need.

Stand out from your highly competitive industry with a good website to effectively promote your brand worldwide. If you need inspiration, you can explore these fashion website designs that will unleash creativity in you.

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How to build a fashion website?

The best way to get started is by using a drag-and-drop clothing store website builder or a ready-made WordPress theme for fashion brands.

Building your online presence is a must these days. With the various brands striving to stand out, having a website is one of the best schemes to adapt. Every brand must build a web presence for the fashion industry to build a reputation, generate more leads, and obtain more opportunities for business growth. Fortunately, various practical themes and templates are available online to help you grow the fashion business. Or if you’d like it to be more personalized, outsourcing a web developer is a quick and awesome option too. Well, regardless of your chosen course, having these fashion website designs will still be valuable.

The features, web elements in this collection will help you build an outstanding website. With this inspiration, you will have several websites to look into. Thus, you will learn how other brands shine with their fashion websites. Similarly, you will have ample options for carrying out your brand across the web. So, don’t miss these fashion website designs that will never fail to impress you. Check them out now!

Best Clothing Website Designs

1. Centre for Fashion Enterprise

Centre for Fashion Enterprise 

Being in the fashion business, you must always have the most effective marketing strategy to spread your brand awareness. These modern days, having a good website will never be a waste. Centre for Fashion Enterprise is London’s pioneering fashion & FastTech business incubator. Its website has a great design to include in these fashion website designs. Its hero header welcomes the audience with a bold headline, CTA, and fashion-related image. Its creative, neat, clean layout and GSAP animation stand out.

Moreover, the fashion programs shine using a smooth slider that highlights them. What’s more? The mega menu also adds user-friendliness to the design, while the Instagram feed looks excellent with another slider.

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2. Julie Cristobal

Julie Cristobal 

Get inspired by these fashion website designs that can help you create a better design for your fashion business. Julie Cristobal is a French stylist based in Paris. She has studied fashion at L’Atelier Chardon Savard and has awesome experiences in magazines like Wad, Crash, Jalouse and L’Officiel. Her website is a nice revelation of her personality as a fashion stylist. The website uses a horizontal scroll that highlights different fashions in clothing through thumbnails. Since it integrates the GSAP animation, web elements reveal subtle and nice animation, adding elegance to the overall design. Furthermore, the about page also displays a simple layout with a black background and white typography.

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3. Bouguessa


Clothing and accessories best constitute fashion. In these striking fashion website designs, you will discover various ways to enhance your fashion business. Bouguessa is a luxury ready-to-wear label that embodies the classic and the contemporary. It combines straight-lined designs with elegant sophistication: a refined statement that beautifies women and glorifies their personalities. It welcomes the audience with a parallax hero header with a beautiful fashion-related image. Apart from that, the images arrayed in asymmetrical layout add creativity. That’s not all, the introductory section looks interesting with the video background it implements. Moreover, the online shop shines well with the beautiful layout it uses, not to mention the superb blog display creatively.

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4. Amaio


A fashion website should correspond to the fashion business it represents. So, before you finalize your design, check out these fashion website designs we’ve handpicked. Amaio is a luxury swim and resort label reflecting a sense of iconic sophistication and elegance, focusing on high-quality materials and the perfect fit. Their products are hand-sewn in Los Angeles, which uses rare and high-quality fabrics from France, Italy, and Germany. The website design is timeless, tailored with an exceptional layout and the fascinating GSAP animation. The website utilizes ample quality images to build its credibility as a brand in the fashion industry. Furthermore, the content looks enticing, with white space all over the homepage.

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5. Femme & Fierce

Femme & Fierce 

Discover the finest features to replicate from these fashion website designs. Femme & Fierce is a curated collection of personally selected clothes, from the world’s best independent brands. This brand is determined to bring you all the most stylish statement pieces and fastly designed season essentials. The website looks stunning and creative with the smooth animations it manifests. The trendy and charming fashion-related gif images add creativity to it. Specifically, the website uses a sidebar menu to seamlessly help the user/customer browse the fashion products. It also comes with a nice and clean layout for the journal section.

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6. Melbourne Fashion Week

Melbourne Fashion Week

Melbourne Fashion Week takes over the city with over 140 events celebrating Melbourne’s world-renowned fashion scene. The events feature a huge program of runways featuring the country’s top labels, workshops, talks, parties, exhibitions, films, retail experiences and free fashion events all week long. The hero header features a video background with enticing headlines, clear CTA and logo. It also displays the updates section nicely with a card design style to look interesting. Meanwhile, the Instagram feed also stands out in the design, using a slider to highlight them. While those elements are stunning, the sticky social media links also play a vital role in brand awareness campaigns.

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7. Rino-Pelle

Rino Pelle 

Fashion has always been a part of men’s and women’s lives. That’s why we see a lot of fashion brands that provide various fashion clothing, accessories, and other products to both men and women. Rino-Pelle brings luxurious and contemporary fashion items for wearable prices to enable every woman to achieve that effortlessly chic lifestyle. Being part of these fashion website designs, its website is packed with enticing features worth exploring. The homepage manifests a cool and subtle animation of web elements. The hero header has a creative and unique design – bold and big headline plus animated imagery that slides from left to right. They are knit together perfectly from animation upon scrolling, cool hover effect, chic and charming video integration to visual hierarchy.

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8. Talia


Talia is a women’s clothing brand that combines style, quality, and comfort. Because women want to look stylish and beautiful, this brand allows women to feel confident and irresistible in any situation regardless of age. Well, its website serves as a beautiful inspiration for fashion businesses worldwide. It uses a full-screen layout on the homepage and highlights fashion images, names of the collection, menu, brand name, and a thumbnail of the next image through a slider. They all look grandeur as this website implements the GSAP animation. The catalog page appears exceptional as the user hovers on the product, revealing an image. Aside from that, some reviews can improve the credibility of the brand.

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9. Galia Lahav

Galia Lahav 

Get inspired by these fashion website designs that will help you carry your designs to the next level. Galia Lahav is a fashion company established in 1984 in Tel Aviv. This brand is primarily known for bridal and evening wear. It has an awe-inspiring website design with exceptional and modern web elements utilized. Specifically, the hero header welcomes visitors with a video compilation of the products they offer worn by models. Users can discover other bridal products and fashion items via call-to-action buttons. Other notable features include a sticky header, social media links, video integration, clean and neat layout, and more!

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10. Madina Visconti

Madina Visconti 

Check out these creative and stylish fashion website designs that will inspire developers and entrepreneurs in the fashion business. Madina Visconti is a skillful and creative jewelry designer with a stunning website. She uses nature as the source of inspiration for her products, her website explicitly reveals it by using green as the primary color. Specifically, the hero scene uses a split-screen layout to display the opposite direction – downward and upward. Of course, the users can also access the shop page and the collections, about, and even search the website for fashion products.

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11. Paolita


Paolita is a British premium swim and resort wear brand based in London and founded in 2010 by Anna Paola. Getting ready to take the fashion business to the next level, the website is tailored to boost business and unlock more wonderful opportunities. The big, quality photos and good typography make the website look visually appealing. The hero header displays various fashion-related photographs with different stories via a smooth slider. Of course, the header shows the name of the brand and the mega menu. Other website sections use big images to represent the content, making it look attractive. What’s more? The Instagram feed even makes the design enticing too.

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12. Elena Iv-Skaya

Elena Iv-Skaya

Don’t miss these fashion website designs that will give you a lot of inspiration in crafting your website. Elena Iv-Skaya is a model and photographer who produces gorgeously expressive and lucid imagery, striking a balance between high-fashion and graphic art. The website design is truly amazing, modern, and captivating with the GSAP animation it integrates. Specifically, the hero header shows a beautiful highlight of different images through a slider. It uses a creative slider that nicely displays the fashion-related photo and title of the fashion event. Moreover, other sections appear grandeur with the asymmetrical layout it uses. Thanks to the power of GSAP animation, they all look fashionable.

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13. Lasse Pedersen

Lasse Pedersen 

Fashion isn’t limited to clothing as what people commonly think. It also encompasses aesthetic expression at a particular time, especially in footwear, lifestyle, makeup, or hairstyle. Hence, we’ve added this Lasse Pedersen’s website in these fashion website designs. She’s a session hairstylist based in Copenhagen, Denmark. She has a nice minimalist website with a horizontal scroll to reveal content. The content is categorized in editorial and commercial, but both use a similar layout for displaying the content. Meanwhile, each work also presents a beautiful imagery display through the horizontal scroll. With the integration of GSAP animation, the design is pretty impressive.

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14. Limnia


Accessories also constitute fashion. So, having Limnia in these fashion website designs is worth checking. It is a brand that builds a clever, customizable jewelry line that morphs with clients. The website design complements its products with an excellent asymmetrical layout, cool animation with GSAP, and visual hierarchy. It uses a video background on the hero header to attract more users.

Meanwhile, the about section has images and readable introductory content. While those elements are awesome, other sections also enhance the look and feel of the website. Overlapping images add creativity to the design as well as the parallax effect. The website also uses a sticky header where the menu is readily accessible to keep navigation at hand.

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15. Nikos Koulis

Nikos Koulis 

This collection of fashion website designs will find different ways to promote brands with different products. Nikos Koulis is a Greek designer with a sharp outlook and an authentic passion for jewels. The website design has a smooth slider highlighting featured products with small and big illustrations and the CTA. Specifically, it uses a sidebar menu that looks neat and clean with off-canvas, search, social media links, and logo. Meanwhile, the collection page looks neat, considering visual hierarchy and white space. It also applies the zoom-in effect that can help the customers check the details of the product.

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16. Gitman


Get inspired by these gorgeous, charming and modern fashion website designs. Gitman has been manufacturing the finest shirts and ties in the USA. It has an awe-inspiring design that can motivate fellow fashion enthusiasts to build a web presence. It has a simple design on the homepage but introduces the products. The header bears the menu, logo, search and shop with mega menu. The shirt products also appear attractive as they are arrayed using a grid layout. From there, products can be viewed quickly with a subtle hover effect. Furthermore, the shirts and accessories shop pages allow customers to scan and search for the desired product.

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17. Sezane


Sezane promises to offer women the finest quality pieces with a Parisian touch. Her fashion website is a stunning revelation of her passion as a fashion enthusiast. The homepage has a simple and fine-looking design with a magazine-like layout. Specifically, it uses a boxed layout that spreads the content nicely. While the header bears the essential elements like logo, menu, and search, the footer also has the necessary details, including social media links, newsletter subscription, and logo. This website also uses a mega menu to showcase submenus easily.

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18. Loop Earplugs

Loop Earplugs

Keep scrolling these fashion website designs and never miss the awesome features you can utilize for your website. As its name implies, Loop Earplugs is a brand that promotes earplugs. Particularly, it reduces the noise at work, home, and in bed to help you create moments of peace for yourself and improve your well-being. It has a beautiful, modern, and resourceful website design perfect for inspiration. The hero header features a model wearing the accessory with a box that will help the customer select the color of the earplug via a slider and purchase it with ease. Likewise, the social media links are fixed on the sidebar to help customers connect with the brand on social media. The website also uses clean and readable typography plus quality images and sliders.

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19. Lacelier


Lacelier is another fashion website design that’s worth checking. It is a firm that placed women in all their diversity at the heart of its creation. The website uses a boxed layout to display the content professionally, leaving both sides of the screen tidy. The hero header features a video integration to introduce the brand more fully. It also exhibits the magazines that feature its work to improve credibility too. Furthermore, the brands are displayed in grids with subtle animations as users scroll through the page. It also uses the sticky header to keep the menu accessible.

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Need some extra inspiration for your clothing brand? The best eCommerce website examples are built using popular content management systems and website builders.

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