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Pagely Review FT
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Pagely Review – Premium WordPress Hosting

Pagely created the managed WordPress hosting space and has since carved out a position as a trusted hosting provider for many large and popular WordPress websites. In this Pagely review, we’ll explore the origins of this web host, check out their current hosting plans, and determine if you should consider this managed WordPress web hosting service.

Pagely isn’t for everyone. But with clients including UNICEF, the City of Boston, and NGINX, you’ll be in good company if you choose Pagely.

So if you’re looking for a robust platform for your website or you’re curious to know what true high-end managed WordPress hosting looks like, read our Pagely review for more information on this pioneering managed hosting company.

About Pagely Managed WordPress Hosting

Pagely Managed Hosting

Pagely has been in business and offering managed WordPress hosting since 2009. As mentioned, Pagely was the first company to offer managed WordPress hosting. Doing so created a $1 Billion-channel that is now bustling with competitors and rival services.

As Pagely has matured, the company now focuses on offering high-quality hosting to larger or more resource-intensive websites. With plans starting from $299 per month, Pagely isn’t for casual bloggers or hobbyist website owners. However, if your website is a key part of your business, you rely on it for income, or you need to ensure your site is hosted on very solid foundation, Pagely could be the web host you’re looking for.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the main reasons to consider Pagely. After that, our Pagely review will examine the hosting packages available for your WordPress website.

Reasons to Choose Pagely Managed WordPress Hosting

About Pagely

There are four main reasons to consider Pagely managed hosting for your WordPress website: performance, security, tooling, and support. Let’s get a quick overview of those key concepts in this section of our Pagely review.


Pagely Gtmetrix
Testing the loading times of a site hosted with Pagely using GTmetrix.

By creating high performance hosting environments, Pagely is able to offer clients fast loading websites, removing the need for customers to cobble together their own section of plugins and tools for adding features like caching and optimization to their websites. With true managed WordPress hosting, users can simply sign up and take advantage of the WordPress-optimized hosting environment available to them.


Simply by choosing a WordPress-orientated web host, website security can be enhanced. With a team of experts tracking the latest security issues, any potential threats and vulnerabilities can be mitigated before they become a problem.


Keeping a WordPress website ticking over can be time-consuming. But with a managed WordPress host like Pagely, the tools on offer add automatic updates, backups, and installations to the service. You’ll also find better workflows for carrying out development work, such as easy set up of staging sites and greater secure sharing of access.


By investing in hiring and training support staff, Pagely has been able to deliver high levels of customer satisfaction.

Key Pagely Managed Hosting Features

Pagely is all about offering a hosting environment that’s optimized for WordPress users, along with website management features to keep everything running smoothly. So let’s take a look at what this really means in this section of our Pagely review.

Managed WordPress Upgrades

Pagely started out with the goal of simplifying the process of owning a WordPress website. This is carried through to their delivery of managed WordPress website upgrades on all plans. This service covers updates to the WordPress software and any plugins you’re using. The team also take care of advanced website tuning to keep your site secure and running smoothly.

24/7 Expert Support

Pagely Support Stats

Pagely is focused on consistently delivering high-quality support to their customers. Depending on which plan you choose, the support staff can be contacted via the 24/7 ticketing system as well as the office hours live chat and private slack channel. Telephone support is available on select plans too.

Unlike some other premium WordPress web hosts, the help desk staff are there to deliver support rather than upsell and promote new products at you. As Pagely only deals with WordPress websites, the team are all WordPress experts.  High levels of satisfaction with the support service are reported by customers too.

Modern Hosting Stack Powered by Amazon Web Services

Delivering a robust and high-performance web hosting environment is at the heart of what Pagely does. Now using Amazon Web Services (AWS), Pagely is able to consistently offer clients impressive website performance. Thanks to working with AWS, customers have access to high levels of redundancy and scalability to ensure their websites are always firing on all cylinders. With 13 data center locations available, regardless of where your audience is, your website can be close by.

Automatic Website Backups

There’s nothing worse than losing your website or even just your latest post to a human error or technical meltdown. Although Pagely keeps your website safe and secure from unauthorized outsiders and hardware failures, problems can still arise. But thanks to the automatic daily website backups that are created and sent to the Amazon S3 cloud storage service, you can restore your site with ease. You also have the option of having the backups sent to your own Amazon S3 account. This gives you more control over things like how long they are kept for.

WordPress Website Staging

As part of the developer-friendly ethos of Pagely, creating a staging site is very straightforward. This makes it convenient to create a version of your site where development work can take place, without endangering your live site. The Pagely staging process is very flexible. Therefore, however you prefer to work, Pagely should be able to accommodate it.

White Glove Website Migration

Pagely aims to make the process of moving from another web host to their service as painless as possible. Simply submit a migration request and let the team take care of everything for you. Depending on the type of WordPress website you have, the migration could be performed without any downtime occurring. Although be sure to check with the sales  team first to discuss the individual needs of your website.

Other Features of Pagely Managed WordPress Hosting

Pagely certainly isn’t short of features when it comes to hosting your website in a fast and secure environment. Here are some of the other aspects of Pagely to consider:

  • PressThumb image optimization and thumbnail generation tool.
  • PressCACHE global WordPress acceleration system.
  • PressArmour WordPress website security architecture.
  • User account and permission manager for sharing access to the Pagely dashboard.
  • 13 global data center locations.
  • Self-management of SSL certificates.
  • Modern hosting stack using PHP7, Nginx, and Redis.

Also, if you’re running an ecommerce store with WordPress, Pagely offers a hosting stack built to accelerate WooCommerce.

Pagely Managed WordPress Hosting Plans

The Pagely hosting plans come in three main varieties: VPS, Enterprise, and Elite Publisher. Let’s take a look at each one in more detail in this section of our Pagely review.

Pagely Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

The VPS packages are the entry-level hosting plans from Pagely. As part of the service, the Pagely team will manage and optimize your website, regardless of which of the month-to-month subscriptions you choose.

The entry-level plan on the VPS tier supports up to 15 WordPress websites, with 60 sites allowed on the top plan. This makes Pagely a good choice for anyone looking after multiple websites. SSD storage space ranges from 30 GB to 50 GB so be sure to check your requirements before signing up and trying to migrate multiple websites to a single plan.

Bandwidth allowance on the VPS plans ranges from 50 GB to 750 GB on the top plan, with access to the CDN included as standard. If you need to expand your plan at any time, the prices are published on the Pagely website for transparency.  These options cover bandwidth expansion, disk expansion, and PressCDN expansion.

As mentioned earlier, this isn’t budget WordPress hosting. Prices for the managed WordPress VPS hosting plans start at $299 per month so this isn’t for everyone. But if you’re tired of being let down by cheap hosting, or you want to start your website off on the right foot, Pagely could be for you. Those with multiple websites in their portfolio should find Pagely a more affordable option that some other managed WordPress hosts that only allow one website on their entry-level plans.

There’s also a 30-day money back guaranteed in place, giving you the ability to try Pagely without risk.

Pagely Enterprise WordPress Hosting

There isn’t much real competition in the enterprise WordPress hosting space. Therefore it’s good to see that Pagely has a service aimed at websites that consume large amounts of resources. Like the VPS hosting plans, Pagely enterprise hosting is highly scalable. However, with enterprise hosting, the plans include much more generous allowances from the outset.

Pagely Enterprise WordPress Hosting is available in both preconfigured plans and custom configurations to ensure you can find the ideal environment for your website. As with the VPS plans, resource expansion packs are available on the enterprise plans.

Pagely Elite Publisher WordPress Hosting

If your website has grown beyond what the enterprise hosting plans can handle, then the Pagely Elite Publisher package should accommodate your needs.

Pulsar is the name of the offering from Pagely that has been built for elite publishers and those with advanced website hosting needs. But with prices starting from $2,000 per month, this plan probably isn’t for casual website owners. You do get access to some impressive features, including one hour guaranteed support response and full site monitor and alerts.

Pagely User Experience

Pagely customers manage their accounts through the Atomic dashboard. This is a new and refreshed version of the traditional Pagely control panel, built with the goal of making it even easier for customers to manage their WordPress website and account.

Pagely Atomic UI

WordPress websites are referred to as apps in the new Atomic dashboard, which is slightly confusing at first. But apart from that, the user interface is easy to navigate. You’ll also find the tools that you need to manage your websites or apps in the dashboard.

Pagely Atomic Dashboard

You can also manage your WordPress website backups through the Atomic control panel. With Pagely, the backups are created automatically and stored on the Amazon S3 cloud servers for 14 days. Although that might not sound like long, you can easily download the backup files for safe keeping.

Pagely Atomic WordPress Backups

Another feature of the Atomic control panel is the performance monitor. This handy module makes it easy to see how much server processing power your site is consuming.

Performance Graph

You can also configure the SSL certificate, DNS zones, and CDN settings through the Atomic control panel as well as submit support tickets.

Overall, the Pagely Atomic customer dashboard is easy to use, making tasks like managing your website backups straightforward.

Pagely Review Final Thoughts

The relatively higher price of the Pagely hosting plans put them in a bracket above many other managed WordPress hosts. Therefore, Pagely might not be for you if you’re just getting started with your website or blog and don’t expect it to be a hit or have heavy hardware demands from the outset. If your needs do change, then you can always use the white-glove migration service to move your website to Pagely without any problems when the time is right.

However, if you’ve outgrown your current web host or you’ve big plans for your new website, then the high-performance service offered by Pagely should definitely be on your shortlist. Also, if you’re creating software or a service built with WordPress that needs to be highly robust and hosted on solid foundations, then Pagely should be able to meet your requirements.

Features like access to expert WordPress support staff, a hosting environment built on the Amazon Web Services infrastructure, and a good choice of data centers, not to mention the developer-friendly aspects, makes Pagely a standout company in the managed WordPress hosting space. Not surprising since they kick-started this whole industry!

If you want to know more about Pagely and find out if this is the right host for your project, you can contact the sales team through the Pagely website.

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