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20 Pillow Mockups That You Must Check For Branding & Presentations

20 Pillow Mockups That You Must Check for Branding & Presentations

Needless to say, the pillow market is quite big. The increasing demand for pillows with advanced features and maximum comfort is driving the rising growth of the pillow industry. Therefore to showcase design presentations for this kind of big industry, you need high-quality mockups. The mockups should be fully editable and help you present the design with realistic effects.

Today’s post will discuss 20 best pillow mockups that are perfect for branding and presentations. So, let’s talk about these mockups.

Pillow Mockup

This is an advanced pillow mockup, featuring cute designs on pillows. It provides 9 perspectives of well thought out print-ready compositions. If you want to add a realistic touch to your project, this mockup is perfect for you. It ensures you have a good pillow design that works well with both dark and light backgrounds. Easy to navigate feature, well-described layers and help file make the process of editing the template really quick and easy.

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White Pillow & Orthopedic Bed Cushion Mockup

A pillow’s job is to support a person’s head and neck while giving comfort. Especially orthopedic pillows keep a person’s body in a neutral sleeping position. A neutral sleeping position keeps all the bits and pieces in a person’s back and neck in their ideal positions. And that helps to prevent unnecessary pressure on discs, muscles, and nerves. That is exactly why the popularity of orthopedic pillows is always high. If you want to showcase your design on an orthopedic pillow, use this mockup. It shows different sized pillows and bed cushions, including inflatable travel cushion, orthopedic neck pillow, fluffy feather down pillows pile, etc. Get this mockup now and showcase your design with perfect realistic effects.

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Throw Pillows on Armchair Mockup

Throw pillows offer both support and comfort. It keeps the cervical spine in a neutral position. Therefore one feels relief in muscle stiffness and pain near the spine. Because of their amazing benefits, throw pillows are quite popular. They are great to place on an armchair or a sofa to add a nice look to the interior as well. If you want to design a throw pillow, here is a mockup that can help you do that easily. Perfectly mapped with 3D Smart Objects, this mockup includes a properly layered PSD file and a JPG file, both having high quality. In the template, other than editing the pillow design, you can change the color of the armchair, dresser, lampshade, floor, wall, and vase easily. Within just a few seconds, you can get a photorealistic final result with amazing detail.

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Mockup for Pillows in Baby Crib

This pillow mockup is a pack of 3 high-resolution PSD files, showing 3 perspectives of Baby Crib with Duvet and Pillows Set. You can customize the whole thing easily. As a final result, it provides excellent quality photorealistic images with detailed designs. Get this mockup now and create wonder to impress your clients and customers.

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Pillows Mockup Set 

This is another excellent pillow mockup set that includes 2 customizable PSD templates. It shows a completely realistic image of pillows placed on a bench beside a shelf with a drawer. The smart objects in pillows have 3D effects. You can change the colors of each 3D object, bench, baseboard, lantern, candle, shelf, boxes, bowl, wall, and floor. Editing the entire thing is quite easy, thanks to the smart objects and well-organized layers. Get this mockup now and create a photorealistic presentation of your design work.

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Mockup for Pillows & Curtain Set

To add a finishing touch to a living room furniture or create a new look for a room without new furniture, decorative pillows can make a world of difference. The right decorative pillows with curtain sets can put a personal stamp on a set of new furniture and take the look of a living room from blah and ambivalent to cozy and traditional or clean and modern. They also add comfort to a sofa. To create such a look of a living room with your personalized pillows with curtains, use this mockup. It shows a partial view of a living room having a sofa with some pillows placed beside a table. There is also a certain set visible behind the sofa. 3D smart objects are available on pillow and curtain. Other than customizing these, you can also change the color of sofa, dresser, wall panes, and floor.

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Mockup for Pillows & Sofa Set

Decorative pillows, also known as throw pillows can add an aesthetic appeal to a living room if placed rightly. This mockup helps you design on pillows and sofa set and create a realistic presentation of a living room design with sofa set and pillows. It is a pack of 1 PSD template, providing high-quality photorealistic final image with amazing details. If this mockup has everything that matches your next project’s requirement, get this now, and start editing. Within just a few clicks you will get an impressive result.

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Mockup for Sofa, Curtain, Pillows & Blanket Set

This is a complete mockup pack, showing a sofa set with pillows, curtain, and blanket. It is a pack of 4 PSD templates, all are equally easy to customize. Thanks to the smart objects, the editing process is quite quick and hassle-free. 3D smart objects are available on sofa sets, pillows, curtains, and blankets.  Standard smart objects are available on the wall. You can change the color of each 3D object, baseboard, carpet, floor, and table. If you want to create a photorealistic presentation of your design work with highly detailed designs, choose this mockup and do things in a breeze.

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Pillow Covers Mockup

This is a pack of 2 high-quality pillow cover PSD mockups, displaying 6 perspectives of one item. Based on real images, this mockup set has well-organized layers, pixel perfect design and high resolution. Therefore with this, getting a photorealistic impressive presentation of your pillow cover design work as a final result is easier than ever. You can customize the front and back cover of the pillows and the background. Change color and place your design just the way you want. Within just a few clicks your final work will be ready.

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Sofa Cover with Throw Pillow Set Mockup

This is another mockup set, displaying a simple designed sofa cover with some throw pillows. It includes 2 high-quality PSD templates, both are fully customizable. You can change color, place your favorite pattern and design the sofa cover along with pillows just the way you want, You feel amazed to see how easily the work of your dream will come into reality. Get this mockup now and impress your clients with flawless design work.

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Modern Pillow Mockups

Do you have a reactive and contemporary design in mind for pillows? Do you think by presenting those designs in the right way can grab the attention of your target audience? Then wait no further. Use this set of modern pillow mockups and do things easily. This is a pack of 4 high-quality images with one blank pillow each. On that white pillow, you can effortlessly place your awesome design with the help of carefully placed smart objects. The whole thing has a natural-looking background. Therefore no need to worry about juggling with drop shadows or lights to get a realistic look. Furthermore, the photographs are so modern that they fit into any social media timeline. So, what are you waiting for? Grab the files and share your work!

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Square Pillow Mockup

Presenting an attractive square pillow design is possible with just a few clicks. Use this square pillow mockup. It is a pack of 9 PSD files, each having 4 photo filters. You can change the color of the pillows and place your design on them easily. Moreover, you can adjust shadows and effects as well. The whole thing has a photorealistic appearance and works great with both light and dark designs. The best thing is it comes with a help file along with a video tutorial to guide you throughout the editing process. Get this mockup now and enjoy editing.

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Mockup for Coastal Style Entrance with Pillows

This mockup allows you to quickly display your designs and layouts into a digital photorealistic showcase. The pack includes 3 PSD files and 3 JPG files. All the templates are easily editable, thanks to smart objects. The high resolution and perfectly isolated shadows ensure that your final product looks extremely impressive. You can change the colors of all objects and background by just one click. There is a help file available with this mockup, guiding you to use the mockup perfectly. Get this mockup now and present your branding designs to impress clients and customers.

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Mockup for Throw Pillows Carpet & Frames Set

This is another wonderful mockup, showing throw pillows placed on a sofa and a carpet. There are some other additional elements, like a table, photos, etc. to keep the realistic look of the entire appearance. If you know your creative design idea can sell a product, present that in the most impressive yet effortless way. This mockup shows you do that easily. The pack includes 6 PSD files and 3 JPG files, all are equally easy to customize. Changing the color of background and objects along with adjusting shadows is just a click away.

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Sofa & Pillows Set Mockup

Create a realistic presentation of your pillow design by showing a living room where a sofa along with some pillows are visible. This coastal style sofa and pillow mockup set helps you do that effortlessly. It is a pack of 4 high-resolution PSD files and 4 JPG files, showing different perspectives of the same elements. Customizing the item is really easy. Just open the PSD file, place your design inside the smart objects. Hit save and your job is one. Within just a few clicks a photorealistic design presentation will be ready. And if you find any difficulty using the mockup, go through the help file that comes with the pack.

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3D Pillow Mockup

3D designs on pillows look extremely eye-catchy. If you have such a design in your mind, use this mockup to present that with realistic effects. This high-quality 3D pillow mockup template is fully customizable. You can place your design on the pillows and do your branding in a stylish way. Other than customizing the pillows, you can change the background color as well. If you find any difficulty using the mockup, go through the help file that comes with the set. 

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Bon Bon Pillow Mockup Set

To blend comfort with style, bonbon pillows are the best to keep in any room. Decorative customized bonbon pillows add a unique touch to any corner of a room. It can change the whole look of an interior easily. To show customized bonbon pillow design, use this bonbon pillow mockup set. It is a pack of 5 PSD mockups, all are equally easy to edit. To place your design, open the PSD file, replace the current design with your own artwork, hit save, and there is nothing else to do. You will feel amazed to see how wonderfully and quickly a realistic design presentation gets ready. So, if you think this mockup will be perfect for your next project, get it now without thinking twice.

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Pillow & Fabric Set

Place your creative designs on pillows and show it to the world. Use this pillow and fabric set mockup to do things easily. This premium mockup set allows you to quickly display your designs and layouts into a digital photorealistic showcase. You will find 4 PSD files and 4 JPG files in this set. With just a few clicks you can edit the whole thing and get your final work ready. A help file is also available in this pack, guiding you to understand the ideal way to use the mockups.

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Satin/Silk Pillow Mockup

A well-designed mockup with multiple useful functions helps you do your work faster and easier. Such a useful mockup is available here, showing beautiful satin/silk pillow cover designs. It includes a PSD file, showing 6 different views of the same elements. The pack also includes mockups generator files. Therefore in one PSD file you can generate all angles. Place design only one time and get all angles at the same time automatically. You can change all the design parts. There is a white background available. You can stick to this or turn it off or change the color. Moreover, the option of choosing between additional backgrounds is also available. Above all, you can add a special divided background and change its color as well. In a nutshell, this is an awesome mockup that you must have to impress your clients with your design work.

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Christmas Pillows & Frames Pack Mockup

This Christmas Pillows & Frames Mockup Pack allows you to quickly display your designs and layouts into a digital photorealistic showcase. It is a pack of 5 PSD files and 2 JPG files. You get more than 90 customizable frames. The high resolution and realistic effects make your final work look simply stunning. No matter whether you want to promote your brand, showcase your designer profile or build your personal portfolio, this mockup will surely meet your needs with utter perfection. So, without further delay, get this mockup set now and create wonderful pillow designs in a breeze.

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Final Thoughts,

All the above-discussed mockups are highly useful for creating a virtual preview of your pillow design work. Have you picked your favorite one yet? If you haven’t, go through all, pick the one that will best fit your next project requirements. Enjoy customizing the mockup and get an impressive result.

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